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  1. Yes, you saw the title correctly. I'm serious! Look the whole tweet. It includes 4 pics. https://twitter.com/UserTeemu/status/940609373243625472 Spooky!
  2. I'm looking for players, to play Splatoon or Splatoon 2 or both. Just as notice, I'm Finnish, so TIMEZONES! If you are in any rank bigger than A, you are welcome! If you are under A, you can still get in! And I have Discord server, but I don't post invite here.
  3. Starting to learn Java, tips?

    Uhh... Remember online forums, such as Stack Overflow! I learned almost everything from there. And I would recommend Visual Studio to code, but if you are programming specially for Android, use Android Studio.
  4. Web development vs IOS ?

    Notice: I never programmed for iOS! I started with HTML coding, and I am happy with it. To develop for iOS, you need stupid paid membership, or account. Basically, every iOS device has browser, what can run web based stuff. So, take easy, and develop for HTML as long as functionality comes as obstacle on your road.
  5. Is Elgato capture card reviews coming?
  6. Phone Help!

    I think I is not possible. Sorry, I don't know. But I have actually that same issue on BlueStacks (emulator).
  7. What to do with a 5 monitor display?

    What do you like to usually do? Listen music? Oh, I have one suggestion: Leave browser open on one screen and open graftonarealivearts.us lol Ok, so uhh... It depends what you want to do usually.
  8. Phone Help!

    So you wanna skip Google account log-in?
  9. Blue Yeti Sounds like a Robot

    Hi! I had the same problem 2 mins ago. I changed the format to 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100Hz (CD Quality). That solved my problem.