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  1. Connecting two monitors to a laptop

    If there are 2 display outputs, yes.
  2. Core i9 Workstation Laptop

    With $2000 in USD, you won't get much. Can you build a PC? EDIT: Nope, you can't. I am afraid you can't get a laptop with an i9 for $2000 USD.
  3. How am I using over 100 gb in drive E?

    Did you only open the properties for the "Stream Recordings" folder? Windows 10 can also be taking up that extra space.
  4. Gold isn't the best heat conductor, and thermal paste is cheap and easy to find. Mind you, gold is expensive so that leaf will cost you a pretty penny.
  5. Wow. More issues with T-Mobile. I think it is better that people steer clear of this provider until they get their stuff together.
  6. Is the EVGA GTX 1080ti sc a good card ?

    It will do fine. It has plenty of vram for all your games. You shouldn't have an issue. About the heat issues. Yes, some EVGA cards overheat but having 2 intake fans will be fine for the card.
  7. HTPC Upgrade/Rebuild Want Suggestions

    I currently have an Asrock Z87M Pro4 lying around with a 4670k in it. Board does great and stays under 47 while gaming. I got it for around $90 shipped. Has 6 SATA ports and 2 PCI-E slots. If you are not using a graphics card and want to game lightly, I suggest a 750ti. They can be had for less than $40 and have great performance for what their worth.
  8. That's a great deal in my opinion. Would get it but I don't need it.

    This might be an issue with your antivirus. Try and install another antivirus and see if that solves the issue.
  10. Modem "thermal throttle"?

    Something like this. It is cheap, and should do a decent job. You can look into other options with bigger fans though.
  11. Video Card

    It will run fine if the games you play don't rely solely on each component to max out at 100%. Lower settings and lower resolutions will produce less of a bottleneck.
  12. Modem "thermal throttle"?

    Routers are mini computers with their own processor, ram and motherboards. They also need cooling, like all computers. Try and get a small usb fan, and plug it into the back of the router, and direct it on top of the router, preferably into an air vent. This way, it shouldn't be thermal throttling again.
  13. Upgrade FX-8150 to... what?

    FX series is a bottleneck with the 1070. Sell the platform and move to Ryzen.
  14. I wouldn't run it at 1.4 volts at 14/7, especially at 82c. Dial it down to at least under 75c.
  15. Nice. All the little kids are going to be happy for this.