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  1. New Battle Royale Game Releasing

    Some of you may be familiar with the game Lawbreakers, a fast paced arena shooter. The developers of Lawbreakers are entering the Battle Royale frenzy with a new release titled Radical Heights. Seems like an interesting idea... This bit I found interesting, there's no real "safe zone" or "circle" a player has to enter and keep up with. I feel like this last bit would be a huge game breaker. No real difference between best and worse? I feel like that could drive a lot of players away. What do you guys think? Cool-ish or nah? Source: https://kotaku.com/the-newest-battle-royale-contender-is-in-very-early-acc-1825156562/amp Decided to post here since it wasn't really Tech News-worthy
  2. Being initially introduced with Youtube gaming, Youtube main has now added a the possibility to "sponsor" a channel much like how it's done on Twitch with channel subscription. From https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6304294 The main Youtube app (not Youtube Gaming) differs from what you get from a subscription as the benefits are as mentioned in the same support page as above: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6304294 : As can be seen from the screenshot below there seems to be some sort early access platform in place although this could be a work around made by the channel it self. I haven't been able to find any other channel than Minute Earth but if you find any make sure to post them in the comments so that we can figure out whether the early access is a standard Youtube feature or not.
  3. Hey I just subscribed to Floatplane Club, but I'm not too happy with it. I was going to stick with it for this month, but cancel it the next month. Does Floatplane Club automatically charge you every month or do you have to manually purchase it each month? If it automatically charges you, how do you go about cancelling that?
  4. CrowFall

    Anyone in the community Playing this game? I backed it recently because of one of my buddies, but I am looking for more people I can play with.
  5. Is The Forest playable?

    Im just craving for a survival game right now and The Forest looks awesome but from what ive seen the game is missing alot of features and gameplay elements. Id love to try it out since i like the idea of building your own fortress and going out into the wild to look for food and resources. Does it run well? Is it a buggy mess? Or is it even worth trying in the first place?
  6. SQUAD

    Hi Guys, Anyone here play SQUAD? It's an early access Mil Sim which is a mix between BF4 and Arma 3. It's not complicated, very easy to pick up and go. It's not robotic, good mix of the 2 games into one. I've been playing since Dec 31st last year. Devs are constantly updating it. Next big thing people are waiting for are the vehicles! Models are almost done, just a matter of implementing it to work with the netcode. Have a look if you haven't heard of it already...
  7. beam ng

    So does anyone have beam ng and if you do, do you think it is worth the $20. I have the tech demo already. Thanks for the help!
  8. We are extremely excited to announce our launch on Vessel, a brand new online video platform aimed at providing high quality, curated content to online viewers Vessel FAQ What is Vessel? Vessel is a low-priced ($2.99 USD per month) subscription service that provides early access to the web’s best short-format videos from many of its most creative storytellers and best video-based talent. Does this mean that you won’t be putting your videos on YouTube or the free web? Our videos will continue to be on YouTube and the free web like they always have been. Vessel allows fans to support creators by subscribing to get early access to videos. Who is Vessel for? Vessel is for fans who want to get early access to videos from their favorite creators and support those creators by subscribing to Vessel and allowing creators to earn a lot more per view compared to the free web. Is putting videos behind a paywall anti-fan? We don't think so - ultimately, this enables creators to invest in making better and more ambitious content, which benefits every fan--even the ones who choose not to pay. What if I don’t have a credit card or find paying challenging? Vessel is committed to keeping the subscription price as low as possible, supplemented with light load of advertising. In addition, in celebration of their launch, they are giving away a full free year to fans who sign up during the first 72 hours of our launch. Use our referral link when you sign up, http://vessel.com/linustechtips, to help support the cause! Won’t this divide your fans since some will watch your videos before others? Even today, some fans watch videos the day they come out, some a week later. This will not change. Is Vessel a YouTube competitor? No. They’re each part of a much larger video ecosystem, and each of them offers a different way to help creators build their business. At the end of the day, they’re all interested in seeing that ecosystem thrive. Do you view Netflix or Hulu as competition? They are focused on a very different market, for professionally-produced, long-form content. Vessel is complementary in that they are a subscription video service for a different, but equally as important type of video. What is your contract with Vessel? What is the terms of your deal? We won’t be commenting on our contract or deal terms. If you have any other questions, please post them below, and we will answer them to the best of our ability!
  9. As the titles says Should I Pre-Order GTA V/Early Access H1Z1? Please vote...
  10. So Steam finally decided to update their early access guidelines to something that will actually help the customer. This is Valve statement about the changes This is the guidelines for which the develpers has to follow. Opinion: I guess this is something Valve needed to do after all the games on early access that will properly never will be finished. Totatbiscuit had a lot of videos about this, where he explained the problems with early acces, which generated a lot of talk about the early access program. Personally i hated the system so hopefully this will help get developers off their ass and actually finish their games. Source: overclock3d.net/articles/software/steam_updates_early_access_rules/1
  11. Source 1: http://razerzone.com/cortex/earlyaccess Source 2: https://facebook.com/minliangtan/posts/745883512136100 <Secondary for the obvious reasons. I didn't find any similar article using the available search functions (including Google). According to Source 2 (again, take that one with a grain of salt just in case since it's FB), it will be out in 2 weeks-ish. I think this is pretty awesome overall. It's something gamers have needed for a while imo. I'm surprised no one else came up with it first. Or that there aren't any other Open Source/Crowd-sourced projects out there that do this. If there are, I've never heard of them. Then again, I've never tried looking. Kinda wish it wasn't Razor, but at the same time, I like the way Razor makes software. I liked Comms (so sue me). I hope I like this just as much. Shameless: @LinusTech @Slick
  12. Do you buy early access games?

    So with the recent rise of Star Citizen buying in to early access seems to have hit a new level in terms of the number of games offering it and the number of people buying in to them. Personally I have bought in to 3 early access games (Star Citizen, Kerbel Space Program and Next Car Game) and I whilst I understand it is putting a lot of faith in developers to make a good game and not just go for a quick trip to Vegas with a suitcase full of your money, I also think it is a great chance to make sure the games get made that people want. At least with early access you get a chance to see what it looks like rather than preordering a game like BF4 where you are just buying a game full of bugs. What is your opinion on early access?
  13. Interstellar marines just hit steam early access, but so far only those who has already purchased it from their website are getting keys to steam. Not sure if you can buy it on their website and instantly get a steam key but it is not "out" on steam yet, so you cant buy it there yet :P