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  1. The way the forum works

    If that happens, if someone replies but doesn't answer your question, and no one else responds, you should reply to that person and prompt the conversation to continue. Eg: Say something like "Hey thanks for the reply - great input - however my issue is still unresolved. Anyone have more insight?" Honestly in my experience, threads that only get a few replies, or none, were either poorly worded, uninteresting to the masses, or simply a question that no one has any expertise in. If you personally find that your threads are constantly not getting replies, try to analyze the situation and see what the cause is. Are your posts engaging enough? Easy to read/understand? Good grammar? (Not essential - but it helps), and so on. If you notice that about other threads, try engaging the thread, try to push the conversation further, etc.
  2. The best Anti-Virus in the market

    We use the Enterprise version at work (just switched to it back in October... ironically, we switched from Kaspersky) and so far it works great. Granted, that's the Enterprise version, but the consumer version is also a good product.
  3. Star wars watch order

    I get you, but... yeah. Kyle Katarn isn't canon anymore. Those stories from Expanded Universe (EU - now Legends) are all non-canon now. Though certainly they can and do cherry pick some elements from Legends to bring into the new Canon. Also I disagree that Rogue One was a disgrace. How so? It gave a plausible and satisfying explanation as to why the Death Star had a stupid obvious weakness. The cast was, while partially forgettable, still mostly well cast. K-2SO was great in particular, and the Battle of Scarif (both on the planet, and in orbit) was just fantastic. As for FA: A new force ability - who knows how it works? Why is that a problem? Rey: She's powerful in the force, so much of what she can do is intuition. Plus early in the film it's established that she's a competent close-quarters combatant. She has excellent combat skills already. Last Jedi: I've seen it, so yeah. I won't say anything here because it'd be spoilers. You got to remember that while the EU had some good stories (Thrawn Trilogy, etc), there was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of utter shit. The idea behind the new canon is simple: The writers didn't want to be written into a corner because of pre-existing stories, lots of which are inconsistent of each other, and/or terribly written, and/or simply make no sense. Did they execute the new canon well? Outside of the new movies? Yes I think so for the most part. Most of the new books and comics are very highly reviewed. Force Awakens had a lot of interesting ideas. Last Jedi does it's thing - people will for the most part, either love it or hate it, I think. Personally I'm hoping that in Episode 9, they can address the story issues with Last Jedi.
  4. The best Anti-Virus in the market

    Second this Those are swear words on this forum McAfee has a pretty bad reputation. Norton does too, although admittedly, their product is not the same piece of crap from the 90's - it's a lot better these days. I'd recommend Bit Defender. I'd normally recommend Kaspersky - but it depends on whether you trust them anymore (there are accusations that they allow the Russian government access to their info) - so it's up to you to decide whether you believe the accusations or not.
  5. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    Oh... hell no. She quite dislikes Windows, and hates (for good reason) the Lenovo. She's probably a macOS convert now - I imagine she'll get another Mac when she needs a new laptop.
  6. Star wars watch order

    Disagree - Rogue One was great fun. Sure it's not perfect, and there were parts that weren't very good, but overall it's pretty decent. Force Awakens is also very fun, great characters, with a meh story. Last Jedi is much of the same but for very different reasons.
  7. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    I can't see her liking Linux. Plus she has very specific software requirements for school that are only available on macOS and Windows. Why? She already has a Macbook Pro. She very much loves macOS, which is totally fine. I'm not about to try and convince her to replace her Macbook with a crappy laptop that's too hot, with a 25 minute battery - regardless of the OS.
  8. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    Yeah my new laptop is an HP Spectre x360, so I damn well hope the battery lasts a good long time on it. I AM prepared to take this motherfucker apart and replace the battery if needed, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. My old laptop is actually a hand-me-down Lenovo from my fiancee (She bought it for University, decided she hated Windows, and got a Macbook Air). That thing is an utter piece of shit. And the battery on it lasts for about 25-30 minutes on a good day. I never bothered to buy a replacement though since it was an overheating, buggy pile of crap anyway, so I could just never bring myself to spend money on it.
  9. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    uhhh did you just stalk my instagram? *quietly shreds "master plan" document*
  10. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    What? That doesn't make sense. The intern no doubt has TOO MUCH work to do as it is. Paying him or her to do this, means they cannot do something else which is more productive. I mean... the sad thing is I believe you.
  11. Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger cart... pointless?

    So here's the thing. The need for a fully charged battery trumps the need to ensure maximum battery life. Trust me, once you have: 1. A lot of devices - especially ones that have inconsistent or irregular use 2. A lot of people potentially using said devices It becomes a logistical nightmare to keep the devices charged. Trust me - I work at a library. We got a laptop/tablet charging cart a year ago for staff equipment because we kept having people return laptops that were asleep - not shutdown - running the battery to zero, so the next person who wants to use it can't, because this person needs to use it away from an outlet. Some of the devices in that cart might not get used for an entire year - literally. But by and large, the batteries are all still fine. Modern battery controllers have gotten a lot better at managing total life. Sure it's still better to discharge the battery to near empty, then fully charge, then power off until further use, then repeat cycle. But that's not practical. Also hiring someone who's job is simply to discharge the battery on devices? Entire waste of money. Literally, just save the wages, and put that into a pool to replace hardware or batteries as the batteries die out. You're thinking about this from a consumer perspective, where keeping track of charging devices is simple when you've got maybe 3-5 devices.
  12. Why are houses in the USA made of wood ?

    LOL well, I'm sure there are some nice houses that use plaster. Especially really well taken care of War-Time houses, etc. But there aren't many of those houses left. Most (but not all) houses that use plaster are junks. Not because of plaster, per se, but rather because they are places that are old and haven't been well kept.
  13. Star wars watch order

    Yeah... but they should try anyway. Because Empire is markedly better. I do think that most older Star Wars fans have rose tinted goggles for A New Hope. Most people still rank it as #1 or #2 in the series. Personally I think that if you objectively look at all the movies, A New Hope ranks lower. Empire is paced really well, though it's still a slower movie - it just doesn't feel boring. The slow scenes make sense and allow you to sit back and digest what's going on. Either way, that's another reason to start with Rogue One. It's pacing is much more "modern" (faster paced), it's action packed. The visual effects are great (though it's a toss up about the two CGI faces - personally I had no issues at all with Tarkin's face, but Leia's was more obvious). Anyway - I'd suggest watching the OT anyway. They give important context (and lots of details, aside from the big major plot points).
  14. Why are houses in the USA made of wood ?

    The interior is finished with Drywall, etc, yes. Plaster is incredibly rare, unless you're looking at really cheap, run down, old dumps that haven't been renovated in 40 years. The frame of the house in most houses in America (and Canada) is wood studs, which are just long pieces of solid wood.
  15. Star wars watch order

    Not true at all. There are many people who were surprised about the Empire reveal. Sure the general public knows the name Darth Vader. And sure, many of them will know "Yeah he's the bad guy from Star Wars", but not necessarily know that "Oh yeah he's Luke Skywalker's father".