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    i5 8400
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    MSI Z370 Gaming Plus
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    8GB 3800 DDR4
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    Nvidia 1080
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    Corsair Carbide 300R non-window
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    NVME m.2, SSD, HDDs
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    700w Corsair
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    W10, Linux

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    IT Systems Administrator
  1. New Gaming PC or Pile of Junk!?

    You're a moron.
  2. Durable Microphone Headsets

    I've got some Sades headset that cost about 20 quid and has been thrown around a bit for the last 2 years. No issues still.
  3. Wouldn't bother. Perform a checkdisk repair and system file check, run windows update, you're golden. in cmd: chkdsk /f c: reboot and let it do its thang. then: sfc /scannow let it run through. boom.
  4. Windows 10 clean boot issue - can't download anything

    I don't know where you were searching for your info but the first thing to appear when you type that error is the solution. You've made the ISO wrong and installed Windows 10 S by the sounds of it. Take a look.
  5. Have you seen the shite reviews for that laptop? Why - because I have worked almost exclusively repairing Lenovo's. They're shit.
  6. Please don't buy a Lenovo. Do yourself a favour for the greater good.
  7. Trouble after windows update

    Its definitely a part of Microsoft malware shite.
  8. Trouble after windows update

    It's likely Defender performing a scan in the background so I'd just leave it a while then check later. Or disable defender in gpedit. meh.
  9. How do i stay up to date with eSports/ eSport events?

    Don't! get a real life!
  10. Seriously, don't use Edge. Set your default to Firefox or something.
  11. HTPC Upgrade

    Sadly there is no sure way of pleasing a woman. Us mere mortals can only but trial and error.
  12. [Q]what to upgrade?

    Well a Ryzen 7. I'd stay blue but each to their own. Use a well known benchmarking website to compare some products. Use PCPartpicker to make a build so you can be sure your selected components work together.
  13. Yeah it means that the connection was lost temporarily during the ping request. What is your setup? If that happens regularly I'd be worried. When you say "good", what exactly do you mean? use speedtest.net to find out your speed stats. You don't use ping to do this. You general hit an IP with ping if you want to see if that particularly IP is up or not.