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    Friends? What Friends?!?!


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    AMD A6-1450
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    Integrated graphics
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    500gb hard drive
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    Laptop and old insignia TV
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    2005 Dell Keyboard
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    5 dollar wireless Insignia mouse with custom usb dongle
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    Laptop speakers
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    Windows 10 home

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    Louisiana, United States
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    Computers, Gaming, Dropping Things.
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    I like computers and electronics.
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    Dropping Things.

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  1. I am ordering the first part for my PC tonight! After wanting a PC for years and being a console peasant, I can finnally ascend to the PCMR! :D

    1. xriqn


      Very nice. I am part console peasant, part pcmr. Some could call me the middle class of gaming because I own the good consoles (old ones like PS1 and SNES not the crap we see today like PS4) and I have a PC that I can play good games on.

    2. ScrappyZeDog


      Part ordered!

  2. yo where you went

    -typed with my toes

    1. ScrappyZeDog


      I don't know. I forgot to check my phone

  3. Holy crap it's been a while since I've been on here.

    1. YedZed


      Welcome back!

    2. ScrappyZeDog
  4. Hopefully my dbrand grip will come in next week! So ready for it!

    1. kelvinhall05


      Wait, it's available??!

  5. new member

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy you stay and be sure to check out the Community Standards!
  6. Hello New Here!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay! Make sure to check out the Community Standards.
  7. New here!

    Welcome! Enjoy it here and make sure to check out the Community Standards.
  8. Show off your latest purchase!

    Redragon M601 for $11!
  9. What type of RAM is this?

    Thanks for the help guys!
  10. I have a Power Macintosh G3 and was going to add more RAM, but I don't know what kind it is. I think it is DDR, but I am not sure. Can anyone check me on that?
  11. So I just played around with Google's. HelloAR while at the doctor's office... May have taken it a bit too far...





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    2. Ross Scarlet

      Ross Scarlet

      Apple CEO's nightmare.

    3. Hiitchy


      As long as they're not asking me if I know the way, I'll be fine with this. 

    4. ScrappyZeDog


      @Hiitchy they kill people who ask that

  12. What should I review next?

    Galaxy S9 and S9+
  13. Just went to an estate sale and got an older Samsung monitor for $2.50. Using it as a monitor for my Mac G3 while I do work on it.

    They also had an old HTC windows mobile phone with a 512mb micro SD card. Probably going to pick it up tomorrow if it is still there. Also I might pick up a PS/2 mouse and usb keyboard or a nice HP printer for $5.


  14. Saying hi to community

    Hey! Welcome to the forum!
  15. LTX 2018 Announcement!

    Still trying to convince my dad, but hopefully will go.