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  1. The Motorola Razer was over $600 at launch and the enV was over $300 at launch. Flagship flip phones were actually quite expensive when not carrier subsidized considering the tech in them.
  2. That can't possibly prevent the attack.....can it? If it incremented the counter then it would be terrible for brute forcing an iPhone even without that restriction anyway due to the timeouts. They're threatening with the snippets, but they have the entire source code.
  3. But as a whole Apple doesn't really give a shit about the right-to-repair bills and has been actively fighting to stop them. It doesn't strike me that this is where they would choose to give in.
  4. But what incentive was there to undo it then? The backlash was virtually non-existent and was pretty much completely gone after a day or two.
  5. PSU Tier List Updated

    10% sounds awfully high....There's the Corvette Z06, there's the Ford pickups, most other Fords are decent but still outclassed, and everything else is just garbage.
  6. I don't have any problem believing that it was. The backlash really wasn't that severe -- certainly not severe enough to stop them from doing it if it was intentional.
  7. The Honda Civic stuff wasn't about it also being $1000, it was about how there's no point in buying anything more expensive since it does the import things just as well. The funny part about this right here is that a VERY large proportion of this forum buys hardware that they don't need -- whether it be because they want RGB, a faster cpu/gpu (just in case), a nicer looking case, cleaner cable management, something quieter, etc....But it's okay to overpay there, that's important stuff. Not everyone runs into the bugs though, I haven't had any issues with iOS 11 other than one or two isolated incidents (over the course of 7 months), that's not to say it's perfect. There are a few things that I dislike -- the way notifications are handled, how control center is at the top right on the X, how you can't put folders in folders, how if you have enough apps to fill one screen then even if everything is in a folder on that screen (and there is plenty of room for apps) it still puts any new downloads on a screen one over, and how way the swiping along the bottom to multitask rearranges apps as you're sliding back and forth between them.
  8. Doesn't MKBHD get review samples (at the very least he gets the iPhone before it launches)?
  9. That's such a horrible answer.....I will always have my phone on me, I will rarely ever carry around my DSLR (or even my point and shoot) unless I know specifically that I'm going to need it for something. That's also VERY far from the truth. A phone camera can't compete with a DSLR in bad conditions, but it can produce some excellent results in good conditions (not as good, but still very good and still a lot better than a bad camera or a camera that I don't have on hand).
  10. Exactly this. Since iOS 9 and the release of 3D touch, touch id has been clunky imo for the sole reason that I can 3D touch into a message on the lockscreen.... But wait, I have to first unlock my phone causing my finger to be in the wrong place and competely negating that benefit. FaceID solves that issue (touch id embedded everywhere in the screen would be even better). The gestures also help to make navigating even faster since it means my finger isn't in the wrong place to use the phone after unlocking, opening the multitasking pane is faster, and the quick app switcher is also extremely convenient. I had the 6s plus and it was still perfect in every way except one -- it was and always was unwieldy, but that was the price to pay for a bigger screen -- at least until the s8 (which I would've gotten if not for preferring iOS). So is it worth $1000 (technically $600 considering I can sell my 6s plus) to me for those three reasons alone? Absolutely. I spend enough time on my phone and almost always one handed and the X makes it a lot more comfortable. Then on top of that I still get a better screen and better camera which I'm all for, and then a few features which are nice but not super important: a faster SoC, more RAM, wireless charging, better speakers, and a fresh battery. Is it worth the money for everyone? No, of course not. But for plenty of people it is.
  11. And a ten year old Honda Civic is safe, can seat five passengers comfortably, gets good mileage, and can reliably get you from point A to point B.
  12. Ummmmm....what? Historically (good/real) business laptops have had much better build quality.
  13. A lot of that stems from people not understanding how their service works -- they think they basically get it for free, so why not upgrade. Others do it because they like to always have something new (and those people know they're just wasting money, but I can understand that... That techy in me would love to upgrade constantly, I just can't rationalize it). That's kind of the problem with this forum though, the type of people who use this forum DO use a computer heavily and there phone much less whereas many people are the other way around. That's not to say that either is wrong, just that most people around here view smartphones differently than society and then calls society stupid for essentially having different priorities stemming from different use cases. I personally use both heavily, but I use my phone almost exclusively for internet browsing, texting, and light games like solitaire (eg nothing intensive and no videos), so aspect ratio doesn't affect me, nor does compute power, but screen space, comfort level, camera, and cross platform integration do.
  14. You're right, an older iPhone is just as good unless there is some benefit that you care about on a newer model. My Droid x was perfect other than the terrible camera/screen and lack of 4G. my HTC thunderbolt was perfect except for the terriblr camera/screen/battery. my Razr Maxx was perfect other than the slow performance after two years and the inability to send/receive messages properly after rooting and overclocking (and the terrible camera/screen). My 5s was perfect other than having too small of a screen (and an aging camera), and my 6s plus was perfect other than being uncomfortably large. If I want a small phone with a big screen then I'm limited to something like an iPhone X, 5t (which is out of stock, Ave not supported on Verizon anyway), s8, An s9, or a whichever Huawei(s) has the minimal bezels. If I really care about the camera then I'm limited to the iPhone or one of the Galaxys. So yes it's expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs for some people (myself included). I can also buy a car for a few hundred dollars making any smartphone expensive by comparison.... The argument that you can buy a used --insert big/random product here-- is irrelevant. I'm not saying an X (or any flagship for that matter) is a great value or a must have for everyone (or even most people), all I'm saying is that there are valid reasons to but a flagship device.
  15. iMessage defaults to SMS for anyone without an iPhone. So iMessage allows the benefits of messaging over data AND SMS at the same time. With other alternatives you need a messaging app to support one that each of your friends use, alternatively, iMessage works with everyone.