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    i5 7600K
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    Asus Prime Z270-P
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    Corsair Vengance
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    Nord-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
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    I listen to a lot of music, and I mean it, a looooot. And very diverse at that, from rap, rock, metal, 80's, lo-fi, dnb, electro, djent all over to hardstyle. Though I feel home listening to metal.
    I also like cars, very. Other than that, a friend recently got me into surreal horror movies and clips. What would I do without her? :p

    Also, WITCHER 3!
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    I am not an interesting person. Seriously I am not.
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    Surveying technician in training

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  1. I consider getting a tattoo

    I have not that great wound healing, or very "rigid" skin, got some strech marks here and there, all faded by now but you can still feel where they were. Does that affect it much? Also thanks about the tip with the needle, I'll try that out. As for colours, I actually wanted it to be black and not colored. The thing I want to get would work both ways, but I guess black/one coloured is cheaper
  2. I consider getting a tattoo

    I have no known allergies, though my test didn't include tattoo ink I guess Thanks for your answers - I guess my places of choice (forearm and wrist) aren't the best spots then. One thing I was thinking about today, do they do some sort of pre-ink test if you haven't had a tattoo before, to test that one can sit through the session itself and/or to see if you are fine with it? Also, does wound healing affect the outcome of it in any way? Also yea, I doubt someone from here would be from my area, tbh, such a dullsville where I'm living. I was thinking of looking for a studio/artist in the Ruhrgebiet area - Krefeld and Düsseldorf are easily reached.
  3. I consider getting a tattoo

    So yea, I am considering to get a tattoo, maybe not even one but two. This has been on my mind since around September last year. I don't want to rush things, to avoid a regrettable decision on the one hand and to have a long enough period of time to think about it, if I really want it, on the other hand. The thing is, I know nothing about them. I'm living in a pretty rural area, so I should/could/want to visit a studio in a big city, I also got something on my mind about what they should display. What do I have to take care of? What is there that I need to know? Where can I check and see for the best studios/artists in my area? What would you recommend me to do? I know this is a rather painful procedure, I know it's costly, I know it is not done in a breath, I am fully aware that people might look at me differently. Maybe you can point me into the right direction, emphasize things I probably didn't think about yet, especially by the people that have a tattoo already. Thanks!
  4. How am I going to level up my Steam account now that the csgo trading penalty has been live for a month?

  5. Kris Meeke had a puncture in todays stage sadly and had to drive 7km before being able to change it due to narrow roads.
  6. Excluding TF2 and CSGO with both over 2000 hours my most played ones are: Rainbow Six Siege - 560 hours Witcher 3 - 311 hours (still going!!!!) CIV V - 174 hours GTA V - 105 hours (should really play that again) GTA IV - 100 hours I am a huge fan of a good story. That's why Iove the Witcher 3 and GTA IV. 60€ for the game and both DLC's actually felt like too little for me, 80 or 100 bucks would still be a good price. I own the Division but didn't really touch it, maybe 2 hours? Not even I guess. My minimum count of hours for a game to be considered decent would be 40-50 hours playtime without getting bored, I guess.
  7. I really like A4 B5 but that's kinda the "every starter buys this car" kinda thing so insurance is a lot more, same for every 3 series (rip E9x wagon) I saw a 318i in frost white, BBS CH, leather interior and satnav for 11k€. Would've been sooo nice. See, dreaming way too big again.
  8. Yo anyone here that can give me some advice on what car to get as first one? Probably has been asked a lot but I realized I end up at way too expensive cars all the time.
  9. I need a better headset I guess

    I got a decent USB Microphone already
  10. I need a better headset I guess

    Nah, I am from Germany so €
  11. I need a better headset I guess

    I mean I got my current Sennheiser for 60 bucks and it sounds much better, but I'd say up to 100 should be okay
  12. I need a better headset I guess

    any headphones you can recommend to me?
  13. I need a better headset I guess

    I am no audio expert so maybe I just set my Audio driver up in the wrong way, but I realized that my headset sounds a lot more muffled and hollow than my headphones (which I got working now btw). I watched the same video on my PC and my phone and the audio quality seems to be a lot better with the Sennheiser's than with my headset, but to be honest I have no idea how to describe the difference to you. It feels like the headset is a lot "flatter" and vague on the sound of the MP5 while my Senneheiser's make it sound a lot more crisp and clean. I often enough have problems hearing where and enemy is because I can not make out the position of them, more than once swapping left and right, it's very weird. I could try and play with my headphones, sure, but I'd prefer to have a seperate headset just for playing games. I am using the Realtek HD Audio Manager and I changed no settings in there, so I guess I could try and tweak something there or get a better driver, should there be any. the video I was using as a test example: Any idea what could help?
  14. LG G6

    my carrier has pretty much any 08/15 frequencies you could get. I just got used to it having such a trash connection at all times.