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  1. So I was helping my brother fix his car, fitting a new radiator. I noticed they were really quite similar to a PC radiator and thought "Hey, could this be used for a PC?" Given how cheap they can be at a breakers yard (the same price as a regular pc radiator), I wonder if anyone had tried it before. Ignoring the obvious impracticalities of having such a large radiator, Is this something feasible? would it perform any good? Has anyone done this before?
  2. Idea For Amazing Racing Game

    So I was thinking about picking up a new Racing Game sometime soon and I noticed that most of the Racing Games out there today are still following the same general template as they were years ago. I was looking at fun indie-style games such as "My Summer Car" as well as AAA super-realism titles such as "Forza Motorsport 7". I then realized something, if you took the building, customization, hilarious comedy, and crash/mechanical failure physics of My Summer Car and combined that with the surrealism of Forza Motorsport, you would end up with the greatest racing game of all time! Whats going on in my head is a sort of Open-World MMO racing game like the "Forza Horizon" or "The Crew" Series, then each player spawns into their new world with a junk car that is broken and needs to be repaired. Once repaired, the player can participate in online races or participate in side missions to earn money to buy parts to upgrade their car or buy a new one. The main idea would be to stay away from supercars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis and focus on car modifications for performance. In an ideal world, the fastest factory cars available in this game would be higher-end hot-hatchbacks and mid-tier sports cars such as the 2018 Ford Focus RS. It would also be nice to require maintenance such as oil changes, as found in My Summer Car. From there, you could add in mechanical issues such as head gasket failure for someone who sits there and constantly revs their engine to the red line. In short, you take the mechanical and technical side of My Summer Car or Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, and you throw it into an MMO Open-World senario with AAA graphics, surreal handling and crash physics, and you have youself a game that basically equates to real life. I drive a modified VW GTI IRL and I love meeting up with friends in the mountains to go for a nice blast. Essentially, this game would allow you to own my car as I do, as I NEVER take my car to the shops due to my modifications, and I work on it all the time. It would give players the ability to own their dream build, with limitless customization options. The only issue with this idea? Im not a game designer. I dont know how to program games AT ALL. So I guess unless a serious developer takes this idea seriously, it is all just a pipe-dream for now :(. Let me know what you think about this idea, and also suggestions for changes!
  3. I know its a car emblem and design for cars, but the wiring that displays the LED is so simple. simply black and red just like a speaker at home. in case you might be confused here's what I'm talking about >>>> https://ebay.com/itm/192253550944. How can i connect this wiring to my PSU? is it possible?
  4. I have problem with my AMP, it goes into protect when I turn up the volume and it bothers me. I got it for dirt cheap from a friend, single 12" with a 600W mono AMP, he had the same issue when he had it, but when he had it at the audio shop he bought it from they said they had no problems and coud turn up the gain really high (I was with him so I heard them say this). But when we wired it into my car the issues came back and I dont know what does this.. is it the battery being bad, the alternator not giving enough juice, a bad ground, lack of capacitor, any ideas? Its really bothering me, shop said the amp was tuned to the perfect settings already so that should be fine.. It's only Hideho that kills it so far at 20 volume, nothing else, and I guess its fine since I dont really play these bass boosted songs but I want it to work anyways..
  5. Just curious and want to know you guys' dream cars/motorcycles/vehicles. Price doesn't matter, it doesn't have to be a supercar or even a sports car or would you rather build your own car??? Would you like electric or plain old muscle V8. As for my dream car, it is tough to decide, real tough. I think I will go for the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita but as it is limited and sold out I think I will go for a crazily modified version of the Dodge Demon or a modded Mustang(70's maybe??). Count in a few GTRs and the Skylines and maybe a Tesla and you are almost there. I probably want to ride the F-35 Raptor too one day. But at 3 Billion $ it is a little out of my price range. Too bad i can't at least fly in a Concord.
  6. Hey everyone, I have an idea to have a tesla-like touchscreen monitor in my car. However, I'd likely want to do a split screen, where the top half is some sort of capable system (such as android) to watch movies and web browsing (while stopped of course), then I'd have the bottom running android auto/apple carplay. Is there any way to do this? I'd frankly be willing to even build a windows PC with ups systems and all if I need to. Maybe emulate carplay, and have tablet mode of windows 10 on top? I Have 10gb of un-throttled data on my iphone, so it would be cool if i could set up the car to borrow that, although I also have a spare sim with 1gb data (that could maybe be used for an android tablet that's connected to the monitor? Btw my iphone and ipad are both jailbroken, in case that helps with this new system. Right now I use a jailbroken iPad in my dash, and while it works great, there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to connecting to my phone. That is why I'd consider this splitscreen option. Likely a 21inch touchscreen monitor set up vertically with the top half running one thing, bottom another. (ideally carplay). And lets just ignore radio for now, it seems unlikely that I could get that working nicely haha. If I need to have separate amps ect to power my car speakers that's fine! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  7. New car decision

    Alright, hopefully this isn't supposed to go in the car thread. I have a question I'd like to pose, and I'm just looking for other peoples opinions/recommendations. I'm looking to upgrade from my 2009 Honda Fit. I know I want something that has a manual transmission, I've missed driving stick every day since I started driving an automatic. And I also want a relatively small SUV. This seems like a difficult combination to come by these days. What I've been looking at so far is the Subaru Crosstrek, and the Jeep Wrangler. Seems like most Jeeps are out of my price range though, and the Subaru seems to be almost the only small SUV that's offered with 4/All wheel drive AND a manual transmission. What would you guys recommend? Price limit I think is going to be near the 22-23k range, open to new or used recommendations. Thanks dudes.
  8. So ive been thinking how i can change the colors of the lights on my instrument cluster from the stock white. So my idea was to build a flexible thin ribbon wire or pcb to add rgbw led to so i can add the same amount of lights in the same spot where the current white leds are.. as in build on and just lay it it over the current pcb. and find which wire powers the white leds and cut that. I know that sounds like a lot of work but thats kinda how my mind works. if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to even make a flexible pcb that would be awsome. So the photo below. The original Jetta cluster is white. what i did to get blue is use some Theatre light gles and cut them out for either side and reassembled it.
  9. Help Hardwiring dash cam

    Title speaks for itself, but I got one of these: https://amazon.com/gp/product/B071YT5YLP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Im using the cig lighter fuse which is 15 amps and it works when i put the fuse and the fuse tap in. I tried using the hardwire kit here: https://amazon.com/gp/product/B077C1HTPK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and then crimp it it doesn't power the dashcam, PS: i plan on getting this to see the license plate better: https://amazon.com/gp/product/B076F27TLH/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_12?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3CIGEUYW4U1DT but currently using this https://amazon.com/VANTRUE-OnDash-R2-Vantrue/dp/B01CODX8ZY/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1517084364&sr=8-16&keywords=vantrue+dashcam Edit: Does having something in the cig lighter affect it?
  10. Samsung and Harman International plan to integrate QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) screens in electric cars. These screens apparently use local dimming to reduce consumption and to increase the range of electric cars by saving more electricity that will then go to the motor. It's not the first time we have seen these two companies collaborate (which is obvious since Samsung acquired Harman in 2016). A good example is using OLED displays and AKG headphones with the hugely popular Galaxy S8 and S8+. As quoted in WhatHiFi (https://whathifi.com/news/harman-and-samsung-announce-worlds-first-qled-in-car-display) This is not the only announcement they have made. They are also releasing a feature called Configurable Entertainment based on AudioworX's open platform. This platform allows companies and OEMs to design and implement new user experiences. This feature lets users customize their in-car experiences even though they're in the same space. I'm gonna let WhatHiFi do the talking here, they can put it better than me: This new system will use a combination of audio processing and visual changes to alter the shape and sonic characteristics on demand. Definitely intresting and looking forward to hear more about that in the future. Hope the LTT crew is having fun at CES! Sources (1): What HiFi: https://whathifi.com/news/harman-and-samsung-announce-worlds-first-qled-in-car-display
  11. Hey guys so im making a car game in unreal for college but i cant get my car to sit on the ground and cant get it to stop floating. everything else works fine the wheels spins the tire turn, i just cant get the car to move does anyone know why it may be floating? picture of rig and problem provided
  12. Thanks to Renault for sponsoring this video! Learn more about the SYMBIOZ concept at http://geni.us/AKz7h
  13. VLEDs for car headlight replacements?

    Has anyone purchased any of these before? They seem great but I was hoping to see if anyone here had purchased/used them and could attest to them one way or the other, debating these as a Christmas gift for my dad and might even snag a set myself. I know this isn't a car forum hence the "off topic" but I figured I'd ask.. Thoughts? VLED's
  14. 1987 LTD Crown Vic

    I'm thinking about my first car, and I originally wanted to get a miata, but my parents most likely won't allow it, but then I remembered the 1987 Crown Vic. You may know it as the Ford P.O.S. from the original MIB I digress, would an 87 LTD Crown Vic make a good first car? How's insurance on them? How hard would it be to swap a manual transmission into it? Obviously I already know they're reliable, but I think it would be something fun and cool that's affordable.
  15. I had seen some trackers for kids, dogs etc. But, I want to know is there any small tracker that I can place into the car and see my car location on the map while shopping in the market. I want to eradicate the chances of car theft. If anyone can provide some sort of information then it can help me a lot. Thanks!
  16. Good evening to everybody (living in Germany :D) I recently bought a Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus aka Lenovo P8 from Gearbest. It arrived in time and as of now I was impressed by performance to price ratio. The only problem is have is, that the tablet, which was supposed to replace my old and malfunctioning tablet in the car, has problems with its AUX port. When I try to plug it into the radio via AUX port, it refuses to recognize that radio as a headset and continues to play sound via the onboard speakers. I've tried diffrent cables, its the same with every cable, and my phone works just fine with the radio. I tested the AUX port of the tablet with my home speakers, where they work just fine, I tested the tablet with Sennheiser M30i In-Ears and they work just fine. The only two things I found which were not working with AUX was my car radio and a bluetooth box. What i was thinking what is causing this issue ( as the tablet shortly recognizes it as a headset but loses that focus very fast again), is, that the electrical resistance of the radio is too small, as it has its own power delivery source, so the tablet will shut down its AUX port. But i have no evidence for that theory, so I am asking you guys if you know a workaround, because the tablet really is perfect except this issue. Also I've tried to force the tablet to use the AUX port using an App, but with that the left front speaker wont turn on, and the quality is shitty. I am begging you guys for help. Cya and have a good day. Cany
  17. I want to use my phone's Bluetooth to connect to both my Bluetooth speakers (for quality and volume) and to my car (for the dashboard buttons). Does anyone know of a way to connect to both simultaneously, with a software fix, app, or whatever (just preferably not a hardware splitter, because money). If its important, my phone is specifically a Samsung Galaxy S7 (G930P) and is not rooted (I am unable to).
  18. Looking to replace the dash cam in my girlfriends car, Her dad got her this one, which has pretty bad FOV and and the resolution is pretty low. It basically makes one recording, but the left half of the recording is the front camera, and the right half is the rear camera. Since it mounts over the rear view mirror its annoying to adjust whenever the driver changes. I originally was looking at the Anker Roav, which there is a review of here on the forums. It looks good, but I kind of want dual cameras, front and back. Or even triple, Front, back, driver, but that's asking for too much, lol These are the ones I've been considering: Rexing V1P Z-EDGE S3 ITRUE X6D Seems I can't really find any dual ones that also have good night vision for the front and back, so I'm might just be more worth it to get 2 good single dash cams and mount them at the front and back.
  19. Taken from the recent "cheapest PC case" video. Who at LTT owns an SN95 Mustang? I friggin love it I've seen it before in way older videos, too.
  20. New car speakers?

    I'm going to be replacing the speakers in my car, anyone have opinions of speakers to buy? I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, I was looking at these from Pioneer on Amazon, anyone got anything better for the price? https://amazon.com/gp/product/B014Z7ILY0/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A232DEXWNE9181&psc=1 https://amazon.com/gp/product/B014Z7IIV6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  21. I bought a kit from a local company in India and list of components available with me is attached below. I'll be powering arduino with standard 9v battery. So I want to drive two motors from a Canon printer with 4*4v-1Ah batteries (pic attached) which obviously can't run with a H-bridge so I found the alternate which is Motor Shield, but I can't afford the arduino rev3 as I'll have to import that and other s use up all the pins which is not good so I found this(link below). Also for using it with WiFi I either can use Ethernet shield (with a Pocket router and custom made webpage) or WiFi card (Idk which)(links below). Amazon links- https://amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B00AXVX5D0/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A31PUIOPHJ56Y3 https://amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B01M6U29UL/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3NY9VL3TSHL8J https://amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B019IJ8ECY/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3H5F6BJA0G125 Will these work together? Also attached below is the GPIO extension IDK how to use it. Code to my current progress is below, where I've used PS2 stick, LCD, H bridge and servo (wired connection). Link to pics - https://goo.gl/photos/pBL4ruVn5tkFrHASA https://goo.gl/photos/5aQgxZqmF2WaV1749 Code - include <Servo.h> Servo myservo; include <LiquidCrystal.h> LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13); int JoyStick_X = 0; int JoyStick_Y = 1; int JoyStick_Z = 1; int dir1PinA = 2; int dir2PinA = 3; int speedPinA = 6; int dir1PinB = 4; int dir2PinB = 5; int speedPinB = 7; int LowSpeed = 100; int MedSpeed = 170; int HighSpeed = 255; void setup(void) { myservo.attach(17); lcd.begin(16, 2); lcd.clear(); pinMode(JoyStick_Z, INPUT_PULLUP); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(dir1PinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir2PinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(speedPinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir1PinB, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir2PinB, OUTPUT); pinMode(speedPinB, OUTPUT); } void loop(void) { int x, y, z; x = analogRead(JoyStick_X); y = analogRead(JoyStick_Y); z = digitalRead(JoyStick_Z); lcd.setCursor(0, 0); lcd.print("Car Status"); lcd.setCursor(0, 1); lcd.print("Spd:"); if (z == 0) { lcd.print("High"); } else if (x > 510 && x < 530) { lcd.print("No "); } else if (x > 530 && x < 730) { lcd.print("Low "); } else if (x > 730) { lcd.print("Med "); } else if (x < 510 && x > 250) { lcd.print("RLow"); } else if (x < 250) { lcd.print("RMed"); } lcd.print(" "); lcd.setCursor(10, 1); lcd.print("Trn:"); if (y < 500) { lcd.print("L "); } else if (525 > y && y > 500) { lcd.print("-"); } else if (y > 525) { lcd.print("R "); } lcd.setCursor(11, 0); lcd.print("Bst:"); if (z == 0) { lcd.print("Y"); } else { lcd.print("N"); } //________________Motor 1________________________ if (z == 0 && x > 10) { // Motor Forward High analogWrite(speedPinA, HighSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinA, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, HIGH); analogWrite(speedPinB, HighSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinB, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, HIGH); } else if (x > 530 && x < 730) {// Motor Forward Low analogWrite(speedPinA, LowSpeed);//Sets speed variable via PWM digitalWrite(dir1PinA, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, HIGH); analogWrite(speedPinB, LowSpeed);//Sets speed variable via PWM digitalWrite(dir1PinB, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, HIGH); } else if (x > 730) {// Motor Forward Med analogWrite(speedPinA, MedSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinA, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, HIGH); analogWrite(speedPinB, MedSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinB, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, HIGH); } else if (x > 510 && x < 530) {// Motor Stop analogWrite(speedPinA, 0); digitalWrite(dir1PinA, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, HIGH); analogWrite(speedPinB, 0); digitalWrite(dir1PinB, LOW); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, HIGH); } else if (x < 510 && x > 250) { // Motor Reverse Low analogWrite(speedPinA, LowSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinA, HIGH); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, LOW); analogWrite(speedPinB, LowSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinB, HIGH); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, LOW); } else if (x < 250 && x > 0) { // Motor Reverse Med analogWrite(speedPinA, MedSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinA, HIGH); digitalWrite(dir2PinA, LOW); analogWrite(speedPinB, MedSpeed); digitalWrite(dir1PinB, HIGH); digitalWrite(dir2PinB, LOW); } myservo.write(40 + y * 8.7890625 / 100); } Car__w_turn.ino
  22. 1995 Acura Legend L Build Log

    Here is just going to be a basic build log by me updated whenever I can get the chance. Currently building a 95 Acura Legend that blew a headgasket and snapped a timing belt so I picked it up for $100 Price Breakdown: $500 for the car $119.95 for valves and stem seals $104.95 for full gasket kit, Excluding the head gaskets as I want to buy fel-pro ones Update: Intake Manifold is out and it stripped apart being ready to have the carbon cleaned out of it EGR Pipe, Valves, and other assorted stuff is out and off the intake! Took it apart and found out I had 10 bent valves! So im going to be buying this instead of sourcing each individual valve http://ebay.com/itm/251334048086 Should work out don't see why not Head completely torn apart, just need to be resurfaced, and needs new valve stem seals Cams, Rocker arms, And lifters out and ready to be checked for even wear, straightness, and maybe even just being replaced. If you look at the Camshaft its suffering massive wear on the lobes. 7/1/2017 Sent the heads off to get resurfaced! They had about 3.5 thousands of warp but the max amount he could take off was 8 thou so I'm good! Said I should get them back Monday and then I plan on ordering the valves and then a full set of either OEM gaskets and seals or fel-pro gaskets 7/5/2017 Got the heads back monday but I failed to update this thread. Ordered some hood struts, new heater core valve, and a few connectors to repair my harness
  23. So I was telling my mate at work that I wanted to buy a new car radio that has Bluetooth, aux cord etc and he told me he's got a thing that runs out of the cigarette lighter but in your car that more or less emits a radio signal that will take information from your phone, such as music through Bluetooth. Then your car's radio will use the signal it's emitting and you can then listen to music of your phone that way. Sorry for the terrible explanation but hopefully someone can help me find this on Amazon or just the name of the thing I'm going on about. Thanks
  24. My Late dad has this radio branded as "LOWRIDER" ("Virtual Reality Sound Labs", and or "Serious Sound") car radio (model number VRLR260), and i cant seem to find the website, company, or any info on this radio. I need to find the online manual, but i cannot find it anywhere. I REALLY need help with this. Thank you.
  25. So I just got a Fusion 12" woofer 900w built in amp fitted into the boot of my Honda Coupe. One issue so far is that the woofer is constantly rumbling and playing bass even if there is no music playing. To get rid of it I had to turn the bass on the dial to as low as it'll go. With music playing I feel like it isnt giving as much of an "omph" of the bass as I had hoped rather it just rumbles constantly. All the cables that were used came with the woofer when I bought it, I went to a car audio place to get it fitted. Does this seem normal? Is it something to do with the wiring they screwed up?