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  1. (stupid) Liquid Cooling ideas

    ok so probably a more powerful pump?
  2. So after looking at balls out amazing liquid cooling builds and some people discussed Ethylene Glycol, stuff found in Coolant and Antifreeze, in their systems. It made me think, what is a more ridiculous fluid also found in cars that could work? Then it hit me, MOTOR OIL!!! Because motor oil is used to cool and lube a cars engine, and it's super durable since it has to be changed after thousands of miles, so maybe it could work in a Liquid Cooling System. I researched a bit but most people of the discussions i found were for entire systems being cooled like a mineral oil dip, but I'd just want to run it in a closed loop. I feel kind of optimistic since there have been videos of people using Orange Juice and crap like that in their system. My only fear is that its kind of combustible so kind of afraid of that. I need some guidance maybe a little help or so, but if it is a for sure method, you can bet I'll be using motor oil in my PC. some "sources" http://tomshardware.com/answers/id-1641551/motor-oil-castrol-gtx-order-cool-mineral-oil.html http://overclock.net/forum/134-cooling-experiments/1195261-water-cooling-loop-oil-instead-water.html
  3. Sooo my hdd was corrupted (cuz it stop with all the windows stuff )and it had my os on it, so I’m kinda stuck cuz I have my access key for windows but I need to somehow get it to my computer
  4. So my computer is stuck in the “preparing automatic repair” loop and I was told to use the command prompt but it says I need to sign in as an admin but there are no accounts listed..I don’t know what to do now
  5. So My os is on a pretty old and beat up hdd so I wanted to transfer the os to my ssd but it’s just so complicated and I tried to follow the steps and I ended up in the “preparing automatic repair” infinite loop, so I have no idea how to fix it or how to transfer my os and I’m just lost and looking for help.