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  1. Hello I was wondering about custom laptops being a thing. I know there are barebones packages you can get, but you can only put storage and memory in them. Is it possible to create a custom laptop “case”/enclosure and find motherboard for it as well as a screen with appropriate connections. I am just very unsatsified with the current market because I want a thin powerful gaming machine. If there is anything I could do please list in your comment.
  2. RGB!!!!!,

    The mother word I am using has no USB ports plus this is USB a I am talking about
  3. RGB!!!!!,

    Hello, i was wondering about getting some USB powered 50cm RGB led strips for my pc. They come with a remote for 15 bucks. I was wondering if I would be able to run the USB through the pcie slot and then to the back USB 2.0 on my motherboard.
  4. 4 pin to Pam fan splitter

    Just got a brand new Ryzen 3 2200g yesterday. When I went to install it the screws are those spring screws and they don’t go down enough to reach the threads in the backplate. Also when I try and do it there is a lot of pressure being put down on the cpu when I try and screw it down. The motherboard I am using is the ASUS Prime a320m-a and it supports the AM4 socket and the cpu Cooler is am4 as well. I also took the plastic Pre installed brackets off like they were meant to.

    I can’t really spend more than 190 in Aus dollars.

    Hello everyone I am creating a budget build and I am going to be using a GTX 1050. I have two in mind the ASUS expedition series 2GB 1050 and the gigabyte 1050 oc 2GB. Which one should I get?
  7. Hi I was wondering if there was anyway I could use RGB led strips in my case because my motherboard doesn’t have a 4 pin connector. Is there any sort of SATA to pin adapter or any adapter for that matter.
  8. Hello, I was thinking about purchasing the GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC 2x8GB 8GB DDR4 kit of ram. This is compatible with Aura Sync but the motherboard I have isn’t. Will I still have lighting and can I change lighting patterns colours etc. Any support would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Where to buy cheap RAM

    Already got peripherals from previous setup and monitor.
  10. Where to buy cheap RAM

    That would be good. eBay is good but the best price was low but came with $20 postage. I will also look to make suee there is good feedback from the seller. Thanks
  11. Need recommendations for new PFSense router

    Depends if you have the time and parts to build one yourself. If you don’t have time I say get a prebuilt.
  12. 24" or 27" 2nd monitor?

    Match it to the other on for symmetry. Also 27inch give some more space to have discord open and more usable screen space.
  13. Compact Mid-Tower Suggestions

    Check out in win 303 c because it has USB c Black and RGB. Airflow isn’t the best but it is usauble.
  14. Where to buy cheap RAM

    I am also using GTX 1050 and Ryzen 3. This is a budget build. I am also using ASUS Prime a320m - a AM4 BOARD.
  15. Hi For my next build I decided to put a ssd in for boot drive aswell as a 1tb HDD but for this the RAM i was going to go with was too expensive for my $850 Australian dollar ($642 American). I was originally thinking a 8GB new DDR4 stick but the price was high and it was a single stick. I realised dual channel 2x4gb sticks would be better but I needed price to be under $100 dollars. Is refurb Ram alright and where can I get really cheap DDR4 RAM THAT IS 2 STICKS AND 8GB IN TOTAL.