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  1. Hey, I was just curious and couldn't find anything about it - do your games load faster when you have a SSD with your operating system but your games are installed on an HDD or maybe even slower because afaik the game needs to work with the OS and it could be faster because these parts are loaded faster or slower because it's another drive. I had a .jar game and had it on my main PC with a SSD (Java is installed on the SSD but the .jar was on the HDD and it was noticeably faster than on my notebook which only has an HDD but it could be due to the fact that my notebook cpu is a lot weaker) Any thoughts about it?
  2. External HDD problems

    Hi! (First time posting, so please excuse any mistakes) A while back, I purchased an external 2tb hard drive used off of Craigslist. The drive works fine when in the enclosure, and uses some wall converter to power itself, and a mini usb cable for data. I was interested in not having the drive in this enclosure, but inside of my pc, connected by sata. I disassembled the enclosure, and attached the drive with sata to my motherboard and power supply. However, when I start my pc, the drive starts beeping (can't hear any clicking though), and doesn't show up in windows or the bios. If i disconnect the sata cable, but not the power, the beeping stops until I put the cable back in. I would like to know if there is maybe an issue with my power supply, motherboard, or maybe the drive? External drive model: https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178261 HDD model: Seagate Barracuda 2TB st2000dm001 Motherboard model: https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIADFR7BC8812&cm_re=M5A97-_-9SIADFR7BC8812-_-Product PSU model: https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438038&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Power+Supplies-_-N82E16817438038&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9LPYBRDSARIsAHL7J5nbW9c6Dra03jz2MWuYeO46BW2j2WpcSuchv5voQ1EJkUcCGaOg6WUaAoxgEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Thanks for the help! P.S. I can attach any pictures or additional information if needed
  3. Failing harddrive

    Hi my PC is around 3 years and 4 months old, and i have been experiencing slow load times in games (slower than my other friends with their 5+ years old HDDs) Then i downloaded the CrystalDiskinfo tool to check the Harddrives condition, and i see 99 on reallocated sectors and 100 on current pending sectors is this a sign of a failing hard drive? Because i've been looking at other forum posts all days and they say different stuff, do you guys have any experience with this and should i replace the HDD? I've been looking at the Toshiba P300 3TB and Seagate Barracuda 3 TB, since they cost around 600 DKK (100$) Hope someone knows more about Hard drives than me Cheers Tobias
  4. Ramcache

    I just found out about RAMdisks after I saw the LTT video on Optane memory again and wanted some more (recent) information. Right now I think it's based on the same principle of Intel Optane, in that it uses super fast, low latency memory to cache files from a mechanical HDD. I have an SATA SSD and a mechanical HDD in my laptop and was wondering if I would see any difference if I used, for example, 2 gigs of RAM as RAM cache and if there are any dangers involved with this method. I'm also wondering if you guys know any good (free?) programs that can do this?
  5. Hi, I was a user of windows 7 until Apr'18, switched to Windows 10 and only concern is disk usage 100%. System Configuration: Dell 3576 i5-8250u | 4GB DDR4 2400 | AMD Radeon 520 2GB GDDR5 | 1TB HDD 5400rpm. Still working with this solution, https://drivereasy.com/knowledge/100-disk-usage-windows-10-fixed/ - Taimur
  6. Hard Drive won't work

    Hi! I was cloning my laptop's drive to another drive and during the process, the recipient drive got disconnected due to my fault and I had to force close the process. Now, I cannot access the drive. Whenever I open disk management, it stops responding and I have to force close it. Same happens with windows explorer. I tried formatting using diskpart, but that didn't work and the 'chkdsk' command in Command promt also won't work for that particular drive. During booting process, I can't go into BIOS, unless I disconnect that drive. Is there any way of fixing it or is there something wrong with the hard drive on a hardware level that can't be fixed? PS- I made sure that the UEFI was in AHCI mode. I also tried disabling Legacy BIOS boot; but that didn't work either.
  7. What build is better between both of these? 1.https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vRXh3b or 2.https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YcKN6s Also i have an ssd thats why its not in there
  8. I have a mechanical hdd that is failing in my laptop, but it still works enough to sometimes load my desktop, though painfully slow. I took the hdd out and connected it directly to the sata port in my desktop. The desktop recognized the System partition quickly, but the OS partition took about 10 mins to pop up, but it then gave me the dreaded message "This partition needs formatted!" So, my Windows 7 desktop thinks the partition is blank, yet the Windows 7 on the laptop shows it has data on it. I don't understand how one Windows 7 can see the specific partition with its data while another detects the same partition as blank. I tried via my USB adapter, and the same partition still showed as blank, though it was detected much faster than when it was connected directly to the sata port. This confused me as well, because I thought I would have better results being directly connected to the sata port vs the USB adapter. Worried the partition may be corrupted or damaged because of the previous "Needs Formatted" message, I put the hdd back in the laptop. To my surprise, it still loaded Windows, though painfully slow as expected, so i'm still really puzzled why I can't get the partition to show the data on my other Window 7 desktop. Any suggestions?
  9. SSHD Installment

    So I've gotten a new drive. The Sagate SSHD 1TB and it's going to be used next to my OCZ VERT3X SSD for mass storage. I've Plugged in the SATA and the power for it and my SSD is already being used but I can't get Windows 10 to make the drive usable. It's showing us in Device Manager,BIOS basically everywhere but not in My Computer. What did I miss? I've tried plugging it in a different part of my mobo but nothing. Restarted my PC several times.
  10. So my HDD went K.O. and I determind that the controller was a goner. So I got myself a HDD from the same type. Same controller and produced 3 months apart (Dec 2007 new one, March 2008 old one). It shows up in my Diskmanager but I can't initalise it. There are a few things on there I'd love to get back (namely my savegames) and I'd be really gratefull for any advice.... mfg Goren
  11. exchange drive contents

    i have 1 hdd with mac os on it and 1 ssd with windows on it i want to exchange them so mac os is on ssd and windows on hdd without losing anything is it possible to clone both to each other at same time?
  12. Hello. I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but. This "Local Disk (H:)" appeared for a couple days ago. It causes annoying notifications that says its full. Since there doesn't seem to be anything on it when i check, i cant really get rid off it/clean it. And why did it appear in the first place. Have been trying to find a solution to get rid of this "Extra" Local disk without any luck. If anyone has any idea what im dealing with, i would gladly listen.! If im posting this in the wrong place, tell me.
  13. Is this hdd dead ?

    So, i had nothing else to do this morning so i decided id start testing hdds,and i found one that when i put it in a sata to usb station only did a clicking sound and windows didnt seemed to love him neither. I know u should not open hard drives but i dont really care about this one its old and of small size and it was already on my eletronic junkyard, so i decided to make this experience, but i still clueless of what the problem is, i did a gif so you guys can see and give your opinion. So it spins for a few seconds then it stops, also i'm gonna add a image of disk manager. And this is what windows detects btw the disk is 160 GB not 2T
  14. first time..

    HI there, I'm in the process of building a pc that I got from a family member. It's a old pc, but not too old. Still usable today for moderate games. I've finished and plugged in everything except getting windows 10, hard drive and/or ssd. I don't want to spend a lot of $, but here's the problem. I have no clue what the case can fit, there's still room for sure, but I don't know the brand name. Also, the dvd drive broke, so I will have to get usb of windows. Here's the question: Do I get a hdd & ssd? How much? How do I install windows? Thanks, Every comment helps:)
  15. Hard Drive not working

    My hard drive has stopped working all of a sudden, it dosent spin and dosent show up in windows or in the BIOS, however I do have an SSD which is working fine, I have checked both sata cables to the psu and to the motherboard replaced the cables with spares and even use the ones I know are working for the SSD. I have even tried a brand new unused identical hard drive that my dad bought for his PC and that has the same issue. I have also tried things such as removing the SSD and having only the hard drive connected and putting my Kraken X62 sata plug onto a different cable and unplugging it all together, I have tried removing my graphics card and disconnecting my hue+. I have tried all the different sata and periferal slots on my PSU and all the sata slots on my Motherboard. My bios is also on the latest version My specs are X99A SLI plus Motherboard Gtx 1070 i7-6800k NZXT Kraken X62 AIO cooler NZXT Hue+ Samsung 250 evo SSD Seagate barracuda 2tb HDD Corsair RM750X PSU 4x4gb Corsair vengance 2400hz RAM EDIT: Forgot to mention I was swapping and installing parts when this happened, my Kraken my PSU and my hue plus are all new
  16. HDD keeps disconnecting

    Hello! I have a one-year-old PC and for the past couple of days, I have had an issue. I have two internal drives, one SSD where I have the OS, and one WD HDD. The HDD keeps disconnecting at random times and then reconnects after a few seconds. I've checked the SATA cables, they are properly connected. I can't figure out what might be causing this. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  17. I have an WD Blue 1tb, that are full (of junk), and I'm thinking about buying another HDD/SSD, but wich one worth? An normal HDD (another WD Blue/Barracuda 1 or 2Tb) or Samsung 970 Evo SSD NVMe 250Gb? Samsung SSD I can get one for around $120 dollars (but there is an "small" big chance of getting taxed and at end costing +$72 dollars, $192 in total) Or an HDD which I can get for around $93 dollars here in my country (barracuda 2tb) If I buy SSD I will install W10 and all programs and some games, and "reset" (just to ensure that it won't get bad blocks) my current HDD Or buy a HDD for everything and my current for junk (downloads..) I have no idea if NVMe really worth for my rig (i5 6600k, z170p, 8Gb ram and GTX970), if I can get all advantages from it, or save some money and invest on coolers/games... (yes, my i5 get easily 65°C when playing a game).
  18. Connecting a hard drive

    Does your os hard drive have to be plugged into the first sata slot or can you use the second? Im having clearance issues with the gpu and cant use the gpu and the first sata connection
  19. Noob question / HDD file recovery

    A friend of mine have a broken laptop with a lot of pictures and video files on it. What he told me is that the laptop have been laying in his bag being knocked around and stuff, when he tries to start the laptop it goes to windows recovery but it can't fix the problem and shuts it down again. The pictures and video files are from his two tours in Afghanistan and means a lot to him. Can I just hook his hdd up to my computer and use a software to get his stuff over to my computer? The store where he bought it a few year ago didn't want to try so he came to me with it since I fixed his last computer. I told him I wasn't sure and I don't want to be the one telling him " woops " I lost his files. I also told him to stop trying to boot the pc and wait for me to come back to him. Pro. recovery services are expensive here in Norway.
  20. Whenever I use my storage drive (Seagate Barracuda 4TB) and sometimes when I don't it just doesnt appear as a drive in my system while being physically connected, the only way I have found to fix this so far is to keep restarting windows until it works again, which is extremely annoying. Something also seems to be clicking, most noticeably when the drive Isn't being recognized (doesnt show up in task manager, anything that was running on it crashes, and it disappears from file manager) I dont get any sort of error code but it doesn't take a genius to figure out something isnt right, heres a video of my system with the clicking sound when this happens: Here are my specs: Windows 10 Home OEM 64bit Gigabyte F2A68HM-H AMD Athlon X4 845 Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 + 4GB DDR3 (no meaningful markings other than 4GB DDR3) MSI Gaming RX470 4GB KINGSTON SV300S37A120G (OS Drive/SSD) Seagate ST4000DM004 (Storage Drive/HDD) <-- This is the thing thats disconnecting EVGA 450B 80+ Bronze 450W PSU That should be everything, if I'm missing something, tell me!
  21. Hi Guys, I am an aspiring content creator just wondering if there was any way to speed up downloading/transferring video from an SD/CF card y 2x12TB Western digital Gold HDD in raid 1. I was looking at Intel optane but to my understanding and not that well of it but those only work for files that are open frequently? I have an I7 6850k GTX 1080TI and 64GB of ram and an Intel PCIE SSD 400gb drive for startup. specifically the intel optane ssd 900p for video editing Some of my work if you want to check it out: Thank you, Natsuu
  22. Harddrive makes akward noises

    Since like a week my Tohsiba 1TB Harddrive makes some weird noises. When I start Games (for example Rainbow Six Siege) it starts to get quieter but still noticeable. I have got it for almost 2 years now and it never made sounds like that. (It is filled about 2/3 343 GB left - I dont know if that helps)
  23. Plex Server

    So i am building a Plex server the will be on 24/7 I will be running my drives in raid but I want to know if the drives have to be NAS drives for the server. I wont be doing lots of writing to it just mostly reading. They will be running 274/7 to i dont know if regular HDD can do it. I am just looking for feedback.
  24. Hello everyone, I currently have a Windows 10 pc with one hard drive which is 2TB. Not long ago I found my old laptop hard drive 2.5" and decided to install it into my pc. So I did that, connected it to the SATA 3 port, hooked it up to power and boom it showed up on windows as a second hard drive. Ok, this is where it gets weird. I shut down my computer and when I turn it on again to see my pc (in windows) it doesn't show up? Windows basically is deciding when it see's the hard drive and when it doesn't. Or is it because not enough power is being supplied? I really don't know and would appreciate if anyone could help me out. Cheers,
  25. I just built a new gaming PC. The CPU, motherboard, PSU, and RAM are all new. I bought a second, Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD. Windows 10, and all of my other files, are installed on a different disk that I carried over from my first PC. I just wanted two disks. Well, Windows doesn't recognize the new Western Digital. If I go to Disk Management, the new 1TB disk shows up as Disk 0 with a black bar above it. It also says, "unallocated." If I right click on Disk 0, the options for New Spanned Volume and New Striped Volume are greyed out; I can't click on them. What I can click on is Convert to Dynamic Disk, Convert to MBR Disk, Properties, and Help. No other right click options are available. What do I need to do? If I need to provide additional information, please tell me what needs clarified. I'll do whatever I can to facilitate someone smarter than me solving this problem.