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  1. Buy Book One on Amazon: http://geni.us/aVslDId The Porsche Design Book One Laptop could be the closest thing to Macbook Pro build quality on a Windows machine. Or it's a waste, LOL
  2. Phanteks PH-F140HP_RD

    So i'm browsing for some case fans, replacing the exhaust fans in my case to improve airflow/thermals. Looking at phanteks, for quiet and decent airflow. While browsing, came across this fan: https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=13C-003A-00060 It looks nice, the red/white color scheme matches my build peeeerfectly. But, the price is $42USD. For a fan. Is that a mis-listing on newegg? Am i crazy, or is that price a bit steep for a fan? Sorry, i just had to rant and i need someone to sympathize with because im torn between "its so pretty and matches my build" and "never paying more than $20 for a fan. ever".

    I bought one of Origin PC's custom builds for $3,100 but when it arrived (a week late) it came with damage to the paint to the top panel of the case and inside the fan grille. With the premium price tag (which was around $1,000 overpriced) I decided to return the PC. I made sure to email Origin tech team about the damage to the paint during shipping and the return. They responded. A few weeks later Origin PC refunded me $2,400 (the price I spent on the build was $3,100). That's a loss of $700 down the drain 💀🔫. Keep in mind this all happened during the 30 day money back guarantee. I'm building my own PC now but my budget is much lower due to those money hungry people. Give me your thoughts on this. Do you think there is there anything I can do? I have emailed them about the refund amount but they keep giving me BS about the paint. I even took pictures when it arrived to prove that it wasn't me. Some areas weren't even painted red (inside the grille for fans there were white patches) so that was the paint teams fault and would not be possible for me to do. In conclusion, I have decided to tell people about my experience so that they don't fall into the same trap I did. Build your own PC guys...
  4. please read whole thing before commenting. Thank you This is going to be a fairly long winded post but i need a little help and advice. I am going to include a little background information and context to help me get my point across with maximum clarity. To begin I will list my current build to give people an idea of what I'm working with and also what I paid for the items at the time. Any Items in BLUE are what I am currently using, Any in YELLOW are what I still use from my original PC, Any Items in GREEN are what I have used and paid for but aren't currently using but I need to include to back up my point: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD Reader: Super Write Master HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda RAM: Corsair 8 GB Vengeance LPX DDR4k £60.98 Motherboard: Gigabyte Intel B250M-D2V Socket 1151 mATX £55.00 GPU: Sapphire PCI Express R7 260X 2GB Graphics Card £89.99 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce 8GB OC GDDR5X £439.98 CPU: Intel Core i7-7700k 4.2Ghz £289.99 Case Fans: 3 X Cooler Master Jetflo 120 (120mm) £8.89 (Each) CPU Cooler: BE QUIET! BK008 Pure Rock Slim Heatsink & Fan £24.91 CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Alpine 11 GT Rev.2 £8.86 Case: AvP Hyperion EV33B Black Cube case £21.00 General Cables and adapters: Approx £10 PSU: ACE 850 W 12 cm Power Supply Unit £28.99 TOTAL: Approx £1,000.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason I included so many items is because these are things that don't need to be purchased when buying an Xbox One for example. A games console comes fully assembled and is as plug and play as possible. I understand that part of the excitement when it comes to PC's is of course the building of the system which i do personally enjoy myself (most of the time). I will however be counting this as a con as I will be writing this from the point of view of a general user who wants to play games and media with as much ease as possible. Another point I feel needs to be made is of course the price. As shown above I have listed the the parts that I have purchased since receiving my first PC a few years back. Some items I have replaced (again something which doesn't need to be done with a console). As you can see the price is fairly extensive and I myself do not have a great deal of money and a fairly big quantity of what I have goes towards my PC as I do enjoy gaming and do want to have a good system. However an Xbox One X at the time of me writing this is roughly £429.99 which is substantially cheaper than my build and it too can game in 4k. I appreciate that I may not be able to achieve the level of frames on the console and the games may not be as highly detailed but i'm not convinced that it is worth the extra £600. One pro of PC gaming however is the list of titles and the price of the games. I love the fact that almost every game imaginable is available on PC and I enjoy the fact I can use steam for the majority of these games in order to keep them organised. Part of the reason I wanted a gaming PC in the first place is the ability to get cheaper games instantly through game key websites at a discount. I still don't feel that the amount of discount on the games brings me even with the price of an Xbox Yet. There also is a vast amount of vagueness when it comes to PC building as there are so many different parts and manufacturers and compatible parts and incompatible parts that it can become massively confusing to someone who doesn't have a large knowledge of PC building. I consider myself to have a reasonably good knowledge when it comes to building systems but only hours before writing this I was playing Need for Speed Payback on my PC and noticed that the game was lagging drastically. Unsure of what was wrong i tried playing at low settings and with the game lagging still i noticed my CPU was running at 100ºC. I then found out that the CPU cooler I had been using for months was not sufficient enough for my build which in my parts list above is why i have purchased 2 CPU coolers.I am still unsure if this is why the game was running so poorly or if this was down to something such as poor game optimisation I understand that this may seem like this was my fault (which of course it is) It still adds to my point of incompatibility an vagueness when it comes to choosing parts. I have also never once had an issue with my Xbox One since the day I got it around 4 years ago. I have used it almost everyday and never had to replace anything. Current and even last gen consoles also have access to internet browsing, video and audio streaming content and even in some cases apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and so on so even these can be used for processes other than gaming now. Another point to add would be that I will never need to upgrade anything in my Xbox console as no matter what versions of the Xbox One are released as long as the title is an Xbox One title it will play on my console. It is true that my Xbox Unlike the newer versions cannot play games in 4k but buying a new Xbox every 3 years is still cheaper than upgrading a graphics card every 3 years as well as other parts which may need to be replaced in my PC for whatever reason. Every title is fully optimised for a console as that is the only device the game is designed to be played on. Obviously PC's are built with huge variety's of parts so optimisation can be difficult for game developers and this can lead to games playing poorly on my system. I should also include software and driver updates on to this list also as although consoles and console games do need to be updated they are done almost automatically and only require a single download at one time unlike individual PC parts such as graphics cards which may have to be updated manually when the user is unaware that there is an update even available. There also isn't any third party software when it comes to consoles. Size, shape and design can also be an issue. I recently purchased 3 fans for my PC and the volume they run at is incredible they sound like I am sat directly across from a Jet engine. My Xbox however is silent and operates constantly at a low noise level. The size of a console is also an advantage as it is tiny. My PC isn't considered a big PC but an Xbox One is still minuscule in comparison. I also wanted to add that not once has my Xbox ever crashed, Needed restarting, Lagged, Not booted correctly, Blue screened or indeed overheated. To round this off i do want to say that my intention was never to insult PC gamers as I am technically one myself. And my point when I got my first PC as a Christmas gift a few years back was to prove that high quality gaming and general computing can be done on a budget but unfortunately as the months go on and I spend more my point has dissolved into what is essentially a flat out lie. As i said in the beginning I am hoping for advice. All i want is for someone to convince me that what i am doing is still worth it and I should continue with PC gaming and get rid of my console which is of course what I wanted when i originally got my first PC. Thank you if you made it this far and i didn't completely bore you to death (please don't be afraid to correct me if i am wrong about something or if you don't agree this is the reason i wrote this)
  5. It is the worst time to upgrade PC hardware. I was looking to upgrade my system (i3-6100, gtx 960 2gb, 16gb of ram). The shortage of i5-6400 is outrageous, Intel want to be competitive with Ryzen 1600 (to expensive to replace my motherboard for ryzen, plus there is a lack of good m-atx mobos for AM4) yet there has been a shortage of this CPU as well with the K variant ever since it launched. The Gpu market prices have skyrocketed, at any price range . Now a 1070 costs as much a 980 would, the 960 was equivalent in price with the 1050. Amd gpus are all not in stock. Ram prices have gone off the roof, thank god i got an extra stick of ram 7 moths ago when prices were normal. Everything has gone up in price. I wanted to upgrade my hardware but now i am finding difficult to do so with the limited availability and the inflation of prices. My friend is looking to get his first PC and he asked me if he could build one for around 500 euros, what u could build with 500 few years ago in comparison with now is ridiculous. I honestly think now the new xbox is a better deal if you just want to chill and play at descent frame rate, resolution and settings. PCMR is letting the mid range down in my opinion P.S - I know this sounds like a rant but tell me what you think of this situation.
  6. RAM Prices

    What is the latest update with our RAM manufacturers. Looking around I guess there was a factory fire a year or more ago causing some issue but prices were supposed to stabilize. Guess not! Amazon Canada January 2017 - Corsair 3000MHz 16GB Kit $120 / NOW 16GB Kit $254.99!!! I should of invested in some RAM at the low cost! Have a look at the price tracker!
  7. I feel like 2017 has been the best and also the worst year to build a gaming rig. The good part about 2017 has definitely been pascal (even tho it came out in may 2016 but the prices have only come down significantly in 2017), the really nice and cheap deepcool cases, Ryzen, and sort of coffee lake. But my god. The prices for ram has increased almost 300% over the last year. WTF. I remember back in mid-late 2016 when you could buy a 1x8gb stick of DDR3 for $36 Australian dollars (about 28 US dollars), but ever since april 2017 ive noticed the prices getting higher and higher, i remember one day i was on pcpartpicker parting out a rig just because i was bored and thats what i do in my spare time. The same crucial 1x8gb stick of ddr3 was around $50 and i was kind of shocked. The cheapest 1x8gb stick of ddr3 right now it $84 australian dollars. WHAT?! And DDR4 is no different, the cheapest 8gb kit being 99 freaking dollars. This increase in ram prices alone has made 2017 a very bad year to build a gaming pc, because if you are like by my estimate around 70% of PC gamers out there, you are usually building with a budget of around 600-800 dollars. and having to spend $100 on only 8 gigs of memory is a real pain in the ass especially since very popular games like Battlefield 1 and PUBG need 12 gigs of ram at the minimum. Can somebody please explain to me why the damn ram is so damn expensive and will it get better any time soon?
  8. Ram Price

    I am going to build my new rig.Last Friday I had gone to a PC shop and they said that the Ram prices are getting Higher and Higher.But why? Last time I had paid 5600 Taka(ApX 60$) for a 8 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz kit and now a 8 GB DDR4 Kit is going for 7500 Taka(ApX 90$).Can I know the reason???
  9. 7000 dollar gaming pc

    Hello people just to have an interest what would the best 7000 dollar gaming pc build be?
  10. Ok so here's the deal, My grades have been terrible throughout my high school career. I'm about a quarter of the way through my senior year and I have almost all A's. My dad was so surprised that he said if I got a 4.0 GPA He would get me ANY laptop I wanted. So now comes the search for the most costly laptop I can get my hands on. It's easy to find the most expensive laptop but I want this to be fairly realistic for college. so things like the Acer preditor 21x are probably not a good option. Any recommendations? (I'm going to be doing some editing and gaming and I don't want it to be huge because of college and such) Anything helps! Thanks!
  11. [PCPartPicker part list](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/QYgc9W) / [Price breakdown by merchant](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/QYgc9W/by_merchant/) Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- **CPU** | [Intel - Xeon E5-2697 V4 2.3GHz 18-Core Processor](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/NKp323/intel-cpu-bx80660e52697v4) | $3950.00 @ Umart **CPU** | [Intel - Xeon E5-2697 V4 2.3GHz 18-Core Processor](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/NKp323/intel-cpu-bx80660e52697v4) | $3950.00 @ Umart **CPU Cooler** | [Thermaltake - Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition 42.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/CVJkcf/thermaltake-floe-riing-rgb-360-tt-premium-edition-423-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-cl-w158-pl12sw-a) | $274.80 @ Skycomp Technology **CPU Cooler** | [Thermaltake - Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition 42.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/CVJkcf/thermaltake-floe-riing-rgb-360-tt-premium-edition-423-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-cl-w158-pl12sw-a) | $274.80 @ Skycomp Technology **Thermal Compound** | [ARCTIC - MX4 20g Thermal Paste](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tp7wrH/arctic-cooling-thermal-paste-actcmx420g) | $74.80 @ Skycomp Technology **Motherboard** | [Asus - Z10PE-D16 WS SSI EEB Dual-CPU LGA2011-3 Motherboard](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/4q4NnQ/asus-motherboard-z10ped16ws) | $945.00 @ Scorptec **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Memory** | [Samsung - 32GB (1 x 32GB) Registered DDR4-2133 Memory](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8BmxFT/samsung-memory-m386a4g40dm0cpb) | $636.88 @ RamCity **Storage** | [Samsung - 850 EVO 4TB 2.5" Solid State Drive](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/kTYWGX/samsung-850-evo-4tb-25-solid-state-drive-mz-75e4t0bam) | $1799.00 @ Shopping Express **Storage** | [Western Digital - Gold 12TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/KsRFf7/western-digital-gold-12tb-35-7200rpm-internal-hard-drive-wd121kryz) | $916.30 @ Skycomp Technology **Video Card** | [AMD - FirePro W9100 32GB Video Card](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tgBrxr/amd-firepro-w9100-32gb-video-card-100-505989) (4-Way CrossFire) | $4893.90 @ Newegg Australia **Video Card** | [AMD - FirePro W9100 32GB Video Card](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tgBrxr/amd-firepro-w9100-32gb-video-card-100-505989) (4-Way CrossFire) | $4893.90 @ Newegg Australia **Video Card** | [AMD - FirePro W9100 32GB Video Card](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tgBrxr/amd-firepro-w9100-32gb-video-card-100-505989) (4-Way CrossFire) | $4893.90 @ Newegg Australia **Video Card** | [AMD - FirePro W9100 32GB Video Card](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/tgBrxr/amd-firepro-w9100-32gb-video-card-100-505989) (4-Way CrossFire) | $4893.90 @ Newegg Australia **Case** | [Phanteks - Enthoo Series Primo Aluminum ATX Full Tower Case](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/cMR48d/phanteks-case-phes813pbl) | $319.00 @ PCCaseGear **Power Supply** | [Corsair - AX1500i 1500W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/cn3RsY/corsair-power-supply-cp9020057na) | $599.00 @ Umart **Optical Drive** | [Asus - BC-12D2HT Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/6d3RsY/asus-optical-drive-bc12d2ht) | $89.00 @ Mwave Australia **Operating System** | [Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro Full 32/64-bit](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/CYH48d/microsoft-os-fqc09131) | $259.00 @ IJK **Software** | [Microsoft - Office Home and Business 2016 Software](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/trrcCJ/microsoft-software-t5d02375) | $219.00 @ Shopping Express **Sound Card** | [Asus - Essence STX II 7.1 24-bit 192 KHz Sound Card](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/8Pbp99/asus-sound-card-essencestxii71) | $445.00 @ Umart **Wired Network Adapter** | [Intel - E1G44ET2BLK PCI-Express x4 10/100/1000 Mbps Network Adapter](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/VwLypg/intel-wired-network-card-e1g44et2blk) | $483.10 @ Umart **Wireless Network Adapter** | [Asus - PCE-AC88 PCI-Express x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/vwcMnQ/asus-pce-ac88-none-wi-fi-adapter-pce-ac88) | $147.00 @ Shopping Express **Case Fan** | [Thermaltake - Riing Plus 14 RGB TT Premium Edition (5 Fan Pack) 63.2 CFM 140mm Fans](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/Wqx9TW/thermaltake-riing-plus-14-rgb-tt-premium-edition-5-fan-pack-632-cfm-140mm-fans-cl-f057-pl14sw-a) | $179.00 @ Mwave Australia **Fan Controller** | [NZXT - Sentry LX Fan Controller](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/KNfp99/nzxt-fan-controller-sen001lx) | $79.00 @ Umart **Monitor** | [Eizo - CG318-BK 31.1" 4096x2160 Monitor](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/ZTCrxr/eizo-monitor-cg318bk) | $8030.00 @ Mwave Australia **Monitor** | [Eizo - CG318-BK 31.1" 4096x2160 Monitor](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/ZTCrxr/eizo-monitor-cg318bk) | $8030.00 @ Mwave Australia **Keyboard** | [Cherry - G80-8113LUVEU-2 Wired Standard Keyboard](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/3VV48d/cherry-keyboard-g808113luveu2) | $399.98 @ Mwave Australia **Mouse** | [Asus - ROG Spatha Wireless Laser Mouse](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/bW4NnQ/asus-mouse-rogspatha) | $209.00 @ Storm Computers **Headphones** | [Audio-Technica - ATH-E70 In Ear ](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/qgNypg/audio-technica-ath-e70-in-ear-ath-e70) | $559.00 @ Mwave Australia **Speakers** | [KRK - VXT 8 360W 2ch Speakers](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/vvPfrH/krk-speakers-vxt8) | $629.00 @ Umart **External Storage** | [LaCie - 2big 10TB External Hard Drive](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/HXg323/lacie-external-hard-drive-9000478) | $849.00 @ Shopping Express **UPS** | [APC - SRT8KRMXLI UPS](https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/pPs8TW/apc-ups-srt8krmxli) | $7601.00 @ Skycomp Technology | *Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts* | | **Total** | **$71075.46** | Generated by [PCPartPicker](http://pcpartpicker.com) 2017-10-12 10:51 AEDT+1100 |
  12. i have a decent knowledge for pc, but im dumb when specing one out, can any1 make this PC?? https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/emeraldGameZ/saved/#view=cKRkTW
  13. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR worth?

    Hey guys! I am thinking of buying myself a ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR monitor. My question is to you, is it worth for me to do it? I currently have a BenQ XL2411Z that's been with me since a couple of years back. I have a Nvidia GTX 980 in my PC.
  14. Sort of a WiFi problem

    So i moved into a new apartment. And we have Internett in the rent (sorry for bad english) if u know what i mean. But we dont have a router in our apartment, the connection is 30/30mbits. So i cant hook up my desktop with cabel inet. I ordered the ASUS PCE-AC56 AC1300 (https://komplett.no/product/833426/datautstyr/nettverk/nettverkskort/asus-pce-ac56-ac1300-traadloes-adapter#) But untill that arrives i went in my lokal hardweare store and bought a cheap usb wifi adapter, i keep lagging in games and buffring videos on youtube, when i check the connection with the usb wifi its only 2mbits dl and 20upload. Im hoping the asus pce is going to make things better, do you guys think so ? PS: I also tried to hook up my laptop, using the wifi on the laptop and plugging it into my desktop with internett cabel, it didnt seem to change much.
  15. Hello fellow nerds! This might be abit TL:DR, but here goes: Im soon getting my tax returns, and I were just notified that im getting a rather pretty sum, around the equivalent of 3500$/Euros/GBPs ... (Norway), and thus im thinking of spening around 1500 or so on a new laptop. My current one is the one im using on gigs (DJing), and this one is of the fruity/vegtable kind (MBP retina 2015), and while I love the quiality of the hardware, I HATE the OS, but replaceing it is not an option, as the DJ software im useing (Serato for thoose who care) is a much better experience in the apple flavour compared to the building material flavour. What I do love with the formentioned computer is the building quality, the screen quality and the trackpad, as well as the scilent operation during light use, and rather quiet during medium use. With light use, I primarily think of web-browsing and watching youtube (in 1080P), and medium use is steam-in-house-game-streaming from my gameing rig (love that stuff!). So, are there any laptops with a similar quality and feel to the build, similar screen quality, and whom do not spin up their fans during youtube playback (I watch to much YT before bedtime, and my wife HATES fan noise). I predict the following usecases: * Consuming webcontent, youtube, twitch, and the similars * Google drive/sheets/similars * Steam in-house game streaming from the gameing rig * Possibly some light movie editing (create movie from holiday pictures and similar), altho this can be done remotely on the gameing rig I also predict I want the following: * Atleast "top of the line" i5, possibly i7, preferably 4C/4T or 4C/8T, with a minimum of 2C/4T, but I guess the more scilent computers are mostly the "U" variant with 2c/4t * 256gig SSD should suffice, preferably of the fast(er) kind, samsung 950 or similar. * 8gigs of ram as a minimum, as 4 is usually to little, but im not sure if i can see a usecase for 16gigs if the forseeable future. * Possibly a medium sort of GPU (1050 or so?), but probably not neccesary * A good screen, picture quality is above resolution, as the formentioned apple has a rather nice screen. some 3200x1800 IPS or something? * Solid build quality. The old DJ-computer (2008 or 2009 MBP) lasted me 6-7 years before i got this one, and it is still in use as a light-controller/DMX-controller on some gigs. * Rather portable, the roughly 13" (12,5 to 14 i guess) is a nice comprimize of size and portability. But I can concider a 15" if its a good and scilent one. Pricepoint? Im looking in the 1500-2000$ range (15-20.000 NOK), but I obviously do not wanna spend more then I actually have to. As I mentioned, fan noise during light work/Youtube watching is of a high priority, with all over "this is a good puter" beeing second Im looking at the following candiates, but it is not limited to them: Dell XPS13 ? HP Spectre 360? link! Something asus? Something Lenovo? Possibly this one? - 7700HQ Microsoft Surface Laptop? link! There is this MSI-laptop, but I _DO_ hate the "gaming look", but the specs are pretty nice, but im worried about fan noise, even at idle/light work. Something Saeger/Clevo? (Branded as Multicom in norway, but same stuff). Something completely different? (No Razers in norway :/) Thanx for any advice! -DJ-
  16. Hey everyone, hope you are having a great day! So I finally decided my parts on my PC (I want to build for gaming and a little bit of workstation due to youtube video processing and editing) after a 6700K (to cheap out on a Z170 rather than Z270 I find it worth it) and a GTX 1080. BUT, the biggest bottleneck that no one expects is.... The Monitor... I am going to buy the Asus VX228H (https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236358&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-PCPartPicker, LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=) Which is a 1080p 60hz. I can't have the full experience but I have to, to stay under the 1800$ budget I have, I know you can build that same computer for like ~1400$ but the youtube gear also takes about 300$ and I have no peripherals, to be honest, it is at ~1870$ with Kinguin windows as of right but I can't spend another hundred for a better monitor. So in this case scenario, do I go for the better parts and worse monitor and have a bottle neck (REMEMBER IT IS UPGRADEABLE LATER) or do I get a better monitor and change my CPU (NOT GPU DUE TO MINING.) I don't know because I'm falling towards the bottlenecked monitor because it would be cheaper to upgrade rather than getting newer parts later (and because the newer parts in the future may also create a bottleneck to today's parts.) And because monitors just keep getting cheaper and cheaper. So any advice? I appreciate your time, and thanks for the advice, I hope it helps me and many others.
  17. Dear LTT forum. I just recieved a call from a friend, whos boss is looking into an editing PC, since his speced out mac doesn't do the job. He wants to be able to edit 6K raw footage as smoothly and as fast as possible. I don't know much about high end tear of PC components, that's why I'm writing this post. 1. Budget & Location He's location is in Austria/Germany. So please use German PCPP. As far as for the budget, he isn't really concerned about the money. When my friend asked me, what do I think PC will cost, I said probably around 10 000€. Is this too low or too much? But really. He doesn't care for the money (as strange as it is). 2. Aim As I previously stated, he wants to be able to edit 6K raw footage in real life if possible, if not, as fast as it gets. 3. Monitors For now he is asking only for PC, without monitors. He'll just probably buy bunch of high end 4,6 or even 8K monitors. 4. Peripherals Not needed (same reason as for monitor) 5. Why are you upgrading? His speced out mac couldn't handle editing 6K footage. I know it's seems weird and fake, but it's not. I could just go to PCPP and chosen the most expensive configuration, but that doesn't guarantee the best performance. That's why I need your help. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I totally forgot. Since he bought tons of lacie drives with thunderbolt, is there any way that you could use that drives on this pc? Is there any PCI extension thunderbolt cards?
  18. Hi all, I call upon your wisdom... I recently indiegogo'd the Dr Zaber mini ITX case and just received it - now I want to build in it. I'm currently running a full tower system with a i7 3770k and GTX 1080, though unfortunately none of the parts fit (and I want M.2 slots on my mobo...) Budget is around £1500; short of HEDT stuff this isn't really an issue. The main issue I'm having here is deciding between AMD and Intel: 90% of my use case is gaming @ 3440x1440 resolution Deep down I think I'd like to support AMD since I don't want to give my money to fund intel's complacent nature over the last few years AMD has no decent mini itx mobo's (the ONE that's out has no wifi and only 1 M.2 slot) Ryzen has RAM issues? I'd like to fully utilise some high speed ram and I'm worried that getting a nice set that's compatible may be a hassle. I think more than 4 cores is where we're headed but all the benchmarks I've seen of Ryzen in gaming are much worse than the 7700k. (though these are mostly 1080p benchmarks.) I'm looking at a i7 7700k vs Ryzen 5 1600x (since it has the highest single threaded performance) - cost wise there's about £30 between the two. (surprisingly little). I do some multitasking but it's mostly 30 Chrome tabs open and playing games. So essentially my question(s) to you all are: Will i be making a large sacrifice in gaming performance picking ryzen (say a 1600x) at my resolution (3440x1440)? Will the RAM issues with Ryzen stop me from buying ballin' RGB RAM? Are there better ITX Ryzen motherboards coming soon? Is there any logical reason I should buy Ryzen above Intel (apart from my personal feelings)? Should I wait for new releases coming from intel? Thanks
  19. I've been having my eyes set on a specific kit of ram for a while as I will be upgrading from DDR3 to DDR4 but what I just can't explain to myself is why it is so expensive at the moment. Does it have to do anything with the launch of Ryzen and the fact that AMDs old CPUs only used DDR3 and now use DDR4 and now a bunch of people are upgrading to it? I mean if you look at the graphs on PPP they show that they've been having their price increase over time. A couple of weeks ago you would be able to get a kit of 16GB for around $85-$95. Now they are north of $130 (or at least the kit I want) at the time of making this post.
  20. Hello everybody, I am building a pc over the summer, but I don't know what parts I should use. Should I use an intel i3-7350k with an amd radeon rx480, or should I use an intel i5-7500 with and Nividia GTX 1070?
  21. To start off, I Imagine this will be quite a long post, it's somewhat of a rant, and I don't really need anything right now so it's going to immediately turn of lots of people. That's fine. I just wanted to hear some feedback regarding my experience trying to find server cabinets for a future project I have in mind. This is a place for discussion after all. So bear with me. So I have this idea right. It's somewhat a dream of mine and I've spent a long time thinking of how to achieve this even if it will take a few years. I would like to somewhat follow in Linus' footsteps after he completed Personal Rig Update 2015(2016) and successfully utilized Optical Thunderbolt to move his personal rig out of the same room as his peripherals. I have a similar idea to that, but on an entirely different scale. My idea is this: I would like to source a 24-42u server cabinet/ enclosure, a server rack-mounted 4u case(which I will get multiples of), and multiple runs of 100ft Optical thunderbolt cable. I don't know if I will be in the same house when I finally start working on this project, but the issue still remains. I would clear a space in the basement to place the server cabinet, build a new personal rig and a few other high-performance computers, and finally run the Optical Thunderbolt upstairs to a room where all the peripherals will connect to a breakout box. This system can apply to multiple rooms in the house running off different computers. Each desk basically acting as a sort of terminal to each respective computer. This will allow the computers 4u's worth of space for housing high-performance components while taking up that space somewhere else entirely(in the server cabinet in the basement). The cabinet will not just house computers; I plan to create a home lab with full networking and a NAS. I probably spent more time than I should researching components and solutions for future reference. I managed to find a couple great options for 4u rackmount computer cases that are compatible with the parts I would like to use and might even have room for water cooling. The last piece of the puzzle in my mind is a cabinet to house everything. I thought this would be the easiest part because server cabinets are standardised and don't vary much from model to model... right? Also price wouldn't be an issue because it's just fabricated metal, they oftentimes don't even come with rails, sides, a door, or even casters........... right? <rant> So as I've spent a long time researching everything that will go in the cabinet, I've also spent a long time researching the cabinets themselves. I Immediately hit a wall because I started to see a pattern with the price. "Why is an 18u open-frame rack more than $500US? It doesn't even have rails, sides, a door, or even casters." You can see where I'm going with this. I was somewhat surprised to find that sites like Amazon and Newegg didn't have a large selection, but that's somewhat justified because those are more consumer-centric sites. So I started looking at sites like: rackmountsolutions .net, xcase .co.uk, servercase .co.uk, racksolutions .com (not to be confused with rackmountsolutions .net), superlogics .com, ebay and even my local craigslist. At this point I started getting frustrated. I just wanna find a 24-42u standard 19 inch 25-30 inch-deep cabinet to house my hobby. I can envision the bomb cost for most of these cabinets being under $100. So what gives? I've read about a dozen times about how building a cabinet can be a better solution than actually buying one by a company that specializes in building them. Like, actually what the fuck. Is the only reason why cabinets are so expensive because manufacturers artificially inflate the price because only large corporations and data centers purchase their products? This can't be the only reason can it? There's no monopoly/ oligopoly with server cabinet manufacturers. Where's the competition? The only way to find reasonably priced enclosures that I've heard of so far is to find ones that aren't being used anymore; Surplus, unused, no longer needed, being sold for less than half their original value. And it's still kind of overpriced. I should stop. </rant> I'm interested to hear what others think of the situation and I'm open to suggestions regarding a better server cabinet solution, or a better solution overall with this project-in-the-making. Here's the cases I'm looking at: ARK IPC-4570 Black Nice design, built well, reasonable price. Rosewill RSV-L4000 Slightly longer, more fans, room for water cooling? Here's a cabinet I kinda like, too bad it's expensive: Tripp Lite 24U Blaaaaack, sweet-spot size, fully-enclosed, expensive :c tl;dr Why are server rack-mount cabinets enclosures so expensive?
  22. RAM Prices

    Hi guys, So I need to invest in some DDR4 desktop memory, but for some reason the prices are ridiculously high - some of it is like double the price it was this time last year. I'm just wondering what's going on, and if there are any places which can sell affordable 2x4GB RAM, because I'm amazed that memory which used to cost like £30/$40 now costs like £65/$80. Does anybody know any good sites like Amazon or other tech sites which can sell DDR4 memory which is actually affordable? Thanks a lot.
  23. SSDs Getting More Expensive?!?

    I'm attempting to buy a 240gb ssd in the UK but there are no brands I know with anywhere near the prices they had a year ago, I had thought then that I could snag a cheap 240gb ssd for the same price as a 120gb ssd cost then, wtf is going on? And when will prices go back down? I had thought this must have been due to brexit as the difference in currency value from the silicon valley to where I live i.e. the dollar to pound exchange rate almost compensated for the increase in price from last year, but it seems that a) the 120gb ssds havnt gone up by nearly as much and neither have the around 500gb ssds, and b) other components like hdds and cpus have stayed at around the same price as last year? although also going up slightly. Is 240gb just becoming the new 120gb, and the marketeers are just taking advantage of even reviewers natural reflexes that say prices will go down year on year??? And most importantly does this mean I'll have to buy 240gb of extra storage I dont need to feel that I'm getting a near on par deal with a year ago??? What are your thoughts/ any ideas on how to get my hands on an upgrade to my sata 2 hdd?
  24. Gear VR Gripes

    Hopefully this is in the right category since it's related to phones I couldn't think of where else a topic like this should go. Recently I tried the Gear VR that came for free with my Samsung Galaxy S7 that a relative got for me this past Black Friday. I gave the headset a good try for an hour & unfortunately I'm very unimpressed, but I'll only briefly explain why then get right to the point(s). Most of the good content isn't free & considering I could never afford a phone like this in the first place, VR isn't for me. Also including the fact streaming what free clips I could on my 1.3Mbps download was so blurry I could barely make out anything. So I've come to the conclusion that I want to sell this open box, once used Gear VR headset. There's a lot of practical things I could put the money to good use on even if I got no where near close to the $100.00 USD retail. Yes I know this isn't the buy/sell forum category but I've never sold any electronics before so I'm asking for everyone's advice. I know ebay is an obvious option but considering their fee's, how little I'll probably get & the fact I don't have an account there anyway I'd prefer reputable, secure forums or whatever else instead. 1: How much would a open box, once used, latest edition of the Gear VR easily sell for? 2: Where else besides the proper category on LTT could I sell this device? 3: Do I have to pay the shipping, is that included in or added on top of the price? 4: Besides pawn shops, thrift stores & yard sales are there any in-person places I could sell it? 5: A while back I heard of people faking paypal payments & basically stealing items without the seller getting anything, how can I avoid this & what else should I be careful of?