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  1. Are you saying that most flash drives advertised for USB3.0/3.1 are incapable of even 1/3 of the advertised speed? I find that a bit difficult to believe.
  2. I have lately been copying large amounts of large files between drives lately. I have a SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB 3.1 (claimed) Dual Flash Drive and a Transcend 2TB StoreJet External Hard Drive. It is worth noting that the flash drive is brand new and the hard drive is a few years old. My computer contains a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD which is the drive I am transferring from. The test I ran involved copying about 65GB of video files to each drive (the same files for both devices). I started the write to the flash drive a couple minutes before I started writing to the HDD and the HDD finished far and away first. The HDD sat at a fairly constant 124 MB/s, while the Flash Drive hovered wildly between 32 and 43 MB/s. I know the Flash Drive can do more than that because when I transfer only one or two large files, it starts over 100 MB/s, then drops down to the aforementioned wild fluctuation. It does this whether I use the USB-C connector or the USB-A connector. I have tried changing the caching setting, and it doesn't do anything. Both of the other flash drives I tried (a Transcend and a Microcenter) showed similar issues. All of them are at least USB 3.0. The Transcend was basically identical to the SanDisk and the Microcenter ramped up to about 30MB/s before almost immediately throttling to under 10. I'm sort of at a loss here and I'm very unsure what's going on. Any help is appreciated. Fair warning: I'm a bit of a noob. My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad P71 with an Intel Core i7 7700HQ, 32GB RAM, 1TB 960 EVO NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD, and a Quadro P4000. It runs Windows 10 Pro.
  3. Problem with that is that I probably can't afford to break $3,500.
  4. Hello! I am wanting to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15 7548 to a Lenovo ThinkPad P71. A big jump. Problem is, I don't know a ton about the hardware. My plan was to buy it with no SSD preinstalled and a 1TB 5400RPM HDD and buy a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo to put in right away. Ideally, the 960 Evo would be my boot drive as well as my main storage drive and then I would store things on the HDD once I fill up the SSD. I would do a clean install of windows 10 pro on the ssd as soon as I get it and then the HDD would essentially sit dormant until I need the extra storage. Is this a good way to go (or even possible)? I have barely filled up half of the Inspiron's 1TB HDD. My other big concern is the graphics card. My wallet wants me to go with the Quadro P3000, but my instincts tell me the Quadro P4000 would be the better long term option. Which should I trust? Next is CPU. I'm pretty sure the 7700HQ is my best bet because the 7820HQ doesn't seem that much better other than a little more cache and .1GHz clock speed. Is a 2MB cache difference a big enough deal to justify an extra $200? I plan to use this computer for pretty heavy simulation and 3D Modeling. Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, etc. As a last note, will I need a RAID setting? I don't even really know what that means. Thanks!