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  1. Freeze upon boot

    Hey guys Yesterday my pc crashed for the very first time. Its four years old after all. It happened while in lobby of Rainbow Six Siege. Suddenly, black screen and weird glitch noises. I didn't mind the hiccup and hard restarted the pc. It happened a second time in Rainbow Six Siege again. This time, the pc wouldn't start up at all. It loads, and the right before the login screen is supposed to show, nothing but black screen shows forever. After three retries, windows automatically tries to repair whatever is wrong. But it fails as well. It tells me that C:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt. This certain log file is broken. I have since then tried a lot of fixes, but without any help. A fresh reinstall of windows did not help either. It happens over and over. Whenever I reinstall windows, it boots up. But as soon as I install more than two programs at the same time, it crashes. After the crash I won't boot. Any ideas? It seems like its a hardware problem, since the problem continues after a fresh install of windows... Please help
  2. Hi guys Hoping to get a bit of help with a boot issue. I have put a PC together from a few spare parts and one or two new ones, it's just going to sit in my front room to be used for casual gaming. It was working fine when I built it but left it sitting for a few months. When i turned it on the screen goes blank and it fails to even show the bios so I unplugged it checked the cables and rebooted all was fine but when I try to reboot it goes blank again. I tested the on-board graphics and the same thing happens. If I fiddle and unplug it boots but a reboot will not work. Help please.
  3. Hello. My PC suddenly started boot looping after I powered it on. The component LED's (excluding mobo) would turn on and off every two seconds. I tried changing my video output from my GTX 1080 to the processor's built in video card, it turned on once, but boot looped after restarting. I've also tried changing my DisplayPort to an HDMI, the same issue occurs. I've also tried changing the power plug. After touching the PC case, I got statically electrocuted (twice). I assume this is a PSU issue? Or it could be the graphics card. Specs: CPU: Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus - PRIME Z270-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard RAM: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory GPU: Gainward - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition Video Card Case: Corsair - SPEC-02 ATX Mid Tower Case PSU: EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
  4. Hi everyone! I have a weird issue. I have an Asrock x370 Pro4 motherboard with a Ryzen 5 2400G and GSkill Ripjaws DDR4 8G 3200MHz all of them are brand new. Boot Drive: Samsung 850EVO 120G SSD My problem is, when I try to enable Ultra Fast Boot in UEFI, I am not able to boot anymore. Black Screen, reboot and back to UEFI. It's strange because I have everything in UEFI mode, so my Win10 is installed in UEFI mode, according to GPU-Z the integrated Vega11 is capable of UEFI/GOP, I have no idea why a brand new config is doing this. Mainly using VGA connector, because my monitor only have that. But tried to boot with a HDMI connected monitor and same result (I don't know if there is any relation between this and the problem). Do you guys have any idea? Thank you in anticipation.
  5. Hi All, I just changed the power supply on this MicroITX PC. It went from an EVGA 750W to an EVGA 600W. PC Spec: i3 - 6100 w/ stock cooler H110i Pro AC - MOBO Manual here Corsair Vengeance RAM 2x8GB Everything has been re-connected properly and the computer powers on. Unfortunately, the computer will not seem to boot - I don't get to the BIOS screen. The DRAM LED light on the MOBO is solid when the computer turns on. I've tried removing the RAM and powering on with only one DIMM at a time - same problem. I also tried resetting the CMOS memory by shorting the appropriate jumper on the MOBO - same LED afterward. Is my MOBO fried? Is the RAM dead (I doubt it...)? It was working fine just yesterday prior to the PSU swap out. Any other reason the DRAM LED would be on? Thanks in advance!
  6. Is my GPU dead?

    GTX 780 Founders edition. Shows image, boots to windows. When drivers are installed screen goes black. Does boot to windows safe mode. Device manager recognizes it as a GTX 780. Is it dead? EDIT: Also tried to flash bios on it.
  7. Help ! My pc not working well . My pc can boot normally but when go to desktop, all app icon is gone . And I click everything is not responding . What should I do !?
  8. What Happened This afternoon my laptop froze randomly, waited for a minute, didn't respond so I'm like stuff it, pressed power button for 7 seconds to turn it off. Turned it back on, won't turn on anymore, It was stuck in a reboot loop with the generic windows message "Your pc ran into a problem and needs restarting....." So I'm like my bad luck, I'll clean install windows again, so I plug in my bootable USB with windows installation, won't boot, stuck on black screen. That's weird, this usb is 3 years old so I'm like maybe just stopped working. Went to make a new bootable drive but Microsoft's website needs the product key for that. I got another bootable USB to restore product keys from systems that can't boot from Lazesoft, tried booting from this USB, doesn't work. screen stays black. however the same USB works on my desktop PC What I've Tried - Tried a lot to enter/trigger advanced startup options through various methods - Thought of running safemode through bootable USB's windows installation but didn't boot - last option to clean reinstall windows but again the installation USB didn't boot - tried booting another USB with another software, didn't boot, screen stays blank/black Specs: CPU: Intel i7 7700hq GPU: nVidia 960m M.2: 250gb HDD: 1TB Ram: 8GB OS: Windows 8.1 Pro also has a optical drive if it helps anyone PS: had a windows update early morning, besides that it was normal everyday university work and general PC use.
  9. Although my PC is booting like a beast (thanks to an SSD) roughly half of the time I wait until windows greets me is spent on the "ASUS" logo of the motherboard at the beginning of the boot process. I know that it is necessary in order to get into the BIOS but since I've already finished setting it up wouldn't it be possible to skip (or shorten) the ~6 secounds logo display? When possible, how would I proceed if I'd changed my mind in the future and wanted to get into the BIOS again? Would I have to spam F2 in hope that I'd hit the shortened boot time?
  10. When I selected a other boot device on my pc it all went wrong. My pc gave the notification that I shoot select a other boot device. but my usb devices our not working for some reason. I am desperate to some help. thanks in advance.
  11. So I recently upgraded to Ryzen from FX. I had to purchase a new motherboard, new ram, and the CPU. Did not realize I had to re-install windows so it took a long time to diagnose the issue (including numerous restarts and flipping of the power supply switch). I have had to replace my previous power supply twice before through warranty. So when I started having start up issues and heard coil whine, I assumed it was the power supply. Finally bought a decent gold rated Seasonic power supply, hooked it up, but I still have both the coil whine and the start up issues. Obviously, the coil whine must be the graphics card (oh well with that though since its older and I am not buying a new one anytime soon). The main issue is the fact that when I first go to turn on my PC, it boots, but after the audible beep noise and the bios screen goes away, the PC shuts down. If I press the button again right after this, the PC boots and then load Windows fine. So I am wondering, is this a hard drive malfunction or motherboard issue? Thanks! -Ryzen 2600X -Patriot Viper 4 (2x4GB) DDR4 3000 -ASRock AB350 Pro4 -Power Color R9 280X
  12. hello i have had my pc for a while but i have upgraded some of the parts and was working perfectly. last time i turned it off, later the next morning i notice that the acer logo that shows the ´´ press del to enter bios´´ went away laggy and slow part by part and then the computer just showed a line on top left without no error messages or computer beep but i notice that the graphic card fans didnt start but it was on and i couldnt acess bios or any boot option so i couldnt use the windows repair. first i thought it was the HDD so i used another HDD that i had and still the same problem and i also did a Ram check cause i had a spare and still same problem please help me i cant seem to find the problem. motherboard: Acer predator g3610 motherboard graphics card: gtx 1050ti Ram: Corsair Memory Value Select 2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz cpu: i5-2300 psu:cooler master 500w lite hdd: hdd 1tb western blue
  13. Hi, so I've just installed Win 10 on my new Crucial mx500 ssd. I converted the drive from MBR to GPT with command line in the process, but uefi doesn't recognize it. Legacy bios does, but shouldn't it be the other way? Or why doesn't the uefi see the drive?
  14. Green Screen on boot

    Hey,I have a ryzen 2400g with not graphic cards nd 8Gb of ram.I installed windows onto it yesterday and I have been having this issue with it going green a few seconds after boot.In those few seconds I see weird flickering random dots which looks like really faint static from old TVs. I do not know what is the issue. Any help is appreciated
  15. a month a go i used a software called unetbootin on a mac to burn windows iso on usb now that i have installed windows when i boot it gives me old looking menu giving me only default option and that one doesn't work to boot to windows i have to use clover boot loader which i already have cause my hackintosh how do i delete that thing and boot to windows normally
  16. Windows Boot Issue

    Hey y’all.I recently decided to build my first PC, awesome move and I love everything about it, except one issue.Whenever my computer turns on, or restarts, it always boots from the BIOS, 10 times out of 10, before booting windows 10 from my ssd. This then requires me to override boot Windows from my SDD within the bios. When I first booted windows from my computer, I had the HDD (barracuda 2TB) disconnected, and only my SSD (WD Blue 240gb) connected. I have all of my boot priorities in order, SSD prioritized at #1. This has been a nerve wrecking issue that no one seems to have experienced before. Please ask for screenshots if needed. My motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix b350 f-gaming, cpu is Ryzen 5 1600X, gpu is zotac 1070ti mini. I can provide any additional info about the computer if needed to solve the issue (just ask), and I would greatly appreciate any advice given, thank you so much!
  17. My computer will not restart

    Hello My computer (desktop) does not restart on its own and when I shut it down the fans are still active. If I want to "restart" now I just shut it down and then hold the power button on the desktop to turn it off completely and then immediately press the power button again. How can I make the computer restarting on its own without resorting to the method specified ?
  18. Slow Boot Times

    Hi my computer its an desktop its like 1 year old and one day out of random it started booting up very slow and i cant figure out why and the the "last BIOS time" was 171.4 seconds
  19. Long boot on SSD

    Hi, When I push the power button on my PC, it powers on, powers off, powers on, and spends around 2 minutes on the Asus-Windows booting screen OS: Windows 10 Home PC specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/raynoldtanyx/saved/#view=kzLNnQ
  20. I'm new here and if I am supposed to do something before I post for the first time, please forgive me, I'll get there. I recently decided to test the performance benefits of installing an SSD as my boot drive while leaving my HDD as my main storage drive. After researching and trying various options I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro on the SSD via USB from the original version. It is only a 120GB drive so I didn't want to clone my other drive as I would have had to remove things and also I would end up with all kinds of stuff on my SSD when I want to keep it ONLY for my OS and a select few programs. So, after successfully installing the OS on my SSD I tried to give it boot priority in the BIOS. For whatever reason, I can only tell it to look for a hard drive first before USB etc. So choosing the SSD over the HDD doesn't seem to be an option. It is currently booted on the HDD and seems to have "windows.old" on it alongside all my original files. It is still labelled as C: and the SSD as D:. I have the SSD physically installed in an adapter which replaces my optical drive and the HDD is still installed in its original place, is this the issue or a contributing factor? I am tempted to just format the drive, boot up and see if the SSD allows it to boot and then add back my files BUT, I have noticed that there are a number of files within the "Windows" folder that are on my HDD but not in the "Windows" folder on my SSD. I'm wondering if it is as simple as copying over the original files and program files (I seriously doubt that). My system is a Dell Vostro 3550 laptop with i5, 12GB RAM. I have all my files backed up so I'm not too stressed about losing data etc. however, I would like to keep it as close to my current version as possible so I don't have to re-install too much or change back too many settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Deano
  21. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mw7qmq This is my current build, I did have a Ryzen 3 installed but I just installed a new Ryzen 7 2700X with a wraith prism LED cooler. After installing I went to boot up and everything gets power except it just doesn’t boot, the monitor isn’t detecting any video signal. Any help with this please?
  22. I just upgraded to a shiny new Ryzen 2700x from my sandy bridge i5, and I am experiencing a strange problem. On my PC I have a RAID 0 array that has my operating system on it, and 2 1TB HDD, for mass storage. I formatted the array and rebuilt it, and after that I reinstalled Windows 10 on it, and also booted into windows, and no problem occurred. After that, i plugged in my 2 HDD, and suddenly i was not able to boot into windows anymore, and I got an error message that said to 'insert proper boot device'. I checked my boot order, and my raid array was first. Still nothing. After that, i tried booting into my raid array directly from the BIOS(just for reference, I have an asus ROG x470 crosshair 7 hero board) with the boot override, and i still get the same error. If i unplug both of the HDD, i can boot just fine into Windows. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  23. Somewhere along the way, I have inadvertently created too many boot entries in the BCD section labeled "Firmware Application (101fffff)", and my system is booting very slowly, but eventually boots normally. I have 365 items listed when there should normally be maybe 4-6 entries. How do I go about getting rid of the duplicates listed after the section labeled "Firmware Application (101fffff)"? (This is for a EFI boot.) I know how to remove any duplicates in the Firmware Boot Manager listing section of the dump at the top of the file, but that only works for the duplicate display order items in the Firmware Boot Manager. I have attached the dump using Bcdedit /enum firmware > enumfw.txt. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. enumfw.txt
  24. Hey guys, My story is a bit of a weird one. A few days ago i bought this intel board on ebay for $100, it was made clear that there was damage done to the board (scratches on the pcb) but they didn't look to bad to I figured what the heck. (see attached pics for scratches on mobo) The board came in yesterday, and after plugging in just the psu, it would not turn on, which I found a bit odd, but then I plugged my ram and my cpu in and it turned on, so might be a feature of the board? Either way, after setting everything up, it worked flawlessly for the whole day. Today, I went to turn it on and nope... Post code 33. so I restarted it. Post code A9. No beeps for either of them. Now when I try it just doesn't even bother trying, and just sits on 00. I tried removing all but one sticks of ram, all the ram, unplugging some unneeded usb devices, and clearing the cmos, all with no luck. Is there anything else I should try before trying to re-solder the connections on the back? Thanks in advance! My Specs: Let me know if theres any other info you need. I will be home later today to test what you guys come up with Please note though, I do not have another cpu to test, this is my only one, but I have a new board coming in from china eventually (between now and like end of June) Update 1: Removed the mobo from case, checked pins, all seemed good. I also cleaned out the scratches with a parts cleaner (Super Solv Multi-purpose solvent), and I've also tried a different psu and both sets of ram, no luck. at this point i have nothing but the cpu and psu plugged into the board and it just sits at 00, no beeps or anything, but i do find it weird that the (red) standby LED comes on after a few seconds. I have no idea what to do at this point. \\\
  25. I am working on a custom build and was wondering if there is any way to get a custom sound clip to play when pressing the power button? Or at least very soon after I press it? I was looking into using the internal motherboard speaker, but that's going to be almost impossible to modify. Is there something that I can transfer an audio file to and connect it to the internal speaker header so it plays an audio clip? I remember seeing something a while back (can't remember where/ when) about a small device that uses an sd card, which (when an integrated button on it is pressed) plays the audio on that card. I'm not sure what they're called though. Thanks, - Dan.