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  1. Hi All, I'm planning on building a new PC specifically for playing BDO, Black Desert Online. I would like to ask you guys for assistance in picking the parts. Specially cpu+gpu setup. My current plan for the build: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8 GB RIPJAW MOBO: MSI B350 TOMAHAWK I also heard that ryzen apu are also good for now but not quite sure for playing BDO. I would also like to know your input on that.. thanks!
  2. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been having fatal crashes necessitating a reboot when in the character creator of Black Desert Online (Steam Edition). It's consistent at least. Every time the event logs seem to indicate that a library was called wrong, and it references lpksetup.exe which says language pack to me, but that doesn't make sense. Tried searching for the IDs, but didn't find anything concrete. Still waiting on a response from their tech support.
  3. Hey there guys, lately ive been playing this action mmo called Black Desert Online, maybe u have heard of it. The thing is, i think i may be experiencing some kind of bottleneck with my current hardware, the game is heavy and demanding but i can easily run BF4 in ultra, Overwatch and some other tittles without any problem, ALSO, ive changed the settings between low, medium, high and very high, and no noticeable fps change between even the nvidia geforce recommends running it at very high, well here is my current hardware Mobo: Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H-A PSU: CoolerMaster 750w CPU: Intel i7 4790 RAM: 2x8GB DDR3 Kingston Hyperx Fury (16GB) Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 HDD: ST500DM002 (500GB Seagate) WD500AKX (500GB WD) Display: Some samsung syncmaster 21.5" 60hz Note: Running windows 10x64, also im able to push the graphics +150Mhz gpu clock to a (1529Mhz w kboost) and +850mem clock with afterburner, temperatures are between 45~60ish at its highest. Note2: running Kboost because the game seems to down clock the card I'd like to know if u think gething an SSD may increase the performance of the game, because of its nature of being heavy, CPU and RAM usage are like 50% with Chrome,Netflix, Photoshop etc at the same time, but, im gething some "spikes" in the HDD graph on resources monitor, ill drop some screens Let me know what you guys think hopefully the Graphics card and the cpu are enough to provide better performance but being draged by something else. Thank you very much! O/ (Disco = HDD or Drive in english)
  4. Black Desert performance

    Hello, i have some question considering black desert global performance. I am running : I7 6800K @4Ghz 16Gb ram 2666Mhz GTX980Ti @1400/1850 Raid 0 4*250Go Samsung 850EVO. On a PG248Q, 144Hz Gsync FHD internet is good too : Basicly a good gaming machine... problem is ... my FPS aren't great on black desert... And by not great i really mean, not great at all in some places. I can have FPS drops down to 5 fps or 40 fps but stuttering in Calpheon. Most of the time it's ok but some day it's really disappointing. Any idea about how to solve those issue ?
  5. Hello, I kinda missed a nice giveaway of guest passes to Black Desert Online and cant find another good so if anybody of you got one of those keys i would greatfull cuz i want to test it and see if my hype is heading on right track or will be stumped on wall of truth :D. Cheers
  6. LF Black Desert Online Friends

    Looking for people to play with on Black Desert Online NA/EU on Orwen server. We'll have an existing teamspeak server for voice and coordination with an existing guild that plays multiple games.