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    MSI Z97M Gaming
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    2x 8GB DDR3-2133 G.SKILL RipjawsX F3-2133C11D-16GXL
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    Radeon HD 5750
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    Air 240 White & Red Edition // Custom Ford Cardinal Red Paint
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    2x 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD // 2x 3TB Toshiba DT01ACA HDD // 2x 2TB Western Digital HDD // 500GB Hitachi P7K500 HDD // 1.5TB Seagate Bad Cache Edition
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650GS 80+
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    Phanteks PH-TC12LS
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    Logitech G710+ (MX-Brown)
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    Logitech X-540 Speakers // Logitech UE9000 Headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro (Insider)
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  1. It's Google's way to provide more instant results for certain search terms. Like it or not, this is Google's decision to change things as they see fit. You don't have to use Google Search though - instead, use Bing! /s
  2. a legit way to get windows or other OS for light gaming

    Keys from unauthorized re-sellers such as Kinguin or eBay are not legit. The only legit keys come from authorized retail channels and cost the same as Microsoft charges for them (give or take a few dollar here and there) since Microsoft sets the pricing, similarly to how Apple controls the pricing of their products super strictly.
  3. AFAIK subscriptions require a valid payment method on file, and cannot use iTunes credits or funds. You might want to check with your bank to see if they're blocking the authorization; if not, then it's on Apple's end or the CC info was entered incorrectly on your account.
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  4. Something is limiting the speeds then; I'd do a factory firmware restore to test if DD-WRT is the issue, or switch to another OpenWRT variant. Normally I do fully support the use of custom firmware, however, I remember that DD-WRT caused some speed limiting issues on my R7000 years ago due to Broadcom violating the GPL by not open sourcing the wireless chipset radio drivers, which prevented DD-WRT from giving full speeds on the 5GHz band. Could be a similar issue with your hardwired connection so it's worth a shot.
  5. I'm aware of that; I was answering @Bouzoo's question about the dev's spending more time optimizing the PC version of PUBG instead of playing the mobile game on the PC, since this is a band-aid solution. I've already paid my $35 CAD for a half working title - granted, it was early access at the time. However, now that it's out of early access, I expect a properly optimized decently working game native to PC. Maybe I'm expecting too much though, and instead should fork over another $80 in DLC just to have a working game with a complete storyline, you know, like how EA does it.
  6. Firmware for G360V Samsung phone

    Not trying to direct traffic away from LTT, but if I'm being honestly helpful here, the best place for mobile phone support is over on XDA-Developers website. They offer guides on everything from rooting to custom firmware / ROMs to general phone tips and tricks, and are actually way more helpful than any phone manufacturer has ever been to me. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-core-prime/how-to/sm-g360v-info-root-firmware-xposed-t3543836
  7. random question

    Dropbox hands down for design work. Using Dropbox you can preview PSD and other creative files directly in the browser, reducing the number of "proofs" you need to send to clients by way of exporting to JPG every time you need to send one. Clients can even markup or comment on the files right from within the Dropbox website so that you can see what changes they want made. Dropbox has these features because they purchased Pixelapse a while ago, which was a version control file storage system for designers. https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/26/dropbox-acquires-pixelapse/
  8. Yes, because I already paid them money for a product that isn't yet ready (IMO) for release.
  9. Is this a good camera?

    I picked up the Lumix TS20D in orange a couple years ago for around $70 CAD (don't ask; don't tell) and it does a decent job for being a rugged camera. Don't expect super sharp images, but color wise it's pretty accurate and is capable of shooting video if you have to use that feature, although I'd recommend an action cam for that. If I were home right now I'd attach some images taken from my camera to show you what they look like, but alas, I am not home.
  10. Gameboy and DS batteries?

    I don't have an answer for you, however, my Gameboy Advance SP has been sitting in its' case with games and what not for 10+ years. Powered it on the other day for giggles, and battery was fully charged, so something about Nintendo batteries are magical.
  11. I would 100% research Ubiquiti gear, since the R7500 is already a really decent router. That being said, how are you not receiving gigabit speeds? Wired or wirelessly? Asking because even on my R7000 router I can receive gigabit line speeds no problem via hardwired connections. However, if it's wireless that you're looking to improve, definitely go with an Edgerouter X / Lite or something similar and use Ubiquiti AP's to blanket your home in enterprise grade wifi.
  12. 192kbps vs 320kbps - Any Differences?

    As long as the construction worker used the hammer, drill, or backhoe appropriately, that's OK, just like the use of AutoTune. For instance, I actually enjoy Cher or Galantis' use of AutoTune because it was used in a creative way that no one had ever done before, but more so because it was used to enhance their particular performances during the songs they heavily implemented it on, and was never designed to mask imperfections in the vocals. What I have an issue with is singers who... just... can't... sing using it, such as all the "rap" and "hip hop" people are listening to these days. AutoTune is not to be used as a replacement for singing, just as an air-powered nail gun is not a replacement for a hammer if the construction worker doesn't understand the core concepts of building a frame. I guess what I'm saying is I'd rather hear the imperfections in a vocalists voice than have everything be pitch perfect, which might be why I like Nelly Furtado's voice while the majority of my friends think it sounds like coil whine. In an interview with Neko Case back in 2006, it was revealed that Nelly Furtado and Neko were the only two artists who didn't use AutoTune in a Toronto recording studio. Good on them for sticking to a more natural realistic sound. https://pitchfork.com/features/interview/6306-neko-case/
  13. Do I really need an SSD?

    HOLY BALLS, CAN CONFIRM. I used to sell computers in a retail store, and nothing made me laugh more uncontrollably when we were setting up new computers for customers. Every time we had an i3/i5 "business" laptop on the bench beside an i7HQ "gaming" laptop I sat there in awe as the i3 "business" laptop with a 128GB SSD outperformed the gaming laptop with twice as much RAM, a GPU, and 3-4 times as much processing power all because the gaming laptop had a 5400rpm HDD. Moral of my story: BUY AN SSD. You won't regret it.
  14. Stupid question, But I thought I might ask

    For 99.99% of consumer use-cases, if you're building a new system anyway, it's way better value to just have Windows on a boot SSD, even if it's only operating at SATA III speeds. Optane is OK for certain use-cases, like say a business wanting to boost the performance of 30-50 Lenovo desktops bought in bulk using their business account. All they'd have to do is throw in Optane modules and voila! faster speeds, but honestly, it's much better value to just buy smaller boot SSD's for around the same price as Optane modules and have native hardware speeds faster than the software-based caching system of Optane.
  15. 192kbps vs 320kbps - Any Differences?

    I agree here totally. Having been into Jpop and Jrock since my good old days of Anime, I can say that there's a huge variety in the types of tracks coming out of Japan for both the English and Japanese market, so having a higher bitrate is certainly favorable. I know I've heard the same opening / ending themes from old Anime shows on a local radio station from Vancouver (Fairchild Radio 96.1 FM) and they definitely sound better in MP3 -b 320 stored on my computer than over the radio due to the compression that FM uses.