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  1. What are you guy thinking about this? Linus has only 35W/m·K Pads tested, what can these puppys do ? maybe even on dye 1600 W/m·K https://de.rs-online.com/web/p/warmeleitscheiben/7123989/ Partnumber: EYGA091203A Also a 700 W/m·K version (thicker pad) https://de.rs-online.com/web/p/products/8127995/
  2. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    It's story time, folks! I work for a non-profit child care center, where education is focused around computers. We run Minecraft servers, CodeAcademy, etc. The kids learn how to code, write mods, and are even working on a full-feature LEGO stop motion film. The place is called ArtsROC (artsroc.net). Our computers are pretty old and nasty, not to mention that having over 30 computers takes up a LOT of space. We wanted to start replacing systems, while trying to bring the amount of space for towers down. Being an LTT fan, I knew there was only one solution - virtualization. To start, we decided on doing a 4 gamers 1 cpu build. After some Amazon shenanigans, all the parts arrived. We decided on the following parts: Core i7 7820X MSI X299 Pro Gaming Carbon AC Corsair H100i v2 4x8GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB @ 3000MHz 5x Kingston A400 120GB SSDs Corsair RMx 1000W 2x GTX 1050 2x GT 710 Corsair Crystal Series 570X (love this case) The original plan was to basically copy the tutorial from LTT's "2 Gamers 1 CPU" build from a few years ago by using unRAID. The system POSTed fine, and all hardware was detected by unRAID. After following the guide exactly (using Windows 7 Professional ISOs), we could only get 1 VM working. Frustrated, we scrapped unRAID and decided to install Windows 10 Pro and use some janky "multi keyboard/mouse" software instead... but it sucked. Then the weekend came and went. This morning (monday), I was back at work and was determined to get this stupid thing working.... my job was on the line. First, I tried Windows Multipoint Server 2012... a virtualization tool based on Windows Server 2012 designed for this exact type of use. Unfortunately, it refused to create VM templates. Scrapped that idea. I went back to unRAID and tried using Windows 10 ISOs... this time, we couldn't get a single VM working... not to mention that the system kept auto restarting. It was clear that unRAID wasn't the way to go. Finally, I installed Windows Server 2016 and enabled Multipoint Services. @LinusTech himself said "it doesn't look like this will work very well". But I had to try. A couple hours later... IT WORKED. 4 VMs CREATED, INSTALLED NVIDIA DRIVERS, AND WE ARE GOOD TO GO! I was surprised how scalable that Multipoint Services is. It could be relatively easy to expand it. We need to replace all our systems by the summer, so we're thinking of doing a 16 or 20 gamers, 1 tower build... TAKE THAT LINUS. But for now, I am calm, and satisfied. It works, and I am beside myself. I have no experience in server management or IT, so I was kinda winging it this whole time. Bottom line: It works, and I still have my job. Here are some pics for your enjoyment... Hey Linus, if you wanna partner with ArtsROC and help roll out a 20 gamers 1 tower build, hit me up
  3. primochill vue and mayhems aurora looks AMAZING, are there any other fluids like them? i dont want to go with either of them because almost everything i've seen about them screams "DON'T BUY THIS", ill probably use my PC for around 6 hrs a day. thanks
  4. Ryzen 5 1600 or i5 8400

    O have decided to build a pc for gaming and stream my rig :- gtx 1060 6g, 16gb ram, but iam not able to decide that which processor should I use Intel 8400 or ryzen 5 1600, this pc is generally for gaming and streaming and simple editing for my tech channel I can wait till 2018 may for new mobos coming for Intel i5 8400 please help me out!!!
  5. Dark Energon

    Hey guys, Finally completed my dream build, Code-named Dark Energon Y'all Know i be playing R6 The case is an NZXT h440 with some truely amazing hardware inside. Everthing is AIO liquid cooled, both gpu's are using the evga hybrid kit cooler. (Not a fan of the shroud they provide though, it's freaking ugly) Below the GPUs is two 1tb samsung 950 pro's. They were my boot drive in raid 0 but the array recently failed and lost my data lmao #backtoAHCI My most recent addition to the build, a 2TB samsung 960 pro m.2 nvme ssd
  6. I am very troubled right now, I want a gaming computer and my budget is 1200 including tax(13%) and I know building my own will save money and I know how to build my own. I am scared that if I break a part I can't buy another do I am screw with all these parts and no computer. Any tips or reassurance or help or sites to help me. Also if you have a link to a site that builds computers(Canada) that's cheap leave one THANK YOU
  7. Just out of curiosity of what Linux distro is the most popular here and how many Linux users we have as well.
  8. Iphone 6s 128 gb so cheap??

    Hey guys, I was scrolling around on ebay when i found this link (link below) Moderaters PLEASE DO NOT delete this this is a great deal for someone on a budget if it checks out! Can you guys please tell me if this is actually legit? I can get an unlocked iphone 6s 128gb (only fingerprint sensor not working) for, get this, under 130$! Someone please tell me if this is legit or not thank you! *ebay link removed*

    i just came up what a amazing idea, a razer core runs at a 4x pcie 3.0 link, AMD radeon needs a 4x pcie 3.0 link to run crossfire razer core needs a thunderbolt 3 (type c) link the macbook pro 15inch has 4 thunderbold 3.0 (type c) mac needs to run in windows?! for crossfire support?! so in theorie you can run 4x rx480 or 4x a custom r9 fury. if this has been done already please give he a LINK! if you are going to try it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW (total price ca 2800 x 4x 500 (2000) = 4x220 (880) = 5680 usd mac + 4x razercore + 4x rx 480 = AWESOME maybe this can go in the wan show of today?! send to @LinusTech at twitter *YouTube link removed*
  10. Hello Everyone who may see this, I am calling upon all of those who are willing to throw input into the most powerful machine I have ever built. My previous machine was built 3 years ago and includes a 550TI as well as other parts that are obviously not being used in this new build. The only thing staying from my old build is my NZXT Phantom case and even that may not be used if I choose to have some sort of color scheme to my new gaming machine. Base line of the story is I received an unexpected bonus from my manager and now have $2000 to spend on my new gaming machine. I had a base line build earlier this year for around $1000 but will now have enough cash to fully deck out my new machine. All ideas and suggestions are welcome and I will be open to everything. My old build had a green aesthetic to it but now i'm thinking more along the lines of orange (if possible). TLDR: I have a budget of $2000 USD. I am located in USA. This machine will be a gaming monster with your help (orange color scheme if possible)! (Crysis 4 style gaming... oh yea) Most likely two monitors end goal. I have peripherals. Currently running a 550TI and its time to turn my old machine into a backup drive. Thank you guys! Maljurious
  11. SADES K10

    Is the sades k10 any good i saw this keyboard on TECHSOURCE cheap 50$ keyboard this keyboard looks amazing it looks even better then the RAZER keyboards more led effect then the razer keyboards :)) i seen lots of reviews mainly 5 star on amazon etc etc great for a budget and i only pick gold because it has a nice back light then white should i get a 400$ cs knife or an ipod 6th gen and other stuff that i need? two different question dont get confuse Keyboard : https://amazon.com/gp/product/B01DLL41D6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1RV1JY3ODRBG6
  12. These amazing network speeds doh

    Look at these amazing internet speeds
  13. Not sure if this has been posted.. But here it goes. Original Article I first stumbled upon: http://smh.com.au/technology/innovation/breakthrough-enables-downloads-50000-times-faster-than-superfast-broadband-20160211-gms3bd.html Backup Article: http://dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3442115/Download-boxsets-blink-eye-Record-breaking-superfast-broadband-50-000-TIMES-faster-current-speeds.html I'm currently on a 0.25Kbps Download speed in Australia... And I could only dream for such a connection. PS: If this does get featured in the WAN show, My name is pronounced "Mick-Mole" Have a good one guys.
  14. Hey there, i am saving up huge ammounts for a new perfect pc setup with a new desk, monitor pc and all that, so i want everything to be as best as possible for the money i pay, and when it comes to finding the perfect of anything i am very picky i watch reviews and they always say something bad about the product so i guess there are no perfect peripherals but i am wondering what is the best i can get ? I am trying to make my setup with the least ammount of cables vissible so wireless mouse and keyboard are preffered but even if they arent wireless it's not too big of a deal as long as they are as good as they come. So i decided to ask this community about what the best possible mouse and mechanical keyboard with mx brown's is, feel free to share what you think is the best mouse or keyboard out there ! PS : Macros and extra buttons don't matter to me in most cases.
  15. According to http://performance-pcs.com/noctua-nf-a14-pwm-special-linus-tech-tips-edition-140mm-cooling-fan.html the fan will be out in about 13 days. Looks badass but 30 USD is too much if you ask me. Looks great overpriced 10/10 will buy 5.
  16. US Ebay GTX 760 $67

    Amazing GTX 760 Deal its NEW <Link Removed>
  17. I already have a xbox one but I would like to hear from others on what you think about gaming Consoles. And what do you think is better WII U, Xbox one, or PS4 and please give reasons
  18. Logitech Customer Service

    You know how the call center realm of tech is among the worst to have to enter, as if you are explaining your problem to a liguistically foreign infant using only grains of sand to spell it out on the surface of the ocean? Okay, maybe that was exaggeration, but the point is that the solution to having trouble with customer service is to just buy everything from Logitech, since they have the best customer service I've experienced. I just called them about how my speakers were malfunctioning and told them that I wanted to use my warranty which expires at the end of the year. Although this is not what I wanted, since I knew that there was no fixing these speakers as I had already done all of the neccessary troubleshooting, they guided me throught ways to troubleshoot my speakers. I played along, and after we had tried everything, which only took around five minutes, they said: okay, give us your adress and proof of your purcahse, and we will send you new speakers in about a week at no charge to you, with an order tracking number in your email within 24 hours. You don't even have to send back your old speakers. Nice. It wasn't perfect, and the call got disconnected twice, so in total I had to call three times, but I'm not sure if this was there fault or not. The first time I called, I didn't even get connected to a technician before it disconnected. The second time, I went through all of the troubleshooting steps with a technician, followed by a disconnection. I figured I would call one more time before just going out and buying new speakers, and the new technician picked it up right where I left off. So the disconnections were a bit of a hassle, and the call quiality wasn't superb, but with patience, and persistance, I made it out perfectly. I feel that they deserve recognition for this post worthy experience, and will hopefully show other companies that people love when they get good service from these customer service lines. So the moral of this little story about a positive experience is that if you ever have a problem with your Logitech device, don't be afraid to give them a call, because you'll be glad that you did.
  19. Game Idea

    What if we had a game where there was a real life person that you played as him/her and these people would work for the company (for low wage of course), and there would be live footage of a drone behind them so it would be like a 3rd-person game and you can command them on what to do. It would be like this:
  20. Need your help, guys!

    Hey, guys! My current PC has seen one`s day, so now I`m looking for a new one. I`m a professional musician but at the same time i`m fond of games, that`s why I need both silence and POWER! The budget is limited by 2000$. Frankly speaking, I`m not a computer guy and I fully trust you guys! Kind regards, Sunshine! P.S. Excuse me for my awful english...
  21. Laptop overheating

    Hello, My laptop overheats after 2 minutes I turn it on. Any help? Do I need a new fan or what? I Have a Toshiba Satellite L735-11E from 2010 with Nvidea GeForce 315m DevPC world's at it's finest
  22. New Gaming Chair

    Its been a while since I have posted but I am looking for a good gaming chair... I would like it to have Wheels Can Lean back Head rest Arm Rest These are the things I would like it to have, but last thing is that i would like it to be pretty cheap or as low as i can get for a good product.
  23. After painting

    From the album R9 290 Mod

    After painting it . I have it for sale, if you want it contact me .
  24. Hello users of LTT forums, I’ve owned the AD900Xs for over a month now and I’m ready to write a full review. NOTES • 36 Hour Burn in Time using playlist consisting of varying genres. • Used “Headphones” option without Virtual Surround for Imaging testing • Used Mayflower O2 + ODAC Amp/DAC Combo for all Testing. • Paid $200 CAD PICTURES (Updated Pictures!) The 6th one in "Updated Pictures" is my favorite.