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  1. Okay so I know that this repeal is going to have to go through the courts, and I now multiple companies are already planning law suits and assuming that Congress won't take action till next 4 to 6 years when can we expect the ISP to begin being assholes ?
  2. My pc is not booting, and my cpu cooler Smells like smoke I have a OEM motherboard and an i5 650 and the intel stock cooler the fans are spinning but nothing is coming up on the monitor. is my cpu broken or is it my motherboard? Is anything broken at all?
  3. CAD to USD

    'nuff said...
  4. LTT's Mental Health Thread

    If this thread doesn't apply to you, don't reply to it *Note to mods and everyone: wasn't sure if I should even make this as I don't know if it's suitable/would be used properly/at all, so many sorrys given if it's not* What's this depression/sadness you speak of? Why you no happy? Depression is something that affects a lot of people, often people that you wouldn't even think are affected by it. Take me for example, no one IRL has any idea how I actually feel, simply because I don't show it. I appear cheery, happy?, funny and generally a good laugh. Robin Williams another great example. The problem is, a lot of people simply don't tell people - whether it's because they don't have anyone to actually tell, or just because they don't want to for some other underlying reason. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just 'getting over it'; sometimes for underlying reasons or because of something that happened in the past. Which brings me on to the main reason/focus for this thread: Purpose of this thread? What I hope for this thread is a place for people to come, share their feelings (to an appropriate extent) and just generally talk to each other - but not just about any random old gibberish, at least keep it focused and related. If you're someone that's lonely, hopefully this thread helps a little by allowing you to talk about your real self; given you can interact with anyone anywhere on this forum, I wasn't sure if this was worth making, but figured it may help some more to talk about this actual topic rather than just tech and what not. So, who does this apply to and how do I join in/help? Well, this applies to anyone that is feeling down, has suffered from prolonged depression, is lonely or just generally not on top of the world; anyone that wants to help, but doesn't suffer from the aforementioned, is also welcome. As mentioned above, this thread is mainly for people to come in, talk about any of the above (such as just that they're feeling down, if something unfortunate happened etc.) and for others to talk to them about it... Hopefully helping as an end result (just simply talking to someone can help massively). Anywhere else I can talk? Well, obviously professional help is an option, but I feel even talking can be just as effective. I'm happy to talk with anyone over PM, and if anyone else is willing to talk to people over PM then feel free to say so below. There are focused forums, such as the Mental Health Forum. We also have a Discord server that I'm a part of, which has over 30 members (almost all from LTT) which is a great place to talk about absolutely anything if you're lonely, stressed etc. If you want to join, PM @GaIaxy or @Minibois and ask for an invite (saying you came from this thread)! (As many will say, we're not doctors, so take our advice as just that. If you think you need it, go see your doctor.) And ultimately, be happy! MOD DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind people that we are not doctors. Do not come here for any medical advice that may affect you. If you have medical problems and you think you may need to see a doctor, please do so. If someone suggests you take medication for some kind of issue, speak to your doctor before taking anything. - Godlygamer23
  5. Initially playing through HL2...

    I have a confession to make Lord Gaben, despite playing so many hours in cs:s, I've probably played only an hour in HL2, despite having the main game, and the sequals like Episode 1, 2, and Lost Coast. Going back in my library I didn't understand why I only played up until I meet Alyx, so I re-downloaded the game and now I know why. Starting out in City 17, my own worst fears are realized. Talking heads of state and policemen everywhere, it's like Orwell's 1984 the video game. I've listened to the audiobook and seen the movie, and they were both depressing-scary as hell. I think that's why I never continued the game. Here's how I would have liked to start the game, by spawning random t-rex's! https://youtu.be/7agoyXYtZaI?t=4m17s I would like to play through the game (for the actual sake of playing half-life), but I would like to know if this was a normal reaction from you and if it gets better.
  6. Fallout 4 Spoiler Comfort Zone

    Hello fellow lone wanderers, as you know, at around 12 am EST tonight, Fallout 4 will officially be released onto the masses. But, lots of people have already got and played the game in its pre-release phase, completing the main storyline. Lots of leaked videos have also been released showing plot spoilers, but if you have gone on social media in the past few hours, then you will know the pain and suffering that would have caused you, since lots of fucking smooth-skins have already posted the ending to the game, for whatever devious reasons. (Studies show that nuclear war is 99.9% efficient at neutralizing all pre-cum children who get their kicks from spoiling the ending to the most anticipated RPG in the recent decade.) Either way, this zone is for all of you who are suffering from spoilers. And i think it is obvious, while this is a happy place for spoiler victims, NO FURTHER SPOILERS FOR FALLOUT 4.Your fellow vault citizen may not have learned of said spoiler. just pure anger, rage, and spite against fallout 4 spoilers.
  7. Depression, anyone have help?

    I've been depressed for about 2 years now and it's only gotten worse. I feel as if my parents think I'm a failure, all of my classes push me way too hard, and everyone hates me. You guys are my favorite community and I feel as if you guys might be the best people to help me. I don't have many friends and the ones I do have don't really talk to me. Please help me techies, because I don't know what to do -Sadly, Niko
  8. A Friend of mine needs help :)

    hey Guys im not gonna mention any names and before i get to why he needs your help a little back story, so for a while now his youtube channel has been stuck at about 130k subs and only about 3000 views per vid, and he struggles to get anymore than that, he used to get 20-30k on each vid but his Subscriber base has fallen to pieces and its really getting him down which isnt nice to hear about, hes on Anti-Depressants and everything, he still makes vids and he hasnt fully given up yet but i have a felling hes about too, we have been trying different games with different people and on different platforms but still nothing has come of it, so thats Where you guys come in He Needs your help to come up with some ideas to help him get his Subscriber base back to where it used to be, currently he does alot of zombie type games (Dayz, WaW Custom zombies etc ) So have you guys got any ideas as to different games and ways to play then, maybe a series of videos ? Thanks in advance
  9. Over the course of a year and a half, I have had to RMA nearly every component of my computer. Everything except the SSD/HDD, PSU and the CPU itself has been RMAd. RIght now my mobo AND RAM are both out for RMA... I want to pull my hair out or cut my wrists or something im so bored. I've had to resort to playing my xbox360 more lately, or just watch TV at night instead of play anything. So I was just wondering what everyone else does when they have to RMA something that makes their computer unusable for any amount of time. Ill probably be computerless for another week at least... /cries