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  1. Hi all, First time posting here, ive been following the youtube forever but i recently came across a glitch that i cant figure out and google isnt helping me find an answer either. I just started playing diablo3 again and it randomly freezes, then all the walls and models disappear except for the floor, then 2 seconds later, everything catches up. It seems like anything 3D vanishes. Ive never had this problem in the past while playing and it doesnt happen in any other games I play. i74970k 4ghz 32gig ram 1800mhz GTX 980ti Games and OS on 2 separate SSDs Nvidia 144hz gsync monitor Win10 pro most recent update I super overwhelm this game and my graphics drivers are up to date. Any thoughts? I recently had the game crash and it says "application blocked from accessing hardware." And now it appears maybe once every few hours. Im wondering if this is from the most recent Win10 update because when i alt+tab my games, the task bar no longer appears on the bottom unless i move another screen over my games (play in windowed fullscreen since i have a dual monitor setup). The windows key works fine making the task bar appear though. I ran a DDU and installed my 980ti drivers fresh and the issue still persists. I have gsync active and vsync enabled in nvidia control panel but NOT in game like im supposed too. Maybe there's another global or app setting in 3d manager that's causing this issue? Anyone know a fix for this glitch? Let me know if you need any more details, im going to try and actively monitor this thread.
  2. Having played wow from BC and being a massive Diablo fan, breaking away from Blizzard wasn't easy. Over the last year I have tried supporting WOW but there is just no community, and on top of that, lack of enthusiasm with my irl friends. Diablo 3, while I found to be an enjoyable game, I have pretty much done... everything. Reaching leaderboards every season was fun for the first couple... but now it has become... not fun... I need a new game, I have tried a few but just can't get into them. These include: Dragon age - I think primarily, the polish on the game wasn't there for me - and the single player (while fun) lacked the co-op features to make it "great". Guild Wars 2 - Massively enjoyed the game at launch, but now lack of community during levelling phase has caused me to quit. I imagine the end game content is what I'm looking for, but the grind and loneliness to get there is too much. Trove - To be fair, the rpg style was good idea, basically a minecraft mmo with dungeons - was pretty fun, but the refusal from my friends to play in turn made me stop playing. League of Legends - Played this game for years, but the Moba style is getting old for me! Massive community (while sometimes cancerous) helps a lot. Allowing for lots of guides and people to learn and play with. The only reason I don't play this game a lot is because (although a lot of teamwork) lacks a major end goal (i.e take down x boss for loot). I think the game I want to be playing has to have HEALERS (gosh, the amount of games nowadays who don't have healers!!). I am a PvE type of player, I want a game that involves teamwork with healers, tanks and damage dealers, that take down bosses for gear etc. I see a lot of wow clones, but they all seem to lack something to make me go "I want to play that" like wow used to. The game I'm looking for doesn't need to be an MMO, but allow for like 5 or so players to fight together. If any of you have some good game ideas for me to try, I would appreciate it. I have a pretty good PC, so don't worry about game specs etc. TL;DR - Looking for a game me and my friends can sink some time into, with good co-op involvement, MMO/RPG style. Thanks all.
  3. Diablo III seasons

    I am going to start Diablo III seasons tomorrow around 1pm NZ time and if someone wants to join in they can
  4. Diablo 3 LFG

    Any Diablo 3 players here? I'm a casual seasonal player looking for people to grind end-game content with. If you're interested post your battlenet tag. Season 2 is ending soon, and I'm planning on playing Monk/Crusader for the next season. My Battlenet Tag: Tookutz#1423
  5. Diablo III fps drops

    Hello, a friend of mine is having a problem during Diablo III playing. Sometimes the fps dips to 10-11fps and we cant figure out why. He has a 970 but that shouldnt be an issue, because I have a 970 too, play D3 at 4K DSR without issues and he plays it at 1080p and has the issue. Can you think of what could be the problem? Thanks
  6. Hey i'm not gaming very much lately but, i still want the chance to play low level games like Lol and Diablo 3 i have a Asus Z9PE-D8 motherboard and 2 Xeon E5-2620V2 cpu and running server 2012. thinking that i can install windows 8.1 on a flashdrive and buy a old used gfx. or is it better to buy a used laptop? Sum up install win 8.1 and add a gpu or buy a laptop. Martin B. Jakobsen
  7. Diablo 3 Question/Help

    Yesterday I bought Diablo 3 and got it downloaded to the "playable" part of the download progress. I have about a 20 kb/s connection with Hughes Net because I live in the middle of nowhere and I cant get a decent ISP. Anyway, when I play single player there is a HUGE lag when I do stuff like cast spells go into a building etc. Will this be there when the full download is completed? Or will it be gone when it downloads all of the textures etc.? Thanks!
  8. Hey there, I've been looking around the web for people in the same situation as me but couldn't seem to find anyone so here I am, asking you guys. I've been playing a lot of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls since release and I've noticed that I've been getting as low as 40 fps in fairly hectic fights. The reason I'm concerned is because I'm playing on a pretty high end system. EVGA 780ti SC, I7 4770k, 16BG Corsair dominator platinum 1866mhz. After opening some programs like EVGA Precision X I noticed that my GPU wasn't even trying. It was running at about 850-1005mhz, where as in other high end games like BF4 It will run at it's full potential without any problems. Am I doing something wrong or is this a hardware problem? Is there a way to get my GPU to run like it does in high end games? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
  9. 120hz and games question

    Does games like Diablo 3 and star Craft 2 benefit from 120hz monitors? Or its mostly fps games that benefits from this monitors? Thanks x's: assuming that the hardware has got enough grunt to take advantage of 120hz monitors.
  10. Diablo 3

    Are you buying reaper of souls? I pre-ordered, so excited to get wings of valor and to unlock Valla in Heroes of the Storm. Probably going to do some Diablo 3 Streaming tonight! :lol:
  11. My buddy =/

    From the album Rig Pictures

  12. Sounds good to me. As long as it doesn't end up like Diablo 3. Maybe GW2 B2P? Source: http://joystiq.com/2013/08/01/activisions-titan-is-unlikely-a-subscription-based-mmorpg-any/
  13. Good news. Time to go back to the "good old Blizzard". I hope they bring their games back to their old glory, which Vivendi ruined. Sources: http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/07/26/activision-blizzard-goes-indie-after-ceo-kotick-buys-back-the-co/ http://joystiq.com/2013/07/26/activision-vivendi-split-for-8-billion/
  14. Diablo 3 price

    Does anybody know where to buy diablo 3 for less than £35 (in UK). Game is a bit old and still dont knwo why it isn't cheaper yet Thanks Craig