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  1. WD Black vs Gold

    Hey guys, Should I pick WD Black or Gold for my new build? They both cost the same here.
  2. I have a PC with the following components. ASUS Prime B250M-A intel Core i3-7100 intel stock cooler 8GB of Crucial DDR4-2400 Windows 10 PRO GALAX GTX 1050 Kingston 128GB M.2 SSD Hitachi 250GB 7200rpm Hard drive EVGA 450W 80+ Bronze Non Modular Power Supply Fractal Design Node 605 Sony Blu-ray Optical drive 2 Noctua NF-F12 ippc 3000RPM fans I want to add 2 H3IKNAS600012872SWW HGST 6TB Drives to double it as a nas Will it work? Local Network Speed: 1Gbps connected with a Netgear GS308 8 port switch
  3. As the title says. How are the Ironwolf disks? I've always went with WD myself mostly because of brand loyalty, but my main HDD has been a 2TB Seagate drive for a while now and I've never had problems with it. The Ironwolfs are a little cheaper compared to the WD Reds (only ~15 euros however though). I've come across some stories about Seagate drives and failures, but I'm not sure how much of that to believe. Which one would you get?
  4. Hi Guys. ive been running Unraid for a couple of years on my Zotac motherboard, with a mix of 1.5 and 2TB disks, ofcause with a lovely 2TB disk as parity. Anyhow, im in the unfortunate situation that a 2TB ST2000DM001 has died, and im now on the lookout for a replacement. Since the prices of 2TB disks dont really make sense, ive been considering starting to grow my array over time with 4 or 6TB disks (im at 10TB used and growing... video Library... yaaay), but i am unsure if my motherboard supports disks larger than 2 TB. Anyone have any insights to the wierdness that is an Atom Based NM10 chipset running on a DTX board :-)
  5. Currently, a X300 5TB hard drive costs $151 at Micro Center and I'm totally tempted to get it, plus I can reach a MC store via transit. Based on experience, the 1TB Toshiba laptop hard drive inside my PS3 is still alive and reliable after a year, but when it comes to desktop hard drives, people like it and don't. Currently, my PC just needs an archive HD, nothing too fancy. Anyone have input with this series of internal hard drives??
  6. Amazon: http://geni.us/4EjA NCIX: http://bit.ly/1T30Dms Seagate: http://bit.ly/seagateltt Can you handle the raw power and storage of the.. STORINATOR?
  7. Freenas 3x6TB WD Reds?

    Hi I need abit of help. Im planning my freenas build... I think im going to use 3x6TB WD REDs in RaidZ1 would this be ok considering there 6TB in RaidZ1? I dont know how well RaidZ1 works with 6TB Drives? Also Would i be able to use 4x6TB RaidZ1? I dont see the point in using 4x6TB RaidZ2 so i thought 3x6TB RaidZ1 made more sense.
  8. 6tb face off

    while making a build in terms of storage wise we will add 4 wd 6tb but which one is better for read and write speed and why is it the green or the red or the purple thanks
  9. SilverStone DS380 NCIX: http://bit.ly/1pTSzL2 Amazon: http://geni.us/2t6A Seagate 6TB Enterprise Capacity NCIX: http://bit.ly/14gvN6k Amazon: http://geni.us/1Q0w Seagate 4TB NAS HDD NCIX: http://bit.ly/1yD3yaN Amazon: http://geni.us/2F3t What do you do when you come across 48TB of HDD storage? You build a NAS!
  10. ------------------Source----------------- PCMarket Hong Kong 5/6/2014 --------------------Article----------------- -------------------------------------------- HGST UltraStar He6 is the world first 6 TB hard drive. It is an enterprise level product and it cost 5580HKD. It is twice as expensive as HGST 4TB model. The drive was fitted with 7 860GB Disk. Because the inside of the hard drive is filled with Helium, there is less drag while the disk spin and decreased heat output and power consumption. The 6TB drive weight only 640g. It is lighter than HGST 4TB (5disk) 50g. Compare to Seagate 4TB (610g), it is only 30g heavier. HGST states that, compare He6 to other 4TB drives operation temperature is 4-5C lower, ide watt is 23% lower, and noise 30% lower. The drive read & write watt is only 7.3W and is lower than 4TB (typical 10W) drives. Other spec includes: Internal transfer 177MB/s (5MB/s faster than 4TB) 64MB cache -----------------------Test---------------------- On image ------------Conclusion------------------ HD Tune Pro shows He6 have no advantage over 4TB drives Crystal Disk Mark shows 4K Read & Write is faster than typical 4TB. Others have no advantage. ----------------------------Seagate 6TB on Sale for US300---------------------- Available on Amazon Drive features 6TB 6 disk (1TB per disk), 7200rpm and 128MB cache.
  11. Holy batman Seagate! A 6TB has been pre-announced at Las Vegas, I think their highest corresponding drive was capped at 4TB I think, so a 50% increase in capacity is pretty good. Pricing isn't available yet though! Source: http://theregister.co.uk/2014/04/07/seagates_six_bytes_of_terror/
  12. Japanese Media Akiba PC reported, Hitachi's 6TB helium-filled harddrive is now available in Japan, with limited supply (as parallel import goods), for around 60000-64000 yen, which is around $USD528-625. This drive is an enterprise-class 3.5" hard drive, has both SATA and SAS version, 7200 rpm and 64MB cache. Since this drive is now be available in Japan, it should be available in other countries soon. Product Info http://hgst.com/hard-drives/enterprise-hard-drives/enterprise-sas-drives/ultrastar-he6 http://akiba-pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/news/20140208_634479.html (in Japanese)