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  1. Is this normal?

    Yes. Do a google image search for "24 pin power connector".
  2. Rant: How Apple destroys the mainstream knowledge about tech

    Apple was a big part of this sure, along with Android, Microsoft, and every other electronic device maker. Apple has their standard, Android has their standard; it would be nice if they were all the same, but the desired level of market segmentation that both Apple and Android want requires a certain level of incompatibility (at least for now). I think the primary cause of the "destruction of mainstream knowledge about tech" is the reduced necessity for that knowledge. All of the device makers have been striving to make their products easier to use for decades; it's what the customers are asking for, it sells better, and it really is easier to use. Which is great for the user, but it does mean that the user simply doesn't need to be as tech savvy as they were 5, 10, 20 years ago. At one time I put quite some effort into learning how config.sys and autoexe.bat files worked. It was necessary knowledge for a PC builder at the time. It's simply not necessary now. That's progress. That's unavoidable.
  3. New watch

    Something like this? https://amazon.com/Timex-Expedition-Digital-Chrono-Alarm/dp/B00HYUSQW8
  4. Good bank robbery/heist films?

    Kelly's Heroes. Heist movie, comedy, and war film all in one!
  5. Unreal was THE reason I bought my first Voodoo card. Those were the days... SLI would actually double performance, 98SE was actual good, and you could just copy the unreal folder around to your friends for LAN play (to make sure you all had the same version, of course; not for piracy, don't be silly!). UT definitely ran better for multiplayer, but it was still good.
  6. He's in Israel with 220v, he wants to plug in a 110v Dremel; I think that device IS what he wants. @keavlar: in the future, be mindful of the voltage. 220v Dremels do exist: https://amazon.com/Dremel-3000-2-MultiPro-Electric-Grinder/dp/B00NIO2V0W/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1526942141&sr=1-1&keywords=dremel+220+volts
  7. STB velocity 4400 drivers

    Humm, I didn't try to actually use the download links. Sorry about that. Well, there are various driver archives out there (google "riva tnt driver"), but download at your own risk...
  8. STB velocity 4400 drivers

    You could try generic Riva TNT drivers. http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/199/~/riva-tnt-drivers
  9. Audio interface

    Have you tried swapping xlr cables? Static is often due to bad connections or bad cables.
  10. Am I doing this wrong?

    You are looking at ratings, not actual consumption. You'll need a meter to determine actual consumption. The output power is 9V x 1.67A or 5V x 2A, which equals 15W or 10W; these numbers will be close to the actual consumption, but not exact. The .5A on the input is basically a not-to-exceed limit on that class of electrical device.
  11. CPU baking

    Maybe we're not fully understating each other. I think your concerned is that it might be the motherboard and not the fan; if after a reboot the fan is fast and then slows down, then that is not an unreasonable theory. Here's the test I propose to determine if it is the fan or if it is the mobo: 1. swap fan headers on the mobo for the CPU fan and a case fan. 2. then put the computer under load so that the CPU temp increases to ~75C. That should trigger BIOS to increase fan speed for the CPU fan (which has now been temporarily replaced with a case fan). 3. if the case fan that is now plugged into the CPU header increases speed, then it's the CPU fan that is bad. If the case fan does not increase in speed, then it's the mobo that is bad.
  12. CPU baking

    If the problem is the mobo, then testing in a different header may give control of the fan speed. The goal of the test is not to make the system functional, but to find out if the CPU fan can be controlled. If the controls in BIOS are insufficient (like BIOS dictating that all of the fans run at the same speed) you can try using Gigabyte's Easytune software to control the fans.
  13. CPU baking

    You can try plugging the CPU fan into a different fan header on the mobo for testing (swap it with system fan or case fan, etc.).
  14. Can someone help me with Sorround/home theater options?

    The audio and home theater sections of this forum don't get a huge amount of traffic compared to somebody like AVS forums; you can try there if no one else responds here.
  15. Console vs PC

    Probably (I didn't read it, it was merely the top of the google search); I know it's been debated to death. "My only goal is that each platform is seen for what it is" -- Dam straight! And that was my point as well. PCs and consoles are not equivalent or even completely interchangeable. There is some overlap (namely, gaming), but how they go about that is very different. For someone who already owns a PC, PC peripherals, and PC games, then upgrading is going to be the better option (if possible). For someone who does not have an existing investment in either (or is horribly obsolete), then the decision is more nuanced than simply "which is better?".