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  1. Sequential/Random Reading for games?

    So I don't really know how to ask these, but I have a few questions. I am wanting the best reads for game loading times. I am debating on a 1TB 3.5" Firecuda or a 500GB Velociraptor. Yes I know Velociraptors are 6 years old (2012), but that means nothing to me (neither does the 500GB difference). Checking benchmarks, the Velociraptor has faster speeds of reading Sequentially and Randomly than the Firecuda. My worry is the HDD portion of the Firecuda, 8GB of the SSHD cache isn't going to hold an entire game these days. This primary benchmark >>here<< shows the the Velociraptor being faster, but I am unsure which is worth it for game loading times. I already own a Firecuda, but I am wondering if a Velociraptor would yield faster loading. I notice that not all my games on the Firecuda are utilizing the SSD cache ever after multiple boots of the game, there's simply too much to fit into 8GB of cache. So my questions/TL;DR: Talking about the Firecuda HDD portion, is it slower than a Velociraptor, and would this be the reason Velociraptor wins (apparently)? Does the Velociraptor having faster reads mean it will load a game faster? Which would you buy? The SSHD (with 8GB being the fast part) or the Velociraptor (with the entire drive being the fast part ((at least in reads)))?
  2. Good Value RAID Controller?

    So I'm looking for a RAID controller under $100. It only has to have at least 4 SATA ports or if it's SAS I can get the breakout cables (cables not included in $100), I don't necessarily need a write cache, they're just being used on a Plex server. Its going in a standard mid tower style case so PCI/E with a full height slot.
  3. Dear community, i am looking to buy this HP laptop : the HP Laptop 17-ak038nb AMD A10-9620P, It comes with an m.2 ssd that has 256 gigs of storage, i was wondering if any of you could tell me if it has space to include an extra hdd. greatings, a fellow techgeek
  4. Hello world, so here's my questions. Where I work, we've got a Zabbix server, proxy and a database server all running on different machines. Right now our bottleneck is mainly the database server, running on 4 x HDD drives at 10k RPM with a RAID Controller 410i on RAID 10 (1+0), we've got 1150 hosts, 36 658 items and 10 068 triggers enabled and working. We are working with Ubiquiti antennas aswell as our Zabbix servers, and currently looking to upgrade our database server since as I said before it is the bottleneck in our configuration. We would like to have around 1TB of disk-space, considering this and our RAID setup, it'd need us 4 disk drives. As a company the budget is tolerable but no too crazy. I doubt buying a 10k$ server would be the best of ideas. A rater interesting used server which, has the configuration as listed below, is sold for $506.00 US has come to our minds. Chassis: HP ProLiant DL360 G7 8-Port Chassis (150$) CPU: 2 x GHz Hex-Core (6 cores, 12 threads) Intel Xeon Processor With 12MB Cache -- X5670 (2 x 60$) RAM: 64GB Memory Upgrade Kit -- 8 x 8GB 2RX4 PC3-10600R -- 1333MHz (216$) RAID: Smart Array P410i 1GB FBWC 0-60 RAID (20$) PSU: (2) HP G7 G8 460 Watt PSU And for the storage, well, this is quite the question, since the servers have always been using 10k RPM HDD we haven't tested anything using SSDs. So what would you recommend using as for SSDs, and is the configuration listed above any good for our purposes, what would you change and why? If you guys have any other question, let me know and i'll edit the post. Other than that, if someone has a better build or RAID Controller or really anything, that would perform better let us know because we want to take our time buying the right system that will fits our demands.
  5. What hdd should i get

    Hi I need to upgrade my 1tb hdd in my gaming pc and i was looking to get probably 4tb but im not sure what the best drive to get for my games would be Many thanks
  6. I have an old server which I got from my work to fixup and place in the serverrack to do fun stuff with. It's a write-off for them but good enough for me It's a DL360 G6 with 1 backplane and I want to connect 6 2.5 inch discs... Which leaves me negative two spots. A new backplane with cables is around 40-50 euros on ebay so this is still a possibility but I just realised there may be a cheaper option. I've seen there are Mini-SAS to Sata cable for like 15 euros which leaves me with the power to sort out. Which... would be easy because I have a 6 pin male (PCIE) to 2 * 3 pin molex cable hanging around the house so I thought why not use that! Just put a male to male molex coupler on it an a molex to sata power and done! (FYI the only power connectors are on the motherboard and there is only 1 6 pin female left) But when I was searching for a molex to sata cable because I don't have any currently, they where all with 4 pin molex connectors but the connector on the PCIE cables are only 3 pin molex. Does this even matter? Or should I not bother with the connectors and just buy a HDD backplane and cables instead? It's a 20-30 euro difference which I would like to spend on other parts so some help would be advised. TL;DR Can you power a HDD over a 3 pin molex connector instead of a 4 pin? The cable I have with the molex connectors looks like this: Link to amazon
  7. New mass storage solution

    Hi community I have run out of storage space in my pc i currently have a 1tb hdd and its full and so needs replacing i am mainly using it for games and game files but i do have some documents and pictures So my question is should i just get a bigger hdd or would it benefit me to get a large ssd for my games (i already have a 120gb ssd for my os and a few programs) Thanks in advance
  8. So, this has been going on for about 3 days, roughly 72 hours. OS in question is Windows 10. Backstory: I have a roughly 9 year old 1TB hard disk drive that I used to store music and TV shows on. Torrent client downloading OS ISOs frequently started giving Cyclic Redundancy Errors, which I gracefully ignored. Roughly a few months back, I started getting gray screens in VLC (TV shows, usually 4k HDR so it was understandable) for read buffering but it gradually worsened right under my nose to the point that the drive is practically trash. I cannot play 80% music/video files. When I use Windows Explorer to navigate to the drive, it takes a good 20-30 seconds to even load the root folder list, sometimes more. The whole time the drive I/O LED stays lit, and task manager reports 100% active time with no data transfer but sporadic 100 KB/s spikes that do virtually nothing. To maintain my activity needs, I simply switched to another drive 2 months back for files that I need to use immediately. But now, all my drives are getting full and I need to replace (no slots left) the faulty drive with a more reliable 6TB surveillance drive (hopefully... please comment too). This is when the absolute worthlessness of the faulty HDD was reflected back on me, with an interesting twist. Since the drive has too many files, I subdivided them into 3 broad categories: Music, TV Shows, and "Everything Else". "Everything Else" copied over just fine, no slowdowns noted, to my surprise. You can see how the Music folder is doing in the screencap I posted. I am scared to think what would happen to the TV Shows folder since that is where it all began. In the beginning, Windows would often run chkdsk on startup and hang for 2-3 hours. However, Windows seems to have given up lately. In the 3 days since the copy process started, I got errors around 3-4 times complaining about windows not being able to read the files. The last time, I chose to ignore the ones that cannot be read and still, no improvements. My guess is that Windows waits till a timeout threshold to abandon files while copying, which, multiplied by over 20k files, is adding up to quite some time. Now for the interesting twist: the reason I explained my drive content composition and my copying strategy in detail is because only media files seem to be affected. 43 GB of "Everything Else" was copied in a flash. While googling, I stumbled upon another post where only media files were affected too. Could this get us anywhere close to resolving this frustrating issue peacefully without having to resort to violence like drilling through the drive? I just want the files.
  9. External HDD won't work

    Hi Guys, I have a one TB WD Passport HDD which is not working. When I plug it in, the icon does show up but the moment I click on it my explorer hangs up. The second I unplug the drive the PC is working again fast as ever. Here is the stuff I tried: 1. Ran check disk via CMD... doesn't work. The windows just doesn't respond. 2. Ran SFC ... nothing no response. 3. Booted Linux tried to mount ..nothing happens. 4. Booted into GParted, it keeps loading doesn't respond. 5. At least 5 different hard drive "scanning tools" don't detect the HDD either. They keep loading. The drive is spinning I can hear it and no clicking sounds either. I have plugged it into another PC, same response. In fact the one I plugged it in earlier is a brand new core i7 8700k with a nvme SSD and 16 gigs of lpx vengeance 3000 ram. I can rule out malware as Linux will have filtered it out (I think). The hard drive is spinning so it's not a broken header( I hope). This drive has fairly sensitive data. but I don't really have the dough to shell out 500 bucks for an HDD repair. Best Regards, Kaladin Stormblessed! P.S...
  10. Getting a new drive soon for a PC I built and I want to know what kind of things I should look out for when getting a new Hard Drive and what would be most optimal for constant use.
  11. Adding an old hdd to a new PC

    So, long story short, I ended up having to get a used custom build. Found a decent deal on Craigslist and snatched it up. The PC itself works great, however I'm having some trouble putting my old HDD in it. It came with a 250gb SSD with windows on it which I plan on using as the boot drive and using it to store a couple games I frequently play. I take the old hdd out of my old PC and hook it up, go into the BIOS and I don't see it listed in there. So I exit out and open the disk management window on my desktop, still nothing is showing up. As far as I know everything was connected properly and I used all the appropriate cables. Is there anything I'm missing? I've only built one PC before and I'm just now getting back into this hobby, so I'm still relatively new.
  12. Deleting Windows Off Old Drive

    So, I have an old HDD in my system that was the C: drive in my old PC that is now installed a the D: drive. To keep all the info on the drive I didn't wipe it before installing it, but now its starting to fill up(~20 gbs). The windows that is on there takes up about 17 gbs. The problem is that I need permission to delete the folders, even though I am the only user on the pc.
  13. How to not loose files after OS reinstall

    I'm sure this has been talked about, but it's too long to fit in the google search box: my windows 10 copy is corrupted to the extreme not allowing for any Microsoft apps to work, so I need to reinstall windows, or "repair" is it's called, but I don't want to lose some 200 gigs of games and data. I've backed up my D drive (games drive) and my C drive can't be backed up. How do I continue from a back up after reinstallation?
  14. Does anyone have any tips or software tricks that can be used to switch from either OS as long as its windows. meaning that if i had both OS's installed could i change from one to the other ?
  15. set up a SSD and a HDD as master/slave

    Hello, in a few weeks i might buy a 1TB HDD for my pc which im just gonna use for data. for my OS and other stuff i'm currently using a Kingston UV400 120GB SSD. but how can i set up a SSD as master and a HDD as slave? i think i have to do this somewhere at the BIOS menu, but i'm not sure
  16. Quiet HDD for my PC

    Hello, so i've got my gaming pc here and i'm currently only using a 120GB Kingston UV400 SSD for my OS and some important stuff. however, i'm also looking for a HDD with +1TB of storage, but i also need a quiet one so my PC stays as quiet as possible. are there any good HDD's with (more then) 1TB of storage and are also quiet? please let me know
  17. So, I have a 1TB HDD, and I want to change into an SDD. My question is: Is it that much of a difference to replace the HDD with an 1TB SDD than keeping the HDD and adding a small SDD for the OS (Windows 10)?
  18. Hello guys I hope someone can help me with this problem, 27.3.2018 I've instaled AVG Antivirus from https://avg.com, and then I ran AVG Remover (AVG_Remover.exe) https://avg.com/en-ww/utilities and then I ran Disk defragmentation in AVG. I thought it takes a lot of time and I ended it. But it still keep runing in Task Manager so I ended it using the button "End the process".... Then I restarted PC my and it would not boot anymore (stuck on boot screen - https://imgur.com/a/XSsJB) while my HDD was plugged in. Later my friend told me that I did a dumb thing, so I would like to know if I can somehow repair my HDD. Meanwhile I bought a SSD so that my PC could run at least Windows. I tried to remove cmos battery and give it back... But problem with HDD is still here Everything what AVG REMOVER .exe did to my PC avgremover.log - part one - https://pastebin.com/F4fipzeG, part two - https://pastebin.com/ZTzsJvVG avgremover_msilog.txt - https://pastebin.com/21Bu758x SSD OS - Windows 7 64 bit HDD OS - Windows 7 64 bit Motherboard - Asus Z77-A SSD - Kingston Now A400 - 120GB SA400S37/120G HDD - WDC WD10 EADS-00L5B1 1TB I'll be glad for every help
  19. To the point: I currently save my Xbox One captures to a HDD via USB and then when I want to edit the captures on my PC I take the HDD and plug it into my PC. I'm looking for something that removes the need to unplug the device from the Xbox. I don't mind if I have to flick a switch on the HDD from USB to Wifi/Ethernet but I really want to be able to just leave the HDD in the one spot and just copy the captures from the HDD over Wifi/Ethernet to my PC.
  20. External hdd not working

    So I need help My external seagate 8tb hdd is not working When I boot my pc the hdd gives me a beep sound When I unplug it and plug it back in while pc is on it gives me a beep The hdd itself sounds normal Its plugged into a usb 3.0 super speed and it has its own power brick so no issues with power could it be hdd failure? the warranty is on the hdd itself so....
  21. WD Hard drive problem

    Ok so i have a wd green(WD20EARX) 2tb and it doesnt work at all, windows crashes wile loading the drive, and if i dont click on it and use a drive scaner (HDD tune,HDD scan, and even segates tool) i cannot read the s.m.a.r.t wich is strange, i think that it is a pcb problem(wich im concidering buying) because the data is +\- important so yeah PS: i´ve read on other forums that a pcb swap+ the bios chip it works. And the drive is from a wd my book essentials(and i have the usb-sata converter) Here is the link for the donor hdd(https://ebay.com/itm/PCB-Controller-2060-771698-004-WD20EARX-00PASB0-Festplatten-Elektronik/182499059260?hash=item2a7dcaa63c:g:nrEAAOSwv0tVEYVR#shpCntId)
  22. External hdd not working

    So my external hdd works fine but on my laptop it wont work I used to have it plugged into my corsair strafe usb port nut it stopped working the hdd has its own power brick so how could it be a power issue? When my laptop is on is makes 2 beeps, id say 1 second apart (not rapid) USB 3.0 hdd plugged into a usb 2, could that be the issue??
  23. HDD Problems

    Hey everyone. So I'm installing my first HDD (I used nvme for boot drive). I'm seeing that it's detected in the sata 02 port in my bios, however I'm not seeing it in windows when I'm looking at my drives. What exactly might that be? Also, in case I'll be missing something when I actually try to download things, do I need to change settings for where my games will download so that they don't fill up my nvme? Will it bother anything that my games are located in one drive and steam is on the boot drive? Thanks for all the help in advance!
  24. Greetings! I have a question about PATA/SATA/FDD on my PSU. Is there a difference? Reason im asking that my computer seems to have a hard time reading the HDD, It's constantly at 100% disk usage just for opening files or even programs like chrome and steam. So when i noticed that the power cable for the HDD was in PATA, i placed it in SATA and everything is now smooth. So what gives? I'm just asking for educational purposes
  25. upon purchasing and installing the Samsung 860 evo 500 gb ssd it doesnt show up under my pc. However, it shows up in my bios that it's plugged in, on device manager and it says it is fully operational on samsung magican. i have tried updating driver through device manager and trying a new sata port. i have 1 other ssd and 2 hdd's both installed and showing up without ever having this problem. thanks in advance for any help. msi z87-g45 i5 4670k 16gb ram adata 120gb 980 ti windows 10