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    Core 2 Quad 6700
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    Dell mobo
  • RAM
    6gb DDR2 667 mhz ram
  • GPU
    Zotac gt 1030
  • Case
    dell case
  • Storage
    2 tb Seagate Barracuda Pro
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    dell 305w psu
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    1080p 21.5 IPS Dell monitor
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    1 case fan/cpu fan hybrid
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    Old Dell keyboard
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    A cheap Logitech wireless mouse
  • Sound
    just Huawei AM16 earbuds
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    Windows 10/ Linux Ubuntu

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  1. Best earphones under 20$?

    I use the Huawei AM16 earbuds. They are a little bigger than those: https://store.hihonor.com/us/product/display/10001556619801.html?t=1000000100001, Edit: I guess they don't officially sell the AM16's anymore, although, I found some sellers on amazon with them in stock.
  2. Posible water damage

    I just gave up. I miss Huawei's software and hate some of LG's shit software; I left it for almost 1 month in my garage were it gets pretty toasty but not as toast as direct sunlight, and it still does not fully function. The LCD backlight appears to turn on and it vibrates when I try to turn it on, but nothing else happens, except for a constant red light in the notification light. Now sporting an LG G6. BTW I just noticed that the forum's font looks different.
  3. Think it turns off because the files needed at the time are stored in it's small flash storage?
  4. GTX 1050 Overclocking

    My GT 1030's overclock is from an optiplex 745 motherboard.
  5. GTX 1050 Overclocking

    I can get a +244 on the memory and +219 on the core clock.
  6. Zte Axon 7 Android oreo Update

    From everywhere basically, without Android and Qualcomm.
  7. New IT at a School District

    My whole county is reportedly in a Teacher and bus driver shortage. Last year it became the norm for my brother to return him at like 4-5 PM when they get out of school at 3:10 PM becuase the bus was so late (It kinda is still the same now, hardly any changes). One time the bus never even came and they had all the kid's parents come pick them up. Teachers have to use up their planning period to fill in other Teacher's absent days. I don't like my county all that much TBH. They are also making a new middle school for some reason.
  8. New IT at a School District

    I simply can't wrap my head around why a school would not have a more advanced computer program aside from the simple MS Office stuff.
  9. New IT at a School District

  10. New IT at a School District

    Say, are the schools you are referring to located in California? In Florida, I have yet to see a school do something like this.
  11. New IT at a School District

    No K-12 school that I know fo has a curriculum on programming. Very unfortunate although I wonder how many students would genuinely be interested in a class like that taking up one of their electives.
  12. New IT at a School District

    I have to make the argument that sometimes technology is not needed, rather it is sometimes forced. I had "smart" boards at my middle school and that worked well for teachers about 80% of the time. When it did not work for whatever reason, time would be wasted trying to either trouble shootan issue, or find a way to get at what the teacher is trying to present through another way. In my Elementary school in the mid 2000's I remember seeing something that resembled a microscope. They called it an "Elmo". Teachers had that connected to a projector and it was simple thing. Now in my high school, they have huge Samsung TVs above were the whiteboard or wherever the front the of the classroom was. Not one teacher I know of in my high school uses the TVs aside from watching movies based from a book (or powerpoint notes which few do that). Also, please don't let money be wasted and actually spend money on computers that make sense, just a few days ago I found out what one of the computers my school has costed them a little over 2 grand. I found it cringy considering the specs: an I7-6700 (non k of course) NO discrete GPU (this is a computer is used for video and photo editing) 8 gb of ram, and a 500 gb HDD for local storage, I guess some of the money could have gone to the design as it was an all-in-one but that also means there likely won't be any possible upgrades. Speaking of upgradability, why don't schools upgrade machines when the time comes that more is needed out of a computer? Do all counties have that policy were after a brief period of time, the PC is treated like garbage never to be seen again??
  13. What is this....?

    wow that's pretty harsh. Kinda hard to tell it's a scam if it weren't for a possible price suspicion or bad photo editing /taking skills.
  14. Need help with phone root.

    Both did not work.
  15. Need help with phone root.

    I'll give it a try along with Dr. Wondershare root and some other things I have seen. I sure wouldn't without something official!