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  1. Wiping system drives

    I am going to wipe all of my system drives, as they are just driver filled hell-holes right now. I spent $200 on Windows 10 Pro, and I dont want to lose it or the key, how would I back this all up? Like just Windows, thats it. Responses greatly appreciated
  2. I just purchased a Gateway Colorbook (for context of era this has a 486dx processor) to use as a DOS gaming machine, and accepted that it's hard drive was not included under the assumption that it would use a standard 2.5 in. IDE interface. However, when I received it, I was surprised to find the interface seen in the attached picture. Note how the connector doesn't span the width of the drive back. Does anyone more familiar with vintage components recognize it?
  3. So I have an old pc without windows but it has an HDD can I put that hdd in my main rig and install windows onto it?
  4. hey guys, really racking my noodle on a problem I have. I recently transplanted my pc into a new case, and added an SSD and HDD at the same time. Now for whatever reason the ssd or the hdd arent being recognized in the disk manager, or file explorer. But they ARE detected in BIOS and some other disk programs. What did I do wrong? Windows 10 64bit Asus strix motherboard z270e Asus strix 1070 corsair RM750X I7 7700 16gb ddr4 corsair vengeance x2 WD 1tb caviar black drives 1 samsung evo 500gb (new) 1 seagate barracuda 4tb HDD (also new) Any/all help is appreciated. Feel free to ask questions.
  5. Hi guys, This may be a dumb question but i read somewhere that my motherboard can only handle 3tb or storage. Generally, do motherboards limit the amount of storage you can have and if so how? Please bear in mind that I don't mean the limitation of sata slots or anything like that. What i mean is if i have 2.5tb and my motherboard can only handle 3tb, supposedly, could i install another tb? Thanks for your help guys, -Alex.
  6. Moving Storage

    ok so i want to upgrade my HDD to a SSD but idk what ssd to get for my Hp Compaq presario CQ57 (its old i know) but which ssd should i get for it. The HDD is a 350gb and im ok with that storage right now but its a bit slow.
  7. I had an external toshiba canvio basics usb 3.0 750gb hard disk which i converted to an internal drive, as it was already 4 or 5 years old i noticed games that were installed on the drive were having sudden fps drops. I also run crystaldiskinfo and hd tune and the drive seemed to be dying, hd tune showed 7 damaged legends. I bought a new drive and replaced this old one. Not knowing many things about hard drives etc. I just unpluged the toshiba drive and connected the new one. I forgot then that I had some music files which i wanted to keep from the old drive ( the old toshiba drive was accessing files slowly but surely when i had installed it in the pc ). Then i reassembled the external drive, which means i put it back in its case and connected it into the adapter from sata/sata power to usb 3.0 that the case had internally. I tried connecting then the now external drive to my pc to get these files, windows at first recognized the drive as "local disk E" then the file explorer had the green bar loading when i connected the drive. But when the green bar reached almost at the end the drive would disconnect and reconnect and start from the beggining. Sometimes I also get a pop up from the notifications that the usb device isnt recognized/working properly. When Im trying to check the drive it says it has 0 out of 0 bytes. I also attempted to chkdsk /f E: and it failed cause the file format was RAW. I also tried connecting the drive again internaly but the pc would be much slower when opening ( even though the OS is in the ssd ) and it would check the E disk for error and repair ( this would take 1 second ). Every program that was associated with that disk would not respond, for example the file explorer of windows would not respond the disk management, crystaldiskinfo, hd tune and the eassos recovery program which i found would not respond too.Programs work properly when the disk disconnects itself like i mentioned. Disk I "executed" the disk as it was at its final moments? Do I have an option to save some files? Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the essay
  8. As the title says. How are the Ironwolf disks? I've always went with WD myself mostly because of brand loyalty, but my main HDD has been a 2TB Seagate drive for a while now and I've never had problems with it. The Ironwolfs are a little cheaper compared to the WD Reds (only ~15 euros however though). I've come across some stories about Seagate drives and failures, but I'm not sure how much of that to believe. Which one would you get?
  9. Hi guys, my sister's 18th birthday is coming up and we've decided to buy her a laptop (HP Pavilion x360 - 14-ba000nl) it's not the gratest but it is ok for what she needs. Anyway, the problem is storage: it only has a 128 m.2 ssd, great for speed, not so much for quantity, So, given that we have a little spare budget, I thought of buying her a 64 or 128 gb sd (the laptop comes with a card reader in the IO). Would you reccomend that over a external HDD? I'm asking because a friend told me that SDs are more prone to failing and reccomended an hd instead. Thank you so much
  10. Just curious if any of you guys have ever encounter this type of weird problem before. The SSD or HDD boots up and everything, you see all of the files and programs. Taking that drive and plug it as a 2nd storage on another computer and in disk management, show it as a brand new drive or "not initialized" asking you to setup and format the drive. Now when you take that drive and plugged it back to its original computer, the os boots up and everything is all there. This was my 3rd time encounter this, where I had to transfer the files for one of my clients from their old computer to their new one. I wanted to plug it directly to the board so it can transfer faster, but was forced to transfer over the network.
  11. Hello! I am wanting to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15 7548 to a Lenovo ThinkPad P71. A big jump. Problem is, I don't know a ton about the hardware. My plan was to buy it with no SSD preinstalled and a 1TB 5400RPM HDD and buy a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo to put in right away. Ideally, the 960 Evo would be my boot drive as well as my main storage drive and then I would store things on the HDD once I fill up the SSD. I would do a clean install of windows 10 pro on the ssd as soon as I get it and then the HDD would essentially sit dormant until I need the extra storage. Is this a good way to go (or even possible)? I have barely filled up half of the Inspiron's 1TB HDD. My other big concern is the graphics card. My wallet wants me to go with the Quadro P3000, but my instincts tell me the Quadro P4000 would be the better long term option. Which should I trust? Next is CPU. I'm pretty sure the 7700HQ is my best bet because the 7820HQ doesn't seem that much better other than a little more cache and .1GHz clock speed. Is a 2MB cache difference a big enough deal to justify an extra $200? I plan to use this computer for pretty heavy simulation and 3D Modeling. Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, etc. As a last note, will I need a RAID setting? I don't even really know what that means. Thanks!
  12. I have a 55GB file that i want to upload to a server where i can give people the link and then them be able to download it. My budget is around £15/$20 a month. I would prefer a 1Gbps port but 100Mbps is fine. I'd imagine i will be using about 10TB of transfer a month maybe less so either a unmetered or high bandwidth connection is best. What would be the best way for me to do this? Would it be just storing it on a service such as Google drive and paying for a bigger drive space? I plan to upload other large files in the future so 200GB+ of space will be required sooner rather than later. Or would the other best way to be to buy a cheap dedicated server or vps? Any recommendations and thanks for your help. Luke.
  13. New Build - Boot issue

    Hey guys, before i get started, to make this easier i shall detail my specs below. PSU: Corsair HX850i GPU: Asus Strix 1080ti OC edition CPU: i7-8700k Motherboard: Asus ROG MAXIMUS X Hero (wifi ac) SSD: Samsung NVMe SSD 960 PRO M.2 512GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 4tb RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB 3200Mhz AIO: NZXT kraken x52 Case: Corsair crystal 570x alright so im having 2 problems currently and i believe they have something to do with each other. Everything was going fine (ive done 3-4 builds before), i installed the OS and selected the M.2 drive to use to boot off of. Both issues will be detailed below Whenever I turn on my pc, it goes right to the BIOS boot screen instead of the windows boot screen. I have already fixed the boot order and pretty much the only way i currently get it to boot into windows is by constantly turning it off and on again until it randomly does so. When I am using the pc, i noticed that i can not see my Seagate Barracuda drive when in "my computer", all i see is my m.2 with 400 odd GB of storage left. However i can indeed see it in computer management as a disk 2 of drive (C:). https://gyazo.com/98f08cf16ff3466c63d08989c15694b4 I am thinking I did something stupid, but have no clue how to fix it and would very very much appreciate your help
  14. Switching main drives.

    I don't have a lot of time to check the internet for my problem, but I would like to know how I can change all my programs apart from my OS and some drivers to my HDD instead of my SSD. I would like to not have to reinstall.
  15. As the title says I wanna merge two partitions namely my D\: and E\: Hard disk drive partitions. but to do so I'll have to format and create new partitions which also means it'll wipe my data. Is there a way to merge two partitions without loss of data. I saw this app called 'MiniTool Partition Wizard' which claims to merge drives without data loss, I am a bit skeptical about it.
  16. Would the WD red's drive vibration protection help when traveling with them since they're optimized for 24 hour NAS usage? Would Red drives fair better if you were to travel with them in your backpack when going on an airplane for example. Or is there not that much difference to their Blue counterpart? Edit: I don't plan on using raid with the drive, I just travel a few times a year and need to take data with me so Id just like to know where you recommend I spend my money
  17. So I am trying to transfer the data from my old 1tb WD Blue to my new 4tb Seagate Barracuda (keep in mind, not OS disk). I usually use Minitool partition wizard free edition but the free version only supports MBR but in order to get one 3.7 tb volume I need GPT format type, I would normally just go into windows explorer and ctrl-C and ctrl-V to transfer the files but I am getting some abysmal speeds considering they are connected via SATA Directly to another computers MoBo (10-30 MB/s). Does anybody have a recommendation for some software that would work for this?
  18. So I am trying to transfer the data from my old 1tb WD Blue to my new 4tb Seagate Barracuda (keep in mind, not OS disk). I usually use Minitool partition wizard free edition but the free version only supports MBR but in order to get one 3.7 tb volume I need GPT format type, I would normally just go into windows explorer and ctrl-C and ctrl-V to transfer the files but I am getting some abysmal speeds considering they are connected via SATA Directly to another computers MoBo (10-30 MB/s). Does anybody have a recommendation for some software that would work for this?
  19. So My os is on a pretty old and beat up hdd so I wanted to transfer the os to my ssd but it’s just so complicated and I tried to follow the steps and I ended up in the “preparing automatic repair” infinite loop, so I have no idea how to fix it or how to transfer my os and I’m just lost and looking for help.
  20. Windows booting very slowly

    Hello everyone! I built my PC in mid 2016 (i7-6700k, ASUS 1080, 32 gigs DDR4) and Windows 10 is booting very slowly, almost 30 seconds. I have a Samsung 850 EVO with 500 gigabytes, and about 250 gigs free, with the rest filled with Windows programs and stuff like Chrome and Discord. I have disabled almost every thing from the start up menu, and consistently uninstall unnecessary programs from the SSD. I put the majority of my programs and games on my 2 terabyte WD Black hdd. Are there any tips or ticks to help Windows boot faster? I was thinking about getting a super small M.2 and put windows on there, but I’d rather stick with my current hardware. Thanks!
  21. No display output

    Hi everybody! When I installed an old hdd to my computer, when I then turned the computer back on I had no display output. All LEDs were in their right colors including the graphics card, all fans were spinning. I thought these things were irrelevant to each other. I think I checked my graphics card was not hanging and bending the PCI.e slot. I had no ESD band or something like that. When I tried to check my computer via Chrome remote desktop, everything looked like it should do... I don't know what to do next. Axeand
  22. Hey LTT forum peoples! So i recently bought a computer that did not come with an SSD as it was cheaper to add one after. The only problem I have never done this before (as I am a noob), and am unsure where to start. I have looked online but most of the how-to videos/forum posts show someone completely replacing the HDD. I want to keep the HDD for storage and use the SSD as the boot drive and to store games. Do any of you know where I would start? Or where I could find a tutorial on how to replace the HDD as the boot drive, but keep both drives. If it matters at all, the SSD I have is a SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 500GB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive. THANKS!
  23. ***BACKSTORY*** The story for this situation is I got a really nice dell laptop(i7-7000) for my birthday awhile back, and my dad has a really nice but quite older dell desktop. I suggested a trade with him as he has another desktop right beside it that he uses to cad and so forth that is much more powerful due to its Quadro card. So he accepted and we swapped the desktop and laptop because he was only using the dell desktop for documents, and my laptop would be perfect for stuff like that. I wanted to switch because while my laptop is good it only has a dual core which makes it very to play any kind of game. ****QUESTION**** Is it okay to, once they're shut down with psu's/batteries disconnected, just swap the hardrives if they are the same size?
  24. I want to buy a minimally 5 TB drive around 7200rpm. As i think it, it should be a hdd because i want to use it in my gaming pc. I want to store pretty simple files like films, but in 4K so i need a lot of space. If you recommend western digital, in which color? And my last question: can i put a nas hdd in my pc? I dont want to slow down my pc with this project so the 7200rpm models are the best for me i think. Thanks the answers in advance!
  25. I need a solution to watch my movies from my desktop to my tv. Is there a way i can do this with a hdd or something? I don't want to plug and unplug from my tv every time i want something new loaded onto that drive. Explain like I'm five.