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  1. Crypto Currency Mining using Graphics Cards

    Thank you everyone will givevmy nephew all this info.
  2. Crypto Currency Mining using Graphics Cards

    The reason I asked about that particular one is my nephew has several already by different makers that he got from computers that he got for nothing and basically broke down for parts and threw out the parts that were useless. He asked me about Bitcoin mining and if there was a problem in using them and the mixed parts. I have no clue but since he saw me watching linustechtalks on YouTube about the graphics card mining he got the bug so to speak. So any information on him trying it since he is only 15 he does not have funds to buy much.
  3. Question: For instance: There are several makes of AMD Radeon R7s 240 etc that are made by: Sapphire, Gigabite, Yeston, MSI, etc. Does it matter which when using them for mining? If so Why?
  4. Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!