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  1. LGBT community

    I'm 29, have a kid and a full time job, so I think I do qualify as an adult (at least in the legal sense).
  2. LGBT community

    Lucky bastards. My exams aren't over until January 16th. I guess that's my punishment for taking a years worth of university classes in 6 months.
  3. Show off your latest purchase!

    Nice. I'll need to get that that reissue then. I guess I did buy these but I haven't received them yet: I'm like one step from slathering myself in corpsepaint, begin living in an untreated basement in Norway and only listing to demos on 8-track.
  4. Show off your latest purchase!

    An update of small records arranged after size and a few cassette tapes: 10" Svartkonst by Helgedom 8" Princess of Anguish (Rhythmic Gymnastics pt.1) by Body Stress 7" Flögo De Bort by Gnipahålan Formër Dig Ej by Afkald Orchestra Mali, et Devotionem by Summum Vid Skuggornas Svarta Månsken by Daudadagr De Urtida Krafterna by Bekëth Nexëhmü 5" Royce Road by Facialmess Cassettes Under Dette Segl Vil Du Sejre by Vaabnet Nordanland by Daudadagr So, noise and black metal. Or just noise as my mother would say. Is it the recent reissue? If so, how is it? Also, that Hirax album is fantastic.
  5. What song are you listening to right now.

    Just to rinse the taste of a semen covered cracker out of my mouth:
  6. Electronic music(s) producer of choice

    Hipster's choice: a local producer named Martin, who's involved in quite a few different projects: Body Stress Prostitute of the 19th Century Cum Dump Haraam There's more than that, but that's probably enough to get a feel for his oeuvre.
  7. LGBT community

    Yep, it's a MUSE HD title. Luckily, I got of the discs and the player from dad. The only problem is that I need to run it on a step-down converter, since it's a Japanese machine and it would probably end in smoke if I ran it off European mains power.
  8. LGBT community

    The only problem I've found with collecting Laserdiscs is the disc rot issues. I have a Japanese "HD" version of Terminator 2 that's completely unplayable due to the organic material in the disc clouding up.
  9. What's your present for your parents this year?

    There's no need to feel sorry. Christmas is just not a tradition I grew up with. Just like birthdays. You can't really miss what you've never really experienced. My family moved around a lot so we couldn't really own a lot of stuff, since it's expensive to move stuff around the world and back Although, now having a family of my own has kinda forced me into accepting Christmas as a part of my life. Isn't that the kinda situation where you default into semi-useless gadgets? Like, buy your dad (or mom for that matter) a small drone, buy them some quality cutlery or maybe some professional pictures of you and your sister.
  10. What's your present for your parents this year?

    Nothing. My parents would probably find it incredibly weird if we began giving each other presents after 29 years. But wouldn't you know your parents' gift wishes the best? And if you don't know then ask them.
  11. What's the preferred yogurt of dyslexic neo-nazis?


  12. LGBT community

    Since people are still comparing internet speeds, here's what I get on LTE:
  13. Show off your latest purchase!

    It's not that much work for a single disc. It takes maybe 10 min. outside of the runtime of the record itself. And it's not like the runtime has to be dedicated just listening to the record. I'm actually digitizing a record as we speak (or write). But still, a download code is much quicker.
  14. The Tortoise and the Hare

    It's not the ending of the original Aeosop fable. That just ends with the tortoise winning the race. Although, it could very well be one of the the later reapproprations of the story, which were very popular in the 19th century. The original fable didn't really have the moral of "slow and steady wins the race". That's a much later interpretation. The original Greek story serves more as a lesson in hubris.