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  1. I dunno why I do have this weird feeling. My laptop is 'kinda' beefy. I tune-up my laptop now and then, check for HDD errs but still. Suppose, both have same spec, placed in a same ambient temped room, adequate cooling, are used with same tasks and for a same amount of time. Which will last longer? (Pretty broad q, though)
  2. my resolution: 1024x768 settings preference: very low thx
  3. Ever had your case randomly make a clunking or clicking noise randomly out of nowhere? Kinda sounding like throwing a small pebble at a window? I have been having this exact issue for last year or so but just ignored it mainly out not wanting to deal with fear of another dying hardware (Thought it was a fan for a good while) Basically what was happening was happening was the side panel window attached with folded metal tabs randomly contracted and expanded (Change in temperate maybe? Air conditioner maybe?) So basically I grabbed an AC air filter Chopped it up into long strips Sandwiched it between the panel and window after carefully loosening up the window metal tabs, bent it up with my fingers at the end as using a plier made it far too easy to chip the paint over them. And finally done Had anybody else ever had this issue? It drove me nuts until one day I was cleaning the side panel and heard it again and had that eureka moment
  4. Need Help

    I have been having this problem for a few weeks now. I turn on my computer and after about 5-10 minutes all of my monitors turn a random color, usually a green or a grey, and the computer completely freezes. The only way to stop it is to completely power her down. I've taken out and reseated literally every component and swapped all all the monitor cables and this still happens. If i have music playing that freezes as well, so this lets me think it isn't a problem with the displays or the graphics card. Regardless if I open any programs or not, this still happens. Any advice would be appreciated. Specs: FX 8350 EVGA 650W gold 4x4 crucial ballistix sport Sapphire Radeon RX 470 turbo 8gb 970a-DS3p motherboard 1TB WD Black hard drive Cryorig H7 cpu cooler with ample case fans (cooling isn't the problem, I've monitored the temps while it happens and the CPU and the GPU both idle around 30C)
  5. I currently own a WD MyCloud NAS. I am considering getting rid of it and moving the drives from there into my spare desktop. This NAS is being used for network shares and a Plex Server I have a spare desktop that has not seen use for the better part of the year and I have had trouble selling. If I decide to use it, it would be used for file sharing, a Plex Server, game streaming (maybe), and a parsec gaming server. Of course, not all of this would happen simultaneously. The reasons i'm considering this is that WD doesn't put out timely updates for security flaws, updates to the apps in their app store, flaws simply don't get patched, and I need more power for plex. The only real downside to moving away from the WD NAS is the increase in power draw. The WD NAS on load hits 15W, while my spare desktop is near 100W. Any suggestions as to whether or not this is a good idea or how I could improve on said situation? Thanks
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking at getting a new gaming desktop and I've been getting fairly discouraged with current prices. Im not looking for anything super top end as I'll mainly be playing things like Overwatch, Witcher 3, SC2, etc. 60fps would be lovely. I saw this desktop at Costco and was hoping to get sone opinions on specs and value. Let me know your opinions!! This is in Canadian Dollars.
  7. My girl friends PC died she still has all the peripherals she just needs the PC itself we both play alot of video games and study price budget is about 1200 AUD she wants to run WoW and league on decent settings we still have the old RAM (the only useable part from the old PC) which is corsair vengeance pro series 16gb 8x2 1600MHz. Most likely we'll replace it in 2 years just need something for now. i can't buy the pieces and build it myself i wish i could but she dosn't have the time as she needs to hand in assignments.
  8. I think this is the right Topic Catagory. I'm having problems playing a Blu-ray movie on a recently installed Blu-ray player inside a desktop, all I hear when I put in a disk is a Clicking noise. I don't know if in installed it correctly or it's not compatible. I have tried to play other types of DVDs, CDs and it works but not blue-ray Help will be appreciated, thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------- Specs HP Omni 120~1123w AMD Fusion E450 8Gb RAM And 1Tb Storage. (I Know, Pretty Crappy.)
  9. Budget PC's

    Budget pc's that can easily play a game like dirt or grand theft auto on maximum with no lagging and specs upto date
  10. No Desktop Available

    One day I opened up my computer and it would not allow me to see the desktop. I'm not sure if this was caused by the windows 1803 update, but it did start sometime after the update. I've tried messing around with the settings to no avail. I attached some photos to show all that is an option. If you could offer any assistance that would be great.
  11. Hi, so i just moved houses and i need a new build to replace my really old laptop. I need something that can game and do homework and browse the interwebs. I don't need a hard drive/ssd or a PSU as i have those left over from my build at my dad's house, ideally i would like a black and white build at $300 max or preferably $250. This is the build that i have set up for now on PcPartpicker but i feel like i could get it lower but i don't know how without sacrificing performance. Thanks!
  12. Hi there, As my PC is getting pretty old (about 7 years now) and my laptop is having difficulties running pretty much most of the latest games (MSI Apache Pro GE60 2PE) I'm looking towards building a new pc. My budget lies around 2000 tot 2500 Euro (about 2 945.37 USD), monitor included in the price. I do play games frequently, ranging from RTS to MMORPGs to FPS (competitively). Streaming is optionally, might wanna include that. Next to that, I might be doing some video editing and rendering/game design (animation) as well, but this is of lesser importance. I'd like some advice on the build itself, whether the parts fit together (I think they should, checked up on the statistics), whether I should swap some parts to something else (perhaps cheaper/same performance or maybe a little more expensive for way better performance). If I could lower the price tag, that might be handy as well. This is the build I'm most hyped for: Case: Sharkoon DG7000 red tower (I don't really mind getting another case if needed, this one looks pretty decent and seems to fit all parts, if I'm correct) Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming (Socket 1151) Processor: Intel® Core i7-8700K, 3,7 GHZ (4,7 GHz Turbo Boost) socket 1151 processor CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo Red Cover Thermal paste: Arctic Silver 5 (I don't know much about thermal pastes, should I take something else or nothing at all?) GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8Gb (Should I take another one? ASUS, MSI, NVidia?) RAM: Corsair 16 GB DDR4-3000 Power Supply: be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W (This should be more than enough?) Primary HD: Samsung 500 GB, 970 EVO SSD Secondary HD: Seagate Enterprise Capacity, 4 TB OS: Windows (Gaming, pretty much DUH) Should I get a dedicated sound card/network card? I work with a headset (USB) or a 2.1 speaker setup. I might include a Yeti microphone and headphones (streaming) but I guess that works with the build? I'm not sure if extra fans and/or cooling is needed? Monitor: Dell S2417DG 23.8" Gaming Monitor (1ms, 165 Hz (OC), QHD, TN) (Should I take something else? Important for me: contrast/colors, reaction time, just better then FHD) Btw: I know that there's some speculation over Nvidia releasing a new type of GPU in the upcoming months. Should I or should I not wait for this? Thanks for your help!
  13. Is This A Good Setup?

    CPU: Amd Vishera Fx-6300 71usd GPU: Colorful GTX1050Ti Mini OC 4G 133-155 usd Ram: 2x RECADATA 4GB DDR3 - 1600 60usd Motherboard: ASRock 970M PRO3 - AMD 970 69usd Power Suply: Eurocase ECO+80 400w 45usd HardDrive: WD Blue 1TB 48usd Case: Eurocase: MC X201 - Black 21usd Monitor: LG 19M38A - LED 19" 77usd Total price: 546usd Its buget build. Some Tips ?
  14. Desktop NAS for home lab

    Hi, i think about construction of a NAS server, and I want to put all hardware together with my chosen components. Case: Inter-Tech IPC 4U-4088-S NAS will provide only one service, access to disk space, most likely OS will be centos. Perhaps logstash will work there too. Are you able to advise me about motherboard and cpu (only Intel) ? What about ? Motherboard MSI H110M PRO-VD CPU Intel Core i3-7100, 3.9GHz, 3MB PSU Corsair VS450 450W Case Inter-Tech IPC 4U-4088-S RAM GoodRam DDR4, 4GB, 2400MHz, CL17 x2 SSD GoodRam CX300 120GB SATA 3 LAN HP Intel Ethernet I210-T1 GbE NIC Cooler Master RR-GMM4-16PK-R1 Corsair SP120 High LED Twin Pack I don't need anything expensive, but I would like to be able to expand this configuration, later.
  15. I have a desktop computer, but i don't have a monitor for some days... Is there any way to use a laptop screen as a (temporary) desktop monitor?
  16. My first PC

    Hi I'm 14 and would like to buy my first proper gaming desktop, I have saved up around 1400 USD and I would like to get the new Hades Canyon NUC as it has crazy IO and perfomance that puts my ps 4 to shame, I'd like to ask a few questions first though 1.What sort of ram will I need (I know I need 16 gb of soddimm memory but not sure about the amount of mhz and condiguration) 2.What sort of an ssd will I need (I thought about 500 gb 970 evo since its quite fast ) 3.How can I protect my previous PC from ESD discharges during assembly? 4.Since the skull looks sick, could I mount it on my wall with the VESA adapter?
  17. new build under 1000 euros

    Hi everybody! I´ll build a new pc to my wife. The main usage is to do some photo editing with photoshop and photo book.... it should be a fast PC The initial idea for the budge would be something under 1000 euros but as you can see I came out with 1228 euros I would like to know if all items are compatible and which parts you guys would replace to make it get under 1000 euros without compromising too much the performance I´m in Germany Processor i5 8400 176 euros GPU GTX 1060 6GB 337euros motherboard MSI Z370 A pro 120 euros Ram Crucial DDR4 8GB 86 euros SSD sandisk 240GB 59 euros HDD 2TB 58 euros water cooler H100i v2 115 euros power supply corsair vs550 45 euros case phanteks eclipse P300 65 euros Speaker 2.1 Logitech Z333 45 euros Keyboard logitech g213 65 euros mouse loitech mx master 55 euros
  18. Hi, Can anyone recommend an add on wifi card for a gaming/streaming desktop? Something that's good quality in the price range $20-80. It's ok if it goes above this range as long as the performance is worth it.
  19. I've been looking into a ton of different monitors and I'm having trouble deciding if quad pixels is worth buying over double pixels even if it means 4K with ONLY 60Hz. If you could assume both have 1-2ms which would you choose and why? Do you have any suggestions specifically? So far, I'm leaning towards the this monitor. What I like about it is that with 144Hz, I'll be seeing clearly as I run around in fps games, great price, 2ms - plus the curved feature seems a bit attractive. EDIT: Here is a vague list of my pc specs (I plan on upgrading my GPU within the next year or two) i7-7700k CPU RX-480 4gb GPU 16gb Ram MSI z270 Carbon Mobo 2tb Seagate HDD 250gb evo M.2 Samsung SSD
  20. HI Everyone, I currently use a 2016 MacBook Pro (2.9 i7, 16 gig ram maxed out) and 2 LG 5k Displays. I primarily use the system for trading, and using platforms like Etrade and TD. I noticed the system slows down running both platforms and both monitors running, there is some lag. I'm curious to see if anyone here has a system running dual 5K monitors on thunderbolt 3. I had an SSD drive and just need to plan what system I build with an I7 and over 32 gig ram to handle the load. Appreciate any input and suggestions.
  21. Ryzen PC Build

    I have been planning this for almost a month now and I'm going to get this PC a week past from now. A dealer near my home has offered me this build for a price of about : $400 I'm a student and I'd be using this PC for mainly programming purposes and some gaming (not any powerful ones, just some of the old timers like : Outlast, GTA 4 etc), though I won't play many games it's always good to have graphics, just in case This is the following build : Ryzen 2200G Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2666Mhz RAM Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 Motherboard WD Green 120GB SSD Cooler Master K380 Case Cooler Master MWE 450W Bronze + rated PSU Total cost : $400 Do you guys think its worth it? Or are the parts not good enough? I already have the monitor which is Benq GW2270 FHD Thank You
  22. Help! Urgent!

    My PC always crashes, after looking at the reliability history, most of the errors points to "Windows Desktop Manager" stopped working. Please I need help, I am always shutting my pc down very inappropriate
  23. To give a bit of background I have some experience with PC builds. What I'm running now is a standard refurbished office PC with windows 7 pro installed, DDR2 ram that I had to cannibalize from another, crappier office computer, and a GTX 1050Ti I shoved into it due to the fact it pulled power from the motherboard and was the only card I could find like that that could fit in the case. I'm pretty proud getting this thing up and running, but I want to not only get something more geared toward gaming, but I also want that experience of building a PC from scratch rather than Frankensteining one together. I have little knowledge in the fields of what is compatible with what and stuff like overclocking, heads up. I actually posted a long time ago before setting up what I have, but couldn't follow the suggestions I was given due to some medical issues that cropped up and took up my time and money. Any help is greatly appreciated. 1. Budget & Location I am in the US, my budget is around $300.00-400.00. GTX 1050TI already obtained, graphics card not needed. 2. Aim System is going to be used for getting into Overwatch competitively and, when it comes out for PC, Monster Hunter World. 3. Monitors Really only running one monitor, it needs an upgrade as it doesn't use HDMI, but it works for now. 4. Peripherals I already have adequate peripherals. I may need help figuring out how to turn over my windows 10 key from an old laptop I don't use to this PC though. 5. Why are you upgrading? Looking to be able to run things at higher frame-rates. My current PC starts Overwatch fine at around 60-70 FPS, but after about 15 minutes of playing will drop to around 30-20 without any immediate reason other than old hardware.
  24. I have a computor that I bought on black fryday about 6 months ago it is the cyberpower gua1400bst just recently it has begun randomly shutting down. It doesn’t run through the shutdown procedure the screen just goes blank and a couple seconds later the RGB shuts off. I haven’t found any connection to when it shuts down and something I am doing. Sometimes I am able to use it normally for almost an hour and sometimes it shuts off before it has even made it through the boot screen. Unless my software is lying there isn’t an overheating problem I have a brand new nocturnal cooler with the cpu never getting above 42 degrease C. The graphics Card is about the same the other day I started the computor and didn’t even make it to the login screen before it shut down. I immediately powered back on and got all the way in and watched a movie for almost 45 minutes paused it for about 15 minutes and when I came back I hit play and it immediately shut down. It seems completely random to me I can’t figure out what the problem is. Any advice would be great
  25. Alrighty so i got a 1080 for my new build a day ago and since i haven't gotten all my stuff yet i decided to put it in my current prebuilt from 2015. I've tried installing new drivers and restarting but the desktop is black but everything else works. Anyone got any ideas what the heck is happening? I don't mind keeping up with this a bit longer but if there's something up with my gpu (which i think is highly unlikely) please let me know.