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  1. Budget Phone 200-300$

    I am looking for a new smartphone. Budget: 200-300$ Things that i need: - Good quality build - Good Display - min 32 GB Flash Storage - min. 4 GB RAM - Android - Good internet/browser performance - No lags, smoth control - Great battery Things that are not important to me: - Camera - Games - Special Apps in general which need a lot of performance My last phone was an Iphone 7 and i realised that i don't a need high-end smartphone anymore, because for the things i want to do with my phone (mail, browser, videos, chatting, sometimes calling) a low/mid-range phone would be more than enough. But since i am using my phone very often from early morning till late night, it has to be fast, reliable, completely smooth and should last for a minimum of 2 years. Phones that i found for myself until now, after watching and reading some tests/reviews: - Honor 9 - Honor 9 Lite - Huawei P10 Lite - Xiaomi Mi A1 - BQ Aquaris X / Pro Until now, i really like the Xiaomi Mi A1 because of its great price/performance ratio. But maybe some of you can give me a better advice. I would be really thankful for that. best regards Whitcomb