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  1. i went donwload crystaldisk info and plug my external drive, it shows this is it a serious problem? should i backup the data and replace it? or just leave it be like that?
  2. Everyone had a bad day experience am i right :3
  3. LTT Jokes Thread

    (Wei come to a bar) Women: hi wei Wei: What, highway 101 Me: hold my beer
  4. LTT Jokes Thread

    im hungry for jokes
  5. MEMZ anyone :)))

    say good bye to my win 8.1
  6. chrome and edge takes huge amount of ram when i was opening tabs i open like 7 tabs in chrome in task manager it shows i open 13 tabs same thing on edge i open 1 tab in task manager showed i open 6 tabs
  7. option 1: by using the windows cd that you use to install windows 10 on your laptop and enter the same activation code again from your purchased windows cd, if u have ever purchased windows cd 50% chance will work option 2 : download windows creation tool https://microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 run the app, then accept t&c, create installation media, choose language, architecture, and edition, then choose ISO File, finally choose your destination where to put your iso file. to make boot drive, download rufus plug in your usb (minimum 8GB), then choose the windows iso file then click continue. after finish making theboot drive, you buy the key for the windows (optional, if you want your windows unactivated) then choose your usb boot drive at BIOS and proceed to install windows 10
  8. oh yea, i was pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC not CTRL+ALT+ESC
  9. i think the last solution is to reinstall windows 10
  10. i replicate the same scenario, the combination CTRL+ALT+ESC popped Task Manager right away
  11. reinstall windows 10
  12. have you restart your laptop? Edit: force shutdown your laptop and turn it back on again, see if it will work
  13. i went for a research between core i3 7100 and AMD Ryzen 1200 i see that the benchmark scores are very identical, core i3 had more scores than ryzen 3 but core i3 has 2 cores but higher clock speed @3.9Ghz on the other hand Ryzen 3 has 4 cores and lower clock speed @3.4Ghz
  14. windows has done it again

    ffs windows you ruin my gaming session with your stupid update pop up