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  1. What have i done to my PC?

    My first post on here so apologies if im not posting in the right forum but... My PC was overheating and was coated in dust inside the case which covered most components so i bought some compressed air and cleaned the inside. I was holding a vacuum nearby where i was using the compressed air to suck up the dust but i must have got to close to something because upon turning back on my PC windows attempted start-up repairs and it took over an hour to fix disk repairs. After it did that windows kept doing the same thing and i was stuck in repair disk errors loop. The only screen i could get to was the windows recovery environment where you have all the options such as Reset PC, CMD, etc... i couldn't even reset this pc as that ran into errors also. Anyway i tried running many things through CMD and eventually i was able to log into windows 10 and view my desktop but it was VERY VERY slow. So i tried to re-install windows through booting from USB and CD but everything got worse, i could no longer boot windows or even boot from USB or CD. Eventually i was able to boot to USB after changing boot priority in the BIOS and moving HDD to the bottom of the boot list. Long story cut short, after many hours and errors i was able to reset pc using windows 8 disk and install windows 8. However it's still very slow to boot up windows but maybe about 10 minutes after it's on it seems fine but i can't access my user folder on windows like documents or downloads it says unreadable or corrupt but can access program files etc on same hard drive? Is it the hard drive causing these issues? Or is it something else? If you want any more details please just ask
  2. Floppy Drive Emulator?

    Does anyone know what floppy drive emulators are good for? I was looking for an internal 5.25 inch floppy drive device for 3.25 inch floppies that connects to sata when I stumbled upon these little puppies. Don't know what they do and can't find much info on them that satisfies my itch. Also, if you could help me find an internal 3.25 inch floppy drive for a 5.25 inch bay that connects with sata or some other modern connector that would be great. Yes I know external drives exist. It doesn't fit my needs.
  3. Short FreeNAS Question

    I'm learning how FreeNAS works, but just wanted to clear something up. I understand that the drives in a VDev can't be changed, and that VDevs make up the ZPool. I understand that if a VDev fails the entire ZPool fails and all data is lost. And I understand that not having redundancy and losing a striped drive in a VDev will cause that VDev to fail. However, if the RAID array is setup for redundancy there is a way to save the data, and I get that there is a way to rebuild data from something like RAID6 (Z2) but I'm not going to get into anything that complex with my first build. If there are just two drives that are RAID 1 and mirrored in a single VDev in the ZPool, and one of them fails, what happens? Does the NAS stop working or will it allow you to use the drive that isn't dead until the other is replaced? Is it as simple as replacing the drive and there's an option in the web GUI or a command to rebuild the data from the good old drive to the new one? I'm not very familiar with RAID in general, in a simple mirrored setup like this can you just connect the drive to a normal desktop and extract the data? Or does it HAVE to be read in a RAID array connected to another replaced drive?
  4. Hi, I have a problem with my pc (Ryzen 3/8GB/850 Evo SSD/1050TI). I have 100% disk usage ALL THE TIME (10mb/s read and write max). This began last week and came out of nowhere. I built this pc last October. So the ssd is at 100% usage all the time and it takes over 30 minutes to boot into windows 10. Nothing is using the disk... So when i try the disk on another pc, it works with no issues. I have tried everything to fix it from software/os. I have not changed any uefi/bios settings. I have tried every solution from google. My pc does not work with any other Hdd/ssd either. Can someone please help I cant do anything on my pc. :((( what could cause the problem? EDIT: The SSD is a brand new. Bought brand new 1/2018, works on any other pc just fine.
  5. Broken drive after dusting PC?

    This happened after I dusted my PC. What does it mean?
  6. I want to get a Blu ray drive to rip 4k HDR BluRays (Whatever the latest and greatest standard is) and burn Bluray XL disks (100 or 128). I'm currently comparing the LG WH16NS60 and the LG WH16NS40, So far the only difference I can see is that the 60 has 4K in the specs but the 40 seems to have all the same read and write specs. Is the only difference updated marketing or is there a critical difference I am missing here?
  7. Should I keep my Hard Drive?

    Okay, I'm currently building my first rig and I'm getting piece by piece. Today I got delivered my storage units. I got a 240GB Adata SSD to install Windows and all that quick stuff. For mass storage I was planning on getting a 3TB 7200 RPM drive. I got a mail from Newegg and bought a 4TB Seagate drive, however the order was processed in like 2 minutes, so it was too late for when I realised I didn't read the RPM speed and it wasn't listed anywhere (not Newegg, not Amazon, not even the Seagate spec sheet). I later found in articles and other local dealers that it was 5400 RPM. So I haven't taken the damn drive off the anti-static bag it came in, I've read that they're stupidly slow, but I have no idea if the reviewers were super picky or exaggerating. Should I try to sell it and get a 3TB 7200 RPM?
  8. Hello everyone! I have a Toshiba satellite c55-a5308 laptop, and it has 100% disk usage all the time. It makes it impossible to do anything at all. I've tried everything you can find on any other forum or video, such as: | Disabling windows search Disabling superfetch Disabling prefetch Checking the power to the drive Changing the 5400rpm drive to a "Seagate 2tb FireCuda Gaming SSHD (2.5")" Using an ssd Updating windows Reverting to the first public windows 10 build Checking antivirus Resetting virtual memory Performing disk check Checking StorAHCI.sys driver And anything else you can find | Please help me, as my laptop is unusable in this current state, and I really don't want to buy a new laptop yet, as I am saving up for a decent laptop.
  9. Hi! I just hosted a free Minecraft server on a website and i was just wondering is 5GB of disk space gonna be enough space for me and my friend to play Minecraft survival on, no mods, pure vanilla, and maybe some command blocks. That's it! So, there is gonna be max 3-4 people on that server. Thanks for helping me out!
  10. Hi all, I have a question, has anyone had an issue with Win10 where Windefend or 'MsMpEng.exe' is using 100% of your disk? I had this issue when I first got my gaming rig a few months ago and it was slow as hell, wondering what was causing it I made this discovery. The only work arounds I found was to disable Defender in the registry and disable all of the services, which helped but my disk was still hitting 80%. In the end the only way around this was for me to get an SSD and reinstall Win10. My issue has been solved but I am asking this question because a friend of mine has the same issue, surely there must be a fix for this other than installing Win10 onto an SSD? Any help appreciated.
  11. Hello, good people of Tech Tips forum, I have a problem that I would like to see it is possible to prevent from happening. I own a 2012 retina MacBook Pro and I have one of those microSD card adapters that let it sit inside of the laptop "forever", like on 1st picture showed. Problem is that whenever the laptop is on sleep on low battery if the battery drains out it gets ejected automatically, while normal drive (boot SSD drive), would I think to hibernate. SD card is seen as internal (picture 2) but still ejectable, is there a way to make is seen by the system as a permanent part of it ( make it not ejectable) ? thank you
  12. I have a 32GB SanDisk Pendrive, my brothers was copying some stuff to the drive and the copying got stuck at 97% so he cancelled it and tried copying again and the error 'the disk is write-protected showed up'. I have tried these methods but it doesn't work https://easeus.com/partition-manager-software/the-disk-is-write-protected-windows-10.html Pls help, Thank you
  13. Is this HDD dead

    Hi I have this hard drive lying around. 500GB Seagate ST3500320AS. When I plug it into my computer, it boots up slower than usual but does eventually work. If I go into task manager, disk shows 100% usage, no read or writing. If I go into file explorer, it shows the drive, but no bar showing how full it is. If I then click on it, file explorer freezes then crashes. The drive is drive H by the way If I go into disk management, it doesn't load If I type diskpart into cmd it just hangs and I can't type. None of this happens if the system is booted without the drive connected Screenshot if you need clarification. Thanks in advance
  14. I've been crazy busy the past year but I've got a new job now as a network engineer. I'm getting back around to finishing up some projects and I would like to put a NVME PCIe SSD in my home server. Any recommendations on what PCIe SSD is best right now? Looking to stay under $500 or near**
  15. I just built a computer for a friend. I've built a couple before and never had this problem. The disk usage after startup is almost constantly 100% or close to that. I looked under task manager and it is the svchost.exe that uses it all. Are they any solutions?
  16. Hey, I bought a cheap blu ray reader for my pc off amazon and it didnt come with any kind of software to read the blu ray disks. Does anyone know a good program to download to use this? Also BTW I plan to rip the movies off my dvds and blu ray disks in the future to put on a media server that i plan to create, and would like recommendations on how to go about that as well please. Here is the link to it on amazon. https://amazon.com/gp/product/B01IL02TUE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. Tier 1 -WD Gold Enterprise (Used in NAS devices) -WD VelociRaptor (Built for gaming, not commonly used due to it's small capacity) -Seagate IronWolf NAS (Can be used for storing games and files if you don't own a NAS but require a large amount of storage, could receive long warranty due to the fact that these hold a large amount of data) -Toshiba X300 (Good drive, bad warranty) -WD Black (Receive your best performance in games for a decent price, recommend for a high budget build) -Seagate Barracuda Pro (On the same scale as the IronWolf but with longer warranty, a little more pricier) -WD Red (A reliable drive, but only runs at 5400RPM unless you upgrade to the Red Pro or IronWolf) -WD Red Pro (Good overall performance, optimized for a NAS, Top-end capacity could be higher) Tier 2 -Seagate Firecuda Desktop/Mobile (Includes SSD NAND Flash for faster speeds, not recommended if you tend to do a lot of writing with the drive) -WD Blue Desktop (A good reliable drive that has been used for many years, recommended when sticking to a budget) -Seagate Barracuda (A good reliable drive that has been used for many years, recommended when sticking to a budget) -Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 (Good drive, could improve on power consumption and warranty) -WD Mainstream (Basically a re-branded WD Blue but with RPMs that vary) -Seagate Constellation ES.2 (Long warranty with a high capacity, weak performance of the 3TB Constellation ES.2 SAS drive) -Toshiba P300 (Good drive, not much else to say) Tier 3 -WD RE3 (Mainly a enterprise drive, but it's good in consumer devices. Has had issues with read/write speeds) -Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 (Decent performace for a good value, not as fast as some competition) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to look for in buying a Hard Drive: - Review the item before buying it instantly - Pricing is a big factor in this, make sure you don't overpay, ask a forum community for information - Try to buy a drive over 1TB storage if you plan to use this for large files and games. (Games range anywhere from 2GB to 100GB Average, so you would want to make sure you will have a large drive for your games) - Don't buy used! You never know if the drive has been dropped, damaged, worn out. Drives are cheap at your nearest computer store most of the time - Keep your receipts if your drive is defective (People like to throw out there receipts before they get home and test it, ends up being fried) - Don't leave consumer drives or your computer on 24/7 if you aren't using it for any specific purposes, your drive hours will decrease and it will be a waste) - Consider if you want to buy a large capacity Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive. Some people have it in there budget. - Be aware of the type of interface, whether it's 3.5" or 2.5". You will mainly see 5.25" for DVD/CD Drives or Add-ons for the front of your PC. - Don't buy a External Hard Disk Drive, these aren't meant to game of them, and you will more then likely experience stuttering because you are running this through a USB, and are more so for accessing files on the go.
  18. Hi there! My question has most assuredly been asked before, yet i cant seem to find the soloution. Which is why im asking here :-) I recently bought a 250gb m.2 SSD, with the intent to simply clone my current OS drive (120gb ssd) to it. I have very much managed to do so, but not with the result i was hoping for. My problem however, is that the 250gb SSD get separated into two partions - one with every file from the old SSD (all good), and another, left to be allocated/formatted. So my question is, how do clone my old drive to the new drive without having the new drive being split into two?
  19. I had an external toshiba canvio basics usb 3.0 750gb hard disk which i converted to an internal drive, as it was already 4 or 5 years old i noticed games that were installed on the drive were having sudden fps drops. I also run crystaldiskinfo and hd tune and the drive seemed to be dying, hd tune showed 7 damaged legends. I bought a new drive and replaced this old one. Not knowing many things about hard drives etc. I just unpluged the toshiba drive and connected the new one. I forgot then that I had some music files which i wanted to keep from the old drive ( the old toshiba drive was accessing files slowly but surely when i had installed it in the pc ). Then i reassembled the external drive, which means i put it back in its case and connected it into the adapter from sata/sata power to usb 3.0 that the case had internally. I tried connecting then the now external drive to my pc to get these files, windows at first recognized the drive as "local disk E" then the file explorer had the green bar loading when i connected the drive. But when the green bar reached almost at the end the drive would disconnect and reconnect and start from the beggining. Sometimes I also get a pop up from the notifications that the usb device isnt recognized/working properly. When Im trying to check the drive it says it has 0 out of 0 bytes. I also attempted to chkdsk /f E: and it failed cause the file format was RAW. I also tried connecting the drive again internaly but the pc would be much slower when opening ( even though the OS is in the ssd ) and it would check the E disk for error and repair ( this would take 1 second ). Every program that was associated with that disk would not respond, for example the file explorer of windows would not respond the disk management, crystaldiskinfo, hd tune and the eassos recovery program which i found would not respond too.Programs work properly when the disk disconnects itself like i mentioned. Disk I "executed" the disk as it was at its final moments? Do I have an option to save some files? Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the essay
  20. New Samsung SSD Slow?

    I recently bought a Samsung 850 Evo for my macbook pro from 2012. My mac does have sata 3, which means the ssd is getting the full 6 gbps. The rated speeds for this ssd is a read speed of 540 mbps and a write speed of 520 mbps. However, I get extremely low scores for write speed when I test the disk using blackmagic's software. I reportedly get from 300 - 485 mbps, which is not as high as 520 mbps. All apps were closed when the disk test was run. The read speeds are normal while the write speeds are very low. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Deleted partition recovery

    I have a problem I forgot that I have photos on a drive and when i upgraded from win 7 to win 10 i deleted a partition thad held a lot of photos.Can somebody help me recover them?
  22. Hi I have new Ryzen 1700 build on Asus x370 prime pro I have a m.2 ssd from another laptop. When I insert the ssd into the x370 mono, the bios/windows boots slower. I can't see the ssd in bios. I can see the ssd in windows as Unknown device. It can't be initialize any way, thrue disk part, disk manager, other third party programs. There is no volume in it. I tried to clean it several times with disk part but it doesn't help. I have tried to rebuild the MBR but it didn't help either. Any ideas? Thank you, also I search on google but only things that I can find is people with unknown drives with unallocated volumes. (This ssd doesn't have unallocated volume) Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, So I got this laptop a while ago and it has had the 100% disk load error since purchase (approx 9 months). I have tried everything thing I can find online to fix it with no success. I'm not sure what else to do but it is has been really bugging me lately as it is a fairly good laptop but feels like a junkyard laptop. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  24. So, I added a new ssd in my build and I can't access my games that are on my hdd. I have a 120gb ssd and 550gb of stuff (mostly games) on my HDD, and I can't access them. For me, it's a big deal (cuz I can't game) and I didn't find any video or post on the internet that tackles this issue. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  25. I just threw down some cash for a nice build. Most of the components are white, silver, blue, or RGB. This is the case I am using. I really would like to have a Bluray drive in that front external bay. However, I can't for the life of me find a Bluray R/W drive (HD preferred) that comes in white. I could just get a black one and paint it, but I'm not sure on most clean looking method to do that - and it could eventually flake/scratch off. Are there any suppliers out there that have one in white (I've looked pretty hard), and if not, what is the easiest way to mod something like that? Cut plastic? Paint?