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  1. Contactless Payment Technology in a GLOVE??

    Idk why i didnt think of putting the sticker on your phone . but with the pin as Linus demonstrated, you have to pull your shirt onto the contact point or you could make your own gives by putting the pin on the back of your own pair of gloves. But the gloves are still pretty cool, but like you said, the security would be an issue.
  2. Contactless Payment Technology in a GLOVE??

    It seems cool, but since i am in warm environment who wouldn't use the glove, only the pin or sticker, it would be tedious to pull you shirt to the contact point and the sticker would most likely lose its stickiness and may get lost.
  3. Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard?

    Like @Hiya! said, the corsair k65 would be my go to for a tkl
  4. $140 budget cards (usd)

    For about 150 you can get a 1050 ti
  5. Increase in spam

    And click the bell icon for notifications
  6. Size and Radiators - Phanteks Enthoo

    Imo The s340 elite looks nice and performs well for the price
  7. New monitor?

    60 is day. 144 is night.
  8. New monitor?

    Yes, going from 60 to 144 Hz is like night and day
  9. Need Help On Graphics Card

    It will be a good upgrade, but as @kelvinhall05 said, if the r7 is still fine for your needs, keep it for a while
  10. No it doesn't have a physical button
  11. 3 Monitors: 1080 SLI or 1080 Ti

    It is better to have a single more powerful card that 2 weaker. Also sli is not optimized for lots of things
  12. That is 5 am where I am so I will be in bed!
  13. Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I played it at my friends house on PS4 and it is prett fun. I could only play it for 2 hours since I had to leave, but would have played a lot more. I really like the open world concept
  14. Display port to Hdmi

    Like @Glenwing said, it doesn't affect anything