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  1. Paging File Assistance

    Hello everyone, Okay so, earlier in the week i found that windows was set to have the pagefile on my SSD, and i do alot of gaming and i like to have certain games on my SSD's, which causes a space issue because windows was giving over 40GB to the Pagefile, i found that to be odd. So i changed the pagefile based on advice on other forums ( but i think the rigs were different so that may have been a bad idea ), to a minimum 1GB and max 2GB. and i started to have crashes, out of memory issues, multi tasking issues etc. So i changed it again to a min 4096 and max 9096 and i have not seen an issue since then, but i still wonder if that was the right call either, so i thought id come here and check everyone's opinion on what the best method of setting up the pagefile on my system would be, to avoid memory issue's and game in peace and quiet. so my setup is as follow's Ryzen 1600 16GB 2400 Avexir DDR4 GTX 1070 Strix 3x 240GB SSD Samsung 850 Evo's - high end games and performance games 1x the SSD's has windows 10 Pro and thats the drive with the Pagefile configuration. 1x Seagate Firecuda SSHD 1TB - storage and low end games Regards, appreciate any advice.
  2. Gamig with old hdd

    Hello.I recently bought a New pc and i kept my old hdd(sata2 250gb) to Save money (g4560 4 gb ram gt 630.my friend has a laptop that is just like my computer performancewise (i35005u 4b ram 920 or 940 m gpu)h1z1 works for him and h1z1 is not woring on my pc.is it because of the hdd?my hdd is like 100% with just discord and Chrome Or game setup
  3. A while back my old hard-drive stopped working and I got a new one but then I wiped my old drive and it seemed to recover, I've had it in my computer for a while and even put files on it and it's been fine, I'm considering using it to store a backup but I'm not sure if it can be trusted.
  4. Harvesting an IMAC

    My dads computer short circuited the other day and he got a new iMac, I want to harvest the HDD, but can someone recommend the appropriate hard drive reader case for a 2010/2011 imac? The model is a 1311, and also I was wondering if someone can send me a link the appropriate power supply replacement for a EMC 2428 power supply?... If i tried to replace the power unit inside the box of the iMAC, what is the likely hood everything is fried inside, rather than the unit itself? I am 25 pretty confident about changing the insides and being able to harvest the HDD, but its a few years old so just need to know the compatible parts to order online.
  5. My HDD have the latency of around 12 - 58ms when doing about 10-50 Mbps writing. Should I be worried if the number seems to grow a little bit at this point? Usually I see them at 0.1 ms. I just ate seeing many of my HDD failing after a while. My last old PC had about 2 HDD breaking apart due to bad sectors. I've only had this hard drive in my PC for about 1 year, and I'm using this via Windows 10 task manager tool. HDD is Toshiba 1 TB 7200 rpm.
  6. Old HDD to new PC

    Hi! I am in that phase of my build that it boots and runs with Win10 in SSD, and there's one storage HDD in it. It has it's own topic which I may update soon. I would like to move my storage HDD from the old PC to the new one. (I choose to keep the old SSD with Win8.1 in the old PC, and yeah I was skeptical to upgrade that one to win10 back when they offered it). I'm wondering how to "prepare" that HDD to the transfer. I already uninstalled Steam games from that so the new PC would not have some games twice. That storage HDD has some programs in it, should I just uninstall all while it is still in the old PC? I believe there's not anything special to do about pictures, videos, those simple one-file things. Because of those I am interested in moving the old HDD to new PC. I already have some backups in old external HDDs, and maybe invest in a new one at some point. I am no master (that's why I ask) but it comes to my mind that this moving of HDD which has programs in it would cause registry problems and junk. Those that Ccleaner always finds. Thanks in advance!
  7. Please help me with my new HDD

    Hi, I recently bought a new 1tb hard drive and I was wondering if when I installed steam onto it if I would need to manually create the 'Program files' and 'Program files (x86)' folders.
  8. Not my ideal first post, but nonetheless- I had a portable 1 tb hdd I was using temporarily for a robotics class... (my usb stick was currently a windows 7 boot drive.) I gave it to my, let me put it politely, "Less tech savvy" friend/partner to plug into the computer while he logged in. He looked at the cable puzzled (Was a micro b 2.0 in a 3.0 port, cuz I didn't have the right cable with me), held it by one finger on the drive, and another on the cable, and then dropped it from 3 and a half feet. I REALLY wanted to strangle him... (He honestly thought it was just a "Big usb stick", having no idea how fragile it could be). I plugged it in, and it seemed to work well enough. But, our newest program (That we have been working on for a week+) seemed corrupt and would not open. I tried deleting the folder, but a random file remained, being undeletable. I had a lot of programs installed on it (and steam games), so I started booting random things up to check for data corruption. A few things worked, but steam did not, claiming certain files were unwritable. I have (thankfully) have not had experience with hdd damage yet, so I do not know what kind of damage it could be. So from those who have had experience, does what kind of damage do you think it is? Does the drive have physical issues, or will, a reformat be fine, or even better, can windows fix it itself? I am not concerned about data loss, as, most files, except the very recent ones (Like the program), were backed up. Otherwise it is just 350gb of steam games and programs. Reformatting is not ideal, but I can reinstall everything, it'll just a long time... Mainly, I just am worried about the actual drive. It cost a bit, and for someone to just drop it... Thanks. EDIT- Not showing up when plugged into any of my desktop's 3.0 ports (comfirmed working with another drive) Works with 2.0 ports though. Ugh. Might just be related to my desktop, though. I think it was working with my laptop's 3.0 port... Which is torn apart cuz I spilled some tea on it while I was half asleep this morning. So I can't test it. Today really sucks.
  9. Hey everyone, I've got a question that I can't seem to get a straight answer on. I bought an SSD as an upgrade for computer. I currently have a 5200 rpm 2 TB HDD that has Windows 10 installed on it. What I want to do is put a fresh copy of Windows 10 on the SSD, and then use the HDD as a storage drive. Can I access all of my files on the HDD through the windows installed on the SSD? or will I have to completely remove all my data from the HDD in order to use it as a storage drive. If I can access all of my data on the HDD with the SSD, will I need to remove Windows from the HDD? Thanks in advance for your help, Joe
  10. Hello, So recently I purchased a new HDD with which I'm going to replace my current one. I have some programmes which I have installed on the old HDD which were bought and activated years ago. I was wondering if there is a way of moving the software from the old HDD to the new HDD without having to activate them again on the new HDD. I hope someone could help me out. Thank you
  11. Need help

    I have a Aorus gaming 5 z370 and a nxzt s340 elite and can't find where you put the hhd led + - or the power sw they are very small and the manual hasn't helped me at all they have ports labeled led c2, d led2 and led sw2
  12. So I am soon going to be upgrading my rig with Ryzen 2000 (see my signature) and I am wondering once I have my M.2 NVME SSD, what software or method should I use to transfer all my data from my old SATA III SSD to my new NVME drive? I am not new to this, originally my system was installed on my old 540GB SATA III 5400 RPM HDD, and when I bought my upgraded 240GB SSD I did successfully transfer my data onto the SSD, however there were noticeable problems, so I would like some advice on how to do it better. I began by removing as much unnecessary data as possible by uninstalling programs and copying music and video files to an external drive along with a full backup and Windows system restore point. Once the data on the 540GB HDD was less than 100GB, I was confident in being able to transfer the data to the 240GB SSD. I downloaded a free partitioning tool and created a bootable drive out of my 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive. I booted into the USB and created a new partition on the HDD that was used to take up the remaining space larger than 120GB (So I now had 120GB partition with all my data on it and a 420GB partition that was empty space). I copied the partition over to the new SSD and then unplugged the HDD and booted into Windows. Windows was completely corrupted and completely unstable, so I plugged in my external hard drive and found that my backups would not work either. Ugh, seriously... So then I gave up all hope and decided to full reset Win 10 and start out with a new copy. Luckily this went OK and my system has been running great on this new SSD for over a year now, but the process of troubleshooting this whole mess took multiple days of work and I was terrified that my Windows Licence Key was corrupted and I would need to buy a new copy of Windows 10 (which would really suck since I have the professional edition). So now it is nearly time for my Ryzen 2000 build and I want my data transfer onto my new 512GB NVME Drive to go much more smoothly. What software do you guys use to upgrade your boot drives? Is there a different way that I should be doing this?
  13. So i want to buy a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB and i dont know if l'lhave to format my Pc to install the WIndows to the SSD.Any help?
  14. Good evening. I have been wanting to build myself a storage server for quite some time now. The main functions of the server will be; - Mass storage of my girlfriends videos/photos (she is a photographer/video creator) - Storage for her to work from on her laptop / desktop - Internet-attached storage (I want access to the servers files over the internet from anywhere, from any device (HFS?)) - A Plex server for in-house streaming of music and movies - The option to host the occasional game server (Currently playing ECO) - Redundancy ( will also be running an off-site backup like backblaze monthly) - In the neighborhood of 20 TB of storage Fortunately I just got an older Dell T320 from work (I work in the dental industry). It's harddrives have failed, and even though DELL sent us two 1tb SAS drives, we couldn't rebuild the OS. The customer ended up buying himself a new server, seeing as this one is from late 2014. Short story. the server contains: 32 gigs of ECC RAM A Xeon E5-24xx V2 (not quite sure) An 8 port SAS controller (compatible with SATA). I'll include the service tag, if any of you fancy checking out the specs: http://dell.com/support/home/uk/en/ukbsdt1/product-support/servicetag/b29ld22/research?lwp=r What I'm wondering is: - What OS should I go with? (I am quite comfortable with Linux, and I work with Windows sever on a daily basis) - What kind of RAID setup should I run? (currently have got 2 x 4tb WD red NAS drives, and I can buy as many more as is required) - What kind of backup schedule would be sufficient? - What software/solution would I use for accessing the files online ( I did try HFS on an old PC i set up as a server, and that seemed OK) - Partitioning (How would I go about doing this efficiently?) - Upgradeability ( In case I need to expand the storage down the line) Any feedback is appreciated, and I am open to any suggestions! Thanks a bunch in advance //Even
  15. What was your first HDD?

    Mine was a WD Caviar SE 160GB. Came inside my first ever PC, a Dell Dimension C521.
  16. Hi So I want to buy an Enthoo pro and slap a watercooling system on it, but for the front rad I will need to remove all the hard drive cages. Now I have a 4tb hard drive, but I don’t know if there is any other place to put it. This is the model I want : https://m.newegg.ca/products/N82E16811854070?ignorebbr=1&_ga=2.5583795.1012704023.1519733428-197718742.1512783907
  17. Extrnl HDDs and SMART

    Anyone know of any decent external HDDs that you can perform SMART tests on? I have a WD My Passport Ultra from 4/5+ years back that does not support SMART-over-USB. But I recently purchased a powered External Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive that does support SMART-over-USB. Are there any recent External 'portable'/2.5" HDDs that do support SMART-over-USB? The only other way to perform SMART tests would be by taking the HDD out of the caddy, which would void warranty.
  18. Alright so I'm planning to build a new pc when I can get my hands on a gpu (lord who knows when xd). I currently have a prebuilt and am only going to take a newly installed PSU (old psu started smelling like crap so I replaced it like 2 months ago) to the new build. I know that new windows updates have allowed the transfer of old windows cuz of hardware changes but would that allow me to transfer my windows to a new system entirely?
  19. Hi! I had an old Pentium G3258 and really not having good performance since I can't overclock it past 100mhz unless I put 1.312v on the chip at 4Ghz and also that my drive was pretty much like a year more of its life span. Well I decided to buy a ryzen 3, a b350 motherboard and 8GB of ram (Vs 4gb I had). Yesterday my stuff arrived: A Ryzen 3 1300X (Works good have not tested OC), MSI B350M Pro-VH plus, 8GB of DDR4 Ram and a 2TB brand new drive. I installed most of the stuff first except the drive I installed that 2 hours after I installed the GPU, CPU, MB, PSU and RAM. When I installed it the first time It DID show up on the BIOS. Today my laptop download fully the media creation windows 10 iso. So I ran it on a USB stick but it only saw a 4GB drive that actually was a 4GB partition on the USB stick but no HDD this morning. I disconnected connected all my SATA cables but they don't work. I can hear the HDD turning on but not recognized. I tried SATA 1, SATA 3 and SATA 4 (On the mb) but they don't recognize it for some reason. But it DOES recognize my dead drive making a lot of noise it says 234 GB used of 467GB. Is it possible I got a dead drive? Edit: The drive is a 2TB Seagate Barracuda.
  20. chkdsk taking too long

    lets first start with a little backstory. my 1tb hdd was constantly running on 100% in task manager so i looked up a fix online that worked. when i rebooted my pc the "scanning and repairing drive" window popped up, which i assumed was normal because i had to mess around in the cmd to fix the hard drive. however i had a short power outage and my pc just shut off, now im running the scan again and it has been stuck on 15% for over 4 hours. which is also the percentage it was at when the power went out. is my hdd fucked or is it normal for it to be taking so long?
  21. Hello guys I was just wondering if it was safe to run a HDD label facing upwards. I am planning on putting the drive label up on wood as part of my Desk PC will this be safe?
  22. I need an HDD for storing videos and similar files that I won't need to access often nor need incredible read/write speeds for, I just need one drive to reliably store this files in. What is the best bang-for-the-buck HDD out there right now?
  23. Hello I'm running out of space on my new PC, and i'm not sure if I can plug my old 1TB Seagate drive in to get extra space. The seagate drive came from a computer I bought about three years ago, but I don't have it anymore. The drive has Windows 8.1 and all the other files on it. I currently have Windows 10 installed on my samsung m.2 SSD, and everything else installed on a 1TB drive. Can I plug my old seagate drive in and remove windows 8.1 from it on my new PC? I'm guessing it's going to ask for a boot drive in the bios menu when I do this. It's gonna be fine if I boot Windows from my SSD, and then format the seagate drive, right? Sorry if It's a stupid question, but I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to storage devices.
  24. my seagate 2tb expansion pack suddenly started making a beeping sound when i connect the usb to my laptop. i get the sound of it being connected on my laptop but then it doesnt show up. cant see it on device manager but i can see it on devices and printer (windows 10) and it even disappears from D&P when i disconnect it and appears on connection. the blue light on the hard drive also blinks i guess thats all i can describe about the problem. i have a lot of data on it (only 100 gb left) so id really like to get it fixed w/ minimum hassle has anyone faced this kinda problem, and got a fix for it?
  25. Disk Usage at 100%

    I have a secondary drive for my games and the usage is at 0 when I boot my pc. The only thing on the drive is my games. When i open steam the usage goes up tp 100% and none of the game from my library load. I think the HDD just spins up to 100% when i go to access anything from it and nothing on it can be read when it just gets stuck on 100%. Any ideas how to fix this or what the problem may be?