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  1. The Xbox One was released in November of 2013. It's 4 years and 5 months old now. That's hardly "not too long ago". The Xbox One X, on the other hand, has only been out for like 5 months or so - the GPU is very modern, but the CPU is still largely unchanged. We can somewhat compare the One X to current gen PC's. But there are a lot of caveats that make direct comparison difficult.
  2. There are dozens of PC "surplus" type warehouse retailers all over the province - most of them in the GTA. But most of them don't sell used new-gen parts, or even last gen parts. Most of them stock old off-lease office PC's, etc. So you might get some equipment that is 3-4 generations old (or older). They also typically sell brand new stuff as well, but you won't get any special deal there.
  3. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Yeah but is he even using a dynamic setup like that? I would assume each VM/"user" is assigned static resources. Plus it definitely sounds like the idea is that all 4 can play games at the same moment. This is one of those things where it's really "cool" from a tech perspective, but hardly ever the most practical solution. With that in mind, you don't really always need to do the most practical solution, so long as it's understood by all parties. Most charity/non-profit companies are underfunded and typically need to make every dollar count, which is why I was very surprised that this is the route he went for.
  4. That entirely depends. There is a medical definition of dead. When people "die" for a few minutes and are "brought back"? Medically speaking, usually they were never dead. Though it can happen where you are declared medically dead and then are still resuscitated - but I cannot imagine it's very common for that to happen.
  5. True but the user made a conscious decision to turn "Instant-On", on. It provides defined benefits, keeping the system up to date with system and game updates, as well as turning back on near instantaneously. With a PC, even if you put it to sleep, it's not really going to be doing anything in the background. Should you disable "Instant-On", the Xbox will consume significantly less power (though I'm sure there will still be some small amount of trickle power).
  6. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Just because you usually spend $800 on a system doesn't mean you couldn't buy one for $577 that is as good or better than 1/4th of your new setup, is all I'm saying Anyway, glad you got it working.
  7. Indeed - while CPU failure is incredibly rare, it can happen. Though most common is simply a DOA (dead on arrival) chip.
  8. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Really interesting and novel idea. However, I question the actual value per system. I went on Amazon and did the math - you're looking at $2300 USD, plus applicable shipping and taxes. $2300 / 4 = $577 per "user". You could potentially build 4 just as good (or better) systems for that price. I get that space is an issue, but there are plenty of easy ways to save on space: 1. ITX Cases/Motherboards (or mATX for less money) 2. Sticking computers under desks or under monitors 3. Using wall or desk mounting kits, etc Not saying you did wrong here - I applaud the enthusiasm you display. Did you do a cost/benefit analysis beforehand comparing the cost of building 4 individual PC's vs this 4-in-1 system?
  9. Here are my thoughts: The authorities using a dead persons finger to unlock a device does not bother me. Doing so without a warrant does. As long as the authorities go through the proper motions to protect civil rights, by convincing a judge of the necessity, and protecting the privacy of a person, then there is no problem.
  10. It's likely a legal liability thing. Now, if they develop some method to tell if a third party cooler is being used? Then worry. Until then? There is absolutely no concern here, since they cannot tell what kind of cooler is being used.
  11. I was gonna say, I don't think this is new. I'm fairly sure this has been in the terms and conditions of AMD CPU warranties for years (probably decades). AMD isn't heavy handed about the policy, nor could they police/enforce it anyway, so I'm not surprised that many people are unaware of it.
  12. How to enter a password secure?

    Oh. Cryptocurrency. Simple: offline hardware wallet. Or store the wallet file on a USB stick.
  13. How to enter a password secure?

    I'm quite confused as to what you think the problem is here? What "software" are you referring to, that has "such bad protection"? Because what @AshleyAshes said applies to literally any operating system. If the physical device is compromised via malicious code ("malware"), then there is quite literally no way to "securely" enter in a password to said system.
  14. Apple Launches "Give Back" trade-in program

    Pro-tip, if videos or photos are taking up more than the 5GB of free iCloud data, then use Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to automatically back up your photos and videos. You can then delete your photos from iCloud and disable the photos backup setting.