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  1. Wait, people didn't know FCB was behind this? I think that news broke on the same day as the initial stream. So essentially FCB managed this in the best way possible. The whole thing sank and they managed to leave all the on-screen talent to take all the trash. FCB can take their paycheck and the streamer can take all the abuse.
  2. Post Count Query

    That sounds really interesting. And if you already experience with editing you seem to have a pretty good career path ahead of you. I do. I work as a student help a a law firm. It's only 15 hours/week, but it's all experience. I currently work mainly with tenant law, but I really wanna work with IP law.
  3. Post Count Query

    That sounds really exciting. What kind of work are you looking into doing in regards to TV/films? I'm doing just fine. Family is at good health. I'm not too fond of having turned 30, but that's a fact I just have to live with. Edit: Oh, and I'm finishing my master's in law come January if everything goes as planned.
  4. Post Count Query

    The "members by post count" page is unfortunately gone. At least to my knowledge. And I'm fine ol' chap. How your film stuff coming along?
  5. Avicii is dead

    That is blatantly false. Not only do you generalize way too broadly in terms of just stating "drugs", but you also negate the effects can be more or less severe depending on the person. It's not uncommon for people going cold turkey on an opiate addiction to die from complications of the withdrawals. The same is true for people suffering from withdrawals from non-opiate painkillers.
  6. What song are you listening to right now.

    20 years ago today:
  7. Beogram 1000 issues, help.

    It was not so much slippage I was worried about. These old belts can get rather sticky and that can affect the speed with some wild fluctuations. It was not the desk PSU I was thinking about. It was the internal circuitry of the turntable.
  8. Beogram 1000 issues, help.

    Hmm, what's the design of the power delievery like? It could very well be that the oscillator (if there is one) is shot. If there is indeed an oscillator, then you would need to troubleshoot it with a oscilloscope. And did you change out the belt?
  9. Beogram 1000 issues, help.

    You waited about an hour. I'm sorry, but we don't work around the clock. Well, for the speed fluctuations you'll need to identify where exactly the problem lies. If possible, get your hands on a desk PSU with an adjustable power frequency and deliver the power through that. That way you'll be able to identify if the problem is with the motor or the power delivery. Also, change the belt if you haven't already. If you have resoldered the grounding wire you should also reisolate it. The output power of a cartridge isn't that high, so it's very prone to interference if exposed to unshielded wires. The stylus problem is a bit more difficult to troubleshoot. If the second stylus is digging into the grooves when the counterweight is set, then the counterweight is obviously not set correctly. You should get a small jeweler weight and gauge the tracking force that way.
  10. LGBT community

    I was thinking more "half female": For anyone curious it's a picture of Josephine Joseph. I would have used a picture of Albert Alberta Karas, but his/her pictures are way too explicit.
  11. Why can't we just compromise?
  12. For those wondering what prompted the Jordan Peterson recommendation on Amazon:


    I think Robert Nozick is turning in his grav knowing he's recommended reading along with people like Peterson.

    Also, my recommendations have only gotten worse:


    1. captain_to_fire


      It’s good that Milo’s book “Dangerous” didn’t appear 

    2. Volbet


      It was actually on page 2.

      I was thinking about buying it second hand, simply becuase I've heard that it's almost comical in its presentation.  

  13. What song are you listening to right now.

    Is it any good?