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  1. Would this Server work as a NAS?

    It really is bloody loud isn't it! I'm just moving the RAM and CPU into a HPz400. I can still get enough drives in it and it's super quiet!
  2. Curious... I am really not sure what to suggest other than that one!
  3. Did you run the "clean" command under DISKPART?
  4. TUF-B350M-PLUS Motherboard and fans

    So I own this mobo and ran in to these frustrations too. It has actually only got 2x Chassis Fan headers. PLUS the CPU Fan Header . There is then an "RGB FAN" Header that seems to only be designed to work with the lighting on the AMD stock coolers. So in my build with 4 fans + CPU cooler I have 2 splitters out to my 4 fans and then my CPU cooler.
  5. Windows 10 or FreeNAS for Plex and File Storage

    OK. So my question is - could I add drives to a FreeNAS pool that already have data on them? EDIT: K - Answered my own question - no absolutely not. Damn gonna need to get some new drives.
  6. Heya, I've recently dived head first into building a home server. I initially purchased a full 2U 12bay storage server for very, very cheap (£40) with an X58 Xeon and 24GB RAM. Which I am going to gut and put into the HP Z400 I just got for peanuts (£30) as this chassis still allows me to get 4 HDDs in there and is drastically quieter. My question is Win10... or FreeNAS? It'll be on near enough 24/7 for Plex and my video footage. I'll probably not be working directly from it but it'd be nice if I could. (Video editing in Premiere Pro - HD DSLR and 4K Mobile footage). What would you guys recommend?
  7. Howdy! Thank you for all this, I honestly didn't know the differences between types of raid cards. What I am thinking is that I'll probably gut the server for its CPU and RAM. Which I can then transplant into a Dell T3500 workstation. Because as mentioned in the above posts I also don't have any drive sleds! It's looking like I can get one of these workstations for the same price as a few sleds and the raid card. This will give me a more manageable chassis to work with in my home. To be honest this is probably what I should have done in the first place however... When I saw the amount of RAM for the price... I couldn't resist!
  8. @Razor Blade OK here we go! So we have a total of 3 SAS sockets two on the right (looking from the front to back of the server) one of these goes to the rear interface thingy. Then on the left we have the third socket! My thoughts are that I'm going to need to spend at least £40 on a raid controller. Plus the drive sleds seem to be difficult to get... Unless they're more universal than they appear!?
  9. Thank you so much for this. Yup very familiar with consumer hardware and also workstations for video editing. But first time server person! I can indeed take the fans etc out and see what's under the hood. I shall do that in the morning if I get time before work! (in the UK and it's 11pm) BTW I think you are correct about the SFF interface for expansion. The solo SAS cable does go into it and it has two ports externally.
  10. Ahhhh that is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Rather than me being completely dumb. OK - So would any kinda RAID controller/card work? Like this Dell one on eBay? Or will I need something more specific? Shame about the drive caddys... Hmm - again do they have to be specific?? Cheers!
  11. Hello, I recently purchased a Xyratex HS-1235T Storage Server with a Xeon E5620 (4c8t) and 24GB DDR3 (3x8GB ECC) for just £40 delivered!!!! My intention was to use it as a a super overkill Plex and general storage server for home use. However I have already run into a few issues.... This is my first expeirence of actual server hardware It's LOUD AS BALLS No obvious way to mount HDDs - No sleds (could do bottom set of 4??) Can't tell if the HDDs are detected Not entirely sure how they are meant to be set up However everything booted up fine and all the RAM etc was detected. So I might just goahead and stick FreeNAS on a USB and see what happens. My thoughts overall though are, assuming it can read them, just have 4 drives in there along the bottom row and hope they never come loose? Or some how find matching drive sleds? OR Salvage the CPU and/or RAM then attempt to find some other platform to use them in? Any help at all would be appreciated Here's a few pics of what I am working with
  12. Would this Server work as a NAS?

    Amazing, thank you for all of this. I'm sure I will be back with more questions once I actually have it in my hands!.
  13. Why the low FPS

    Have you got Fast Boot turned on in Windows power settings?
  14. Would this Server work as a NAS?

    Honestly I am super new to this whole server thing. I am not really sure what the difference is between everything. I can spec out and build any kind of desktop you like but this is new for me. I've found an eBay listing that appears to be from Israel with a very similar looking, if not identical server with more pics. https://ebay.co.uk/itm/Xyratex-HS-1235T-2U-Storage-Server-Xeon-Quad-Core-NO-HDD-/263066655101?autorefresh=true Whilst I know it's entirely possible mine will be different. Anyone able to tell me what I am looking at in these pics? Specifically related to HDD mounting.
  15. Would this Server work as a NAS?

    So I just purchased it! Total of £40 including delivery! I've got a couple of drives I can play with to get it set up and my aim is to use FreeNas. I really hope this works!!! Theoretically if it's all a load of shit, I've got 24GB of DDR3 RAM I can offload, which MIGHT be ECC. So there's always that.