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  1. Hi NMS, I know that there is a new BIOS update for my MoBo. But I'm in the middle of a project I'm doing for a client which makes me not wanting to tamper with system until it finish. So I'm going to wait to do the update till I'm done with my project which will be a couple of days. But I'd like to give everyone an update on the situation on my Aura software; So after making the original post, I found that my Aura software working normally and detecting everything. That was until I turned off and turned my system back on to see the RAM is missing again. So now everytime I have to shutdown, restart the PC and refresh the Aura software couple of times to get it working. Thanks.
  2. Hi NMS, By this I think you are telling me to update the BIOS right?
  3. Hi Guys, So I got my new PC built last month and everything seemed to work ok. Although after couple of weeks, Aura software stopped working and crashing from time to time but once I restarted my system it worked fine. I used it to control the lighting of my MoBo and my RAM. Last evening I got a message you'd normally get when you plug in a new audio device even though I didn't plug anything. Then few minutes later I noticed that my lighting on the RAM and Mobo is stuck(it was set to a Rainbow effect with a gradient). So I restarted the system thinking it's the usual problem with the Aura software. After the restart, my MoBo lights was stuck in one color and my RAM was going through the default color cycle. Since I saw alot people saying to have the most updated version of Aura, I installed that(didn't know about the new version that come out recently). After which the software was detecting the RAM but not the Mobo. After another restart, Aura was detecting the MoBo but no RAM. At this point I hit the refresh button on the Aura software which made the software to detect both components. I was happy and the light show began until this morning when I started my PC only to see the MoBo is being detected again. I hit the refresh button couple of times which didn't do anything but Aura crashed and now I'm getting an error 'Aura stopped working' everytime I run it and sends a crash report to DrDump website. Do anyone have an idea what's going on and any solution for it? My specs are Intel Core i5 8400 2.8GHz, Asus Prime Z370 A, Teamforce Nighthawk RGB 16GB (8GBx2), Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB, Windows 10 Sorry for the extremely long story but any help will be great. Thank you all.... Edit: I have RGB Fusion and Logitech Gaming Software installed for controlling the lights on the Graphics card and my peripherals.
  4. Hi W-L and thanks for the answer. Now that I know that the LED strip is within my reach what if I were to replace the two front fans, back exhaust fan and the LED strip to RGB products, how can I do it? My mobo(Asus Prime Z370 A) only has one RGB header and I want all this to be controlled by Aura. I think I can use a splitter cable for the three fans but how can I connect the LED strip. I'll be really grateful if you can give an answer to this. Thanks.
  5. Hi All, So I bought a CM MasterCase Pro 6 Blue version as the case for my new build. I want to replace the front bottom blue LED strip and the rear blue LED exhaust fan with a RGB LED strip and a RGB fan. Replacing the fan is a straight forward thing but I'm not sure how to replace the front bottom LED strip. Has anyone done this before coz I'm having a hard time finding any guides online on how to do this. If someone has done this before or can direct me in the right direction, that'll be a big help. I want to know how to replace it and hook it up to the Mobo so that I can control the colors with Asus Aura. Thanks...
  6. Corsair Carbide 270R can be a good option for you. No RGB out of the box though. https://corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Carbide-Series™-270R-Windowed-ATX-Mid-Tower-Case/p/CC-9011105-WW or even a Corsair SPEC Alpha can be a good option.(budget wise) https://corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX/spec-alpha-config/p/CC-9011083-WW
  7. Hi CapitalistVN, Thanks for the reply. But this can't be done out of the box right? I'll have to purchase new fans and LED Strips??
  8. Hi Guys, I'm planning on buying a CM Mastercase Pro 6 for my new build. I know that the case comes in either blue or red lights but I want to know if I can change and control the colors of the LED strip and the Rear Case Fan lights using Asus Aura out of the box. If it is possible, how can I do it? If not, does that mean I have to change the LED strip and the case fan? Aura website mention that the case is Aura compatible but that is the only place this is mentioned. Thanks...