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  1. Hello Linusites, I used to work with this guy who was able to push a button and the mouse would do all these predefined actions. He did this to become more efficient and not have to rewrite certain answers over and over. All I knew was that he used some scripts that he put into this program and made it work. Anybody know what programs do this now a days. I've searched but maybe I'm not using the correct keywords. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.
  2. So I just got into streaming, but I noticed the other day that @ 2500 kbs my streams with a lot of action but are not demanding on my computer (2d platformers for example) look blurry as hell when going fast on YouTube live. What should be my Bitrate be of considering I get about 12 Mbps upload? I also have an RX 470 and an i7 4790 with 8 gigs of RAM. I currently have obs on the "faster" CPU preset. I'll drop the framerate if need be, but I'd really prefer to stay at 48 if I can. My main concern is can my internet handle a higher bitrate. For more demanding games I'm going to drop it down to 30 fps, but I'd like to be able to run at 48 for certain games if possible
  3. Looking For A New Game

    So I've tried browsing on Steam & I've come to the conclusion I hate the way they sort things. Why can't everyone learn from Newegg & let me check boxes for what I am & aren't searching for to fine tune my search & or browsing results. I'm looking for a free, decently rated, third-person either Shooter, Action or Adventure RPG. I know WarFrame is an obvious first choice on Steam that checks all those boxes, but I want more options because I ain't deciding just yet. As some of you know I play RuneScape mostly, so my standards for graphics aren't too high lol. Although I do value a games U.I a lot & my recent week long Perfect World International experience left me with a massive headache so I'll never do that again. I also play a little Real Racing 3 on my S7 so if decent graphics are possible in whatever you suggest, fire away. What I don't want is something equally long term grindy as what I already do or completely pay to win. I love how you can do whatever you want at any time in R.S by not being restricted to pick a particular race at the beginning like many other games are. I've heard that's pretty rare in the free category though, so I guess you could say I'm looking for a poor-mans GTA. Thanks in advance & for everything else y'all have helped me with in the past.
  4. Cannot record since I got 2k monitor

    I got a dell SG s2716dg, and I can no longer record.. I can only record in dirt trash quality. I have a i7- 4790k, z87m GAMING Motherboard GTX1080 TI, 18gig vengance ram, 2 850 EVO ssds, one 500g, one 1tb. All recording software and recording is ONLY on the tb ssd. NOTHING ELSE. Its only reason for existence is to record. Action lags my games, all games. Obs doesnt record in high quality no matter the settings, Dxtory lags game and video. Before getting this monitor I did not have a single issue recording and did 1080i 60p Videos.( I have all my drivers updated, monitor, gpu, anything.)
  5. Hello. I make very simple frame-by-frame animation videos in Photoshop for YouTube. Those videos generally require 500-600 individual images to be saved (From the same opened file with minor changes) and sometimes even thousands. As you van imagine, manually saving each individual one by clicking "File" "Save As", selecting JPEG and then manually renaming them in sequential numbers one after the other (1,2,3,4,5) is unbelievably demotivating and tedious. I am aware that there is a way of automating this process but simply can't find a solution. So what I need is a script\action which by pressing a shortcut key on my keyboard: -Saves the opened image file as .jpeg quality 12 -Saves it in the same folder as the opened .psd file -Saves all of the following images in ascensing numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10..) Thank you for the help. Luka
  6. I am looking into getting a GoPro and am wondering wether I should wait until the Hero 6 is released or go ahead and buy the Hero 5 Black. It has been announced that the Hero 6 will be released sometime later this year but no specs have been released for it (I doubt that it will be released before October). GoPro is also running a limited time promotion right now where you can send in any old GoPro and get $100 USD off of the Hero 5 Black bringing the price down to $299.99 (I currently have a Hero 2 and I have no idea if it still works). I will be doing a lot of things this summer that having a functioning GoPro would be really nice for. My question is, if you were in my shoes, what would your choice be? Go ahead and Buy the Hero 5 Black now, or wait till the Hero 6 is released?
  7. Source: http://theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/4/20/15355234/gopro-fusion-camera-360-spherical-sample-video Specs: 5.2K video at 30 frames per second “OverCapture” — Pulls full HD imagery out of the 5.2K recording sphere Looks like GoPro is finally getting into the 360-degree camera game, probably due to the success of the Gear 360 and the Nikon Key Mission. No word on price yet. Interestingly the article notes that GoPro went out of its way to avoid using the phrase "360-degree", I wonder if this means it won't be able to output the full 5.2k image? Edit: I brightened the teaser image in Photoshop and it looks like there's a standard GoPro mount on the bottom as well as 2 buttons on the right side, one of them being 'mode'.
  8. Game suggestions?

    I need some game suggestions, preferably under £20 but I can save for full £40 games. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi and historical games, some RPGs, stealth games, survival games and FPS. I currently have Ark, Portal, Shadow of Mordor, Skyrim (original), Minecraft and some free games like TF2 . Any suggestions would be appreciated, but my parents are strange about how they draw the line on what games I can play (most 16s and all below, some 18s) but aren't very good about it. My Specs aren't a problem, only incredibly demanding or unoptimised games will run badly
  9. CrowFall

    Anyone in the community Playing this game? I backed it recently because of one of my buddies, but I am looking for more people I can play with.
  10. Android Gaming Questions

    So I've owned this Galaxy S7 for a few weeks now & about all I've done with it is make/receive calls, take lots of notes & sent two texts. I know it's capable of gaming but have no clue which I should try. I like racing, action & adventure but more importantly than those I like something else even more, safety. So how do I go about determining which free android games or hell even other apps are free of malware? Are the ratings a clear enough example of that? E.G: 1M downloads, 4 stars VS 100K downloads, 5 Stars. I only have 2GB of data on Verizon plan but house Wifi is Unlimited yet only 6.5Mbps download, still would prefer a game who's content is mostly offline. Thanks in advance for your input, gonna need something to do for the next day or two while I run Driver Verifier lol. *Edit: Didn't know Driver Verifier ran in background, but I'm still interested in your suggestions on Android Games.
  11. Okay! So I'm going to be going on a two-week trip to the UK, spending most of my time in England, but also traveling to Ireland for the last leg of the journey. So I wanted to get an action camera that could record my daily activities, including hikes out in the country side and capturing footage of castles, but it needs to fit one more important purpose - catching my girlfriend's response when I propose to her at the Rock of Dunamase in Ireland. The weather in Ireland can change at the drop of a hat, and that means rain and hail. I need a camera that can handle catching video AND CLEAR AUDIO regardless of the weather. This unfortunately means no waterproof housing. I'm also concerned with battery life - I'm seeing that 2 hours is the cap on all decent rugged cameras, although some can have their life extended through external power supplies, such as USB battery packs. I know that having a charging port open might compromising weather-proofing, but I feel that I could engineer a solution that would do a decent job of sealing up that connection. But either way, with either extra batteries or a USB battery pack, I am going to have to prioritize audio quality with weather-resistance. I HAVE to capture her saying yes. I have narrowed my camera choices to the GoPro Hero5 Black, and the Olympus Tough TG-Tracker, although I am open to other suggestions. From my research, they are both decently weatherproof sans dive case(which in my mind means clear enough audio to capture voices), both record 4k video with image stabilization, and both can have extended battery life through a USB battery pack. Please correct me if I'm wrong, please offer suggestions! I have 9 months to collect the perfect camera. Thank you!
  12. I'm using a screen recorder and was wondering what the difference is between 0-255 and 16-235. By default it suggests 0-255. When would I want 16-235? Am I right in thinking that 0-255 is full Adobe RGB while 16-235 is Adobe sRGB?
  13. Hey LTT group and viewers i Think It would be nice to review the Xiaomi Yi action camera wait... this is the best affordable or go pro alternative Cause its a Verry Good camera for the Price Point of insanely 80.95 USD And for this price point You Are Getting a 2k 30fps camera and 1080p 60fps and it has 155º ultra-wide angle lens and the camera has also WI-FI so You can view what the camera is seeing with the app. well i hope this can be featured in a video and its just simply crazy that its cheap also you have to buy the water proof case seprately Links: Camera: http://amazon.com/YI-Action-Camera-Official-U-S/dp/B016MAUHOK/ref=sr_1_2?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1456085173&sr=1-2&keywords=xiaomi+yi Water proof housing: http://amazon.com/YI-Action-Camera-Waterproof-Case/dp/B016I5VQJE/ref=pd_bxgy_421_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=08HSZYG80GC4MVVB60YA i hope this is featured in a video thanks -AJLION
  14. Mirilis action audio help

    Im currently trying to film a machinima with a friend on skypebut the software keeps records us and the game! is there a way for the software to only record the game? thanks!
  15. Mirillis Action Help!

    Hello all, I am having a little trouble with the game capture software Mirillis Action! I set the capture quality to 1080p and 60 fps and recorded a game that I ran easily 60+ fps but when I try to upload it to YouTube it goes through the uploading and processing but when I watch it through YouTube the only quality setting there is 360p. Is this a issue with YouTube or with the video settings (MP4, 1080p, 60 fps)? Or something else? Please help!
  16. So I bought Action on steam today because I've recently got a job and I may have used the program... AHEM without purchasing it and I wanted to support them Mirillis because I really like their software. So I bought it on steam because I'm still to young to have a debit card where I live. It downloaded and I was super excited to start recording some sick youtube vids and then it opened and then just crashed. I'm on windows 10. Not sure what the issue is and I don't really know where to start. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.
  17. What Recording Software do you use?

    Hey Guys, I've been having alot of issues with some game recording software such as Fraps, Dxtory which I bought but what I'm here for is to find out what software is out there for recording games. Don't suggest shadowplay either I know its amazing but I'm running an AMD GPU Do leave your suggestions below share what you record with or think people should record with Thanks for your time have a great day -Biscuit
  18. Hey Guys, I record gameplay for the sake of a youtube channel very typical thing but I'd been having issues with Dxtory and Fraps (both of which I bought) so I decided to look for a new more reliable software and through searching on youtube for the longest time I found action and no one had seemed to have any issues and to be honest the quality of video looked good so I got myself a trail before buying. The issue now is that after my computer being turned off once action doesn't seem to want to open properly it comes up with the inital screen and it is running in my processes but there is no way to access the software. I've tried running as admin and contacting their support and running though online topics with people having similar issues on the full version but to no avail. The Support straight up told me we don't know so I really don't know how to fix this. Basically I either need a way to fix this issue or need a suggestion for a better piece of software. I'm running a core i7 3770 and and AMD R9 270 for those who might need that info. Shadowplay obviously isn't an option. Thanks for your time have a great day -Biscuit
  19. If my fps in game is about 250fps, how when I record at 60fps does the screen recorder know which frames to take in every second. In an ideal world you would have your game running at 60fps and the software capturing at 60fps so how does the capture software manage what is recorded??
  20. http://imdb.com/title/tt2369135/ The Need For Speed movie...ill admit the plot is kindof meh but its a go fast car movie, im not really lookin for a plot. This is very much like a FnF movie with one HUGE difference. Its vastly more realistic. The car and general action stunts are really really amazing while being immensely toned down as compared to a movie like the last few FnF movies, which were awesome, but increasingly unrealistic that leaves you with more of a "pssshhh yeah fuckin right" instead of a "holy shit that was awesome!" The movie gets a 6.6 on IMDB which is actually an alright score but on its release it was bemoaned by critics and torn down for a cheap FnF wannabe.
  21. Chrome Blade

    CHAPTER ONE: Chrome Blade Its year 2050 in Oscary, A nation so wide that it occupies 40% Of Jatune, Oscary has mostly open fields and forests that Farms occupies the country's economy by 70%. Oscary, Thedos, My hometown, in the light of day I walked home from my school, Whitefield High School, a renowned high school in Oscary known for its advanced Electronics, it's also a privately run school funded by Alpha Networks, one of the leading Companies in technology in Oscary and also the developer of RealOS. RealOS is known for its capabilities to make the user see 3 Dimensional Objects rendered in real-time in real life with a glasses, Although expensive, its exquisite abilities makes the game industry fly high at this century. As I walked from school to the Whitefield Platform, The Train arrived like usual and everything was normal. I saw some Tough guys from my class in the Train heckling one of my friend, I really wanted to interrupt and try to be the hero but to step in their way is to step on fire. The Jocks in my grades are huge guys who date most of the pretty girls in school, they have hold the power to the school even sometimes the teacher bow downs to them, I hate them. The Jocks went on asking for money from us in the train but right before he approached me, I arrived at my destination.Walking home through the slums of Downtown Oscary, "Reed, Come over for some ramen will you?" Mr. Park shouted from his shop, Mr. Park's Ramen is pretty delicious in its own taste, I usually have them while playing games. Arriving at home I went straight to my room booting up my Computer, a three monitor wide setup with a high end cupholder, took me a few years of saving up. I changed my clothes while my Computer booted up. Sat back and relax for a few seconds then I log in to my user account, I opened my email and got a message saying that the new Chrome Blade, a game that is massively played by users around the world, is getting a new update. Chrome Blade is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG, High praised by critics this game is rated the best around, started from 2045, Chrome Blade updates are improving time by time from patches to Do-over that can take up massive amounts of space. Chrome Blade is about hunting monsters and boss fights, implementing highest teamwork requirements. As soon as I read that mail I called my friends, Tara, to spread the news "Tara! Oh my god, did you hear about the Onyx Heroes update? I heard theyre going to step up their graphics" "Oh yeah Reed I got that mail on the train but I didn’t get to check it. Damn jocks…" I calmed down after telling my Best Friend, Tara. Me and Tara met in Chrome Blade in the early days of its release, I loved the game and so does he, we chatted and fought together. When we were playing we felt like we were in the world even though its only on our monitor we can feel the flow of the battle in our fingertips, In Chrome Blade me and Tara were one of the Highest Ranked Player in the Oscary Server. Chrome Blade has a basic leveling system, the higher you get the more powerful you strike, There are 3 basic class: Warrior, Archer, and Caster. Each class has its unique abilities, and at level 10 you get to choose your sub-class that can improve your role at the battlefield. I was a Warrior with the Subclass Samurai, Tara was a Caster with the Subclass Sorcerer. Samurai is specialized in the art of war and tactics, it doesn’t take much damage like the Vanguard Subclass, Samurai's Katana is a Two Handed Weapon with balance to speed and damage. Me and Tara formed a Guild called "Jolly Shadows" One of the most powerful guilds in the whole game, we were proud of it. Not soon we left the clan to grow and we've gone solo. Guild Wars happened here and there and The Jolly Shadows often come by to say hi to me. Tara was luckily my classmate so we had a easy reach of communication outside of the Game.
  22. Hi, I have an old keyboard SteelSeries Merc Stealth from 2004. What is a good keyboard to replace that one? Should I go with http://steelseries.com/products/keyboards/steelseries-apex-m800-customizable-mechanical-gaming-keyboard Steelseries apex m800. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/rgb-gaming-keyboard-g910 Logitech g910 or http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g710-mechanical-gaming-keyboard Logitech g710. http://corsair.com/en/gaming-keyboards/vengeance-gaming-keyboards Corsair k95 or k70. Or http://razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow-tournament-edition-chroma Razer black widow. I play all types of games. MMOrpg, fps, 3rd person shooters, action, and etc. Thank you. I ended up buying the Logitech g502 mouse. My monitor goes at 1440p 144Hz if that matters.
  23. Hi. When i play COD BO2 and record with Action, my CPU increases up to around 90% and decreases sometime down to 40-60%. After some few minutes its increases up to 100% and my pc turn off. I play with standard settings on BO2, but record in 1080p and 60 Frame Rate. Is it to high for my processor?. I got a Amd fx 4300 quad processor with 3.80 GHz and graphic card is according to Msi Afterburner, AMD Radeon Hd 7900 Series. I dont know so much about Cpu, so i hope someone can help me. Thanks Edit:Thanks for all the feedback, but what should i do to fix this problem. I can record in 720p. Is nothing wrong with that, but if i had to record on 1080p and 60 Frame Rate, what should i do? Buy a better Processor or a better CPU cooler or something else?
  24. I just built my rig and do not know what to play? Personally burned out on first-person shooters.. What are some of the "Go-to-Games" on PC?
  25. new games

    so im building this new overkill rig and i wanna know best games to play im looking for 15 types of games. 1-rts 2-detective games like la noire 3-pirates games like black flag 4-shooting games like call of duty 5-extreme graphics games 6-new games that are good 7-adventure games 8-racing games 9-action games 10-any other type of games u would recommend 11-space games like freelancer 12-zombie games like left for dead 13-fantasy games 14-sci-fi games 15-just good old games doesnt have to be from gog.com