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  1. Hey guys, I've seen ppls using their launchpad pros to play games. I'm wondering how I do that with my Launchpad MKII/MK2 Any feedback will be kindly appriciated
  2. Windows 7 always search

    @Crunchy Dragon I actually reboot, i thought it wouldn't do it but it did fix it
  3. There is 2 Volumes of Windows 10

    Ok, so I'm back. When I boot to the boot picker, there's two Windows 10 boot options. I have dual booted Windows 7 with Windows 10 but "winload.exe" got missing so I re-installed Windows 10. How do I remove the 2nd option?
  4. @tj_420 I'm not sure it will work. Because on Windows 7 I can't even see anything on the Ubuntu partition
  5. Ok, so I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu but I wanted to triple boot it with Win 10 so my question is that can I boot back to Ubuntu after I install Windows 10. If you can boot back to Ubuntu, please tell me how to do it. P.S. I haven't install Windows 10
  6. Windows 7 always search

    I'll be back once I install Ubuntu.
  7. Windows 7 always search

    Hey guys, Umm explorer.exe is doing something now. Theres a magnifier in the shortcut bar. Its also always loading my files.
  8. Windows Update won't revert changes

    Hi guys, My laptop (Lenovo G41-35) won't boot to Windows 7. When I did Windows Update it did the update but then it said "Failure configuring Windows Updates, Reverting changes" I tried booting into safe mode but it didnt help. - Jason
  9. Help me with Windows 7!

    Its a 4gb ram laptop but i dont understand why it has such low ram even though its a gaming laptop. My laptop is a Lenovo G41-35
  10. Help me with Windows 7!

    My laptop came with Windows 8.1
  11. Help me with Windows 7!

    No I can't put another hard drive. I am actually multi-booting my laptop. It has a WDC Black or Blue Hard drive (i think) It is 500GB
  12. Help me with Windows 7!

    Thanks everyone for replying. I appriciate your comments. 1. Should I just delete Windows and re-install it? or 2. Keep the Windows partition and try to fix it?
  13. Help me with Windows 7!

    Hey guys, I'm Jason and i'm new to this forums. I was asking for you guys's help. So, when I was triple booting Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 with Windows 10. When Windows 7 booted. It has to do a chkdsk (Check Disk) operation. So, I did. Once I booted into Windows 10, it showed me a blue screen of death that has the error code "INACCESSABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" when I booted to Windows 8, It has the same error code too. I was hoping so you guys can help but, thats all for now - Jason