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  1. Guys how do i fix this crap usb?

    How do i fix this usb drive? Heres the error i get I cannot format the drive, i need the data bcuz its for my moms work.
  2. hello, I just got a brand new 1TB Western Digital Scorpio Blue and an Orico 2139u3 enclosure. This is my first external drive and it seems slow. Are these speeds normal? test 1, test 2 I tried plugging it into different USB3 ports on my motherboard and as well as the USB 3 port on my CPU case. I also tried using it on a laptop. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello everyone, lately I've been using a 250GB USB Drive by PNY as my on the go media server and while trying to cut and paste one file on it to another folder in the drive my phone which was connected to the drive at the time auto ejected the drive after being stuck on trying to move the file. After that I've been getting messages, that my drive is corrupted and I should repair it, so I didn't use ti on my phone from then on and plugged it into my PC to accomplish that there, now the problem is that the drive while trying the regular windows drive repair, the command line version and an external recovery tool by Stellar Info keeps ejecting itself after a short while leading to the repair programs or attempts shutting down before they manage to find anything. When replugging the device I'm able to see it in my Removable Devices and Drives page again for a short while but also ignoring the repair messages and trying to use the drive leads to either crashing while opening the folders or trying to move files usually by freezing until the drive ejects itself again. Since I've got a lot of data on that drive which I haven't completely backed up (stupid, I know, gonna be my first priority from now on) I'd like to know if anyone has an idea how to solve a problem like this since I haven't really found anything similar yet. Best regards, Moritz
  4. Secondary HDD boot issues

    The other day I was using defraggler and noticed my Hard Drive was displaying a Warning next to health, I'm planning on replacing the drive soon anyways, but recently my boots into windows have been slow. My hard drive is my secondary drive, I have a 256 Samsung SSD as my boot drive, another 256 Samsung SSD as my Steam Library and my HDD has all my older games and documents, movies, projects, etc on it. So no system files at all on my HDD. Today i booted into windows, installed an update and restarted and I was stuck in my bios screen, i restarted again and no luck. So i took out my HDD assuming it was the issue and sure enough, I booted to Windows. So I reinstalled my HDD and its showing in my bios with no issues, but I cant load into windows with it. I disabled it in my bios and again it boots to windows but i'd like to be able to use my drive if possible, even if its only for a bit to copy my files to a new HDD. Is there anyway around this issue
  5. Hi Guys, Apologies if this question has been asked numerous times but i just want a straight answer rather than reading through numerous articles that say totally different things. I sold my b150 Motherboard, CPU and RAM to a friend a while ago and didn't think to delete any drivers or backup any data on my boot drive... So i bought an 8th gen i3 - h130 motherboard a few days ago and I'm concerned that something bad will happen when I turn my system on and have it boot from the old windows 10 and drivers with the new motherboard... any suggestions as to how to not ruin anything, or get it running like a new PC? Cheers, Marcus
  6. Wacky Windows

    I want to start out with my credentials, I have been building and fixing pc's for a little over 5 years, and build in the neighborhood of 200 systems... That said, I have never seen such a stubborn pc... My personal rig is going insane... I think. Specs: i5-7600k @ 5GHZ Asus Z270i Gaming Corsair H100i V2 16gb Corsair vengance 3200mhz ddr4 Gtx 770 (yes I still use it) Intel 140gb SSD 240 series 2tb Seagate baracuda Phanteks Evolv Shift X Now that all that is out of the way, we can get to the meat and potatos... Problem 1: the pc will "at times" refuse to boot from the GPU, and I will need to remove it, and use the integrated graphics for 1 boot, then the GPU will work fine "problem does not occur with other GPU's, and is random" ~problem began after transferring to new case Problem 2: the pc refuses to boot when a 1tb Seagate baracuda drive is plugged in "one I need to recover data from" even if it is explicitly turned off as a boot option... the little Windows rings will just spin around in circles forever if it is plugged in. ~as soon as I unplug the drive it boots on 2 seconds flat Problem 3: the system "when it booted the first time" while the 1tb drive is installed, will after a short time crawl to a stop and not work until rebooted... which it never did If anyone out there can take this little scrap of info and help me out I would greatly appreciate it
  7. Why are there two unallocated pieces of my main drive (501 MB and 470 MB) and what is the the other 470 MB partition on my main drive labeled: healthy recovery partition, should i leave that one alone ?
  8. Is this HDD dead

    Hi I have this hard drive lying around. 500GB Seagate ST3500320AS. When I plug it into my computer, it boots up slower than usual but does eventually work. If I go into task manager, disk shows 100% usage, no read or writing. If I go into file explorer, it shows the drive, but no bar showing how full it is. If I then click on it, file explorer freezes then crashes. The drive is drive H by the way If I go into disk management, it doesn't load If I type diskpart into cmd it just hangs and I can't type. None of this happens if the system is booted without the drive connected Screenshot if you need clarification. Thanks in advance
  9. I want to recover my files on windows via ubuntu but it isn't working. I partitioned my C: but I think in a wrong format, so I can't install ubuntu, but I can run ubuntu the trial. But I can't get in my windows I think because it's also a wrong format. I know it is a vague explonation but if someone gets what my problem is, please help me.
  10. Hey guys, when opening the command line I always get C:\ as my standard harddrive in the command line which causes me always to go back and switch the drive because I drop all my codes on E:\. So is there any way to have E:\ as standard harddrive there? Another question of mine is how can I just get, when clicking right click inside a folder, the option to open the command line? I had this before reinstalling windows but I don't know how I set this up before. Thank you in advance!!
  11. Hello everyone, new to the forum a bit, was hoping to see if I could an answer to my questions here. I work in a DC, just the hardware guy, replacing stuff and installing new hardware/cables no software or expansion on existing servers though. I was fortunate enough to take home an HP DL380p Gen 8 server recently and set up with FreeNAS since that's the only thing I really know was easy. I have 8x 300GB SAS drives installed in FreeNAS raids but was hoping to add some more but unfortunately, I only have one drive cage and they're filled, and the other drive cage has the optical drive cage. I am completely ok with a full 3TB of storage with this server that I have now through the zfs raid. But today I am taking home some more hard drives. 2x 200GB SSD SATA, 1x 400GB SSD SATA, 2x 900GB SAS drives and 2x 300GB drives which I don't have any drive cages for, so they're backups (Ill make sure on the drives SAS/SATA interface but I think I am correct on those). I have 2 more open SAS ports on the motherboard open, the current drives are connected to the RAID controller SAS ports which I don't even use. I also have a 140GB SSD I bought on my own to try to use for the cache but I got stuck on this issue. I was hoping to see if anyone knew how to add these drives to this server, I know I can buy another backplane (and wires, but I can't find those) but the ones I found were really expensive. I found a cheap way to do it but then my issue is power, getting something like StarTech Model SAS8087S450 which has 4 SATA connectors to a SAS port but like I said power is then the issue. Are there any other suggestions or ideas to make this happen? Currently, I only set it up as my plex media server, since my current one can't stream 4K movies and this can with the overkill 2x 6 core CPU's and 64GB of RAM. But I will be adding at least one windows VM for some proof of stake mining and I plan on using this as a file server too for my college work and personal stuff, as well as family members, work files back up so more storage the better. Thanks in advance to anyone can help.
  12. Buy HDDs on Amazon: http://geni.us/iJD6t Hard drive mining... could this be the solution to the GPU crisis?...
  13. Linus teams up with DriveSavers again to actually DO some tech repair work. How does it go? Watch and find out!
  14. Fastest SSD with thunderbolt?

    Looking for an SSD Drive with thunderbolt connection.. that would run faster than the 2015 Macbook pro internal HD possibly with multiple dock to accomodate 4, 5 or more SSD drives.. all thunderbolt Please advise on any Store, Link, Tips, etc. Thank you Regards
  15. Hi, my SSD is NTFS, my hard drives are ReFS. Recently Windows 10 forcefully updated my PC and suddenly both my ReFS formatted drives are not recognized. How do I fix it. I am ready to convert to NTFS but I do not want my data to be lost.
  16. Everytime I start/restart my PC the free space in my C: drive (Boot drive) keeps changing. why ? at times its less than what I saw on the earlier startup also at time I see it increased than what I saw before. Whats causing it ?
  17. Tier 1 -WD Gold Enterprise (Used in NAS devices) -WD VelociRaptor (Built for gaming, not commonly used due to it's small capacity) -Seagate IronWolf NAS (Can be used for storing games and files if you don't own a NAS but require a large amount of storage, could receive long warranty due to the fact that these hold a large amount of data) -Toshiba X300 (Good drive, bad warranty) -WD Black (Receive your best performance in games for a decent price, recommend for a high budget build) -Seagate Barracuda Pro (On the same scale as the IronWolf but with longer warranty, a little more pricier) -WD Red (A reliable drive, but only runs at 5400RPM unless you upgrade to the Red Pro or IronWolf) -WD Red Pro (Good overall performance, optimized for a NAS, Top-end capacity could be higher) Tier 2 -Seagate Firecuda Desktop/Mobile (Includes SSD NAND Flash for faster speeds, not recommended if you tend to do a lot of writing with the drive) -WD Blue Desktop (A good reliable drive that has been used for many years, recommended when sticking to a budget) -Seagate Barracuda (A good reliable drive that has been used for many years, recommended when sticking to a budget) -Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 (Good drive, could improve on power consumption and warranty) -WD Mainstream (Basically a re-branded WD Blue but with RPMs that vary) -Seagate Constellation ES.2 (Long warranty with a high capacity, weak performance of the 3TB Constellation ES.2 SAS drive) -Toshiba P300 (Good drive, not much else to say) Tier 3 -WD RE3 (Mainly a enterprise drive, but it's good in consumer devices. Has had issues with read/write speeds) -Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 (Decent performace for a good value, not as fast as some competition) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to look for in buying a Hard Drive: - Review the item before buying it instantly - Pricing is a big factor in this, make sure you don't overpay, ask a forum community for information - Try to buy a drive over 1TB storage if you plan to use this for large files and games. (Games range anywhere from 2GB to 100GB Average, so you would want to make sure you will have a large drive for your games) - Don't buy used! You never know if the drive has been dropped, damaged, worn out. Drives are cheap at your nearest computer store most of the time - Keep your receipts if your drive is defective (People like to throw out there receipts before they get home and test it, ends up being fried) - Don't leave consumer drives or your computer on 24/7 if you aren't using it for any specific purposes, your drive hours will decrease and it will be a waste) - Consider if you want to buy a large capacity Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive. Some people have it in there budget. - Be aware of the type of interface, whether it's 3.5" or 2.5". You will mainly see 5.25" for DVD/CD Drives or Add-ons for the front of your PC. - Don't buy a External Hard Disk Drive, these aren't meant to game of them, and you will more then likely experience stuttering because you are running this through a USB, and are more so for accessing files on the go.
  18. I have lately been copying large amounts of large files between drives lately. I have a SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB 3.1 (claimed) Dual Flash Drive and a Transcend 2TB StoreJet External Hard Drive. It is worth noting that the flash drive is brand new and the hard drive is a few years old. My computer contains a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD which is the drive I am transferring from. The test I ran involved copying about 65GB of video files to each drive (the same files for both devices). I started the write to the flash drive a couple minutes before I started writing to the HDD and the HDD finished far and away first. The HDD sat at a fairly constant 124 MB/s, while the Flash Drive hovered wildly between 32 and 43 MB/s. I know the Flash Drive can do more than that because when I transfer only one or two large files, it starts over 100 MB/s, then drops down to the aforementioned wild fluctuation. It does this whether I use the USB-C connector or the USB-A connector. I have tried changing the caching setting, and it doesn't do anything. Both of the other flash drives I tried (a Transcend and a Microcenter) showed similar issues. All of them are at least USB 3.0. The Transcend was basically identical to the SanDisk and the Microcenter ramped up to about 30MB/s before almost immediately throttling to under 10. I'm sort of at a loss here and I'm very unsure what's going on. Any help is appreciated. Fair warning: I'm a bit of a noob. My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad P71 with an Intel Core i7 7700HQ, 32GB RAM, 1TB 960 EVO NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD, and a Quadro P4000. It runs Windows 10 Pro.
  19. Back up a extranal hard drive

    How you back up a external hard drive to your computer not like backing up your pc
  20. Hello as the title already says my google drive downloads are somehow incomplete in some folders. I've tried out a little and noticed that it may have some relations to video files? Thanks in advance.
  21. LTX 2018 Rideshare Program

    First and foremost, my friend and I are unsure if we're going this year, pending work schedules and personal lives, so I cannot offer rides to anyone again this year like I did last year for a couple people until that's settled. If we do go, we'd be taking one of the 2 ferry routes from Vancouver Island, and would have room for 2 normal sized human blobs and 1 skinny one, or 2 blobulous sized human blobs, but again, I won't know until it's closer to the date. I just thought I'd create an unofficial ridesharing / carpooling thread for anyone who wishes to be nice and pickup those staying outside of walking distance or public transit with their extra vehicular seating. (Mods, go right ahead and delete this if you'd rather not have it on the forum - just thought it'd be a good idea for those traveling in from out of country.) Here's how this should work: You create a post in this thread depending on the following: if you're driving, how many seats you wish to fill in your vehicle OR if you need a ride, how many people need a pickup, and from where (no direct addresses please - this is a public form, after all) if you can take public transit, please do, as there's limited parking available. FYI, Google Maps actually works really well for public transit in Vancouver When you find someone who needs a pickup or someone who can pick you up, quote them once with your reply then they should PM you with more details to work things out - I am not volunteering to do the coordination for you If you fill your seats or find a ride, please remember to EDIT your post in this thread so everyone knows your seats are filled / you found a ride And as always, be safe! If you're uncomfortable giving /getting a ride to / from a stranger, there is never any obligation to follow through. Simply let them know you no longer need to give / take the ride, and get to LTX 2018 however you were going to get there originally.
  22. 20 Gb USB is probably corrupt. No information on drive, cannot format. Here's all the photo's I managed to pull. View in order from 1-5 Please. Basically, I need to format this USB Drive. It has about 20 Gigs of storage on it, only 5 Gigs of which were used for games that I can just copy over again. I do not know what caused this USB Drive to malfunction or corrupt itself but for all I know, it may be serious. Thanks in the future for helping, - Wolf
  23. my seagate 2tb expansion pack suddenly started making a beeping sound when i connect the usb to my laptop. i get the sound of it being connected on my laptop but then it doesnt show up. cant see it on device manager but i can see it on devices and printer (windows 10) and it even disappears from D&P when i disconnect it and appears on connection. the blue light on the hard drive also blinks i guess thats all i can describe about the problem. i have a lot of data on it (only 100 gb left) so id really like to get it fixed w/ minimum hassle has anyone faced this kinda problem, and got a fix for it?
  24. RAID Drive Question

    Hey guys. I know this may seem like a stupid question... Here it goes. I bought a new RAID drive. I am currently connected via USB 3.0 to my PC. It has a SATA 3 connector on the back. Wondering if I would get faster performance hooking directly into my motherboard's SATA3 with it rather than USB 3.0? Thanks fellahs!!
  25. Hard Drive Question

    Looking to upgrade my backup drive from 3TB to 6TB and use the 3TB drive (old backup drive) to upgrade my 2TB Data drive. The data drive are 2 1TB hard drives with the partition spanned across both drives. I want to consolidate this on a dedicated drive that's not using 2 1TB hard drives. I found a Western Digital Datacenter/Enterprise Hard drive for around $150 on ebay. The condition is Recertified by WD. Would you take a chance on this or would you look for something else? Heres a screenshot of Disk Management: