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  1. just bought the Blue one. Thanks lads.
  2. My local shop is selling 7200rpm version of the Blue. Do you think FireCuda is worth an extra $45?
  3. Thanks. I only need 1tb, so I think I'll go for Blue.
  4. I don't really need 2tb, and yeah 5400rpm smh.
  5. they're selling the Blue model for 50 USD. Good price?
  6. Thanks mate. Is 2-year warranty an issue? Black offers 5 years if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Yeah I think they only sell the 64 MB model now.
  8. I've already had 2 SSDs (1 for OS). I just need 1 more HDD for storage now.
  9. My budget is flexible. If black's worth the money, I'll pay it. If not, it's nice to save $45. I'm looking for a 1tb drive for my desktop.
  10. Thanks. My local shop only has the 7200 rpm version of the Blue. Do you think Black's worth paying an extra $45?
  11. the WD Black I was mentioning is purely HDD. I didn't know there's a SSHD version of it lol.
  12. No one should buy? It is that bad?
  13. Is the loading time with Black significantly better than the Blue? In your opinion, is it worth paying an extra $45?
  14. Hi guys, I'm choosing between the WD Blue, WD Black and Seagate FireCuda for my secondary hard drive. My question is: is the WD Blue good enough, or is it worth upgrading to WD Black or Seagate FireCuda. From where I'm from, the WD Blue is about 45 USD cheaper than the other two. I use the secondary drive mainly for gaming and movies, so which drive is the best for the money? Thanks in advance.