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  1. Hello, I'm in the process of building a B350 chipset PC into a Panzer Cougar-S case. The biggest problem I came across is that the case uses side-mounted storage. This puts the L shape of the SATA power cable facing towards the inside of the case, but the cables on my Corsair PSU all face the other way! This means I have to REALLY force it and it leaves the cables hard pressed the case just at a very sharp angle just to fit it in. I read that there is a way to turn the connector around on the PSU by taking off the plastic plate on the plug, turning it around and putting it back on, but none of them suggest to also rotate the cables. When flipping the connector, do I also have to flip the cables so it matches where they were originally? I really don't wanna fry my SSD and HDD. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. HI, I am looking to create a backup solution for my pc, however I am slightly unsure and would like to know other people's opinions. I am aiming for 3TB+ with redundancy if possible, and of course at the lowest price possible! As far as I am concerned there are 3 options for backing up my system at home: 1. Use external USB HDDs for backups and use a specific program to keep an exact mirror of the drives/folders I specify. (~£80) https://amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-Desktop-External-PlayStation/dp/B00UNA1ICQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1522501015&sr=8-2&keywords=external+hard+drive+usb+3 2. Use an internal HDD inside the pc I want to backup. (~£170) https://amazon.co.uk/WD-RED-NAS-Hard-Drive/dp/B008JJLW4M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522507091&sr=8-1&keywords=wd+red+3tb 3. Use windows homegroup to transfer files to my second machine with 2 HDDs in mirror through raid. (~£170) https://amazon.co.uk/WD-RED-NAS-Hard-Drive/dp/B008JJLW4M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522507091&sr=8-1&keywords=wd+red+3tb My understanding is that option 3 is superior, due to higher transfer, the possibility for redundancy and the fact that any pc in my network can access the files. However, the drives that I would need for my second pc are much more expensive. Just after other peoples opinions as to what I should do! Thanks P.S. Sorry for the links and prices to Amazon UK.
  3. Hey everyone! Hoping to hear some suggestions for a new case... I've been searching for something like the corsair 900D (which allows for internal 3.5" bay hot swapping) but in a smaller/cheaper variety. The brand doesn't bother me too much either. https://corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/900D-HDD-SATA-Hot-Swap-Cable/p/CC-8930118 https://corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/900D-HDD-Drive-Cage/p/CC-8930108 I attached a picture of the internal hot swapping that's offered in the Corsair 900D Simply looking to see if anyone knows of an equivalent in a different/smaller/cheaper case. Thanks!
  4. why do hard drives and some ssd's use the sata connection. why cant every connection in a system just use usb ports. like the front panel connectors have so many different wires like the led and the power button. why cant they just plug into a usb port which can make everything easier. sorry if its unclear to understand
  5. Hdd without correct mounting

    Since my psu is a little to big for my case I had to take out the hdd cage in my pc. My hdd therefore sits on the bottom of my pc. It sits inside a mounting like the one in the picture. Should i worry that it will be damaged by vibration?
  6. Hello guys i just bought a sandisk 120gb ssd.My hdd(sata 2 old thingy if it matters) has my current windows (10 pro 64 bits) and i was wondering if i can format my hdd somehow so i can put my ssd in and install windows.How should i install windows?
  7. My F: drive is constantly maxing out. I recently upgraded my desktop to windows 10 without many difficulties, but now my F: drive is always running at 100%. I have tried a variety of things which i've found on other forums, but none of them have helped. This problem is mainly on my F: drive but sometimes, for approximately 30 seconds, the F: drive "slows down" and the D: drive spikes up to 100%, then it goes back over to the F: drive. I didn't have any problems like this before I switched over to windows 10. What can be done? I have already tried to uninstall a couple of programs who seemed like they could be the reason, i've tried to run disc recovery as well as double check my MSI interruptions. Might it be an Idea to just reformat the drive? The drive in question is a 4tb sshd.
  8. My question is what is the purpose of m.2 SSD installed as cache. Along side a 7200rpm hard drive. What does it do as the cache drive?
  9. Buy HDDs on Amazon: http://geni.us/iJD6t Hard drive mining... could this be the solution to the GPU crisis?...
  10. Gaming level?

    Amd fx-6100 3.1ghz 6cores/threads Rx550 4gb gddr5 8gb ram ddr3 Normal mobo 500watts psu 1tb hdd 120gb ssd (os) I know it is kinda old beast rig, is it okay for budget? My budget is around rm1200($300 maybe)... P.s. the items are used.. Can you rate my plan?
  11. My Secondary HDD Drive stopped working as i was updating a bunch of games. Upon this happening my computer became unusable so i has to hard reset it my PC, when booting back up and looking, it cant find the drive (it knows theirs a drive there but cant access or do anything with it). Only way i was able to get it working again was plugging the power and sata cables out and in again (tried a different sata cable but not a new power cable just yet). This helped in regaining full use of it like normal but after some use (about 15 mins of browsing the disk) the crashing process repeats. The drive is about 4 years old and is a Seagate ST3000DM001 3TB. Never had an issue with this before (or PC in general) so am unsure of what to do
  12. I I currently have 840 evo 256gb splitted into two partitions. C is for windows 10 pro, while G is mostly for other apps. I just bought Samsung EVO 850 500GB for crazy cheap (spent only 107 GBP). How much space do I need to free on a SSD/HDD to keep best performance? If I want to calculate how much space I need to free up, do I need to measure two SSD portitions as one unit (combine their used storage and make sure both have equally free space)? Or I can fill up one partition max and leave another one more empty?
  13. They are cheaper per gb than equally sized or larger ssds and since they're mechanical, they do have longer lifespans than ssds, however much that may actually be, but are they worth it over standard 7200rpm drives like Seagate Barracuda (My own personal preference, or hybrid drives like Firecudas and Momentus XT. What about accelerating them with Optane? Would that make them perform on par with cheaper nand flash ssds for data storage and gaming? Does Optane also work with raid arrays?
  14. I've been crazy busy the past year but I've got a new job now as a network engineer. I'm getting back around to finishing up some projects and I would like to put a NVME PCIe SSD in my home server. Any recommendations on what PCIe SSD is best right now? Looking to stay under $500 or near**
  15. I recently bought Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM sata3 HDD. If i am powering up my pc hdd makes short, note very loud beep. Is it normal and what causes it?
  16. I just built a computer for a friend. I've built a couple before and never had this problem. The disk usage after startup is almost constantly 100% or close to that. I looked under task manager and it is the svchost.exe that uses it all. Are they any solutions?
  17. can i add another drive to my pc?

    hey guys i have a pc witha 300w psu powering a i5 4460, gtx 1050ti, and 1 1tb sata hdd. is it safe to add another hdd? also, is it that wd black hdds take up more power or do all sata hdds draw equal power?
  18. Ok, so this sorta sucks hella hard. I lost 2tb of movies and shows that I had accumulated over the years, but was lucky enough to recover all the files. Now the issue is that every. single. file. has now been given arbitrary names from the recovery software I used i.e. "FILE1337" FILE8008.... Is there ANY way to recover the file names or am I just boned and have to watch each file and remember the names???
  19. Faster CPU or SSD?

    I would like my question to be short, so : Should I get an i3 8100 with a SSD or an i5 8400 with a 500 GB HDD? I suppose an i5 with the HDD can be upgraded to SSD later on, but if I get an i3, I can get the motherboard which has 4 RAM slots (which is releasing supposedly on April 2) instead of the motherboard with two RAM slots if I go to the i5. Which one would be a better configuration? PS I am a programmer and a student
  20. Hey fellas, new to this forum but decided that asking a community to tech fellows would be helpful. So I recently bought a new SSD in m.2 form, it's a 500GB Western Digital Blue SSD and I was super excited for it until I realized it might be more trouble than it seems. I have the latest BIOS, my MB is a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 LGA 1151 board with a GTX 1060 6 gig and an i5 6500. I had a lot of trouble getting the SSD to work in the first place but realized I just needed to kinda... bring it to life through the OS. After that, I installed the Win10 boot drive into my 8 gig USB 2.0 flash drive and got to work. So then I unplugged my HDD after power off my computer, doing the necessary changes on the BIOS with the UEFI stuff, booting from the flash drive, and installing the OS onto the SSD. Had some trouble there too, but figured out that I had to "delete" the data on there and format it according to what the installer wanted etc etc and it installed successfully. As soon as it reboot itself it launched back into the installed and so I just powered it down, went into the BIOS menu, and set the primary boot drive to be the SSD. Once it reboot once more, it brought me to a black screen telling me to either insert the drive I specified or to use another device, so obviously it would not recognize the SSD. So at this point, I try re installed the flash drive like 3 times, reinstalling the OS a few times as well, tinkering with formatting and other shit but it does NOT work. I'm currently feeling defeated and am just downloading my games onto the SSD but I really want to install my OS on it, as it was one of the main reasons I bought this SSD in the first place. Hopefully you guys can help me out?
  21. Recover Deleted FILES HDD

    Hi, I accidentally deleted a volume where all my data is stored. But it somehow deleted the whole drive. I messed it up. Now I'm trying to recover all the files but there's already some activity in the HDD that I accidentally formatted. So whenever I try to recover the deleted files. It just shows the files that I have recently put in there. Is there any ways I can recover it ? I mean, the formatted HDD has already got some new files in there (new activity in formatted HDD). so it just shows those files not the previous one. even the volumes in the previous one are not the same. It only shows 1 volume or the whole drive. I have tried a few trials recovery data software but NONE shows the volumes I'm looking for. THIS IS MESSED UP!
  22. Hi everyone I am expanding my DIY NAS/Server and looking for a cheap mounting solution for additional drives. At this point I am outgrowing the case so I have three options: build a PC-case and mount a couple of drive cages into them. The problem is, those are quite expensive even the simple bent sheet-metal ones. I don't need anything fancy. Does anyone know where to get cheap drive cages? I could probably weld something together for about 60 euros that fits my needs exactly and can be expanded in the future find a cheap case, probably used that can comfortably fit 12 3.5-inch drives (not ideal because I will probably need more space in a year or so) thanks for the help
  23. What recommendations would be for usb 3.0 quad bay hdd enclosure with no hdd capacity limitation? found one but its expensive, any alternatives? and i dont want it to be RAID i want it as the separate drives showing up on computer https://icydock.com/goods.php?id=218 for example found this one, on product page it doesnt say anything but on amazon it says 4 hdd up to 6tb http://orico.cc/goods.php?id=4821
  24. Worryingly Loud HDD

    I recently got a new HDD for my computer since the old one died, I got the new one from a friend who had had it in storage for a while and it works fine, but right off the bat I noticed it was rather slow and could be very loud, it is a bit faster now but it's louder than ever, it is clearly audible above the fans. The sound it makes is a sort of grinding scrape, it is not constant but mainly only when I move large filed or am shutting down and booting up. Should I be worried?
  25. Dead drive

    Hello, not sure if anyone LTT related will read this, but my HDD recently died along with some crucial data. After a ton of trial and error with alot of tips form the web including various LTT videos, I had to face the hard truth that my data was lost. However there was one thing I hadnt tried (short of specialized data recovery services, #expensive) and that was trying to get a new pcb for the hdd. This led me to take the pcb of the hdd make which in turn made me notice that the contact points had eroded.. Some scraping later and boom it worked and my data is now secure Why I didn't think of it before is beyond me, perhaps simply because it was never a topic anywhere I went for internett knowledge. I thought I should share this incase other ppl have issues with drives dying.