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  1. Best Super Budget GPU?

    the 660 is significantly better than the 1030
  2. Best wireless gaming headset under 150$?

    Eh I was only going to use it for PC anyways. I also never wear headphones around my neck, and my neck is pretty skinny. So I guess il get that
  3. Help choosing a laptop

    Who the hell knows... It just did it one day, got stuck on bluescreen. I don't think that it was the owner's fault... But the more disappointing thing was how bad their support was. And that if something does go wrong, it'll be out of commission for a month at least.
  4. Best wireless gaming headset under 150$?

    Thats what I was leaning towards as well
  5. Help choosing a laptop

    Bad support...? The computer bricked itself twice. All he does is play games, he did absolutely nothing to it.
  6. Help choosing a laptop

    Stay away from HP Omen... My friend has one of their Rx 580 laptops and so far he has had to send it in twice, each time took about a month b/c they manufacture on a per order basis. Support is garbage.
  7. I need a new headset, but I'm not sure which is best. I don't care about ecosystems or anything, I just need a wireless gaming headset. I was looking at the Razer Thresher, HyperX Cloud Flight, Corsair Void Pro, and SteelSeries Arctis 7. Which is the best?
  8. How to lower GPU temperature?

    OK, I can do that. Any recommended fans?
  9. How to lower GPU temperature?

    I dunno... I mean ambient in house is probably more like 85 during peak Summer. I was looking at the G12 bracket from nzxt but I don't think that the amp edition PCB is reference... I found this waterblock: http://performance-pcs.com/bitspower-zotac-gtx-1080-amp-extreme-clear-acrylic-for-zotac-gtx-1080-1070-amp-extreme.html Not sure if I want to get into liquid cooling... Pretty expensive. If I could use an AIO I'd go for that
  10. How to lower GPU temperature?

    Well I was more going for other ways to keep the temperature down without directly decreasing GPU fan speed... I dunno. Any case recommendations for GPU cooling?
  11. How to lower GPU temperature?

    So my 1080 gets straight to 83 degrees as soon as I put it under load. It performs okay, but I also have it mining nicehash when I am not home. So... Is there any way I could lower temperatures? Maybe an airflow case? Ambient temps near me get around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer... So... What ways could I lower the temperature? Its a Zotac Amp Edition 1080, and really isn't compatible with liquid cooling in general
  12. Ryzen 2700 or 2700x for gaming ?

    No offence buddy, but thats really... not hot. And it isn't humid in Egypt either is it? Right well in terms of ambient temperatures, I get much worse than you in the summer and i'm fine with an overclocked 6700k. So no worries bud. You should be fine with the stock cooler.
  13. Ryzen 2700 or 2700x for gaming ?

    Why does it matter what temps you get? You aren't even telling us where you live or what your case is or how many fans you have.
  14. Ryzen 2700 or 2700x for gaming ?

    You are worrying too much about it... Temps should be absolutely fine with the stock cooler. If your case has bad airflow, pick up an AIO.
  15. Upgrade time(ish?) what gpu is next?

    interesting... Make sure to update drivers.