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  1. Wiping system drives

    I am going to wipe all of my system drives, as they are just driver filled hell-holes right now. I spent $200 on Windows 10 Pro, and I dont want to lose it or the key, how would I back this all up? Like just Windows, thats it. Responses greatly appreciated
  2. I installed a 2.5" laptop hard drive into my main rig for some extra storage. It's a WD Blue 1TB (it doesn't have label's on it anymore so I can't give a part #, sorry!!). It had a fresh copy of Ubuntu 16.04 on it, but I just needed the drive for storage, so I decided to nuke it with DBAN. I used the "quick" command rather than "autonuke", just noting that. So after about 5 hours the wipe was done, but nowhere in Windows does the drive appear, it's like it's not even there anymore. Maybe because the drive doesn't have a file system? I've tried searching for the drive in Windows 10 64bit and Ubuntu 16.04 on my main drive and it's nowhere to be found. My parts log can be found here; https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/NtdszM . The ASRock board is on v2.60 of the BIOS. Any thoughts? I feel like it could be something really simple and it's just over my head at the moment. Thanks everyone!