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  1. will the new low tier gpu that 'replaces' the 1050 come at a lower price?
  2. Will the price of my gaming laptop drop once the new graphics cards are released onto the market? With intel recently introducing their 8th gen chips, and NVidia soon releasing their 11th gen graphics cards, I am wondering if now would be a good time to sell my laptop. It's got a i7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050, and I've been thinking of getting a lighter one because 5.6 pounds is heavy when I'm carrying it around all the time.
  3. Thanks for the replies- the power outputs are vastly different. I will continue using the one meant for the laptop :).
  4. To keep it short, I bought a gaming laptop a few months ago and I find the battery charger to be very big and takes up a lot of space in my bag. I have an old asus charger from a non-gaming laptop I had a few years back. Can I use and carry around that smaller charging cable instead, or would it not be enough juice for the gaming laptop? and could it possibly damage the laptop?
  5. Samsung S8 or LG V30?

    Getting a phone with rogers and the s8 and the lg v30 seem to be the only decent phones offered for free with a 2 year plan. I don't want to rush this decision as I'll, of course, be stuck with this phone for 2 years. I'm currently using an iPhone 5s and I really hate it; small screen, and I hate all the limitations they impose on you, which is why I'm going back to android this time around. I've also considered the pixel 2 and s9, but I need to spend at least $200 to get the base models, which doesn't seem like a very good deal because they don't offer much more than the ones given for 'free'. I'm a bit lost on which one I should get because I'm looking at reviews and some bash the s8 for the fingerprint and the curved screen, while others bash the v30 for shitty camera and mediocre screen. These 2 phones seem to be pretty popular and I'm guessing some of you have had to choose among them and I was wondering if you could help me choose aswell.
  6. 100% disk usage

    my ram is around 30%
  7. 100% disk usage

    Just bought an ROG GL553VD for $800 Canadian on one of those craigslist type sites- it was honestly a bit over my budget but it seemed like the only decently priced computer on the site. Anyways, I performed a reset on it, and once I got it up and running I ran into a few issues with it. One being the Hard drive (it might be a combo drive) running at very high disk usages (i.e. 70% or 100% while writing this post.) I have looked on windows support and all those other things but none of them seem to be the same solution which is scary.. wondering if I should just sell the laptop to someone else and get something else. Anyone know how to fix this issue or if its an actual issue I should be worried about. P.S. other issues being: unable to change the OS language completely from French to English, unable to install steam (the steamui.dll isn't found), the cpu fan running at very high speeds like at this moment when writing this forum post, and the gpu not being used- but that's probably fixable by downloading drivers or something. Or maybe its using the I-gpu because I'm not in a game.
  8. I've heard Amd heats up a lot so I usually try to avoid them, is this still the case?
  9. I've been looking for a cheap laptop that can run games like DoTA2 and CS:GO (Budget is 300-500 CAD) and I found this guy trying to get rid of an old Samsung R580 for $160 but it doesn't have a hard drive. GT 330M Intel Core i5-520M 4gb ddr3 (and it comes with one of those laptop cooling fan plates.) I'm not very knowledgeable on computers, so would this laptop be a good investment or would newer integrated gpus be better? p.s. can this laptop even run my games?
  10. yeah.. laptops with an mx150 in canada cost 800-900
  11. Not a console gamer to the slightest, the only reason I bought one is because none of my friends play pc and my desktop was getting old (sold it) and couldn't play AAA titles anymore.
  12. at my price range the only dedicated gpus I can seem to find are 560m -- Only good deal I've found is a i7-7700HQ, 16gb ddr4, GTX 1050ti ROG strix GL753 laptop for $900 CAD, but buying it would be problematic since I just bought an xbox one s. I guess I could always return it though.
  13. Okay I'll look for laptops with hd 620, thanks!
  14. I think $400-500 Canadian should be enough..
  15. I'm in the market for a laptop that can be used for schoolwork and play games like DoTA2, CS:GO and LFD2. Weight isn't really an issue, but it does need to be portable as I move around a lot. I'm wondering whether or not I need a dedicated graphics card or if I can use the integrated graphics card. What GPU/i-GPU and higher should I be on the lookout for on those craigslist-type websites (or should I buy new?)