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  1. My liquid cooled core i5 hits 80c when stress testing it I had it running at 4.6 ghz no problems for 4 months for gaming system was used about 4 hours a week Yesterday I checked my temps cause I was noticing my fans were really loud and my temps were at 80c they had never gotten that high before normal had been in mid 60s when gaming now even at stock it idles at 57c and any load makes it jump up to almost 80c, I have tried changing thermal compound, and fan swap temps went up after thermal paste swap, My pc specs are Z170x gaming 7 i5 7600k 16 gig g skill trident rgb 3000mhz Gtx 1060 3gb Samsung evo 250 gig nvme 1tb wd blue Rosewill photon 650watt psu Deep cool captain ex 240mm aio
  2. I5-7600k @ 5Ghz GTX 770 Corsair H100i V2 EVGA supernova 600w 16gb 3200mhz Corsair Vengance 140gb Intel SSD Phanteks Evolv Shift X Asus z270i
  3. No overclock, just base clock of 3.8 GHz. I'm pretty sure it won't but I just want to make sure and get some opinions.
  4. I have and i5-7600k and it has an overheating issue. I've measure it with CAM and OpenHardwareMonitor, on both it registers as hitting around 97 degrees celsius which is obviously way too high and is affecting performance. Even at idle it sits at about 70. I am using the stock Intel cooler but I've only been having this issue recently after having the processor for months and it working just fine. Here are the troubleshooting steps I have taken thus far: - Re-apply thermal paste - Updated bios - Restarted multiple times - Made sure nothing CPU intensive was running in the background Anything I else I should try before I go and just buy a new cooler? If you need any more info let me know and thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, my name is Leon and im planning on Upgrading my System. Im currently running: Gforce 760 GTX Intel I5 with 2x3,0 Ghz if i remember correctly 2x4gb ddr3 and some gigabyte motherboard and planning to upgrade to: ASUS Strix Z270F Intel COre i5-7600K Palit GeForce GTX 1060 3 or 6 gb (not entirely sure yet if the 6bg is worth it - opinions please. and im only buying one of those when they go back down in price they went from like 225€ to 350€+) Would the new system be stable and most importantly would it bottleneck on a part. Also would there be better options on some of the Parts. I am only planning on replacing my Motherboard the Gcard and the Processor since the rest of my stuff like my ssd and hdd's and case and powersupply are still fairly new Thx in advance Leon
  6. I build my friend a computer just at the end of 2017 (before Ryzen!), with a 7600k CPU and the asus strix 1070. The first couple of days it worked perfectly, with 100+ Fps on Overwatch, but when he tried to install Rocket League, the game only ran with 1-2 Fps. The next day he couldnt even run Overwatch (0-1 Fps). I then made him check task manager at, and he said that it the CPU usage was at 100% constantly (80-90% from Overwatch, 10 or so from Discord). I then searched the webs and found only people wondering why the CPU usage was so high, but none had less than 70 Fps. The motherboard is a h270 so no overclocking (his choice). System specs: i5 7600K Asus Strix 1070 Asus ROG Strix H270F Gaming G.Skill FlareX 16 gb Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Any help would be greatly appreciated, but it may take a little time for me to response, cause i dont have the computer that close.
  7. I'm planning to buy the i5 7600k and 16gb ram, I've got £100(ish) to spend on a motherboard that supports overclocking. What would be the best motherboard for that price? I'm currently thinking about the 'asrock z170 pro4'.
  8. Intel i5 7600k

    Hi All, I need some advice with a Intel i5 7600k cooling. Long short, I bought a Corsair H100i v2 used, and the pump in not working. I'm going to buy (2 january 2018) a NZXT Kraken x52 or x62. Meanwhile I want to use de pc whit a stock Intel cooler that I found. Is that possible? Can I game on it? Or only for OS instaltion, drivers and some web browsing? Specificaly I want to play Destiny 2 at high and 1080p. Any advice? Can I limit the speed of the clock to avoid overheat? (How? BIOS or Windows Software?) My setup: Intel i5 7600k (no cooler duh hahahha) Asus Strix Z270 F Asus Strix NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB RAM 16 GB Corsair LPX DDR4 SanDisk SSD Plus 480GB Western Digital 1TB EVGA 650 GQ Case NZXT S340
  9. Switch to Ether mining

    So I have a gaming rig that I built this summer (parts shown and pcpartpicker link) and I’ve decided to start doing some light ether mining while I am not using it for gaming. I plan on mining Ethereum and running the program from about 10 PM to about 3 PM the next day when I get home from school. To try and minimize cost of running and maximizing performance I am going to over lock my 1060 and underclock my 7600k. The reason for underclocking the cpu is to reduce power draw (obviously) because the cpu does not effect mining out comes. So my question is how would I go about underclocking cpu, like safe settings wile also being decently lower than what I have it at right now for gaming (4.9 ghz).
  10. Hi! I have a z170 pro gaming and an i7 6700k, with 32GB of ram. I have to change the CPU for an i5 7600k, so, before changing it, I updated the bios with the 6700k in the system (BIOS Ver. 3501). After updating, I start windows to see that everything works, and everything was fine, I turn off the PC and change the CPU. When starting widnows, I go to system properties and it appears as if it only had 16 gb of ram, but in the bios it detects the 4 Sticks. I tried one stick at a time, to see if it was a ram problem, and they all work fine, I got another 32 gb of a friend's ram, and I have the same problem, bios detects the 4 stick, but only reports 16 gb installed. I check the socket for bent pins, and everything looks good. when putting the i7 again, it detects the entire ram (32gb), and windows also reports 32 gb installed. Some help? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi all I game at 1080p with a 144hz monitor. So I just got a GTX 1070 and am looking to upgrade my CPU possibly to a 7600k and also my motherboard as my old 4460 seems to be holding it back. Would you recommend the 7600k still, I see Coffee Lake just came out and also wondered if the 8600k would be worth the extra £50? What is the best price to performance motherboard for the CPU at the moment? Also what CPU fan would you recommend, still the 212 Evo? Thanks
  12. Hello! I recently purchased an i5 7600k 7th generation processor and when I received it it was outside the protective plastic piece.Thankfully I record the unboxing of the product so if I need it replaced I'l be fine.I then looked at the back pack for damage and eventually found this. It is a small piece of paper/cardboard near the middle of the picture.What should I do? Should this piece of paper/cardboard be there? Can anyone else spot any more damage? Please give your recommendations below.Thank you for your time I really appreciate it!
  13. core i5 7600k cooler

    Hello My PC specs are: Z270X ultra gaming, core i5 7600k, GTX 1060 G1 Gaming, G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200 MHz, which is from the following fans is better 1- CRYORIG H7 Tower https://amazon.com/gp/product/B00S7YA5FQ/ 2- Cooler Master Hyper 612 Ver.2 https://amazon.com/dp/B00PJSFR7Y/ 3- Cooler Master GeminII S524 Version 2 https://amazon.com/dp/B00UOIK3FU/ 4- be quiet! BK010 Shadow Rock Slim https://amazon.com/dp/B00HPXZF2I or any other fans you suggest my budget is $50
  14. I am piecing a new PC together and I know all the parts I want, I am going to buy everything besides the new GPU (MSI Armor 1080) and I want to know if the bottleneck from my OLD gpu will majorly bottleneck my i5-7600k My current GPU is a founders edition gtx 760. I am still going to buy the new gpu, I just have to wait longer to get it cause its 500 dollars and I need to save some more money. I just want to know how my pc will perform until I get the card. Wondering if I should wait till I also have enough for the gpu and then order all of it. Thoughts? Including the entire build parts list after I have all the parts, what my pc will be. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/tamamale/saved/fLnQVn
  15. I5 or I5X

    Does the 7640X perform better in gaming than the 7600k. I´m asking this beacuse i found them both for the same price
  16. I know it's kinda ridiculous, I don't think it will happen but I have a friend who thinks my 7600k will bottleneck a 1080. Do you guys think that's true?
  17. Hello all, I've noticed that my cpu, a i5-7600k running at stock speeds, is getting hotter than I would expect when gaming (80-81) and idle temps seem to high (38-45). I am using a Cryorig H7 tower cooler with the included fan and thermal paste to cool the CPU and a MasterBow Lite 5 with 3 intake fans and 1 exhaust. My gtx 1080 is a FTW so internal exhaust but it usually stays around 60 even when I play Ghost Recon at maxed settings in 1080p. I am using CPU ID hardware monitor to check the temps. This is my first build so its possible that I don't have the cooler or thermal paste applied properly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Specific case last night I was playing Ghost Recon for few hours and noticed my frame rate was going down to about 50 when its normally 65+ the side of my case was hot and the max CPU temps were 80+ on all 4 cores and the package. Thanks
  18. I5-7600k vs ryzen 1600x for future gaming I know already i5 is slightly better in gaming but what about future ? Will I need a 6 core processor considering intel will be releasing an i5 with 6 cores (8th gen) should i wait for it Or buy one on those listed above, thanks
  19. HI!. First of all, sorry for my poor english, isnt my native XD. Well, right now, i have my pc for games and some work, and had another pc an athlon X2 250 for testing components, and things like that. About my rig... well is an old rig, i know.. but right now, it work just fine. A q6600 oc to 3200 with air colling 8 gb of ram 4x2gb 800mhz A corsair 750m And a shappire r9 290x Wind 7 pro samsung evo 850 120 gb Real test are about 35 fps in battlefield 1 high settings, and 45-60 fps gta5 hight settings i prefer buy a good power supply for the oc and spend some money on the graphic card, but now, i will upgrade cpu, motherboard and ram, so i obviously doubt between 1600-1600x and 7600k. After do my homework, i decide go for the 1600 for the stock cooler and no really much diference with the 1600x. Before the q6600 i always had amd, and in times of the am2, wasnt really great for gaming (my experience), and some people last gen amd, always talk about problems with amd cpu + amd gpu. I have 2 great doubts. First Will i have any problem with my 290x and my 1600? drivers and software i mean. Second I read about top speed rams go better with the ryzen. There are about 40€ between 16gb of ram at 2400 and 16 at 3200. Worth it? My budget is about 450€ 217€ the cpu 110€ the motherboard and, 16gb of 3200 +-170€ 500€ total +- 450 with 16 gb of 2400 worth it? I know what my graphic card is cappable of i dont wanna play 4ks at 80 fps just hight setting 60 fps +- or low the graphics, np. The thing is i work doing blueprints of buildings and use autocad and revit, so for the renders, i preffer go with the ryzen, not just games, but aim a bit afraid that, if i go qith the 2400 of ram, maybe the i5 is better. Sorry again for my pitty english and ty for you help.
  20. So I was thinking of upgrading my computer from 3570K to AMD's Ryzen 1600 only to discover that there's just no really good mATX boards available. Looking at boards available for Intel however shows a few really nice high end alternatives in the mATX format. So that leaves me wondering, is Intel's 7600K still a solid alternative or perhaps 7700K? I know that there's no upgrade path beyond them however. Or will there be some high end X370 boards coming out soon so that I can stick with the Ryzen?
  21. Hello, a few days ago I've decided to overclock my cpu for the first time. Before that, I've done some research on the internet and learned the basics of OC, meaning: the more voltage you put, the more GHz you're going to get... and the brighter your CPU will burn (that's the point my knowledge is at). Anyway, after one unsuccessful overclock (BSOD) at 4,7Ghz with 1200V, I changed the voltage to 1235V and using intel extreme tuning utility I've done a 4h CPU stress test without getting a single crash. The highest temperature while stress testing was around 75C, and while gaming the average temperatures were around 65C My problem is, that while playing games, for example PUBG, my cpu stays at around 4,6GHz instead of the 4,7GHz I set for it. But when I'm stress testing it, the CPU stays at exactly 4,7GHz, or even when I'm watching YT videos or doing nothing the CPU stays at around 4,66GHz. So, my question is: Is there anyone who knows, how to keep my CPU at 4,7GHz while gaming? I already tried disabling Turbo boost in bios, but all it did was reset CPU ratio back to auto, and whenever I tried to switch it back to all core to overclock my CPU again, Turbo Boost kept switching back on. I tried to change the windows power mode to balanced in order to keep it disabled but that didn't work either. http://imgur.com/a/leLyl I also tried to set the AVX Ratio to 0, but all I could do is set it to AUTO. Below are the screenshots of my CPU and Voltage configuration in the bios: http://imgur.com/a/fGU5W AVX Ratio is set to (-1) http://imgur.com/a/Y3eKj http://imgur.com/a/Noumn And here's a screenshot of the results from intel extreme tuning utility while stress testing(1), gaming(2), idle(3).http://imgur.com/a/wXnxq Ps. I'm using the Asrock Extreme4 z270 motherboard and an XMP profile to boost my ram. Ps2. I overclocked my CPu to 4,8GHz this morning, and now, while gaming, my cpu is stuck at 4,7GHz, so it seems that no matter the overclock, 100MHz are not being used. Regards.
  22. What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better. Gaming: CSGO, Overwatch, Skyrim, GTA. If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings). 1080p, at least 60 fps, high settings. What is your budget ? £1000. But would like to keep the build as cheap as possible. In what country are you purchasing your parts? UK. Build One (1600): https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/tqtGTH Build Two (7600k): https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/9FRWqk
  23. Bottleneck but can't find it

    I'm experiencing slowdowns on strategy games but can't find the bottleneck I have a 7600k msi krait motherboard 16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz ram and a msi gaming x 1060
  24. When i am playing Playerunknowns Battlegrounds my CPU load is always at 90-100%. When i am broswing the internet it is about 20-30%. I have it Overclocket to about 4.2Ghz. Im not sure, but my friends seem to only have about 50% load with waaaay older Cpu's. Is anything wrong with my System? Is there maybe an important driver i missed? My Specs are: -Gtx 970 -ASUS ROG STRIX Z270H -16Gb of Ram As a CPU-cooler i use a BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3 pro ps: Im new in this forum and english is not my nativ language so pleas dont kill me
  25. 1. Budget & Location Location: UK Budget: Semi-flexible, £900-1100 GBP target. 2. Aim Mostly, it's a triple monitor work machine. I work in IT and work from home a lot, its a produtivity machine involving coding, network and traffic analysis etc.. Along with fairly heavy use document and diagram creation. I use Photoshop casually. There is also a requirement for casual to medium gaming, but only at 1080p, as my 3x identical monitors are 1920x1080 native. I'm fine with NOT making the switch to 1440 etc.. 1080p gaming is just fine. 3. Monitors 3x 24" 1080p monitors currently running off of DVI. I expect to have to convert these from display port on a modern graphics card, thats fine. 4. Peripherals No, I have all the peripherals I need. They are not included in this build. 5. Why are you upgrading? My current rig has run its course. more and more I'm finding the slow downs being noticeable. in gaming, I struggle to play the things I want to at very nice settings these days. Overall it's just showing its age. My current rig is 3.5 ish years old: i5-3570k nVidia GTX 670 8Gb Corsair Dominator (DDR3) I have a collection of SSD's in RAId arrays also, that i'll be re-jiggling into the new machine. 2x Intel 530's in RADI1 (boot device). 4x OCZ Agility's in RAID10 (used as a production file system, faster access, redundancy). I also have a 4Tb internal SATA drive, and a few external 2Tb backups drives, so storage isn't to be concerned in this build. I will handle that. My propsed build so far: Intel i5-7600k ASUS Prime Z270-K Motherboard eVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb SSC ACX 16Gb (2x8) Corsair Vengeance LPX C14 DDR4-2400 Samsung 960 EVO 250Gb M.2 SSD Corsair RM650x PSU NZXT S340 Elite Black Case Corsair Hydro Series H115i 280mm Liquid Cooler TOTAL PRICE - £1136 GBP The main areas where my knowledge limitations held me abck on making confident decisions were the Graphics Card and RAM. But I'm open to consider and research suggestions and alterations made on other parts.