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  1. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    The Witcher 3, GTA V, Final Fantasy XV has been the 3 latest games I have truly enjoy on PC gaming and were not released for Linux based, well, not without Wine. - Even League of Legends is not natively supported on Linux @[email protected] Linux > Xserver> Wine I know is not a wasteland per se, but still is a noup noup for me. I don't want to sound like I'm trying to force Unraid for my setup (I'm pretty open to suggestions) I was researching on a full Linux distro setup instead of Unraid for KVM and came across using Fedora server 27 for that, the process itself looks pretty simple. Although there is no much information about pass-through, etc... once the VM's are up. However, at the end of the day, one thing won't change and is that the i5-4690k needs to be upgraded ASAP. This chip can't stand 2 Gaming VM properly.
  2. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    I'm a bit lost, with the host are you referring to Unraid or the primary VM? If I'm getting this correctly you must be referring to Unraid and for it, I'm using the integrated graphics of the board. Using real Linux seems like a project I would do for fun and knowledge more than for this project. (I would rather just buy a new low-end used GPU than learn how to create the whole thing from scratch. Although this means that I have no limitations with the array as is with Unraid and that I might get it for FREE depending on the Linux distro used. X server is not really an option for me since I don't want to be locked to games that run on Linux only. I already got enough with games that are console only.
  3. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    Thanks, everyone for all the information! After a lot of research, I have decided to go the Ryzen way for three reasons: 1- Is $700 - 900 bucks cheaper than Intel competitors. 2- Agesa updates looks promising. 3- In the worst scenario I just take the old parts to build a second PC with Ryzen as my main build. I love the headache of testing stability anyways. (I'm going with Unraid since here on the Dominican Republic I got 12 hours a day of electric light and the other 12 are generally the same ones I got time to play soo the PC is powered up with an inverter which will be rough for it to keep 2 PC gaming at once) Regarding the GPU poor performance, I'm not that tech-savvy to understand GCN information (At least not the one I found) but since it is ''kinda'' working properly being isolated to a specific core/cores with 2 VM running I hope is not a problem so I don't have to as well buy a new one later.
  4. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    The Ryzen 7 2700x Have 8 Cores 16 Threads - My Idea is to place 4 cores dedicated to the main VM, 3 to the secondary one (Wich will mostly be used for League of Legends and MMORPG, I think I will end up adding only 2 Cores) and 1 or 2 depending on the second VM for Unraid. I think I will be good besides, those 9-10 cores CPUS are way out of the budget. In a side note after I had research about PCI lanes I came to a temporary solution for my problem. I isolated Unraid to half of my cores and isolated each VM 1 core to be used completely and only by them. This way each VM will have a core wich will not be shared with Unraid or the other VM to handle the comunication with the GPU. This fixes the CPU bottleneck on the GPU's and allow me to play League of Legends or MMORPGS on both VM while I get the upgrade parts.
  5. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    My goal is to upgrade to Ryzen 7 2700x in order to get this VM setup running smoothly. I guess I will need to research on PCI lanes in order to have a better understanding on GPU performance. However I was hopping to get at least League of Legends running normally while I gather the money needed to change all over from DDR3 to DDR4 since RAMs pricing are out of the budget at the moment.
  6. Hello everyone and thank you beforehand for any help provided. I got Unraid 6 and here my 2 Gaming VM setup: MOBO: Gigabyte GA297x Gaming 3 CPU: i5-4690k RAM: Corsair DDR3 24 GB total PSU: EVGA G3 Super Nova 850W 80+ Gold GPU: VM1 - EVGA 1070 VM2 - R9 270x Toxic Disks: VM1 - Samsung NVME 960 SSD + 2TB 7200RPM VM2 - Samsung 850 SSD + 2TB 7200 RPM Before we get down to business "Yes! I plan to upgrade to get a better performance for the 2VM setup" With that said: So far, so good. Everything is working properly with one exception that is driving me crazy. My second VM which have the R9 270x Toxic is showing that the graphics card hit 100% for anything, literally watching a youtube video ramp it up to 100% load. My only guess is that this card is installed on an x8 PCI socket however after I check on performance between this x8 PCI and x16 PCI this is only a 1% upgrade/downgrade of performance. To be honest I'm really lost on this matter. I need to figure this out in order to be able to take a good hardware choice for the upgrade.