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  1. As the title says I wanna merge two partitions namely my D\: and E\: Hard disk drive partitions. but to do so I'll have to format and create new partitions which also means it'll wipe my data. Is there a way to merge two partitions without loss of data. I saw this app called 'MiniTool Partition Wizard' which claims to merge drives without data loss, I am a bit skeptical about it.
  2. SATA PCI-e Card

    I want to mirror my main drive (SSD) but not using the same controller. I want to install a secondary controller, presumably PCI-e SATA card with a second SSD. Not sure of the proper card or proper setup. I am sure that I want an uncorrupted version of my main drive. I have taken 2 hits to my drive where I have had to do re-installs; hence the secondary card. Not ready for a new mb and rebuild at this time. I have an HDD to use for back-up. Thanks, John
  3. 2nd Internal SSD Issues

    Over the past weekend I made my first new build in about 4 years. Specs as follows: Windows 10 64-Bit Home i7-8700 ASUS Prime Z370-A 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz I have 4 SSDs in total: m.2 NVMe SSD which is my main/boot drive. The other three are an array of Samsung SATA III's and I use them just as extra storage. My main SSD of the three has been causing problems, though. I had this drive for a year on my previous build and always worked fine. Last night it randomly was no longer detected in Windows. Restarted in BIOS and it wasn't detected there either after lagging up the boot process. I powered down and unplugged the power and data cables for this drive, and then plugged it back in. It was detected after that. It worked until just about 30 minutes ago. It was detected by Windows and BIOS, but when I went to open the drive for the actual files, it couldn't access the drive. Tried running a Chkdsk but it says it's now RAW, so A) this has to be wrong because I had it formatted about a year ago when I bought it and always worked fine, and B) even if it were actually RAW, I don't want to reformat it right now and risk losing tons of important data on it. I tried to restart the computer after this error and the computer just hung up on the motherboard's splash screen. Turned it off, unplugged the drive and the computer booted fine without it. Isn't this weird since it's 2nd in priority and not the boot drive? Just a few other things to mention: I've tried using different SATA III data ports on my motherboard with the other drives and they work fine, so it's clearly an isolated issue with this drive. In addition I've tried using other SATA power cable connectors with the other drives, and there is no issue with them either. The chipset and NVMe drivers are the latest offered by ASUS, Intel, and Samsung for their respective hardware. I'm using AHCI mode for SATA, and the m.2 is set to PCIe Gen 3X4 Does this sound like the drive is simply failing? If so, can I at least clone the data somehow if I can't re-access the drive? Thanks.
  4. https://servershop24.de/komponenten/festplatten/fibre-channel/fuijtsu-eternus-dx8700-450-gb-15k-fc-3-5-hot-swap-festplatte-ca06600-e465/a-113803/
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to run an old blu-ray player that I had laying around as an external player. I picked up this part that transfers power for the drive as well as sata data over usb 3. For some reason it doesn't show up in windows 10 no matter what I do. The drive powers on and I can load a disc in and close it, then it clicks like its working, but nothing happens on screen. When I'm in device manager on windows, when I power the unit off and back on the screen refreshes, so it would appear to me that it is indeed connected and interacting, but just not in the correct way. If anyone has done this before or has experience, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. So basically im looking for a 4 bay 2.5" drive enclosure. But the catch is i want this to be connected via type c or type a or simply usb. I don't want to be connecting this to sata connectors on my board. Any suggestions would be great
  7. How to wipe drive

    I got a new pc and it only has 250gb ssd. How can I completely wipe my laptop 1tb sshd while keeping it usable?
  8. Upgrading C Drive

    Hey, I want to upgrade my C Drive without losing any data on it, I don't have a RAID or anything like that running. I just want to get all my files onto the new one, without reinstalling windows and my programs/games. how do I do that?
  9. Guys i have a HP Z800 Workstation. I'm a VFX artist i work in hollywood Movies as a freelancer. I'm thinking to buy 2TB Hard Drive but which Drive should i buy for my workstation. I use Nuke X and do alot of Heavy VFX editing work and all. I'm confused which HD should i buy Raid, Enterprises hard drive or some normal one?. Please help its urgent, Thanks
  10. Flash drive not recognized

    A while ago I dropped my laptop off my bed while my Corsair Flash Voyager Go was in one of the USB ports. Unfortunately, when I picked up my laptop off the ground I noticed that the laptop basically landed directly on the flash drive after a three foot drop. On top of that, when I disconnected and then reinserted the flash drive to see if it was ok, nothing happened. I tried plugging it into my phone using the micro USB end, and still nothing. After some fiddling around I discovered that while Windows Explorer wasn't recognizing the drive, if I had it plugged in in just the right position I could at least get Windows to trigger the "device connected" noise, and Device Manager also recognizes the name of the device in the Disk Drives dropdown. However, that's where my luck has ended, as the Device Manager properties tab for the drive shows nothing in the Volumes tab of the disk properties. Has anyone ever experienced a USB drive behaving like this after hard impact, or know anything at all about getting Windows to see an actual volume with files when the drive is connected?
  11. Does anyone happen to know of a good alternative to DriveImageXML for imaging a drive? I'm running Windows 10 and have tried Acronis True Image in the past but have disliked it's overzealous Windows Services hold. I like DriveImageXML however it's unclear when I select C drive as a source if that includes the system reserved partition as well or not. I have a Windows Backup backed up using Windows Backup and Restore (sdclt) but I'm unable to verify the backup is valid later. Any tips?
  12. I am a bit new to the whole NAS thing. I am considering getting a NAS, and since websearching has failed to display any results to amswer my question, I thought I would ask you nice folk. I am not sure 100% how to phrase this well, but I was wondering if there was a piece of software that can run in the background, and automatically sync files/folders with a NAS? Now I would like to clarify that I am not looking to keep the data JUST on the NAS and have a shortcut/redirect to the NAS folder because should I not have the NAS plugged in for some reason, I still want access to the files/folders but for it to be updated on the NAS should something change in the file/folder. I guess you could compare it to something like Google Drive, but with a NAS privately rather than on a cloud with very limited storage. As for what NAS I'll be getting, probably something like the cheapest Synology 2-bay (or 1-bay). I am very limited on budget. Thanks for your time.
  13. I plan on getting a WD Green 120 GB SSD to just put Windows and a few programs (like Chrome) on. I just want to know how long an SSD will last if I only put OS and a few programs on it (I'll keep all my games on my HDD). Thanks!
  14. Why does a RAID 1 only shows the storage of only one drive? Theoretically, It keeps the whole data in all of the drives, so it just keeps all the same data in all of these 12 drives just for redundancy? It's freaking boring to see such implementation of RAID 1 configuration. Won't we be just using RAID 5 to have only one drive for parity or maybe RAID 6 and get only two drives for parity which will offer us more reliability, efficiency and more usable storage. So, morally anyone with more than two drive and goes for a RAID 1 configuration would be a total loss. It would be wiser to opt for a RAID 5 configuration which will obviously offer us better usability and reliability. PS: Thanks to @seagate_surfer for helping me out and contributing the visuals for this post to help understand better.
  15. I am installing 4 new drives on a new rig and need to know the procedure to get my rig to recognize them its been a long time since I have done this and forgot, besides it probably different in win 10 than win 7 the last time I did one
  16. Well I wanted to reinstall Windows and I couldn't because I needed a GPT style drive it said I made it GPT (btw no clue about drives and stuff) but now it says this btw only have my ssd connected. I got accss to another desktop if needed.Now I'm wondering if someone could just guide me though.
  17. Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB External Desktop Hard Drive Storage (STEL8000100) for $150 USD! Monster storage for super cheapp https://amazon.com/dp/B01HD6ZLQ6//ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&linkId=40c2eaf13469853290c8098c024a2884&tag=linus21-20 If you fancy white, it's available too. as Hub for Mac.
  18. Efi system partition

    Hey guys, Today I tried to install Kali Linux by shrinking the volume of my D drive (I have a D drive (hard drive for files) and C drive for programs etc). But it did not work cursor on Kali Linux was not showing. Now when I am back in windows of course Linux rearranged the partition that i made for it 100 gb in 3 spaces. Now I can delete 2 of them containing just the linux files but the last one i cannot delte because it is a EFI system volume. How do I delete this?? this is just the Grub bootloader but i can't seem to delete it trugh windows?? Thanks in advance speedy22013 BTW just whipping the whole D drive is not an option since it contains a lot of my personal files (on the other 800GB of volume)
  19. So, I added a new ssd in my build and I can't access my games that are on my hdd. I have a 120gb ssd and 550gb of stuff (mostly games) on my HDD, and I can't access them. For me, it's a big deal (cuz I can't game) and I didn't find any video or post on the internet that tackles this issue. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  20. Hello! I have been playing Path fo Exile for many years and I can not upgrade to the latest version. I have a 16.3MB update, I download it and steam starts installing it. What happens is that it says "installing" for a couple of minutes and restarts the download from 0. I know the problem is from disk space but I can not upgrade my hard drives or my ssd atm. My ssd is 256gb ADATA SP920 where Path of Exile is installed. Previously I would just cut all of my other games from that drive to another one but now PoE is the only game on that drive. I have 39.1GB free on that drive at the moment which is completely fine and isn't resulting in any performance issuses. Any way to remove space requirements or fool steam into installing the game? Previous update a few months ago where I fixed it by moving games: Thank you Atsza
  21. SMART status bad question

    When I started up my computer, it said: Sec Slave Hard Disk:S.M.A.RT. Status BAD, Backup and Replace. Press F1 to resume. I have more than one hard drive and would like to know if this would only show up if it is on the hard drive with my OS. The failing drive is my Seagate drive, and the healthy one is a Western Digital. What would you recommend doing? I don't know if my Seagate drive has the OS on it.
  22. Potential Hard Drive failure

    So I have had my caviar blue for awhile now and it has done me well. However I fear it's end is fast approaching. I ran Western Digital's own diagnostic tool (extended test only) and that said everything was OK, but I know my hard drive has been feeling slow. So I ran crystaldiskmark: Like an idiot, I did not take a picture of my results, but I did record them. I also found this video to compare my numbers too, so I grabbed a screen from it: So the video says he tested a 1TB Western Digital Blue (assuming caviar?) 10EZEX with 1GB. I tested my own 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 10EALX with 1GB. So with that information and my results, I created a table in excel comparing them: Now, I know my numbers are low, very low in some cases, what I do not know is if they are low enough to warrant me replacing the drive.
  23. So I have 2 250gb SSDs in raid that I have been using to put my more demanding steam games on. I am having the same issue as the guy HERE, the drive does not show in explorer, disk manager says that it is unknown and needs to be initialized. I unplugged and then put everything back which did fix the problem, like the other poster, but it is back again after a day. Any ideas for a more permanent solution? Windows 10 home 64bit
  24. So when you buy a Pixel phone, you get unlimited google drive storage for a long time basically. Does it apply to your entire Google account or only to content taken on the phone? Can I add unlimited photos and videos from my gopro to drive and have unlimited storage on that aswell?
  25. The Google Drive app for Windows and Mac will be replaced by the Backup and Sync app . Support for both versions will stop on December 11, 2017 and the app will shut down completely on March 12, 2018. link: https://digit.in/internet/google-drive-desktop-app-to-shutdown-in-march-backup-and-sync-to-replace-it-36945.html