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  1. is it worth upgrade from 5400 rpm to 7200rpm ?

    NVME isn't really worthwhile unless you're rendering to it. The average user wouldn't notice much difference between a SATA SSD and an NVME SSD.
  2. Is 1080p really terrible for 27inch displays?

    It absolutely makes a difference. There's a reason 4k monitors are a thing -- people aren't buying them just to spend more moeny; they're buying them because they do look better.
  3. Is 1080p really terrible for 27inch displays?

    There's a difference between a TV and a monitor -- namely in the viewing distance. A monitor will typically be viewed from 1-3 feet away whereas a TV is going to be viewed from around 10+ feet away. You can distinguish pixels of a 1080p 55" TV at anything under 7 feet. Alternatively, it's anything under 3 feet for a 24" monitor. (numbers based on average vision) https://designcompaniesranked.com/resources/is-this-retina/ Personally, I wouldn't touch a 24" (let alone 27") 1080p monitor, or anything less than 4k if it wasn't for scaling issues and/or cost.
  4. I am shocked...

    Yep, definitely should be illegal to sell things for a price that consumers will willingly pay.
  5. Except that you're comparing entirely different products and the only reason this panel is going to be expensive is because it's using an OLED panel, which the Mac is not.
  6. Should we also start boycotting car manufacturers for selling us a car and then having the audacity to charge extra for all non standard colors? Yes cosmetics can be important to people but it doesn't give anyone an advantage and a lot of aesthetic changes cost extra in the real world.
  7. So someone else being able to buy a cosmetic somehow detracts from the game....a cosmetic that if you bought yourself you wouldn't even be able to see.
  8. Dota is cosmetics only. @Thread I really don't see an issue with cosmetic microtransactions in any game -- whether it be a f2p game or a full price release. Don't want to spend the money? Then don't buy the skins. It's not like it impacts gameplay.
  9. The 6+ came out September 2014, it's three years old.
  10. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Except you have to assume that they're actually half-competent and list everything that's running -- which you know isn't true just by looking at the screenshot that's there. "I was using only chrome (4 tabs), itunes (wasn't playing anything), and utorrent, nothing else!" but there is more running and on top of that, why not make an actual comparison when the two are running the exact same programs? There are a lot of variables that can affect things and that are simply not known. I agree fully that it was handled horribly, but planned obsolescence it was not. The throttling isn't just about bad battery life -- it's to prevent the phone from randomly shutting down.
  11. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    So your proof is one thread where two computers running under entirely different conditions use a different amount of memory and the there isn't even a screenshot of what's running on the second computer. Wow, that's some damning evidence. If a car manufacturer disabled a cylinder to prevent the engine from randomly stalling at 80 miles an hour I'd be very happy. I would just be pissed they didn't tell me about it and if I had to pay to fix the flaw. The only problem with this situation is that Apple didn't inform consumers; even charging to replace the battery is arguably okay (although it still should have been a free replacement for any phone <2 years old) since batteries are expected to be expendable and degrade over time. No other Android phones throttle, but they do randomly shut down. And the battery being too small is a design flaw or an oversight, that's very different from planned obsolescence. It doesn't throttle at 2% degredation. Period. Full stop. It's not until the 20% degradation mark that throttling occurs. And their fan curve is on the extreme side and their cooling isn't adequate enough to handle the cpu/gpu under full load, but I also set up my fan curve in a similar fashion -- the fan doesn't kick in until I'm around 70º. Goodbye.
  12. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    So they slow down only the non plus models....why not also slow down the plus models. It seems silly to only convince those who bought non plus models to upgrade (not to mention that a phone randomly shutting down will convince people to upgrade a lot faster than a slower phone). And have any proof of that second claim? I've never noticed an older mac using more ram than a newer one. It's even easier to blindly hate a company and accuse them of behavior that literally don't make sense given the available information.
  13. I agree fully. IMO: 720p-1080p for <6" phone displays. QHD for 13-17" laptop range. 4k for 24-27" monitors. (scaling issues aside) I absolutely hate that my monitor is 1080p and the only reason I got it is because I didn't feel like spending $500 on a 4k IPS display a few years back, not to mention the GPU power to drive it.
  14. I don't need to watch reviews to know that 110ppi looks horrible at typical monitor viewing distances.