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  1. Wiping system drives

    I am going to wipe all of my system drives, as they are just driver filled hell-holes right now. I spent $200 on Windows 10 Pro, and I dont want to lose it or the key, how would I back this all up? Like just Windows, thats it. Responses greatly appreciated
  2. While using Chrome Canary (developer version of chrome) I am experiencing 100% disk usage with it writing at a maximum writing at a maximum of 82.1 kb per second over a 1 minute period and a maximum of 139 kb per second reads what is happening.
  3. 2 USB Drives in Raid?

    How would I go about putting 2 usb drives into a raid configuration? I know it's dumb and there's no point to doing it but I wanted to try it anyway.
  4. Rackmount or tower case

    Hi there, I have a small question. I am running a FreeNAS box for storage and server applications (Plex, Vpn, ...) it has an i5-2400, a µATX mobo, a 8 port hba, a 2 port nic, a 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" hdd adapter and most importantly 10 hdds. All of this is currentyl housed inside a horrible CoolerMaster k380 which could hardly be less suited. So with Christmas just around the corner I was thinking about upgrading. The question is now wether to go for a rackmount case like this or this one whithout rachmounting it or a large tower case like the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Rev. B. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions in advance.
  5. Hi Folks, Okay, so I have been Googling all day, got a hold of M$ and they want $450 to help cause it Server 16. I am a student, and got a legit copy of Server 2016 Database. Great right? SO I build a brand new PC for the first time. After a few false starts this mornign, I got the PC together, and have a BIOS. Now the problems; Apparently, the OS install can't see the drives. A SSD and a HDD. So, I find somewhere it says, don't hook them together the first time, install the OS first on the want you want. So, did that. Didn't work. Checked all the connections. All good. Someone said the drives need to be formated for the first time. Okay, makes sense. But, all the tutorials are for exsisting systmes with a GUI. I can't get to that point. So, new build, drives not showing up in BIOS, can't install OS without drives. Here is my setup; Prodigy M case Asus Prime B250M-C mobo Pentium G4400 PNY Anarchy 2400 16GB RAM Aigo 240 water cooler EVGA 450 power supply & a Western Digital 1TB Green 7200 HHD (for files) a Western Digital 120GB Green SSD (for OS) My guess is that I need to format the drives somehow. Fine, makes sense. How do I access them on a brand new build. Thanks for any incoming help Happy Thanksgiving
  6. I have a Lenovo Idealpad 110 (https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-100-series/Lenovo-IdeaPad-110-17IKB/p/88IP1000780) with only the HHD drive of 500Gb, and I want and SSD but the laptop don't have a m.2 slot and I don't want to lose the 500Gb of storatge that I already have. Thas why I thought to buy one adapter (like these: Link on Amazon) to use an SSD 2.5'' instead of the optical drive. I don't quite know if it's compatible with my laptop or if is somewhere a good idea. Would be a good way to have both drives? Wich model should I buy? Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi, I just, out of nowhere got a porblem with my Windows 10 Explorer. I dont even know how to describe this Problem. I have attatched a video so you can see yourself. Please help me. I hope you guys know how to fix this, without reinstalling windows. I appreciate your help. Thank you 20171007_140117.mp4
  8. About a year and a half ago I built my PC which I am still using today, and I am now considering building a new system but keeping my old hard drives. Couple of questions, will there be any problem when I use my old hard drives with my files and OS still in them, i have two (1 500GB and 1 1TB both partitioned in halves)? If ever I can't just plop them all in a new system, since they have to adapt to new hardware, can I just clean my OS partition in the 500GB drive and install a fresh OS? If so, will there be any problems using/accessing my files in the other partitions/drives? I installed Windows 8 single language when I built my current PC, can I use the Win 8 CD again to install windows on the clean partition? Last question, would I still be able to have Windows 10?
  9. Oops I messed with Windows...

    When changing the Videos library location to a videos folder on my hard drive, I accidentally made the location the drive alone. This creates a loop where I cannot change the location because it is attempting to put the "Videos" (the entire drive) in a folder on that drive. I get an error like "Can't put a parent directory in a child directory" or something like that. Any way to revert the Videos library to its old form so I can fix it? Sincerely yours, the dumba**.
  10. Raid help

    So am i putting together a build and was thinking to try my hand at raid, now i know a little about raid but not as much as i used. so just a quick question. raid 0 is the fastest and requires 2 drives, that much i know, BUT im want to make it where its still as fast as raid 0 but has redundancy, anyone able to hlep me out?
  11. RX 480 crashes and 10k% power usage?

    So i have some issues with my xfx rx480 and i need someone to tell me what the heck is going on. So first of all since i bought my gpu i can hear a static noise in my headphones when the gpu is under load and nothing fixes it. And it is most likely also not a power socket issue. I learned to live with that static but now that my pc sometimes gives me a blackscreen when im playing games. Blackscreen, but i can still hear the ingame music and when i hit my pc's power button it does not turn off so i have to manually unplug the psu when crashing. And then i noticed something in msi afterburner, something quite frightning. Have a look at the picture: ITS SKY HIGH?!? Also when i then for instance scroll a webpage the % goes up by about 3000. And when playing game it hangs around 100k%. The static noise in my headset is also louder when playing games and i can hear a soft brrrrt noise when scrolling a webpage. I tried alot of stuff. I installed the latest drivers i tried diffrent powercables and tried plugging it into diffrent sockets. I know this post is kinda all over the place but forgive me, english is not my first language **EDIT**: I can also somehow not control my Voltage and memory clock and such in msi afterburner anymore. **EDIT 2** I forgot maybe the most important thing, Ill add a picture of an error Radeon settings gave me about Radeonwattman.
  12. Hi LTT community, So for a while now my PC would randomly crash and shutdown before rebooting itself. Upon reboot I get a A2 error code (should be something to do with my drives) but it continues to boot into windows anyways and appears fine. Sometimes it will shut off again and other times it will be fine for hours before having another episode. Initial research into the problem suggests its a power issue but my PSU seems to have a decent review being 80+ gold and 750W should be enough for my uses (no OC). Recently the intervals between when it randomly shuts off is occurring more frequently. The question is, where should I being troubleshooting? Should I see if the drives is causing the crash or get a new PSU and see if that stabilizes it? Or does anyone have any other insight i'm missing over? Thanks for any help you can offer. - Phil Parts: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/8JwKJx
  13. I was bored and so I decided to partition my hard drive and install Ubuntu, but it went wrong. It created some other partitions, and now I am really confused. I just want it so I have my SSD for OS and HDD for other stuff. Please help, here is an image of how it is now: http://imgur.com/a/5EHZm but I don't know what the Recovery Partition and EFI system partitions are. I want to add the 94 GB unallocated back into drive D. I don't know why D is green either. Please help
  14. AMD drivers screwed my OBS

    can somebody please give proper instructions on how to use radeon crimson and also how do i switch the graphics setting in the preferences,my OBS shows only black screens on monitor capture, only games which work with graphics card come in windows capture, i want to be able to use my intel graphics setting too, but i don't know how to...... i am very new to this field and i want to be a able to make OBS work properly so i can record Asphalt 8 and minecraft again
  15. SHALINI SAXENA - 3/13/2017, 11:11 AM https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/03/magnetic-storage-reaches-the-atomic-level/ This article begins with a simple explanation of how magnetic storage generally works, which seems rather fitting and goes as such: Obviously this technology is an effort to overcome the limitations of magnetic storage, something that (despite recent development like Seagate's 10 TB drives) will be here eventually, and probably sooner than we would like. Here, the writer presents the methods that researchers are using in order to condense even more data into the same amount of space that is being currently used for our hard drives. Now, without knowing the exact testing methodology used for the read/write cycle test, it is impossible to tell how many cycles it is, but the writer of the article sounds optimistic. While this may not be nearly as long term of a solution as the DNA storage methods that have been discussed recently, the problem with the DNA drives is that the read times are incredibly slow, something that is not a problem with these Holmium atom drives, which makes the DNA drives a good archive solution (data half-life being 4,000 years), but not a viable option for PC use, or anything that requires reasonable read speeds. This technology is very cool, and seems like a viable option for replacing our current magnetic storage options. However, this is not available yet and probably will not be for years. Hopefully this becomes publicly available in the future and can increase our data density capacity.
  16. Are SSD's worth it?

    I wonder if they are worth it because Austin says "you can't live without it" kinda thing. Only problem is my country sells them at around $100 for a 120GB SSD and over $200 for a 500GB SSD. A WD 1 TB HDD costs like $78! I am from NZ btw. Right next to Australia on the map!
  17. Today I moved my FreeNAS box over to CentOS, all 4 drives were plugged into a windows machine and formatted to NTFS but for some reason not all are showing up. Below is the output of lsscsi: I have tried different drives in different ports but I get the same thing (Drive isn't dead as I tried it again in my Windows PC and it worked fine). Is it just me being a linux noob or is there something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  18. SCSI drives

    So just picked up a DL380 G3 and a G4 for super cheap, with no drives. They both take SCSI drives which i've never even heard of until today. Anyone know where to get any(UK)? Preferably cheap.
  19. My Build CPU: FX-8350 MOBO: MSI Gaming 970 RAM: PNY Optima 8GB (1333mhz) Storage: Samsung 850 EVO (500GB) & Hitachi Deskstar (1TB) Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 PSU: Corsair Builder 750w Issue I built a computer a while ago and I recently decided that it was time to get an SSD to store games, programs and my OS. I bought the SSD and got some flash drives to install the Windows Tool into the USB drive so I can install Windows 10 in my SSD. I started off by grabbing an 8gb USB drive, I plugged that in and my computer didn't recognize it under "This PC". I thought that the USB port wasn't working, so I plugged it into another port in the back of my PC. Nothing happened. I take out another USB flash drive (32gb) and I plug it in to my PC. Nothing happened, again. The drive doesn't pop up in "This PC", but it does show up in the "Device Manager". Next to the USB drive name, it has a little yellow warning sign icon. I check properties and it tells me "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device". Things I did to try to fix it Under "Disk Management" there is a 30GB "Primary Partition", which is of similar size to one of my USB drives. Not sure if that means anything, I really doubt it, but that's one thing I thought to point out. I have tried plugging the USB drives in other ports, and the computer doesn't seem to recognize them under "This PC", only under "Device Manager". If I plug in the USB drives in another computer, it does recognize it and it works perfectly fine. The manufacturer websites don't have any drivers for the USB drives. I have updated the chipset drivers for the motherboard, with one update stating that they fixed an issue involving pen drives! If I try running the .exe, my computer says that the app can't run on my PC. But, I do have an M40 and M20 file types, not sure what to do with those, but they're there. I can't run them so I don't know what they're for. I have never updated my motherboard drivers, if that helps. I downloaded a USB driver for the motherboard, but that didn't seem to work either. I uninstalled the device and have scanned for hardware changes; but to no avail. More details Any help is appreciated, I'd like to install Windows 10 in the SSD but this issue seems to be the only thing holding me back. By the way, I have not connected the SSD to my PC yet, not sure if that helps.
  20. Buy Archive Drives on Amazon: http://geni.us/Kt45m Drive cost calculator sheet link: https://mega.nz/#!IsJXBCCa!G4twBom47yMxo1TkjQo01RouGQPjr239c-SPEUvVE2M Can you beef up an Archive Drive array with Enterprise storage to make an affordable, functional storage server?
  21. I don't know if this is the proper place to post this but, when I use GParted, a lot of partition types are grayed out and Ubuntu doesn't recognize some of them like ExFAT, is there a way to have GParted format any partition to any drive type? This is what I mean:
  22. M.2 Drives and PCIE Lanes...

    I have an i5 6600k with a GTX 970 both installed in an Asus Z170-P D3. The GTX 970 is installed in the top grey PCIE x16 3.0 slot. My question is if I get an M.2 NVME SSD drive will it take up any of my lanes, dropping my GTX 970 to run at x8, or does Z170 or my i5 6600k have 4 PCIE lanes dedicated to to the M.2 drive?
  23. Cloning Non-boot disk

    Okay, here a pretty simple enough but complicated question, but q quick history first. I have Three Separate storage disks, one SSD and HDD that came with the computer when i bough it, and a third HDD i added to increase disk space. Now the SSD is only 128GB capacity and thats where windows is installed on, but thats not the drive in question. My E: disk (because D: is DVD - drive) is where i keep games files and other important files and then my F: is just a dumb for files. I wanna clone some (not all) of the contents on my on E: drive, mainly programmes and videogames and my steam directory to the RAID SSD setup i am planing on getting that will be Striped, (because I am planning on purchasing two 512GB or 1TB (or somewhere between)). is there a way i clone the HDD to an SSD RAID without windows completely losing its shit? I wanna keep the directory as is, all the files being where they are right, just on a RAID.
  24. Hi guys! I've been trying to transition to Linux from Windows, it's beens awesome so far but I've hit a snag. For some years now my go-to P2P software was QBittorrent, so naturally I wanted to use it as well in Linux, and here is where my problem starts. If I add a .torrent file the options window pops-up asking me where I want to save it, and the only drive that shows up is the OS drive.... I have 3 other drives, another SSD where I still have my Windows 7 installation, and two HDD's where I actualy store data (they are both NTFS). As you can see in this image, the other two drives show up (Main Storage and Storage), although in QBittorrent there's nothing Transmission does not have this problem, the drives show up properly. Is this a limitation of the Linux version of QBittorrent or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance MoraisGT
  25. I've attached pictures of my raid controller bios, device manager, computer management, and my computer, as well as a picture of the physical computer itself. Essentially the issue I am having is that the raid 10 set i configured is not showing up. All 4 drives are showing up in the raid controller bios and show no errors or conflicts. The controller itself shows up in device manager. All cables in the system are secure. All drivers are up to date. Windows is up to date. On rare occasions when starting the computer, the raid set appears fine and i can browse/move files around. It then disappears again after a few minutes and any programs that run off that crash immediately. Usually however, it does not show up at all. Help? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, Ken