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  1. Windows 10 Boot Issue

    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with booting windows 10 recently? I noticed that recently that my PC will boot past bios and potentially lock up either on the lock screen or just after getting past the lock screen. Essentially I cant use the mouse/keyboard during this time and need to hard power cycle. It doesn't happen every time and once booted i don't have lock ups or issues during use. I have turned off fast start and initially thought through searching that that was the issue, but it has come back again. Specs i7-5820K MSI X99-A SLI PLUS Samsung 950 Pro Corsair Vengence 2400Mhz 16GB Asus Strix 1080 Samsung 850 Evo WD Blue 1TB Logitech G910 Keyboard Logitech G502 Mouse
  2. I got a QNAP TS-531X a few days ago. It's running 5 x 8 TB Seagate IronWolf in RAID5. While I do actually quite like the system, one thing is really bugging me... It takes about 8 minutes to fully boot up. I know that not running it 24/7 but turning it off and on all the time isn't to good for the HDDs but there's nothing I can do about that atm as I have to keep it in a room with my bed for the time being. Now everytime I have to access some data quickly and it's off I have to wait the 8 minutes until I can access it. Is it something common with QNAP NASes that they take ages to boot up? I actually wanted to build a NAS myself with custom components but wasn't able to find a case that's small enough to fit in my shelf… Is there some case that has about the dimensions of my QNAP NAS (7.28 (H) x 8.29 (W) x 9.27 (D) inch) or if not, do Synology NASes boot faster? Thanks in advance for any answers
  3. Hi! In my computer i have an ASUS m5a99x evo r2.0 Motherboard, and an AMD FX-6350 The MOBO have been stuck on POST when starting a couple of times. Neither BIOS or boot loads... Reset does not help. But what helps is a total system power-loss. I unplug the computer for 10 seconds, and reconnect it. Then is boots fine... This fault have happened two times in about two weeks. Have anyone heard of this fault before? The motherboard is about two years old, and the CPU is about 5 years old Sorry for sloppy english Thanks
  4. New Build - Boot issue

    Hey guys, before i get started, to make this easier i shall detail my specs below. PSU: Corsair HX850i GPU: Asus Strix 1080ti OC edition CPU: i7-8700k Motherboard: Asus ROG MAXIMUS X Hero (wifi ac) SSD: Samsung NVMe SSD 960 PRO M.2 512GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 4tb RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB 3200Mhz AIO: NZXT kraken x52 Case: Corsair crystal 570x alright so im having 2 problems currently and i believe they have something to do with each other. Everything was going fine (ive done 3-4 builds before), i installed the OS and selected the M.2 drive to use to boot off of. Both issues will be detailed below Whenever I turn on my pc, it goes right to the BIOS boot screen instead of the windows boot screen. I have already fixed the boot order and pretty much the only way i currently get it to boot into windows is by constantly turning it off and on again until it randomly does so. When I am using the pc, i noticed that i can not see my Seagate Barracuda drive when in "my computer", all i see is my m.2 with 400 odd GB of storage left. However i can indeed see it in computer management as a disk 2 of drive (C:). https://gyazo.com/98f08cf16ff3466c63d08989c15694b4 I am thinking I did something stupid, but have no clue how to fix it and would very very much appreciate your help
  5. Hiya, I was wondering if I could get some assistance regarding an issue I'm having with Win10 and Windows Update. Each and every time I install the latest security update for Meltdown/Spectre (KB4056892), my system becomes unable to progress past this screen. The progression wheel doesn't even show up, the whole system just hangs, and I end up just having to do a system restore. SPECS: * OS: Win10 Pro x64 * CPU: AMD Athon 64 X2 5600+ * GPU: GeForce GTX 570 * MOBO: Asus Crosshair I * RAM: 4GB Crucial @ 800MHz * System Locale is in Japanese. SFC and chkdsk scans all come back clean. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks, Will
  6. Hello, i've recently got myself a HP OMEN 830-176nc for christmas and it has been working flawlessly until now... Today a driver update from nVidia arived, i installed the update and then played some csgo and ghost recon. After that i went away for an hour or so and when i came back computer was just sitting on lock screen (nothing too suspicious so far), but when i tried to move with my mouse nothing happend, same goes for keyboard. There was nothing i could do so i shut it down and tried to turn it on again. It booted to lock screen and freezed again. I have already tried 1) Updating my bios in UEFI 2) running system check in UEFI (not the longest one) - no errors found 3) booting from usb to repair my computer (haven't booted no matter how hard i tried, but i tried it only with windows server 2016 instalation usb) If anybody has any idea on how to fix this please feel free to share.
  7. Hello and thank you for reading I just bought a Samsung 850 evo (250GB) as my new boot drive, my old boot drive is a generic 1tb HDD for my laptop and i want to make the SSD my new boot drive Migration went fine but when i plugged the 850 evo in the laptop, it booted into the Grub command line, the one if you don't have a Linux OS installed and when i checked my Bios my laptop has Ubuntu by default https://imgur.com/a/zS7Km What do i do?
  8. Hello, For now 2 weeks, one time on two, when I start my pc, there is a blue screen with the error "Machine Check Exception" and windows says it will restart my computer, but i waited 20 minutes and he didin't restart it. If someone knows another solution than reinstalling windows 10, please tell me. Thank you for reading.
  9. So my computer is stuck in the “preparing automatic repair” loop and I was told to use the command prompt but it says I need to sign in as an admin but there are no accounts listed..I don’t know what to do now
  10. Windows booting very slowly

    Hello everyone! I built my PC in mid 2016 (i7-6700k, ASUS 1080, 32 gigs DDR4) and Windows 10 is booting very slowly, almost 30 seconds. I have a Samsung 850 EVO with 500 gigabytes, and about 250 gigs free, with the rest filled with Windows programs and stuff like Chrome and Discord. I have disabled almost every thing from the start up menu, and consistently uninstall unnecessary programs from the SSD. I put the majority of my programs and games on my 2 terabyte WD Black hdd. Are there any tips or ticks to help Windows boot faster? I was thinking about getting a super small M.2 and put windows on there, but I’d rather stick with my current hardware. Thanks!
  11. 2nd Internal SSD Issues

    Over the past weekend I made my first new build in about 4 years. Specs as follows: Windows 10 64-Bit Home i7-8700 ASUS Prime Z370-A 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz I have 4 SSDs in total: m.2 NVMe SSD which is my main/boot drive. The other three are an array of Samsung SATA III's and I use them just as extra storage. My main SSD of the three has been causing problems, though. I had this drive for a year on my previous build and always worked fine. Last night it randomly was no longer detected in Windows. Restarted in BIOS and it wasn't detected there either after lagging up the boot process. I powered down and unplugged the power and data cables for this drive, and then plugged it back in. It was detected after that. It worked until just about 30 minutes ago. It was detected by Windows and BIOS, but when I went to open the drive for the actual files, it couldn't access the drive. Tried running a Chkdsk but it says it's now RAW, so A) this has to be wrong because I had it formatted about a year ago when I bought it and always worked fine, and B) even if it were actually RAW, I don't want to reformat it right now and risk losing tons of important data on it. I tried to restart the computer after this error and the computer just hung up on the motherboard's splash screen. Turned it off, unplugged the drive and the computer booted fine without it. Isn't this weird since it's 2nd in priority and not the boot drive? Just a few other things to mention: I've tried using different SATA III data ports on my motherboard with the other drives and they work fine, so it's clearly an isolated issue with this drive. In addition I've tried using other SATA power cable connectors with the other drives, and there is no issue with them either. The chipset and NVMe drivers are the latest offered by ASUS, Intel, and Samsung for their respective hardware. I'm using AHCI mode for SATA, and the m.2 is set to PCIe Gen 3X4 Does this sound like the drive is simply failing? If so, can I at least clone the data somehow if I can't re-access the drive? Thanks.
  12. hi everyone! I just built my new gaming pc with a ryzen 5 1600. I am currently trying to overclock it. i have installed ryzen master thingy and in there i can get a stable 3.8ghz with 1.3v. but with that utility i have to manually apply the profile every time i boot, so i went to the bios. in the bios i set the overclock to the exact same settings as in master utility and the pc wouldn't boot i even lowered the clock speed and i had to clear the cmos twice, when it was failing it would even post, the fans and leds would turn on but no video and the fans were at max rpm. i have the msi b350m gaming pro if that helps
  13. Pc won't start up

    Hey, i got my new pc everything new got it to work after some troubleshooting. I was using it for a while then the cable for the PSU came out afterwards it would say no signal to my monitor after which I was trying to fix it(normal things making sure everything was connected, but only one 1 ram in the machine) now it won't even switch one. The fans just turn around and light up after being plugged in but that all parts of life i could get from it. I tried everything on the page about this problem but it still won't work I got no other parts I can test other than a laptop but I don't think I can do much with it. Specs; ASRock b350M-HDV Galax GTX 1050ti(single fan) Rayzen 3 1200 (stock cooler) one polar wind fan 2 4GB DDR 4 Ballistix sport "gaming" memory M-box MATX case (with a 500w power supply) 240GB SSD Kingston 1TB Tobias Thanks
  14. So I recently bought a new motherboard MSI z270-A PRO and i5 7600k to go with it along with 2666mhz corsair LPX DDR 4 RAMs to pair with my old R9 280. I also have a Samsung 840 EVO 120gb SSD as my main drive, Samsung 840 EVO 240GB as my secondary, and my super old HDD in RAID 0 and a 1TB HDD. I reformatted the computer once when I switched parts over because it was jittery and laggy at times. But I read that it's an issue when switching motherboard or chipsets. I then got 2 new case fans to install just TODAY! I turned off my PC holding the power button, and I didn'tk now it would bring me to automatic repair after doing so three times. So my computer was stuck in automatic repair and I researched everything to try to get out of it. However when I got out of automatic repair my computer was stuck in a continuous spinning dot cycle for hours. So I decided to reformat my computer ONCE AGAIN! So now here is my problem: When I'm reformatting, it's usually super fast to load up the windows 10 installation. However, this time it booted into the blue screen with no menu available for at least 15minutes. Then the language and keyboard language option finally shows up. I click next, and now my screen has been stuck on Setup is starting for the past hour, with the hourglass as my cursor (I've even tried to open diskpart, but it wouldn't even load). I've been trying to fix this all day and I'm shit out of luck and desperate. Please send help
  15. hello everyone, i've recently bought an ASUS ROG gl553vd gaming laptop as title says. After buying it i replaced the 5400hdd for a western digital 500gb SSD and made a clean windows install in that drive. The issue i have is that i takes several attemps (usually 2, sometimes 3 o 4 but never 5 so far) to boot into windows. After the asus logo is shown right after turning it on the screen turns black and absolutely nothing happens (see photo). Usually i just turn it of and back on until it boots properly but it's not onlly annoying, i'm concerned that someday it won't boot at all. So far i've tried updating the SSD firmware but i already have the latest, i don't know what else to do. help is greatly appreciated P.D. I don't know if the problem begun after replacing the hdd since i just turned it on once before replacing it P.D.2 Sorry about my bad english, not a native english speaker.
  16. Don't pay attention to my bad English, because Englisch isn't my native language. Hello guys, So I recently bought a MSI laptop from a friend of mine. And just a week later it freezed while I was using windows 10. After that I didn't got my laptop back to normal again. This is the laptop I bought: MSI GS60 2QE-226NL 4K Edition These are some specification (just to let you know): Screen: 4K Ultra HD 15.6" Processor: I7-4720HQ Videochip: GTX 970M 3GB Ram: 16GB SSD: 256GB (2x 128GB in RAID) HDD: 1TB Official operating system: Windows 8.1 (windows 10 was later installed don't exactly know when) My story: So the story started some months ago when my laptop freezed. So I turned it off and tried to start it up again, but this didn't work. When my laptop turned on it said that my pc ran into a problem. So my laptop tried to solve the problem, but got stuck on this loading screen. Everytime starting it again it was stuck starting up while showing the MSI logo. So I started to re-install windows on my pc (using my usb) hoping to solve this problem, but it failed even by cleaning the disk using diskpart. Everytime installing windows 10 my laptop freezed while installing devices in the windows installation. I searched like every forum on the internet about problems with MSI laptops, but no one of them gave the right answer to my problem. I gave up trying and thought there was something wrong inside the laptop, but I didn't know what because I could get into my bios and see all the right specifications. But I sent it to MSI repair, because it's free. They said to me that the motherboard was dead and gave me the choice to pay the replacement or get the laptop back. Because of the high cost I asked them to send my laptop back. It wasn't put back in the right way, so I had to do that first. After that I left working on my laptop for some weeks. Yesterday I started again with searching on forums. I found out that an example like Samsung can block other operating systems on devices to give them no choice than using an older operating system. So I tried to install windows 8.1, the operating system that came with the laptop when I bought it. When the setup launched it was like a really small screen. So I thought this was because of my 4k screen. But that wasn't the only weird thing on the setup, also the lay-out of the setup was messed up. After the installation I was very happy to see windows 8.1 starting up. But there was some black bar on the bottom of my screen overlapping my taskbar (see the included images). And when I wanted to install drivers for my laptop, every installation would just end with an error pop-up. So I got to my configuration panel searching for my devices and printers. Seeing that my laptop device was full of problems. So I tried to solve the problems with troubleshooter, but my laptop was not able to fix any of these problems. (No I didn't got my setup from a weird website, just from the official windows website). So it turned out that I couldn't even use this windows 8.1, because I couldn't install any driver. I also prefer windows 10 above windows 8. If any of you guys have any ideas maybe fixing this problem let me know and I'll try them. I just really want to get this laptop get to work again, because I need it for school, gaming and almost everything! I really appreciate every usefull answer! If you need more information, just ask me! Thanks already!
  17. Hey guys, I'm trying to help my nephew with his PC. I just got him Windows 10. But it is stuck in some kind of boot loop. Whenever I start it, it will just go straight to "Attempting Repairs" but will not work. Eventually it will say something like Your PC did not start correctly. Sometimes same problem occured when he had Windows 7. It's beyond my knowledge, me and my nephew would be forever grateful for any help you can provide! Merry Christmas! SPECS: GPU - Radeon R9 270x RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz MOBO - ASUS M5A78L -MLX V2 CPU - AMD FX 4100
  18. PC Wont boot (HELP)

    I built a computer around 2 ish years ago now and its been running great until today.... I went to boot my rig to play some Pubg and Overwatch, and to my surprise pressing the power button did not make my system engage in any boot sequence what so ever... I checked all the front panel connections and everything checked out, except still no boot. The motherboard has a indication LED that it is powered so I unplugged the Power Switch header and tried to start a boot using my screwdriver to complete the circuit, and to my surprise still no boot! What could this mean for my PC ... PLEASE HELP I DONT WANT MY BABY TO BE DEAD
  19. PC won’t boot

    So i went to turn my PC on today and it powered on fine but i noticed my boot light was on my motherboard was on, now my PC isn’t displaying anything, i’ve tried switching around the SATA cables from my hard drive and ssd to see it it had failed. that didn’t work and i’ve now unplugged all of my SATA cable and my BIOS screen isn’t even showing up. I have no idea what the issue is as it was all working fine yesterday.
  20. So I have no idea if this is related or relevant but a breaker tripped in my house and everything shut off. I unplugged everything from the outlet before I turned the breaker back on. Everything goes through a surge protector as well, 1500 joules if I remmeber correctly. anyway, now the computer would boot fine. Post, and load windows correctly but it will not restart. It will shut down correctly and can boot if I hit the power button again correctly. When i try to restart the computer it will will go to the windows 10 restarting screen. The tv goes to the no signal screen which is normal because usually the post screen from the mobo appears. Not this time. Computer stays running but nothing happens. I’ve let it sit for 10 minutes to no avail. Attempted fixes include: *I've reinstalled windows from scratch. Unplugged all my hard drives except the SSD it is installed on and did a fresh install * removes all over clocks to stock to applicable equipment ( CPU ). GPU was not overclocked for previous month since I started using SLI *Reflashed the bios to my motherboard with most updated version. note the current temps I have and the highest are: GPU 1 - 38* celcius GPU 2 - 58* Celsius ( not water cooled yet ) CPU - 41* Celsius Mainboard - 38* celcius -All these temps are under maximum stress- *Current Equipment: windows 10 Home Ryzen 1800x 2x 1080 ti strix 011G SLI 16GB 3200 MHz GSkill Trident series Krait Gaming x370 Mobo AM4 4 hard drives but even with just 1 it still happens but it’s a 120gb SSD 1200 watt Corsair hx ( 1 month old ) Alesis usb attached amp to boost headphones ( awesome lol ) At a loss on what to attempt next and I’m hoping it something stupid easy that passes my mind. Thank you -Mortaliton-
  21. Hi, I wonder if possible to have Windows 10 Pro OS boots from M.2 on RAID 0 for ultra fast performance. My system is: Asus Z370 Prime / Intel i7 - 8700K Is it possible to boot from raid 0 M.2?
  22. So I noticed that there was a BIOS update on my laptop and thought I'd update it. After flashing, the laptop was no longer booting in the OS and was simply launching the BIOS every time I turned it on. In the BIOS, when I select boot options, it states that there are no bootable devices but it detects my SSD. I tried reverting back to the old BIOS firmware but no luck. My laptop is an Asus F556UAK
  23. Speed Up Boot Time

    Hello, I have an ASUS Z170-A motherboard, every time I turn my computer on the ASUS logo bios screen takes around 10-15 seconds. If I look inside my case I can see red LEDs turning on and off, there is one for CPU, GPU, RAM and so on. Is there any way to speed this up or to skip this process entirely?
  24. boot and ram problem

    hi everyone! just finished building my pc 5 minutes ago rsrs took me forever to assemble everything and thanks for everybody that helped me here on the forum because without you guys I would not have been able to do so but now I just did my first attempt to start the system and I notice too problems the first one I bought 4 sticks of ram each one with 8gb 3600mhz rgb from g.skill but one of the sticks isnt shinning all the others are ok and the second and major problem here the system didnt boot even after waiting for a little while to see if anything would happen everything also seems to be fine the rgb worked for the most part and all the fans started normal I was able to use the fan control from the case ( corsair 780t) the lights in the gpu both were ok any ideas or sugestion on what to do about the ram i have already shift its position and the stick still doesnt shine and the other one that i placed on its slot was shine on the new place as well so the problem maybe is with the stick it self
  25. Hey Guys, my Computer is boot looping after removing fully from Power. So if i'm swaping parts i turn of PSU and pull the AC cable. When finished i put it back in and start the Computer. All Lights,Fans going on but the indicator LED circles between CPU and DRAM. GPU is flashing with them. Im able to boot the PC after using resetbutton. Its pretty difficult because my case doen't have one and i need to plugin another frontpanel to reset.... (maybe theres another way to reset ?) Someone out there can tell me how to fix that? greetings, FroxIV