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    Are they other sofware who does use both evenly?
  2. Hallo, i have a question. Recently I had build a pc with beautiful specs. And had installed Davinci resolve 14 on it. Now i saw that the hole editing time + exporting when over the cpu and a little bit over the gpu. my cpu went to 95%and gpu was only at 45%. How can i make davinci resolve use both? So that the cpu dont have to work so hard! btw this is my build up specs: MasterCase 5 Windowed MCX-0005 -Intel Core i7-7800X 3,5Ghz 6 Hexa core -Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. B -Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB MSI -Samsung 960 EVO 250gb SSD -16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Crucial -MSI X299 Raider motherboard
  3. If i go al out, i will come much higer the €2000. If i keep the i5 Kaby lake CPU i will have just oky.
  4. Frist of all, thank you for a fast replay with great advice, @emosun I agree, but don't forget that apple hardware and software are made for one and other which makes it runs smooth and fast. @DrMacintosh I have been using FCPX and Logic for all my life, but I don't mind to change to cubase and after effect for a change. I also like to explore the other app. I already have bought Logic and FCPX no need to do that again . But why the fusion drive? a PCI SDD is a better choose? @AnnoyedShelf I don't play any games, I'm focus on my work on this point. If I have choose a Mac I will contain using FCPX and Logic. So if I read it correctly no one advice me to build a Audio/Video editing PC?
  5. Hi I just I sign up on this forum. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Logan. A Audio/Video editing man. I had a few question I like to ask. I'm currently using a MacBook Pro 15,4 retina mid 2014 as my main editing device. But I'm thinking of expanding, empower and newer my main device. I'm going to sell my MacBook Pro. The money wat I will receive with a small input, will allow me to buy or build a better computer voor around a €2000. I was thinking on a iMac 21,5 4k Retina 2017: Price 1934,79€ 3,4GHz i5 Kaby Lake cpu turbo boost to 3,8GHZ 16GB 2400MHZ DDR4 256GB PCI SSD Readeon Pro 560 4GB Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X or building a powerful PC for Audio and Video editing, with the following: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX FORMULA, socket 1151 motherboard, Intel® Core i7-7700, 3,6 GHz (4,2 GHz Turbo Boost) socket 1151 processor be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm, Watercooling Corsair 16 GB DDR4-2400 Kit Ram SAPPHIRE Nitro+ Radeon RX 570 4GD5 Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650W Gold, 650 Watt Kingston SSDNow KC400, 512 GB SSD WD Black, 2 TB Harde schijf Cubase studio and Adobe after effect Which one is better in overal performance? And which one do you prefer? Should I change the build up like replace i7 with 6-core intel xeon? Wat kind of build up do you all recommend? I like to hear wat ya'll think. all the advice are welcome. Thank you Logan