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  1. I checked it,reaplied thermal nothing happend,same problem. It is not ovetheating ny cpu is well above 60c when prime95
  2. It all worked perfectly on windows 7. The pc is very clean. The problem is when i installed windows 10 on botting the speaker beeps once and a minute beeps again even tho ima allready in windows,why is it doing that? Also after around 1h and 30 minutes of usage of the pc it sudennly makes the sound that it does when restarting but it actualy doesnt restart?
  3. Some lc 180w,the temps are WELL ABOVE 60c also the psu doesnt overheat,it is old about 7 years,but it has 400w chieftec all the connectors and a 6pin for gpu.
  4. Hello,so i recently upgraded from w7 to w10... I've got everything installed,drivers,my applications... And i did some changes in the ultimate windows tweaker (nothing too serious). So after my computer is on for about 1h and 30 minutes it makes the same sound that it does when botting the computer,but it doesnt do anything. After 1,3h there is a sound of restarting,even tho i didint give the command to restart,and it does nothing to the computer also the speaker beeps like there is a sucessful boot even tho i didnt press restart. Also when i got w10 and when i turn on the pc the speaker beeps once and after a minute beeps once again. On w7 i never had this... What is the problem,should i be afraid of it? Specs: [email protected] 4gb ddr2 Asus p5qpl-am 400w chieftec psu 2x160gb hard drive.
  5. How to Start a PC Via Android Phone?

    Allright... Thank all of you for trying to help me... But i cant do anything without being connected with cable of wifi.... Thank you all...
  6. How to Start a PC Via Android Phone?

    No, i take my android phone with the usb charger and then connect my android to my home wifi and connect the usb to my pc and the n do usb sharing.
  7. Can i get banned from pubg by changing resolution?

    Because im used to playing 800x600 on h1z1... And im lagging in pubg lol... I wont risk it anyways... Thank you for your time..
  8. Hello,i was wondering,would i get banned in pubg if i want to set my own custom res by editing .ini files?
  9. Hd 4670 on windows 10?

    Hello,so i went today at amd drivers site and noticed that there isnt a driver for windows 10 on hd 4000 series of gpu's? Can i use an driver from windows 8,will it work? Also what performance hit would i get if i had only a display driver from windows update for my gpu since amd doesnt support windows 10?
  10. HDD in RAID 0?

    Thank you for all the answers... If i have 2x160gb drives? Will raid0 have 320gb?
  11. HDD in RAID 0?

    Hello,simple question... Can i use two hard drives and then raid them? (Raid 0) what performance gains would i get?

    Hey,did everything,and when the installation completed i got a hal.dll is missing error? So i go in my usb and every file in it is set to Example: hal.dl_? Should it be like that by default?
  13. PUBG ON HD7770?

    He did show details at the beggining... Also why would he lie about the gpu?
  14. PUBG ON HD7770?

    It wasnt... Single 7770,1gb??
  15. PUBG ON HD7770?

    Hmm... I just saw a guy on youtube doing 1080p,minimum settings with 100% res scale,getting 45fps on average without any stutters??