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  1. So I just bought a brand new m.2 ssd I want to have this as my boot drive How do I transfer all the boot data from my hard drive to the ssd Please Help
  2. Hey guys I have installed my OS on a SSD and have another HDD in my computer where I want to install random programs on it. It is detected and I can store stuff on it, but my question is now can I install programs without doing anything before on it? I mean is there any Windows installation on this HDD necessary before or can I create a folder called "programs" and install them in this folder? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello I erased all Volume on my second HDD and now it's not detected anymore. I wanted to delete all files and format it. How can I detect it again? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi all, sorry if this is a dumb question or has been answered somewhere else here (I have not found an answer that works for me). I just built a new PC a few weeks ago and for my boot drive, I chose to run two NVME SSDs in RAID 0. for context I am running an ASUS ROG STRIX Z-370 E Gaming MOBO. Anyway, I decided I wanted more storage and purchased an 8TB Seagate Barracuda HDD to run separately as a storage drive. So I hook everything up and nothing, the HDD is not even recognized by the MOBO (it powers on and spins up). So I do some research and all I could find is that possibly the fact that I set my storage settings on my MOBO to a PCI-E RAID has disabled my SATA ports, so I check and they seem to be fine, yet nothing shows up. I also read that there is the possibility of the HDD being defective but I wanted to do my research before sending it back since if the problem is on my side a new HDD will solve nothing. Any thoughts? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello I'd like to format my HDD where Windows is installed right now, because I installed Windows on my new SSD and want to get rid of the Files on the HDD to use it for something else. Thank you in advance!
  6. Hey guys, I need your help finding the right index number of my disk. My computer has 3 Harddrives inside with two 1tb drives. 1x SSD and 1x HDD. But somehow both show 930GB and 0B left in Diskpart > List Disk. I do not know which is the SSD now, where I want to install Windows. Somehow the HDD with Windows and more than 200GB used stoarge shows 0B left also in Diskpart. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi everyone in LTT, I have a problem here, my laptop is taking up space over time as the title stated. I did store anything that large when I use, just some watch some videos from my portable hdd and browse the web. Uploaded 3 Images, 1) error1.png (first picture) shows that the C: drive's space before I restart my laptop. I actually did not use up much space and disk cleanup shows no extra files that large for me to clean. Note the time. 2) error2.png (second picture) shows my actual space usage after I restart. Note the time too. 3) this ipg file (third picture) is the picture I took from my phone. When you noted the time in 1 and 2, you will find out it took a long time to restart. This picture shows the loading screen before it powered down for restart. When it powered down and boot back, all is normal. No windows update or anything, it just take up this long time. So, can anyone help me on this problem? I try Google-ing for the solution and mostly just ask me install some program and do some cleanup on the temporary files or whatever it is, but do not want to install those programs. Thanks for helping in advance
  8. HDD Under My GPU Intake Fan

    So I have an Alienware x51 r2, which I now realize might have been a less effective plan than just building my own PC, but at the time I had extremely limited knowledge on computers, where as now I only have limited knowledge :). Anyways, I upgraded my gpu to a 1060, which appears to run great, but I have gotten temps up to 90 C before, which I understand is the low end of a problematic temperature range. Since the GPU is a founders edition card, it is blower style, and the input hovers right over my 2TB HDD. I was wondering if it would be reasonable and worth it to remove this drive and stick an SSD next to my boot drive (which sits on my CD drive). Are the temperatures from a HDD enough to throw off the GPU cooling enough to be worried about? Thanks in advance!

    Im building a rig and i bought a 120gb ssd for fast windows booting. I intend on getting a 1 tb hdd in future. How should i setup my storage in bios to accomadate both drives. Ive seen talk about raid and ahci but im not sure whats best for my rig.
  10. I'll be upgrading to a new motherboard/cpu combo soon, and after swapping out those parts I'll have enough spare parts to put together a 2nd pc except for a form of storage. I'll be buying a brand new drive to complete the old computer (Really don't want to skimp a few dollars and buy a used drive that could be potentially end of life) If you were buying a computer, which would you be more likely to buy? One with a 500gb Solid State Hard drive (SSHD) https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822179112&cm_re=500gb_sshd-_-22-179-112-_-Product Or one with a regular 1TB HDD https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236339&cm_re=1tb_hdd-_-22-236-339-_-Product Both cost roughly the same, and $50 is about as much as I'm willing to spend on a part that I'm just going to putting into something to sell. And I'm aware you can get a 120gb SSD for the same price, but that's not even worth considering without having a 2nd drive to compensate for the lack of storage. On the one hand the extra speed is nice of a SSHD (I have the 1tb version of that model linked) but Craigslist browsers might see the 500gb capacity and be turned away from it. Just the same, they might see the fact that the 1tb drive is a slow mechanical and get turned away just the same. Which would you choose?
  11. Damp hard drive and SSD

    Ok, so a while ago I had a house fire which damaged my computer due to soot. I removed the hard drive and SSD and put them in a box, and left that box in the house. The house had no heating and in the middle of winter the air was very cold and moist. So when I got the drives today and found they were damp (Probably have been since November) I’m wondering if the data is damaged. I really don’t want the data to be irretrievable, can someone help me out? The drives are a WD 1tb Blue and a sandisk x110, and both were full to capacity.
  12. https://amazon.com/Seagate-External-Desktop-Storage-STEL10000400/dp/B0798DVKRV/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1517896832&sr=8-7&keywords=10tb+external+hard+drive+seagate For anyone that wants cheap storage and doesn't care about the fastest of speeds, here you are. This is the cheapest way to get a 10tb hard drive for a while. The shingled nature of the drive makes it great for cheapness for the size but they don't offer it at the same price point without the case. If you want, you can rip the casing out and it's just a regular 3.5 inch HDD underneath. Brand new this one. Of course, with the new Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording drives coming out by the end of 2018, who knows if this'll be a good option even by the end of the year. We won't know. Time can only tell. P. S. pcpartpicker listing to come soon.
  13. I have around 6 hard drives in my Windows 7 computer, once the drive gets full I swap it out with another one. Then when I need data off of one of the drives I took out, I connect it to a sata to usb adapter (Thermaltake ST0038U). Every time I connect it to the usb adapter, it wants to format the hard drive. So I have to use some type of data recovery to get my data back, then reformat the hard drive. So why is this happening, and is there an easy way to restore the partition table without reformating the drives? Thanks Gary.
  14. Hi. Im working with graphics and my project files are valuable for me, I don't want to loose them. I have a few HDDs and I would like to implement some sort of system to keep my files safe in case of a HDD failure. Where do I start? Do I need a raid? Can I make only one folder to be backuped in another HDD? Thanks for any kind of info.
  15. Pc test HDD issue

    Hello, So i did a pc test today and i got some sort of issue with my HDD. I dont know what it is, maby it is to old but maby it can be fixed. so i wanted to ask here if someone knows what this problem might be. Kind regards, Black
  16. I am looking to make a FreeNAS from an old server using something like a HP ProLiant DL380 Generation 6 (G6) and on its spec sheet it say max storage with 1TB HDDs. - Is it possible to use larger capacity HDD like a 2TB drive rather than just 1TB? - I thought the spec sheet might just list 1TB HDDs as that's the highest capacity they had at the time or is it because its a limit for the controller. - Also If it were using software RAID would I have to worry about limitations if I didn't use the RAID controller?
  17. Hard drive noise problem

    I recently bought a wd blue 2tb 5400 rpm drive. It is making very loud scratching noises. Is this normal? listen to audio file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWRoBtDKm8fhfqXL_QnwoiUfrxIjzRC4/view?usp=sharing
  18. I have noticed that when i play games for like 1-2 hours or lower, i start losing fps and i don't play the games as smooth as i was playing at the start. When i start the pc and it is cool, i play the games smooth. What can be the issue? I was thinking of ram or hdd getting hot. I have good cooler for cpu btw My specs: Intel Xeon x3470 Nvidia gtx 1050ti sc (4gb vram) 8gb ddr3 1333mhz
  19. Troubleshooting a HDD

    Maybe someone can help me because I am now at a loss as of what to do. Last week I lost power to my house while transferring files to a HDD. The hard drive now does not show up in My Computer(This PC). It shows up as functional in motherboard BIOS and device manager. It is labeled as Unknown Device but claims to be working properly, The volumes tab is blank. Disk Management(see attached photo) is just blank. I cannot Initialize the disk as it says their is not enough memory. 3rd party software does not even recognize the disk. Edit: Forgot to mention I plugged the HDD into a new PC and new BUS(is this the correct term for where the SATA's connect?) and the issue persisted.
  20. Question about SSD brackets

    Are there any 2.5'' to 3.5'' SSD brackets that are both compatible with desktop towers and 3.5'' external HDD enclosures?
  21. SSD vs HDD run time

    So I have a Samsung 960 Evo 250GB NVME, and a Seagate 1TB 7200rpm. When I check CrystalDiskInfo my SSD which is the OS drive has 645 hours of run time, while the HDD which is video and game storage has 1456 hours of run time, I bought them and installed them at the same time so how can i be such a different number?
  22. Hi, I recently installed an SSD and set it up on my boot drive, I cloned my HDD over to my SSD and I was just simply moving some files back onto my HDD, suddenly all of the icons of my files have disappeared, I'm unable to search for some basic windows programs such as control panel etc. under the search bar, (I'm able to open my control panel through my settings.) when I check my Programmes and Features, every programmes icons have disappeared except for a select few. Please help :<.
  23. I have a couple of old PCs I'm not using and figured I might put thier hard drives to good use but I'm not really sure how it works. Is it possible for me to put those hard drives in my newest computer and access files first to see if I have something interesting on there to transfer somewhere else before I format it? Or will something go wrong because they have OS installed and they have to be formatted?
  24. Hello, today i borrowed our family HDD, because i wanted to copy over my Star Wars movies, but the HDD acted up on me. I plugged it in and it showed up normally, then i wanted to copy over a movie and it threw a message "error: file is too big for the destination" or something like that. After few seconds, it disconnected but it was still spinning and the light was on. I tried a different USB port on the back of my motherboard (first test was in front USB 3.0), this time it didnt show up, only spun and flashed the light. Then i tried my flashdrive and my phone in those 4 USB ports, all of them were borked. When i restarted the PC it was like eh, but then the ports started working again. The drive was from 2012 or 2013, some cheapass adata 500 gig. It was full of our family photos and things that we dont have anywhere else. My dad carries the drive with him together with the PC, so its almost every day traveling around the country. Do you think the drive is dead? Because if it is, my parents are going to kill me because they dont understand electronics and will think that i am the stupid one who broke it
  25. Hi, I have a Sabrent usb-dsc5 sata/ide to usb device and another device that converts standard power to molex, to which I adapted it to sata power that I know still works. When I plug any drives into my laptop using this device, it doesn't get recognized at all by my laptop, which is an Acer Aspire One 756-2623 from 2012, could I maybe get some help as to what happened and how I could possibly fix the issue?