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  1. Hey LMG! Audiophile bank breakers, Right here!

    Sadly i missed the chance to listen to a Sennheiser orpheus (He1060)
  2. Or they send heavy items like a set of pritchel in these buckwraps (for example c3 package). Other fun is if they fill the same buckwraps to the limit and small items fall out during shipping. The other time i ordered a bunch of trash cans and each one came in its own large parcel (amazing if the postman comes with a few cubic meter of packages ...). The good is amazon must have lost money on that order if they ship a $2 item in such large boxes.
  3. There is more: - the first screen page is 100% unreleated ads - pricing can change even during check out and forcing you to start over, some times they change it so fast that you have to do the checkout multiple times - unable to choice a good shipping box (sometimes unprotected or not sealed (those you can rip open) - amazon prime streaming + music sucks (drm = don't work or only portato quality) In the end i moved away from amazon.
  4. Painting my GPU without spray paint.

    Vvid XPO is good just check after you recive it if it is fake. If this is true don't use the sheet as the fake is not removable (not much fun to do). The real vivid can be removed without a hassle.
  5. Building a custom robotic arm

    Buy a ABB and programm it. There is now way you can get close to this within a few year if you don't have any experience and pls don't kill or hurt your self with these robots. Normaly humans are not allowed near them.
  6. LED lighting for "Shelf"

    There are nice warm/cold white led available. The benefit is you can control the white tone. For the mounting a al-profile can hide the strip and diffuse the light: https://bauhaus.info/led-baender/paulmann-delta-profil/p/22228204 (looks a bit overpriced to me). For the PSU order at Reichelt, Mouser, Digikey or conrad a brand psu (no ebay, aliexpress or amazon). 12V 5A should be sufficient (60 led/m). Connector are available (for standard strips they should fit) or solder your own length match cables. Sleeving the visible cables with a black mesh is also easy to do and not expensive.
  7. Samsung S9+ or OnePlus 6?

    Clearly the S9+ as it is a in my opinion a better phone without the one plus support experience and replacement parts are more common/cheaper.
  8. Bent D15

    I have had once a cooler where the fin stack where bent at the corner (out of the box) which also does not impact performance or fan mounting at all and the rma was no problem. ps. missed the part that it was a used cooler. So keep it like this or bend it back.
  9. NZXT leaks on 1080ti DEATH

    Alternate Germany have a very good support (still one of the more expensive vendors).
  10. Oneplus 6 or iPhone 8

    You can still order from mainland europe. Amazon italy or spain is most times cheaper then the other amazon pages. France have sometimes good deals. With apple now killing independent reapir more often there is no clear awnser to this.
  11. Oneplus 6 or iPhone 8

    How do you feel about the Samsung S9. It is only 20€ more expensive then the one plus 6 and have qi build in.
  12. Overclock intel HD ?

    Try Intel XTU or throttle stop. The one noteook where i have done this it was not worth the time.
  13. Waterproof phone

    I guess the only reason why people are using rice is that the average person have it. Sicapent or silica gel would be nice. It is more impotent to get rid of the minerals then getting it dry. ps. if it was clean fresh water don't do anything.
  14. Bent D15

    just fill a RMA as Noctua cooler are expensive enough to deliver products without cosmetic damage. Such things can happen to all brands.
  15. all this advertisment is not only a problem with LTT and if you would pay for every channel/creator you watch it will be expensive. To expensive.