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  1. Can I Run Star Citizen?

    I see, well unfortunately since GPUs are soo darn high atm, I will wait to see what happens in 3.2+. Thanks again.
  2. Can I Run Star Citizen?

    Napper198 thank you for the response. I assume there will be some issues with the alpha-ness of SC. I am just questioning because people with better equipment, namely streamers, can play for hours with no crashes. So I am just curious which part would cause that.
  3. Can I Run Star Citizen?

    I have a similar question as the OP. Game "alpha-ness" aside, what would you guys think my main bottleneck is? I seem to freeze/lock up, with no error code, whenever a lot is going on screen. This happens about every 10-15 min regardless of server. Settings are adjusted: Vsync off, Motion blur off, low graphics. Specs: i5-7500 3.40GHz 16GB ddr4 RAM Evo 850 SSD GTX 950 2GB vid card