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  1. Radical Feminism Ladies and Gentlemen I believe in Feminism when it's not being used to bemoan and hate on Men just because, for example i see all these feminists fighting for rather trivial things like to not be called a "girl" but rather a "women" (with is rather petty in the grand scheme of things) but i rarely see feminists protesting things of bigger significance like Women in Arab countries being given the right to drive etc. Most of the radical feminists i've come across have been hurt by a guy in the past and are using sweeping generalisations of Men as their defence mechanism and justification of all men being the same. I'll admit that at times i've done this (Generalising women and how they all are the same) because it's easier than dealing with the real problem. However some of the crap i hear them come out with like "all men are rapists" and that we live in a patriarchy which is oppressing women. Now granted a lot of the top positions held are held by men, but that's not because Men are oppressing women, it's just the Men have more of an interest in said field over women. If you actually want to help get women in positions of power then maybe you should aim to help Women pursue careers in fields which can lead to positions of power End of mini rant Radical Feminists will be Radical Feminists
  2. 12 KILOMETER Wi-Fi - SUCCESS!!!

    Should have used flares for location finding; don't think it's illegal to use a flare is it?
  3. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for mixing up the ways of spelling it
  4. Yeah the Monarch actually holds a lot of power Queen Elizabeth II just never uses it; i believe she has final say over laws get passed in the UK, apparently she can also declare war/peace on any nation
  5. In the UK the Royal Family although has mixed views across the UK is almost a point our pride and how we identify with our country; it's directly linked to our patriotism. Think about how American treat things like flag burning (Being unpatriotic) We are the only country (again to my knowledge) that actually change their national anthem when a new monarch is crowned (Well unless the monarch is the same gender as the previous) Before Kate and William got married there wasn't a Royal wedding (at least to my knowledge) so it's like the dawn of a new era. It's the British way, it's part of our culture to celebrate things like the royal family Granted yes they are born into wealth however it's not like they are spoilt brats. They do A LOT of charity work; for example for the aforementioned Kate and William wedding instead of Gifts one would normally get at a reception they instead requested people to donate money to various charities It harken's back to our historical heritage. Also you're missing a key point. You may think they don't do a lot of work but your mistaking lack of press coverage to lack of actually doing something. The royal family are a very private family. It's not easy for paps to go up and take photo of royal family members at star studded events. The Queen herself is also a very private person she has a sort of unspoken agreement with the papers in that "You don't bother me and i won't bother you"
  6. LTT forum "banning" game

    The American way of doing it is actually the way you wrote it, the British was is putting a S' in it
  7. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for not recognising the reference
  8. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for making me say in my head "What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the Hula?"
  9. EA thinks that people don't want single player games anymore This video goes into a nice bit of detail about how wrong EA are My opinion is that people don't want BAD single player games; which is what a large majority of games being released nowadays are (God of War is the only single player game that springs to mind that has good single-player gameplay resealed in the last year by big AAA companies)
  10. I need some help deflating a pompous German...

    Computers was actually invented by Charles Babbage but not sure if you mean a computer as we would call it today And the motorcar was invented by Karl Benz of Mercedes Benz
  11. I need some help deflating a pompous German...

    GPS was developed by the US DoD for military purposes so there is a plus point
  12. I need some help deflating a pompous German...

    Shouldn't make it a competition as that just fuels more conflict however a lot of breakthroughs haven't been done in American from my memory; US Space program maybe; even then it was Russians that won the space race first
  13. Then he is a naive fanboy
  14. It only creates glass bubbles if people use it to fuel their ego's; blocking someone the person you described that would be a valid way of doing it. That person is a troll and is doing ti just because i don't have time for immature twats online But gain that's my personal opinion
  15. I wouldn't say it's a petty thing, if anything i'd say that it's what you SHOULD do. This person will keep doing it as that's how he/she gets their kicks. Unless reddit are aware of this they will have no idea it's going on. The button is there fore a reason But then again i've developed a attitude over the years of not taking shit from people, if there is a way to report a person i do it, while telling said person to shove it