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  1. Hi there! My question has most assuredly been asked before, yet i cant seem to find the soloution. Which is why im asking here :-) I recently bought a 250gb m.2 SSD, with the intent to simply clone my current OS drive (120gb ssd) to it. I have very much managed to do so, but not with the result i was hoping for. My problem however, is that the 250gb SSD get separated into two partions - one with every file from the old SSD (all good), and another, left to be allocated/formatted. So my question is, how do clone my old drive to the new drive without having the new drive being split into two?
  2. I had an external toshiba canvio basics usb 3.0 750gb hard disk which i converted to an internal drive, as it was already 4 or 5 years old i noticed games that were installed on the drive were having sudden fps drops. I also run crystaldiskinfo and hd tune and the drive seemed to be dying, hd tune showed 7 damaged legends. I bought a new drive and replaced this old one. Not knowing many things about hard drives etc. I just unpluged the toshiba drive and connected the new one. I forgot then that I had some music files which i wanted to keep from the old drive ( the old toshiba drive was accessing files slowly but surely when i had installed it in the pc ). Then i reassembled the external drive, which means i put it back in its case and connected it into the adapter from sata/sata power to usb 3.0 that the case had internally. I tried connecting then the now external drive to my pc to get these files, windows at first recognized the drive as "local disk E" then the file explorer had the green bar loading when i connected the drive. But when the green bar reached almost at the end the drive would disconnect and reconnect and start from the beggining. Sometimes I also get a pop up from the notifications that the usb device isnt recognized/working properly. When Im trying to check the drive it says it has 0 out of 0 bytes. I also attempted to chkdsk /f E: and it failed cause the file format was RAW. I also tried connecting the drive again internaly but the pc would be much slower when opening ( even though the OS is in the ssd ) and it would check the E disk for error and repair ( this would take 1 second ). Every program that was associated with that disk would not respond, for example the file explorer of windows would not respond the disk management, crystaldiskinfo, hd tune and the eassos recovery program which i found would not respond too.Programs work properly when the disk disconnects itself like i mentioned. Disk I "executed" the disk as it was at its final moments? Do I have an option to save some files? Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the essay
  3. New Samsung SSD Slow?

    I recently bought a Samsung 850 Evo for my macbook pro from 2012. My mac does have sata 3, which means the ssd is getting the full 6 gbps. The rated speeds for this ssd is a read speed of 540 mbps and a write speed of 520 mbps. However, I get extremely low scores for write speed when I test the disk using blackmagic's software. I reportedly get from 300 - 485 mbps, which is not as high as 520 mbps. All apps were closed when the disk test was run. The read speeds are normal while the write speeds are very low. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Deleted partition recovery

    I have a problem I forgot that I have photos on a drive and when i upgraded from win 7 to win 10 i deleted a partition thad held a lot of photos.Can somebody help me recover them?
  5. Hi I have new Ryzen 1700 build on Asus x370 prime pro I have a m.2 ssd from another laptop. When I insert the ssd into the x370 mono, the bios/windows boots slower. I can't see the ssd in bios. I can see the ssd in windows as Unknown device. It can't be initialize any way, thrue disk part, disk manager, other third party programs. There is no volume in it. I tried to clean it several times with disk part but it doesn't help. I have tried to rebuild the MBR but it didn't help either. Any ideas? Thank you, also I search on google but only things that I can find is people with unknown drives with unallocated volumes. (This ssd doesn't have unallocated volume) Thanks.
  6. Hey guys, So I got this laptop a while ago and it has had the 100% disk load error since purchase (approx 9 months). I have tried everything thing I can find online to fix it with no success. I'm not sure what else to do but it is has been really bugging me lately as it is a fairly good laptop but feels like a junkyard laptop. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  7. So, I added a new ssd in my build and I can't access my games that are on my hdd. I have a 120gb ssd and 550gb of stuff (mostly games) on my HDD, and I can't access them. For me, it's a big deal (cuz I can't game) and I didn't find any video or post on the internet that tackles this issue. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  8. I just threw down some cash for a nice build. Most of the components are white, silver, blue, or RGB. This is the case I am using. I really would like to have a Bluray drive in that front external bay. However, I can't for the life of me find a Bluray R/W drive (HD preferred) that comes in white. I could just get a black one and paint it, but I'm not sure on most clean looking method to do that - and it could eventually flake/scratch off. Are there any suppliers out there that have one in white (I've looked pretty hard), and if not, what is the easiest way to mod something like that? Cut plastic? Paint?
  9. Potential Hard Drive failure

    So I have had my caviar blue for awhile now and it has done me well. However I fear it's end is fast approaching. I ran Western Digital's own diagnostic tool (extended test only) and that said everything was OK, but I know my hard drive has been feeling slow. So I ran crystaldiskmark: Like an idiot, I did not take a picture of my results, but I did record them. I also found this video to compare my numbers too, so I grabbed a screen from it: So the video says he tested a 1TB Western Digital Blue (assuming caviar?) 10EZEX with 1GB. I tested my own 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 10EALX with 1GB. So with that information and my results, I created a table in excel comparing them: Now, I know my numbers are low, very low in some cases, what I do not know is if they are low enough to warrant me replacing the drive.
  10. Disk Usage 100%

    Hello internet, so I bought my gaming computer roughly one year ago, I built it myself. I'll list specs at the end, however, I'm in extreme need of some help with my disk usage problem. My computer boots to my desktop then immediately goes straight to 100% disk usage and under task manger it shows absolutely nothing using it. It's been like this know for awhile now about 6 months. I've tried all of the internet tricks that I felt comfortable trying, such as disabling super-fetch, which I did and it still does it, so now I'm consulting online help. Please enlighten me with the knowledge to figure this out. I have wiped my computer completely clean once before to attempt to fix it, which it did for about a month and then it returned. Computer Specs i3-6100 3.7Ghz 8GB DDR4 Ram MSI R9 380 4GB 1TB Western Digital HD 550 80 Bronze Plus Gold PSU
  11. raid 1 with hard disk and ssd

    Hey guys This is my first post. So just wanna know how to put raid 1 with a sandisk 120 gb ssd and 160 seagate hard disk in gigabyte gah61ms2ph mother board in windows 10 for redundacy. not sure if the question is right or applicable thanks alot.
  12. Hi! This rig will be my first build in over 10 years since I've been using Apple this past years, so I'm really not up to date with any of the stuff out there... What should I buy? I mean, I want to get the best value for my money, and I know that there's things like "go for the 1700 and not the 1700x since the price tag is bigger than the actual benefits" that I don't know. Here's what I want: 32GB RAM (@ the speed you advice!) 6/8 cores @ 4GHz I think should suffice 128GB SSD 1TB HDD @ 7k GPU ...? I will use 2 displays, 23" each that have a 60Hz refresh rate, and I don't need more than a 1440p resolution. What do you recommend? This will be just a working station to run Ubuntu or some Linux distro like that (I haven't decided yet), not for gaming nor designing of any kind, just 1 or 2 active VMs, 100 Chrome tabs, Spotify playing on the back, several SSH connections, VPN app, text editors, and things like that. I know nothing about motherboards, cooling, power, and so forth, and very little about GPUs. I want it to be as quiet as possible, and I'd prefer not to get into liquid cooling, but any suggestions about this is much appreciated! Thanks and sorry for the noob overload! EDIT: I don't want to spend more than 1600 USD.
  13. Hello for 2 months now my computer has had 100% Disk Usage almost all the time along with startups that take 20 minutes to an hour before it is able to open up the windows menu. I have googled this issue and I must have spent 12 hours trying to solve this problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-C and I have had it for 2 years. I have used it for content creation like 3D rendering and game design (I know that it has integrated graphics and a pretty bad CPU but 12 year old me didn't know what that meant at the time) and school. I have tried disabling things like Superfetch, BITS, and Windows Search. I updated my drivers and I even did a factory reset and nothing worked. I am 14 and school takes up a lot of time so right now I can't afford to buy another computer. If you guys have any solutions please let me know. Thank you very much! Specs i5 5200U Cpu Intel 5500 Integrated Graphis 8 gigs of installed memory 64bit OS of Win10 Toshiba MQ01ABD100 Hardrive
  14. Hard Drive Not Working

    Hey guys, I ran into a problem where my hard drive is spinning, is being read and recognized in the BIOS but it is not booting into the windows screen. It automatically brings me to the BIOS on boot. Is this a windows issue or a problem with my drive? Pls help me fix this issue.
  15. 100% disk usage

    Hello guys I am facing a problem with my laptop when I boot my laptop my laptop's disk usage rises to 100% after some time I factory reset my laptop still problem is not fixed
  16. Hard disk error

    Hello everyone today i installed a hdd in my computer when i switched on my pc it gave me error that my hdd will crash any time but when i saw in disk management it says healthy i checked hwinfo64 there is also no error but there is an error iintel rapid storage i have attached the screenshot any help i have to override the boot to bypass the error
  17. Can someone help me? For some reason I can't assign a drive letter to my external hard drive and I can't see it in File Explorer. I also can't see it in File Explorer.
  18. 100% disk usage

    Hello guys I am facing a problem in my laptop when it's boots up without any program running in the background the disk usage becomes 100%. Help me guys
  19. ERRORS on Disk?

    I have a new built computer (3 days ago) and it freezes from time to time. Ran memtest86 - all good Updated BIOS and all drivers However when I go into the event log, I see a recurring warning: The IO operation at logical block address 0x1869ee8 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000032) was retried. The block address is changing from time to time and the warning occurs VERY OFTEN (from 20 seconds to a few minutes). Is this a bad SSD that I should refund? SSD: Samsung PM961 Polaris 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4
  20. Idk how to format my disk

    Hey guys, I have an SSD with windows 7 installed. I want to move the SSD to my MacBook and install OS X on it. I’m not sure how to do this (I frequently use Mac OS X and Windows 7 but I was never good at partitions and disk formatting and stuff) I’m not interested in any data on the SSD currently and I have an install CD for my MacBook. Can I have some help please? Thanks
  21. Disk detection

    Hi, I have a Sony CRX310S Disk reader. It shows up in my file explorer but when I insert a disk it does not detect (The disk is a DVD+RW). I can read films and such but not DVD disks. Thanks
  22. Won't Post When HDD Plugged In

    I have a desktop that has been working fine for a while. I recently put a 3tb Seagate hdd that was in another computer into it. It was formatted for raid but never actually used for the raid. I had to clean it in cmd, then reformat it. It worked fine and I was able to transfer stuff to it fine. I then flashed a bios on my two 970's to get a silent fan profile, which went fine. But after my bios hangs on the splash screen and no keys or anything effect anything, I can't enter setup or anything. If I unplug the drive, the computer boots fine. And if I plug the drive in when window's is loaded it reads the drive, I am able to transfer to it and everything is fine. Could the drive just be dead or should I attempt to update or reset my bios?
  23. So my WD Elements external hard drive can't be seen on my PC. When I plug it in I can hear the fan running, the little LED light, lights up, but I go into explorer and it's not there. I go check the hidden icons tray and nothing. I went into Device manager and Disk management and its in neither. However when I plug it into my laptop, it sometimes get detected. During the time that it does I'm able to use it like an average drive. Then I plugged it into my mom's Macbook and it gets detected instantly and everytime too. I've plugged it in several times and each time, instant detection. Same with my father's Macbook and same with my brother's Windows laptop. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I thought it was drivers but I can't find any drivers for this drive. Can anyone help?
  24. 1 TB HDD showing as 297Gbs

    I have a 1 TB hard drive that is showing only 297 GBs of total space, drive is brand new, and shows that value in both file explorer and the disk management tool in windows 10 Any idea why or how to fix it? (its Disk 0 in the picture)
  25. I am not sure if I should convert my Existing Basic Disk to a Dynamic due to these various reasons: 1) Will my SAMSUNG 850 EVO SSD have any Performance Improvements when I Convert to Dynamic 2) What other Benefits will I get by converting to Dynamic 3) Are there any Downsides to Dynamic Disks?