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  1. VPNhub - a Free VPN Service From Your Friends at Pornhub

    I don't really seem the appeal. It is quite expensive if you want to get all the features and it isn't quite known yet. Who knows about the potential leaks and all that. I'll stick to my NordVPN I think. If you want something new and no-name too I've heard pretty good things about Surfshark VPN, that it is fast and all that.
  2. First world problems lol. Like everyone said, move keyboard away and change mouse sensitivity.
  3. Best sandals on Amazon?

    Get a pair of Crocs
  4. I think Facebook is screwing me...

    Yeah, it happened to me too. A billion dollar company should hire more people
  5. As everyone said, clean up the desktop and it will look exceptionally better Apply some other theme and voila, new computer
  6. Windows 10 Terribly Corrupt

    Ironically, education edition gave you an education on Windows and PC's
  7. Ghetto PCs

    Ehh, miss my Pentium I... Oh wait, not really though lol
  8. New Graphics Card

    I agree with Adam. 1070 would be the best bet in this situation.
  9. No power to fans

    Faulty cables most likely.
  10. Blue Screen of Death.

  11. Blue Screen of Death.

    Hehe not that NordVPN is that expensive in the first place If you pirate stuff, do it correctly Best bet is to backup all the important data and do a fresh reinstall.
  12. trying to access foreign sites

    That's a really weird problem. I used my unfiltered connection and then connected to NordVPN -- both work fine.
  13. Corsair Obsidian 1000D

    In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.
  14. Somehow this doesn't surprise me. They seem really desperate that UE4 and Unity are dominating the market. Yet another bullet to the foot.
  15. Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    Oh lol, what are they trying to achieve? Don't they know, that something like NordVPN or Surfshark VPN or any others exist? Let's fight a battle that we cannot win in any way, shape or form. But I mean, it is the UK government soo...